Third Promotion Exams - Endure: Sosuke vs. Hibiki


Noab, Yoma, Yuko, Nori, Sosuke, Eremi, Rise, Hibiki

Date: September 10, 2013


Two chuunin hopefuls are sent against each other in a field that saps their strength.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Third Promotion Exams - Endure: Sosuke vs. Hibiki"

Fighting Ring [Konohagakure]


The large central section of the coliseum is sphere in shaped surrounded by large white walls on all sides. The stands extend high up above these walls to ensure spectators are kept safe at all times regardless of which battle is taking place within the center. From the fighting ring one can see the various levels of seating expanding way into the sky. The large walls surrounding has the symbol of the Hidden Leaf village painted largely perfect on the walls.

The ring appears more like a section of nature. There are three large trees scattered all about, in addition there are various different varieties of rocks found in the area with a large cluster set at one side of the arena. There are patches of green grass and sections of brown ground where the grass had been trampled out.

There is only one exit leading out of the arena which leads down to the participant entrance. Participants enter and leave from this exit at all times. During large events the cheers of the crowd echo within the ring.

*OOC*: look stands to see who's currently watching.


Another match in the finals tournament and the crowds have gathered to witness not only what the contestants may do but what interesting twist the leaders of Konohagakure have planned this time. The crowd hushes as the Hokage steps up to make an announcement prior to the match:
"Greetings! This match is between Tsukinamida 'Gansao' Sosuke and Onkyou Hibiki! Let's welcome them with a big cheer!" A small pause is given while the contestants are shown in from either side and the crowds cheer for the two on the arena floor.
"This match, like all the others, will have a small additional complication that requires the combatants to think on their feet." Those who may have been watching may have already noticed a complex seal laid out across the floor of the arena. The Hokage goes on to explain, "While the fight rages on, each of the contestants will slowly be drained of their stamina, making them think strategically about when to attack, when to hold back and how best to cope with increasing fatigue! This seal effect is brought to us courtesy of the Uzumaki Clan!" A cheer goes up from part of the stands where most Uzumaki are seated. Two Uzumaki actually leap to the arena floor and at the same time touch corners of the seal, making it flare for a moment before vanishing completely, but the effect is instant as the combatants can already feel a tug on their bodies, as if they are going to be fighting with higher gravity or through quick sand.
"Let the match begin!" Proclaims the Hokage, as she returns to her seat to watch the fight, eager to see how the contestants react to the twist and what they will do.

From Stands,
Filling up two seats as he settles in, Yoma would hunch over a bit as he listened to the announcement of the contestants and the circumstances of the battle before smirking and then laughing heartily. "That should be a challenge. Let us see what Hibiki does under this sort of pressure." He would fold his massive arms across his chest and begin to take both of the combatants in as they prepared for the match, there wasn't much time to waste after all.

From Stands,
Yuko has managed to get a seat some what towards the front, but only because he's small enough to squeeze in. He gives a small 'ooooh' as the seals are activated, clearly impressed. Then eagerly munches on some rice cakes while he waits for the match to start. No one from Kumo to root for this time so he's just watching to see such highly skilled shinobi fight.

From Stands,
Nori walks in, an small owl (Mochi) perched on his shoulder. He turns and looks around before walking up to the top of the stands. He's got fairly good eyes being so young, and what he can't see, his owl friend can fill him in on. So, once he gets up to the top, he settles himself in, pulls the burlap sack off his back, and opens it. Out comes a tin full of food for both he and the owl.

"Your father is in the stands. He didn't want to miss this." Ishida says to Sosuke as he tightens his shin guards outside the arena. The young man is unresponsive and just continues to prepare himself. "He's expected you to go this far and further." Sosuke stands and looks to Ishida before placing a finger over his lips. Ishida smiles and leaves Sosuke be. "He talks too much." Sosuke comments on his way towards the fighting ring.
The crowd is alive and there seems to be quite the anticipation for this match. "My opponent must be something." There wasn't much knowing about this Hibiki but Sosuke figured this would prove to make this fight even more so exciting. He kept his eyes out of the stands after the explanation of the seal was given. He didn't find his father but he knew he was up there, somewhere. A heavy sigh escapes him before he crosses his arms. "Wasn't expecting that." Sosuke would then look towards his opponent and give a smile in good faith. "They're expecting quite the show."

From Stands,
Eremi had been here for a while, since the first match and planned on hanging around toward the last, if possible. He didn't want to draw attention to himself though and was sitting in the back, near where Nori had taken up a seat with an owl. To prevent from being recognized, a hood covers his head, leaving his facial features hidden within the shadows. Hopefully no one tries to talk to him and stays focused on the matches instead.

From Stands,
"I'm Late! I'm Late! I'm Late!"

With the exception of the ticket booth master and the patrons nearest to him, none would see Rise as she sped through Konoha, only hear the chant and start from the occasional shove from the petite speedster. For all that effort Rise's rewards remained the same: tardiness and rage. "Bear it Kyn-kun… Why'd you have to keep me up so late?" She muttered darkly to herself as she slumped over the railing separating the outering path from the seats themselves. All she wanted to do was finally see Amani…
In the ring that is! Totally in the ring and nothing more! >.>
A tired sigh escapes her lips before Rise works up the energy to really survey the area, as well as about finding out just whose match was up no. "Hm?" She emits, perking up a little at the sight of a giant in the crowd. Too many scents in the air kept her from getting the usual read about him, but from the looks of him, Yoma was >definitely< not an Akimichi. Curious, Rise proceeded to get close enough to him without dragging too much attention to herself…

Hibiki has no family to wish him luck; no friends cheering in the upstairs crowd. He is here because… because he was able to pull from rancid insect intestine two worthy scrolls, cut limbs and wakeless bodies left in the dirt to prove his effort. But why? The boy wondered; wonders still, pacing from the staging grounds to enter the arena in an eruption of applause. Certainly no one has heard of the boy himself, thus it must be the other.
As soon as Hibiki crosses the threshold of the seals, he can feel himself pulled tight, as if the very air gripped him in its fingers.
The boy looks up, towards Sosuke as the other comments.
"Hibiki says: we aren't doing this for the show. Though I'm not entirely sure why we are doing this at all."
The Genin cocks his head slightly at Sosuke, his arms tucked within his coat, his teeth - if one could look so carefully - grinding to a close as his jaw tightens. But it relaxes soon enough.
"I suppose, yes, we should get on?"
Hibiki looks to the Hokage, perhaps with permission. Or maybe the fight just… starts by itself.

RP: Hibiki joins the roleplay.

COMBAT: It is now Hibiki's turn.

COMBAT: Hibiki focuses 3500 stamina to turn it into usable chakra!

RP: Hibiki transforms into DYOU-I.

RP: Sosuke joins the roleplay.

COMBAT: Hibiki finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Sosuke's turn.

From Stands,
Nori looks around and then back to the ring as he notes Sosuke and…that other guy. He's met him before in the Fuuma basin, but Nori never caught Hibiki's name. Nori says to the owl, though Eremi might think he was being spoken to, "This could be interesting, ne?" The owl just stares off into the ring, so maybe Nori is talking to Eremi?

Sosuke chuckles lightly at Hibiki. "Well that debatable." Sosuke uncrosses his arms and widens his stance before making one handseal to charge chakra with. As he gathers chakra he can indeed feel the seal's effect. Sosuke lowers his hand and retrieves his crescent scythe. The seals will affect him using the Dance of Sin and the Dance of Penance So he resorted to his clan's jutsu. A cloak of violet chakra envelops Sosuke as he stands before Hibiki. His chakra was malicious and deep. He twirls his scythe once in hand enters a reserved stance. "Yes the fight has already started. Care to make a move?"

COMBAT: Sosuke focuses 2500 stamina to turn it into usable chakra!

RP: Sosuke transforms into DARK-CLOAK.

COMBAT: Sosuke finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Hibiki's turn.

Noab's here again, but this time he's acting as a referee rather than the guy working the round's special challenges. He lifts an eyebrow at Hibiki's apparent hesitance. "Hokage-sama said let the match begin, that's your signal to start. You'll get yourself killed second-guessing orders in the field." :P Of course, if it really hadn't been meant that way and somebody started off before they were supposed to, Noab would've berated them for going off half-cocked. It doesn't matter whether what you do is a smart policy in the general case, only what the right move is right now and whether Noab gets to chew you out for making the wrong one! >D

The boy's eyebrows rise.
"Truthfully: no. But-"
Hibiki takes a step forward, like moving through water, but closer now to Sosuke.
"I suppose duty offers no choice."
The Genin eyes the scythe twirling afore, the gleaming blade, and how easily the other moves, with such creeping chakra as flows about. The youth eyes the other who spoke with disdain, regarding him little. Is there where death lies? In apathy and spirit? A sigh creases Hibiki's leaps, and with quickness is flung - the boy's coat whisking off his bare arm - two shuriken at Sosuke, the quick spit and spiral of the blades as quickly followed by Hibiki wrapping himself back up in his coat, his feet unmoving, and whispering to himself:
"'Tis not ours to wonder why…"

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with SHARP…28

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with SHARP…17

COMBAT: Hibiki finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Sosuke's turn.

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against SHARP(28) attack from Hibiki with a DODGE…38
COMBAT: Sosuke wins the roll.

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against SHARP(17) attack from Hibiki with a DODGE…31
COMBAT: Sosuke wins the roll.

From Stands,
The fighting was moments from starting, literally and while it could easily be anyone's match, Eremi would have to give the match to Sosuke. Not because he was from Konoha, but because Sosuke was some what of a genjutsuist. That and the seal, it didn't look like Hibiki had much of a chance at keeping his stamina. At least that's how Eremi was predicting the match. Then again, who knows what might happen, it would be interesting to see nonetheless. A quick glance would be given from the ring and toward Nori as the other spoke up, but Eremi wasn't sure whom they were talking to and since the question was vague, he ignored it and went back to watching the fight.

"He's cautious. This will be tough." Sosuke thinks as the shuriken approach. He leans out the way of both and just keeps his eyes on Hibiki. Sosuke doesn't respond at first. His chakra continues to fester and creep around him though. A light bit of study was being given to Hibiki and Sosuke thought he sensed conflict. He wouldn't speak on it though. He too was cautious. His free hand begins to form handseals. Once the finished Sosuke would grip his scythe with both hands. The crescent blade appeared to turn and become a white smile but it would grow into a full moon. The moon would then release a brilliant glow that would paralyze Hibiki down to the core. It wasn't long after the genjutsu was cast that Sosuke came at Hibiki. He slung his scythe around aiming to bring it across the genin's gut.

COMBAT: Sosuke attacks Hibiki with LUNAR-LOCK…31

COMBAT: Sosuke attacks Hibiki with SHARP…15

COMBAT: Sosuke finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Hibiki's turn.

COMBAT: Hibiki defends against LUNAR-LOCK(31) attack from Sosuke with a GENJUTSU-KAI…32
COMBAT: Hibiki wins the roll.

COMBAT: Hibiki defends against SHARP(15) attack from Sosuke with a DODGE…26
COMBAT: Hibiki wins the roll.

From Stands,
Nori looks over to the owl and notes Eremi's look over. Of course, Nori doesn't recognize the hooded figure, but the young Yamanaka boy is polite enough to give a bow of the head. The owl hoots though, so Nori's attention is quickly brought back to the ring. The match is picking up, and Nori doesn't want to miss it.

From Stands,
A seat or two behind and just a little ways off to the left becomes Rise's new placement, and all at the minor cost of "convincing" its former occupant to move elsewhere. Once seated, Rise's attention remain torn between Yoma and the occupants in the ring. The combatants dance ultimately wins out after most of her indirect means of learning more about the giant are exhausted. "Hmm… Sosu-chan versus some Kiri fella huh?" She murmurs, rubbing her chin thoughtfully and narrowing her eyes as things begin to escalate.

Hibiki dutifully gazes as the blade grins a cheshire before looping into a full blinding, white as the glorious nights in which Hibiki would stare himself into the gleaming ghost of another world beyond our own. The youth doesn't stutter as the push of chakra invades, for Hibiki is too aware, and back it goes, shed away, a sneaking grin licking to Hibiki's lips. He steps aside as the other's blade surges forward, the crested scythe cleaving fat, empty sky. And immediately the Kiri is forward, charging the missed Sosuke, but as his fisted blows are supposed to come, there instead erupts, from the boy's shoulder own, two identical arms, bearing with them fists so desiring to destruct Sosuke.

RP: Hibiki transforms into DYOU-II.

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with PHYSICAL…24

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with PHYSICAL…21

COMBAT: Hibiki finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Sosuke's turn.

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against PHYSICAL(24) attack from Hibiki with a DODGE…32
COMBAT: Sosuke wins the roll.

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against PHYSICAL(21) attack from Hibiki with a DODGE…19
COMBAT: Sosuke loses the roll and sustains 162 damage.

Sosuke is ready to shift to the defensive once his strike finds no target but to his surprise he is assaulted by a strange technique. Sosuke leaps back evading the first fist but the second strikes him right in the cheek. He didn't predict this sort of a counter attack. The young man rubs his cheek and glances back to Hibiki. That most certainly wasn't a genjutsu. The arms that sprouted from his shoulder were real. "That's new." he notes. But the arms would retreat from whence they came after they struck. Sosuke grins and his cloak vanishes. The young gansao then starts moving fluidly and flickering lightly before twirling his scythe in hand. He'd try once more, Hibiki looked to be a good dancing partner. After dashing all that's left is dust and a stir of wind. Before long Sosuke would appear ringing his scythe down upon Hibiki then once again in what seemed to take less than an instant. He'd have to bear the effects of the seal whilst conducting the Dance of Sin.

RP: Sosuke transforms into DANCE-OF-SIN.

COMBAT: Sosuke attacks Hibiki with LUNAR-SUNDER-I…31

COMBAT: Sosuke attacks Hibiki with LUNAR-SUNDER-I…37

COMBAT: Sosuke finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Hibiki's turn.

COMBAT: Hibiki defends against LUNAR-SUNDER-I(31) attack from Sosuke with a DODGE-II…30
COMBAT: Hibiki loses the roll and sustains 248 damage.

COMBAT: Hibiki defends against LUNAR-SUNDER-I(37) attack from Sosuke with a DODGE-II…35
COMBAT: Hibiki loses the roll and sustains 279 damage.

The precision is too much for Hibiki's arrogance of partner, the steel of the scythe too ringing upon the youth, slicing through his coat and into his skin, leaving gasps of open flesh along his chest. Hibiki's hands go up, pushing into the wounds, and from the lack of grasp the boy's coat drops to his waist, cast as a spectre of what was; in place the youth is slim - skinny even - shirted to the elbows in black. The boy's neck twitches, pulling his eyelids closed — but a moment. Then focused again, and - staring to Sosuke in the ferocity of the loyal (but of loyalty to whom? to what?) - the Genin takes a filling breath, and from his sides sprout an extra pair of arms, they too and the ones above clapping together, simultaneous but different in their seals, and in the breadth from the final to the forthcoming, there sprouts from Hibiki's neck too: a head, nearly identical to his own, and they both spit forward from their mouths one a stone of wind, the other a bullet of water
But how haggard now, how panting and hunched; the cost of combat too great in this place.

RP: Hibiki transforms into DYOU-III.

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with WIND-BULLET…50

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with AQUA-BULLET…39

COMBAT: Hibiki finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Sosuke's turn.

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against WIND-BULLET(50) attack from Hibiki with a SECOND-CYCLE…42
COMBAT: Sosuke loses the roll and sustains 296 damage.

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against AQUA-BULLET(39) attack from Hibiki with a SECOND-CYCLE…54
COMBAT: Sosuke wins the roll.

Noab peers at the weird form of the Kiri nin in the ring. "An extra set of arms, comin' outta nowhere?" he mutters. "What unshapely crime against nature will those Mist yahoos come up with next?" :P Says the guy who can turn into a two-ton meatball.

Sosuke doesn't pursue Hibiki after striking him, but instead he waits and watches. No need to rush foolishly into a trap. He was deathly skinny. And no signs of those arms were anywhere to be found. Well at first. After Hibiki sprouted a few limbs and a head even Sosuke was starting to make sense of this strange adversary. "That explains a bit." But the time for inspection would have to wait as he found himself under the assault of a twin headed jutsu assault. The wind bullet was difficult to see and rams Sosuke before he can fully evade it. The water bullet however is evaded and Sosuke has positioned himself not too far from Hibiki's leftmost rear. 'Two different chakra natures? And the hand seals…simultaneous yet different.' Extra limbs would normally toss one into the Okumo family but the lack of spiders and silken attire didn't support that. Sosuke had to see what else this shinobi was capable off before he went on the full offensive. The Dance of Sin would commence and Sosuke would once again engage Hibiki in close quarters combat. His scythe would sling about, confusingly yet precise. He'd aim three sundering attacks at the torso.

COMBAT: Sosuke attacks Hibiki with LUNAR-SUNDER-I…35

COMBAT: Sosuke attacks Hibiki with LUNAR-SUNDER-I…24

COMBAT: Sosuke attacks Hibiki with LUNAR-SUNDER-I…40

COMBAT: Sosuke finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Hibiki's turn.

COMBAT: Hibiki defends against LUNAR-SUNDER-I(35) attack from Sosuke with a WIND-BARRIER…28
COMBAT: Hibiki loses the roll and sustains 299 damage.

COMBAT: Hibiki defends against LUNAR-SUNDER-I(24) attack from Sosuke with a WIND-BARRIER…28
COMBAT: Hibiki wins the roll.

COMBAT: Hibiki defends against LUNAR-SUNDER-I(40) attack from Sosuke with a WALL-OF-WIND…56
COMBAT: Hibiki wins the roll.

From Stands,
"Why… am I watching this boy from Konoha dance around a Kiri nin while trying to tear his guts out? What sort of strange trickery is this?? ….KAI! …." Yoma looks around for a moment, noticing nothing had changed. "…. Hmmm… this has become far more entertaining than I expected." Yoma would grin for a moment before leaning back up and rolling his massive shoulders. "ENDURE YOUNG ONES! FIGHT UNTIL YOUR BONES MELT!" He knew by now that the fight had gone on of quite some time under the pressure of constantly draining stamina and he wanted to see jsut how far they were willing to go.

From Stands,
Even though he was aware of his surroundings while watching the fight, Eremi was still more focused on the combat than anything going on around him so was a little startled when a giant of a man not too far off began shouting above the crowd. It was hard not to turn away and look, at least for a bit, before looking back at the two contestants. Both had been fighting for a while and there was probably only two rounds left before its over.

From Stands,
Meruin's head cants just the slightest bit.
Misted eyes took in the sight of blood, the surprised mouth made through parted flesh, and they narrowed at it. Not in sympathy nor in censure but in simple examination. Better to see, and who to tell what they saw made the Okumo think or feel? But those eyes lost their tapered view as another pair narrowed into closing, watching as a second pair of arms, a second head, two separately but simultaneously concocted jutsu burst from the Kirigakure genin, the latter streaking towards this foe from the leaf. Closely, Meruin watches. Waits.

The youth is not fast to recognize the first; perhaps not energized enough to move swiftly from the way of the blade — thus, a third strike lands upon the boy, gracing his back with another flaying slice. There is blood being lost, dripping dripping down.
From the stands such clarity does shout: "ENDURE, YOUNG ONES!" The rest lies unheard, for Hibiki is scurrying back, his extra hands flashing and: whoosh, the bladed strike is cast away; and again, stronger this time, a wall instead, the scythe ringing against it.
Endure, young ones.
The youth blinks into Sosuke's sight, unmoving now.
A slow, rolling chuckle comes from the head attached to Hibiki's original stretch, the laughter gaining in volume until the head fades completely back into the other's neck. Hibiki's neck shivers, his shoulder tripping upwards. But the grin is back soon.
"Hibiki thinks he knows. I'm not so sure, but Hibiki thinks he knows."
The Genin begins to laugh, and whilst he does, his lower set of arms flash together in seals, ending with nothing but silence, and a windful force crushing for Sosuke, and it is in that voluminous silence that the boy dashes forward, the extra arms slipping away, to reform as to make a rifle of three, their knuckles bleeding white as Hibiki aims tripled fists at Sosuke.

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with PRESSURE-BLAST…36

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with POWER-PHYSICAL-II…27

COMBAT: Hibiki finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Sosuke's turn.

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against PRESSURE-BLAST(36) attack from Hibiki with a SECOND-CYCLE…36
COMBAT: Sosuke wins the roll.

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against POWER-PHYSICAL-II(27) attack from Hibiki with a FADE…24
COMBAT: Sosuke loses the roll and sustains 462 damage.

From Stands,
As wind and water are thrown about, striking home or being defended by the evasive movements and counter offensives there after, Yoma was reminded of home. Wind and water and blade all mixing in to one and twisting and churning in to a ballet of combat and the desire to defeat the enemy before you. While death was unlikely, the battle still was one to push them to their brink, and that was good enough for the Kaguya. "Honor your village and yourself, Hibiki. And as for the scythe wielder… continue to give Hibiki no quarter, or it means nothing. Show the entire world your fighting spirit and prowess, your judgement and guile." He would grin once more after his rumbling monologue, primarily to himself it seemed.

From Stands,
Rise's brain simply could not fathom just how Hibiki was able to grow more arms. It was obviously not genjutsu, because that much she picked up from the shocked looks from those around her. Frowning, Rise started to rise to get a better look, only to be startled by Yoma's declaration. She nearly went to toss the closest thing at him — even if it happened to be a kid — on reflex, but by some miracle she reigned in her anger and directed it towards something more… constructive. "Sosu-kun! Don't wuss out! Gut that Kiri Mu-mm-Bastard like the marlin he is!!"
She honestly had no idea what a marlin was but it sounded just fishy enough to work! "Keep up dat pressure! Don't give up! Show'em that spirit, Ahodora!"

Sosuke glances towards the stands as someone calls out for them to endure. Sosuke didn't know who it was but it sounded as though they were enjoying the exchange. Still the seal placed in this arena wouldn't allow for too much more of this. Sosuke figures he should bring this to an end and go on the offensive now. But first he must defend from Hibiki's attack. The words from the stands must've empowered the boy as this previous conflict Sosuke detected started to diminish. Sosuke was curious to see how this would affect his ability in this duel so far.
It was narrow but Sosuke evaded the pressurized blast utilizing the second cycle. Still it left him a bit fatigued doing so. A second one wasn't likely. He would have no choice but to rely on his genjutsu to proceed onward. But he couldn't craft an illusion quick enough to divert his punch and it was a mighty punch at that. It sent Sosuke flying back and skidding along the ground. He lied there for a moment as the pain faded and then grinned. "Ouch." Sosuke said. He rose dusting himself off. A sigh escapes him as he does so. He places his scythe back in its holster and claps his hands together. The Dark Cloak returns but this time more sinister and intense than before. His chakra was so thick that images could be seen in its dark cascade. A flurry of handseals are formed before another genjutsu would take hold of Hibiki. The genjutsu was more discrete. It would creep over and lull Hibiki's senses until he was all but calm, soothed into a status where action wasn't likely.

RP: Sosuke transforms into DARK-CLOAK-II.

COMBAT: Sosuke attacks Hibiki with NEW-MOON-EMBRACE…38

COMBAT: Sosuke finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Hibiki's turn.

COMBAT: Hibiki defends against NEW-MOON-EMBRACE(38) attack from Sosuke with a GENJUTSU-KAI…41
COMBAT: Hibiki wins the roll.

There is maniac delight as Hibiki's fists firmly encounter Sosuke, sending the other soaring backwards soaring through the fighting ring. But up so again is the other, and Hibiki has scarce time to- but ah, the boy grins, still, the encroaching Genjutsu caught and smothered.
"Sneaky, sneaky."
The grin casts a chuckle, Hibiki's eyes seeming pinched, but wild with life.
"Ooooh, oooh, but sneaky sneaky like this."
Again, the extra set of hands smash together, casting through seal after seal until, layer upon layer arrive wickedly upon the air, cutting blades of it silently slicing towards Sosuke.

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with WIND-CUTTER…30

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with WIND-CUTTER…31

COMBAT: Hibiki finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Sosuke's turn.

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against WIND-CUTTER(30) attack from Hibiki with a FIRST-CYCLE…34
COMBAT: Sosuke wins the roll.

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against WIND-CUTTER(31) attack from Hibiki with a FIRST-CYCLE…30
COMBAT: Sosuke loses the roll and sustains 671 damage.

Sosuke grins "You're sharp." But this is what he wanted to see. His genjutsu didn't reach Hibiki this time but he still has one more part of his plan to execute. He can't imagine that Hibiki has much left in his reserves. Sosuke can see however that the boy still had enough to send out more bursts of wind at him. Sosuke evades the first cycle letting it fly by and leave quite the gash in the ground as well as whatever it collided with behind Sosuke. He couldn't completely dodge the second and it gave him quite the wound on his shoulder. But he had to wonder how Hibiki would fair against his next assault now. "I'd like to fight you again. But in a different setting." Sosuke says before flashing through a few more handseals. It was genjutsu once again but this time it was far more potent than the previous and not nearly as discreet. Should Hibiki allow this one to take root in his mind and punish him he would find himself absent of the energy he'd need to continue this fight. "Tsukiyomi's Tear: Lunar Languish."

COMBAT: Sosuke attacks Hibiki with LUNAR-LANGUISH…33

COMBAT: Sosuke finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Hibiki's turn.

COMBAT: Hibiki defends against LUNAR-LANGUISH(33) attack from Sosuke with a GENJUTSU-PERCEPTION…34
COMBAT: Hibiki wins the roll.

From Stands,
"That's right! Use your will to break through the tricks of the mind and crush your opponent! Even in a battle where your body betrays you constantly, never let your will break and you can find victory!" Yoma's deep voice roared as he continued to watch the match. "The flesh torn away are simply stories to tell when it is over. The blood that is spilt merely the ink the tale is written in! It grows back, and it reproduces so that you can write tale after tell until you have none left!"

Hibiki indeed is withering into weak, but there is still fight left: still courage left to steal courage, to bring about the defeat of another. To bring about the end? If one does not strive until exhaustion, until failure to do, what can be said of their strength of duty? Would their comrades be as distrusting to their effort of action?
Hibiki coughs into the fighting ring, a wicked cackle of air, and though full of life, it breathes the first kick of weary. The boy's chest heaves and heaves.
There could be no end but end.
The youth jockeys forward, his thin muscles tight with effort. To again do his hands dually motion together, simultaneous and askew a bit now, but performed, and then: first, a spit of water, to distract, perhaps; a rush of wind then, to distune Sosuke's sense.

COMBAT: Hibiki focuses 1000 stamina to turn it into usable chakra!

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with AQUA-BULLET…41

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with PRESSURE-BLAST…55

COMBAT: Hibiki finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Sosuke's turn.

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against AQUA-BULLET(41) attack from Hibiki with a FADE…30
COMBAT: Sosuke loses the roll and sustains 370 damage.

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against PRESSURE-BLAST(55) attack from Hibiki with a LUNAR-PHANTASMS…51
COMBAT: Sosuke loses the roll and sustains 287 damage.

COMBAT: Sosuke attempts to ESCAPE from Hibiki's stun and fails!

From Stands,
"What kind of whack lines are that!?" Her mouth move before he brain could catch up; and yet, despite the momentary oversight, Rise still retained the nerve to glare at Yoma for a few moments more. IF not confronted during that time or a few seconds after, Rise's attention would return to the arena still agitated by her sparing partners performance. She wanted to yell at him again. Albiet this time to berate him for relying on his genjutsu again. However, Rise refrained for now if only to keep from messing up his concentration, and instead gritted her teeth and dug deep indents into into the chair in front of her.

Sosuke was a bit amazed to see that this genin was withstanding all his genjutsu. Still there couldn't be much for him to endure. But Sosuke wasn't doing too well himself. He starts to get on the move after seeing that his genjutsu is proving useless against this individual. "Seems I'll have to resort to that tactic." Sosuke sighs. And prepares himself for Hibiki's next attack. But both attacks collide with Sosuke rendering him unable to make any move whatsoever. 'Unacceptable.' rings in the young Gansao's head. "This is unacceptable." Sosuke mutters as he kneels with his energy leaving him. There was no excuse for this kind of performance. "He's somewhere…..up there."

COMBAT: Sosuke finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Hibiki's turn.

Such little strength still blushes within Hibiki's cheek. His extra arms, withered now almost, slowly slide back into the boy's torso, and he is himself again, but who are ourselves to any of us?
How slow his steps now. Sosuke moves not, stuck where is, and creeping Hibiki comes.
"A show, mmm? A show, a show. What a show. What a show. What. A. Show."
The youth has no grace left for finesse, and slow he slugs his hands forward, casting them on with the digging stretches of his stamina, pouring every dropping ounce of vigor into the assault. There will not be much beyond this.

RP: Hibiki reverts to his normal state.

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with PHYSICAL…15

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with PHYSICAL…26

COMBAT: Hibiki attacks Sosuke with PHYSICAL…12

COMBAT: Hibiki finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Sosuke's turn.

COMBAT: Sosuke attempts to ESCAPE from Hibiki's stun and fails!

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against PHYSICAL(15) attack from Hibiki with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Sosuke loses the roll and sustains 157 damage.

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against PHYSICAL(26) attack from Hibiki with a DODGE…33
COMBAT: Sosuke wins the roll.

COMBAT: Sosuke defends against PHYSICAL(12) attack from Hibiki with a DODGE…19
COMBAT: Sosuke wins the roll.

Sosuke has no choice but to take the first of Hibiki's strikes. He is drained but not done yet. But all he could hear was a taunting voice in his head telling him he'd already lost. He could feel a piercing yet dissatisfying stare and even though he's evaded Hibiki's remaining blows Sosuke doesn't have much to rejoice about. "Unacceptable." He growls. "Unacceptable." He reached for his scythe. His voice became darker. "I must…erase you."
The scythe smiles a sinister smile as its cold steel reflects the enraged glint in Sosuke's eyes. "Penance for my shameful display…." Sosuke's muscles tighten and visibly enlarge. He looks onto Hibiki but doesn't approach yet, he sees the limbs retreat back into the body. "Hmm what a pity."

RP: Sosuke transforms into DANCE-OF-PENANCE.

COMBAT: Sosuke finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Hibiki's turn.

From Stands,
"What a pity…"
Sosuke's sentiments were mirrored by Meruin high above, and the Kirigakure Jounin leaned back slightly. He detected no sense of falsehood or trickery in Hibiki's maneuver, and indeed, there would be no need for it considering he had had his opponent in such a vulnerable position. But alas, there was too little fight to see the deed finished. Too little strength left to those limbs. And this was, quite simply, unacceptable. Hibiki could expect to learn just how much so.

The boy's body is alight of energy. A stream of blood - a pitiful mirror of the many already dangling from his skin - clips from the corner of his mouth. The boy is stationary, unmoving. He grins a vicious grin for someone so cast aside and gone — the thimbles of his legs shiver and sway, and though rock upon his feet he does, he does not fall. There is so much will here; such will to deconstruct — to destroy and remove.
"So why don't you, hmm?"
The boy looks up into the crowd, his voice hollow but risen.
"So many claim, but none can!"
Hibiki looks wildly back to Sosuke, one of his shoulders dropped.
"What of you, hmm? What of you? What of duty and courage? Have you, have you?"
It is crazed indeed that the youth seems, but he does not move; does not motion, assaulting with but words it seems.

COMBAT: Hibiki finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Sosuke's turn.

"That's enough." Noab signals to the ninja creating the field, and they dispel it — not in time to avoid draining the last drop of conscious energy from Hibiki's body, though. Medics rush in to give emergency treatment to both contestants. "Crazy mist nin, teaching their kids to throw their bodies away," Noab growls under his breath. >.U

Sosuke can hear Hibiki's rambling but he isn't listening. He just raises his scythe but the seal, its effects keep him from doing anything more. He winces and his muscles cramp and he drops the weapon. Twas foolish to use the Dance of Penance in these conditions. But it was just as Satomi warned him. That anger that he believed to be his ally, it has betrayed him. His senses return but just too late. Hibiki's words catch up to Sosuke, they had taken root and now that he cloud was gone they could grow. "Hehe…I give-" But Noab beats him too the punch. Hibiki's stamina couldn't hold up to the seal and in what is no less than fortune, Sosuke finds himself to be the one standing.

From Stands,
Yoma would smirk before turnnig back towards the little gnat in his ear. "Pushed to the limit… should he survive, he has no where to go but up. That is the way of Kirigakure. And should he have to battle again in the future, he will be far more prepared for it than most of his age or skill level. However, I congratulate your friend, he fought well and I am sure he learned mcuh from this experience too." Looking back to the match, Yoma would nod, satisfied. "And so the tale is written." he would say before grinning and standing, towering above the rest around him.

From Stands,
And so the match was called to Sosuke…sort of. Either way, it was a win and one that Eremi had predicted. Though the way it would happen didn't actually come true, but nevertheless..With another match down, the only thing to do was to wait for the next and hope to not be bothered while watching the fights. So far, he's been rather lucky.

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