Fujikujo Feud/Ghostly Beasts - Enduring Patience; Akane Captured


Kurome, Akane, Hige

Date: October 10, 2015


Kurome and Hige go out on a mission to investigate some mysterious white turtle… They encounter an unexpected prize during their mission.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Fujikujo Feud/Ghostly Beasts - Enduring Patience; Akane Captured"

Land of Fire

Kurome had been a bit frazzled when Hige had given her that tail. She had even lost of a bit of sleep and began to train more than usual… Eventually, the woman went on a mission with the Inuzuka and told him she had to talk with him, though that may have been a bit forgotten when Daichi had to be protected. But recently, Kurome got her act together and sent a reminder to the young Jounin so they could meet up. There was also a new mission that she had to talk to him about… For now, the woman waits at the gate. The sun is obscured by clouds, but they are white and fluffy. No sign of a vicious storm!

She wanted to talk to him? What had he done wrong this time? Hige and Konsho head out when they receive the note, not entirely sure whether or not he should've brought a pack. Oh well, he could hunt if he needed to. Hige and Konsho arrive at the gates and, upon seeing Kurome, Hige quirks a brow and waves the paper a little. "Everything okay Kurome?" he asks as he approaches.

"Well enough," Kurome replies, though she is frowning… So things probably aren't that great! At least for her. The woman reaches into her pocket and displays the scorpion tail. "Could you please tell me where you got this again? The man's name? And surname? I want to make sure I heard you right… Also, we've a mission that happened to interfere with this meeting… Or I do. So if you would like to come, feel free. It's almost time to leave." The Uchiha smirks faintly, but there's still a trace of worry in her expression.

Hige relays the story…again. "Nogoro. He didn't give a family name, just that. He wasn't suspicious enough for the guards to keep him out of the village at least." Hige looks Kurome over with a worried frown, still smelling the concern coming off the girl. "Are you sure you're alright? And what is this mission anyways? I didn't receive anything…"

"Because I got to choose my team. Have you been with me against the white creatures? I think I'm usually with Tatsuo and Zori on then… Albino beasts with far greater skill than a normal bandit. They could almost pass for shinobi. We analyzed one in the labs, and … Well, I have a bad feeling…" She tucks the tail into her pouch. "After this mission, would you mind helping me track down the man? Nogoro? I think I need to meet with him, and I would prefer some backup."

"I haven't seen such creatures yet though I've read a report or two on them. They seem to be a real pain. Did you find some more?" Hige asks, reaching out a hand to subconsciously pet Konsho next to him. "I can help you track him down, sure. I purposefully got a good whiff of him to remember his scent. Shouldn't be too hard."

Kurome nods in approval, looking a bit relieved. "Hai," she responds. "We have to head north and west. In the direction of Iwa, almost. There's a village that reported sightings. Umm… Albino turtles of all things… But they are still albino, and they seem to be threatening, especially when people get near them… Or it. I'm admittedly not sure how many there are." Kurome sighs and rubs the back of her neck. "Something tells me this Nogoro person is behind this. I just don't know how or why…" Then she waves a hand. "If you're ready, let's move out. Otherwise, I'll meet you a half-kilo out from the village.

Hige quirks a brow when Kurome mentions that the man might be behind the Albino creatures. "Really? Why would he do that? How exactly do you know him and what does that scorpion mean?" he asks with a faint frown, arms folding over his chest as he waits for an answer before they move out.

"… Hige-kun. You recall how I was only recently returned, yes? I was about as much of a failure in the Uchiha clan as Atorei-kun because I haven't even awoken my Sharingan. I earned the rank of Chuunin, and then I left to travel. And while I traveled, I grew stronger. And then I was thrust into the position of clan head like you were thrust into the position of Jounin. The problem is I have no idea what I did to deserve it." Kurome raises a finger. "That may not sound relevant, but I say that because I think the reason why this all happened… Is because of him. A man… A Shippodoku killed my father. And the Shippodoku can turn into scorpions." Kurome lets that sink in for a moment, then says, "He said he liked to experiment. Well, this whole thing reeks of that. I'm not sure if it's relevant, but it's the only trail I have."

Now all of that is mighty interesting. Hmm. "Well I suppose it's possible. But it could all just be a big coincidence you know," Hige states rather simply. "I'll keep my senses open to see if I smell him along the way. Or once we get there."

"I know… But there's some… feeling I have. And I've learned that trusting my instincts is usually the better deal." Kurome gives a sigh, then says, "Let's go. We can talk on the way." The woman takes off, hopefully with Hige following right behind. There was no plan. There was only action and the burning desire to know if the person she suspects is truly behind all this.

Hey, Kurome was in charge of the mission so he'd follow her lead! The teen follows after with Konsho right at his side. "Well, if you think it might be connected we should investigate. Should we take one of the creatures alive?" he asks, head canting to one side curiously. "Or is it just going to be a blood bath?" Which is what happens when Hige is around, generally.

COMBAT: Hige focuses 3506 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!
RP: Hige transforms into KONSHO.
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…64

"We'll take samples… Unless it's too hostile," Kurome tells Hige. She moves at a fast clip, black eyes starting to fade into a pinkish red as she looks around. She and Hige are heading towards Iwa, but were planning to stop a bit short of the border at a town to investigate something else. Interestingly, something bright catches her attention, and Hige might hear/smell a galloping horse running at a breakneck pace… Not too far. "Hige-kun…" Kurome says, head swinging towards that direction. They've been traveling for about twenty minutes, and they've encountered someone! Is it who she thinks? "There's a huge chakra source… Far larger than normal…" she informs. "I think we should check it out."
The scents themselves aren't too abnormal at this distace. It's not like there aren't other horses in he surrounding area and the road itself. However when Kurome mentions a heavy chakra presence he would give her a nod. "Yeah, let's go check it out." If there was a wandering shinobi or some it was best to check it out and warn them not to cause any trouble…

COMBAT: Akane focuses 3258 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!
RP: Akane transforms into KYOUJINS-AWARENESS.

Akane was riding at full speed, as hard as she could push the horse from Iwagakure. Above her was a hawk keeping pace in the sky. Akane's chara was high, and dark. There was a distinct darkness tht swirled in the green chakra Kurome could see surrounding the woman. Her red hair was braided and bound tightly against her head for once, a style well suited for travel, though those metal hairsticks, hung with brown dragon scales were still there. She was also wearing her mask. The white face accented eyes and lips and trails of crimson from the eyes were all the face either of them would see as she came toward them. That and the mark of Kirigakure on her Hitai-ate about her neck.
Akane began pulling on the reins to slow the animal but Kyoujin warned mentally that they needed to move. Now. And fast. There was no time to be playing with the Leaf. But Akane finally wn over.. Barely in time to yank up lest she run down Kurome and Hige. The horse neighed and reared up, awing at the air for a few seconds before landing again and shifting restlessly. She'd been pushing the animal hard enough that it was panting lightly.
When she spoke her tone was curt. "Excuse me. I must pass!"

Kurome watches as the chakra shifted… She and Hige were running towards the horse's path… And then the horse was almost passed! The Uchiha skids to a halt in front of the panting animal, and she peers a bit at Akane. "… If you could, please state why. It's a bit strange seeing a horse going so quickly and at such a pace… Ne? Especially with a rider whose chakra is even stranger." Kurome signaled just a bit to Hige. 'Can you pick up anything?' He had a good nose, and this chakra was far from familiar…

Hige had followed Kurome out to the horses path with Konsho right beside him to back him up. At the signalled question from Akane the boy would return the signal as covertly as possible. Anger and fear. "It's not exactly normal for said person to be wearing a hitai-ate for the Hidden Mist either. In fact it's quie dangerous to be wearing that around here." There was something about this woman that was familiar…perhaps they'd met before with that mask on. Hmm…"Who are you and what is your business here?"

Akane's aura darkened even further as Hige and Kurome blocked her path and then demanded to know who she was and why she was there. Hige would scent a higher level of anger from the Kiri-nin. "I have business in Kirigakure and this was the fastest path from Iwagakure. Now move."
Akane tapped her heels in the horse's flank lightly enogh, made it begin walking again looking like she fully intended to just ignore the two Leaf shinobi entirely and go around them. As for the other inquiries about who she was… she just did not answer, to focused on contiuing her journey.

Kurome sees this darker aura get darker, and all her senses screamed that Akane was a threat. And a curiosity… The woman didn't move. "We'll escort you to the border, but only if you tell us who you are. And even get you a new mount. That one looks like it could use a break, anyway," Kurome replies evenly, pale red eyes shifting to a bright red with three Tomoe interrupting the gaze. She could see even clearer now… And she wasn't sure if she liked what she saw.

RP: Kurome transforms into SHARINGAN-III.
COMBAT: Kurome focuses 6123 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!

"If you're /really/ in a hurry then you should probably find another horse," Hige points to the horse she's riding. "This one won't last another hour. I also suggest you answer our questions a bit more honestly. Like, with a name, and why you're in such a rush that you decided to go through enemy territoy."

RPCOMBAT: Akane defends against with a BREVITY…59

Akane and the horse paused in unison as Kurome's eyeschanged. "Uchiha." It was a growl more than a word, anger spiking, aura darkening.. but also the fear scent increased. It was the faintest of all the pheremones but something about Kurome bothered the Kiri-nin. She watched Kurome try to cajole her into pausing, chatting, offering aid. The words came like honey from the Uchiha's lips and Akane growled low in her throat. She didn't have time for this…. Lives were at stake and she was being detained by some upstart?!
Hige alone would hear a grumble from the mounted woman, barely audible, both complaining about and swearing to 'deal with' Daisuke. And she did not use an honorific for the Hokage. Her aura coalesced and began greying even more. Falling to her anger and panic.
Hige's comments seemed to snap something in her, like a vein popping. She stood up in the stirrups as though getting ready to dismount and then.. simply disappeared. Kurome would probably be able to track her but only because of the three tomoe in her eyes. Akane landed in a crouch, preparig to battle if she must. "Doihara Akane. I saved a few of your brats from the Silence." Agression? Not exactly. She did not want to bother with a leed fight and international incident (Meruin would have her whipped…. again.) But she wasn't going to just let these two stop her. She lifted her arm and whistled, which brought the hawk down from the sky to land on the forearm. It was a hawk from Iwagakure, a messeger hawk.

"Akane?" Kurome echoes, mildly surprised. She had heard that name, seen it in a few records when it came to the Uchiha clan… For no other reason than she was associated with an Uchiha Fudo, to dredge up the past. And there were rumors… Kurome saw this strange spike of the aura, and she couldn't help but react. Her Tomoe begin to whirl, and… Nothing. Akane moves too quickly for her Genjutsu to be cast, which is probably a good thing. Kurome tracks the woman until she whispers that one word that made her pause as well. "The Uchiha are a confident bunch… Sadly. Thank you for rescuing them. Now then… Why don't we travel to the closest village. It's about a mile away. We'll change your horse there, and you can be on your way. Tell us a bit about what's going on, while we're traveling, even." Her voice is calm.

Akane? The name does vaguely ring a bell. He may have met her once briefly, likely on a battle field. Regarddless, when Akane moves so speedily around Hige's feral eyes settle on her once she's soppped, half turned to observe her. "You know by you even being here it could be cause for bad things. We could take you prisoner." They are in the land of fire after all. I think the least you could do is tell us why you're in such a hurry."

Akane was inscrutable in her mask as Kurome seemed to recognize her name. Well that probably wasn't good. From a pouch, she withdrew a pen and piece of paper, writing quickly before attaching it to the hawk's leg. "Fly home friend." Te hawk took a second then sprang up and headed straight for Iwagakure. The Akane tuned her shielded eyes on Kurome. Silence stretched between them as Kurome once again spoke of heading to a villaae nearby…. The only village nearby was… And she stopped cold. No. Not Fuji Falls. She swore under her breath.
Something about Kurome bothered Akane. She was collected, easily brought out the sharingan and was clearly trying to 'handle' Akane. But if she showed her face in Fuji Falls….

Hige's words mad her snicker. "You're going to have to forgive This One. We won't be going to Fuji Falls." Her tone was suddenly silky and low. It was far more threatening than anything she had done so far and to top it off her aura was the darkest it had been yet. And to Hige she simply purred 'It's a personal matter, pup. and you'll have to fight for a prize such as This One." Her had flashed over to her right forearm, tapping a scroll inscription there. A light glowed as first a hilt and then the blade..of Uchiha Fudo's Master Forged sword was released into her hand. She did not attack, however, but she gathered more chakra about her, watching them both warily, ready to defend….

COMBAT: Akane focuses 3230 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!

"Tch… We don't want a fight, Hige-kun… You know that…" Kurome's red gaze remains on Akane, and she stares intently. "The next village, then. I only suggested Fuji Falls… Because it is both close, and we've a mission to take care of within its vicinity. You don't even have to enter the village, if you're so insist-" Her voice falters for a second when she sees the blade. Fudo was depicted with the weapon. It was in his file. "Where … did you get that?" she asks, keeping herself where she is despite the fact she wanted to rush over to Akane and examine the weapon.

"I know we don't want a fight," Hige mutters, reaching up a hand to scrafch the back of his neck warily. "And why the harry did your voice change? Even your emotions smell different." Mysteries upon mysteries. "Is it really that hard to answer a question when you're the one trespassing?"

Kyoujin lowered her head slightly as Kurome was talking, watching the reactions, saw the recognition of the sword. "It was a gift." Is all she admitted to. But then she turned on Hige. "This One has not harmed you yet. This One could simply take tht pretty little head off your shoulders and ride on, But This One has not killed you yet." Yet being the operative word. But Hige was right. She was acting totally different and her aura was as dark and swirling as ever. "Why do you eed to know about a personal family matter?" For those few moments her focus was on Hige and Kurome and she began stepping to the side, circling, sword held at the ready, trying to get around them, but edging closer to one side of the forest path as well….

Kurome breathes… An inhale. And she opens her mouth as if to speak when Kyoujin might find herself swaying. Hopefully. There was one Uchiha in the trees, keeping watch. And although he had no idea what was going on, it looked like the clan head was in trouble. So he shot… The dart was a paralytic dart that would freeze the muscles. The second he fired would simply render her unconscious. Two darts, both aimed at Kyoujin's neck. By an Uchiha with three Tomoe in each eye. Kurome blinked a bit when she saw those darts incoming, but didn't move to stop them. "Because you are in the Land of Fire. You are a shinobi of the mist," Kurome would say, whether or not these darts hit.

"Exactly," Hige says, motioning to Kurome to say that she is correct. "If I went riding through the Land of Water I doubt your people would be very happy to see me. If you tell us what you need and what's going on we might be able to help you." While Akane starts circling around her path into the forest suddenly has a large dog in front of it. Konsho may not be old but he's taller than Hige at year five feet!

Kyoujin heard the breath as the darts were expelled from the barrel… And lifted her eyes. But the darts both sunk into her neck. However, she was a medical shinobi and knew how to deal with poisons. She reached up to pull both darts out of her neck before she pausedand stumbled, the master Forged sword clattering to the ground a second before Akae herself sank to her knees swayed.. and fell into the dust at Konsho's feet.

Kurome's eyes fade back into a light pink/red color. "Tch… Interference… Goron, grab her and come with me. You better have a reason for tracking me down!" She recognized that chakra signature. The man, Uchiha Goron, stepped out of the trees and landed near Akane's body. "Gomen… They wanted me to keep an eye out." "You mean they don't trust me to stay?" Kurome asks with a raised brow. She receives no reply, of course. But he does as bid. "Hige-kun, we're finishing the mission. We'll have Akane-san here staying in the village for a bit until we get rid of that turtle. And then we'll stay overnight if it takes too long. Goron, you knocked her out, so you get to play guard to /her/ instead of me."

Well this was quite the situation wasn't it. When Akane flops onto the dirt Hige raises a hand to massage his temples some. "Her name sounds so familiar, but…hmm." His eyes shift to look at the one who'd knocked the girl out. "She is strong, I could feel it, so be careful. A chakra nullifying cell may be in order." Those feral eyes shift back to Kurome before he nods. "Let's hurry. I have a feeling the longer it takes for us to question this one the worse things will be."

Kurome nods to Hige, and the … 5? Would head off to Fuji Falls! It only takes ten minutes or so to arrive, and once there, Kurome would have to speak to the local guards. Yes, she was the shinobi they had sent for. If the guards themselves recognized Akane, Kurome would say that they found her traveling and she was a bit unwell… If they believed that. "Do you mind if we put her somewhere safe where she won't run away? Goron will be watching her for the time being."

The guards of Fuji Falls bowed to Kurome when she introduced herself, wondering who the unconscious woman was.. Especially because of the mask… The guard offered to have the local healer take a look at the fallen woman. One of the older women came forward, apparently the healer and she narrowed her eyes at Akane before looking up to Goron and motioning for him to follow her with Akane. Meanwhile the other guard turned back to Kurome. "This way please, ma'am." And led her away int eh direction of the mission.

Hige looks over the woman as they travel, wondering just who she might be. While Kurome goes about introducing herself Hige walks to the unconscious woman and squints his eyes a bit before reaching out to the mask and slowly starting to pull it up over her head. The name was familiar, maybe if he saw the face things would click into place…

Goron would follow the old woman with Akane in his grip. When Hige tries to remove the mask… Well, the Uchiha mutters, "Wait for Kurome-sama, Hige-san." Kurome would follow the villagers to examine the entrance most in danger, then she'd return to check and make sure that Akane was settled away safe and sound. Of course, if Hige didn't follow Goron's suggestion, he wouldn't really stop the Inuzuka.

Akane's mask being removed would not have been a big deal… IF they had been anywhere but Fuji Falls. The old woman turned to look and slowly a dawning came over her face. And then anger. Akane's scarred face was distinctive and combined with her crimson hair.. well, there had been a reason she had not returned to Fuji Falls. By the time Kurome returned there was a small group of people peering into the windows and watching as the old healer faced down Goron trying to claim Akane as theirs by right for past crimes.

Hige takes off the mask and looks at the face, then looks to the mask as he tries to think. Then it all starts coming into place and he frowns faintly, looking from the mask to Akane again. Hmm. He didn't know she was still alive. When the old lady starts talking Hige turns to face her, placing the mask on the cot next to Akane. "What crimes are you talking about?" he asks simply.

Kurome frowns at the crowd and she pushes her way into the fray. The woman pauses near Akane and says, "Regardless of these crimes, I would like to keep her here. Tied up. If any of you touch her, we will be very unhappy. This woman is important, and we need information from her. That being said, she's likely to wake up soon… So why don't we bind her, make sure she can't use her jutsu, and /then/ discuss what is to happen. We /also/ have a small issue we need to settle for you. And we will return to Konoha if you insist on taking her."

The old woman turns to Hige and hisses. "Slaughter." She had a flare for the dramatic so she allowed that to settle. During the lull, Michiko stepped forward "She killed an entire family." Little gasps went around the crowd outside as people strained to see this murderer. "A family of five and only one still living. And when she was done she ran away! One of them was my son!" Another audible gasp went up but at that point people had heard enough stories to figure out what the woman was talking about.
Akane was pretty heavily armed so it would take a bit of time to secure her weapons and bind her, wrists to waist but when it was done she was secured well, still seemingly out cold.

Hige quirks a brow at the dramatic act, seemingly thoroughly unimpressed. "Uh-huh. Well, that's good to know. I can promise you that we're going to talk to her about what she's doing here, and if you want to send a letter along with your problems then we'll look at it." With that done Hige turns to head towards the exit, then pauses and turns back, looking amonst the crowd. "I'll just say this once. If /anything/ happens to this woman while we're gone, you'll likely have to flee to another country if you want to survive." Threat in place, Hige makes his way out followed by Konsho.

Kurome makes sure that Goron has Akane properly bound before she walks away. Goron would keep an eye on Akane and the villagers. The Sharingan are active, pure red and threw black Tomoe. Kurome sighs faintly, then looks to Hige. "Let's get this over with. After that, I'm willing to allow for a no-holds-barred. We'll take samples from the flesh you tear up. Agreed?" With that, Kurome would make her way towards the actual mission-site, focusing only on the task before her… And hopefully Hige follows along. And even more hopefully, the villagers of the place don't decide to attack Akane and Goron.

Hige does follow, though he flashes his fangs to a few people to help back up his threat. Once they're out of the group Hige sighs softly but says nothing as his own thoughts flit through his mind about the strange woman. Once they reach the mission site his eyes move up and around as he takes in the surrounding area, then starts to sniff around as well. "Eh, what kind of weird creature are we looking for again?"

RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…48
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…56
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…40

"Of all things… A turtle." Kurome sighs faintly and looks around, pale-red eyes scanning the area for any signs of chakra. She doesn't see anything at all, but Hige might notice the scent of the sea on the wind with that nose of his. Or Konsho. "Or multiple turtles. I'm not sure how many there are. Now, as for the beasts themselves… Like I said, they can use jutsu. It's strange, but true. And a few times, I've fought against these things… And they combined into one creature that used all the abilities combined. It was… interesting to see," she tells the Inuzuka.

"Combined? How is that even possible?" Hige asks as he glances over to Kurome with a raised eyebrow. Konsho is the first to smell the strange scent though Hige isn't far behind. "I think we're getting close Kurome…" he says, sniffing the air a few more times to figure out which direction the scent is coming from. "There." He starts walking quickly in the direction that he smelled the ocean from, Konsho right next to him as they continue to sniff around to make sure they're going in the right direction.

Kurome says, "They… just fused. It was strange. The best I can say is that it's comparable to how the Inuzuka combine with their ninken to make the … umm… combined two-headed dogs. Recall?" She hopes Hige remembers Taiki's scariest form… "Anyway…" She nods lightly and makes her way towards where Hige is pointing. Before them is a huge tortoise. A pure white one. The only thing interrupting this paleness is a layer of moss that is growing along its shell.
"Hmmm… I don't know how well this will work… It's a turtle. It probably has a strong defense…" she murmurs. "Do you think you can turn it over?" she asks quietly. Fortunately, the turtle hasn't noticed the trio (with Konsho). It's just resting in its spot. Its head is impossible to see, hidden away, but one could see its large stumpy legs.

Meanwhile, back at the village the old woman had continued her grumblings and left for a short bit. When she returned the crowd outside was starting to grow in size and excitement. The old woman returned and pointed at Goron's chest like crotchety old ladies had tht habit of doing. "That little demon is a murderer. What else do you need to know about her?"

Hige spots the big turtle as they near and he kind of stares at it in astonishment. "Wow, you weren't kidding when you said they were large. Although, I'm not sure how smart this one can be since he's just standing here with it's head inside it's shell." Hige reviews the size of the creature and hmms softly to himself before he nods. "Yeah, I think we could. Give us just a second here…" With that Hige and Konsho dart forward, Hige on all fours before he jumps slightly (as does Konsho). This time isn't so high however as they both start to spin. Instead of their normal side attacks or on high this time they come in low, trying to go to either side of the head hole. Once under the shell they'd both turn /up/ to try and push this side into the air to hopefully have it flop onto it's back.

COMBAT: Hige attacks target 1 with FANG-VIOLENT-FANG with a roll of: 56

Kurome watches as the humongous turtle is… well, turtled! Hige and Konsho combined are a vicious force to be reckoned with, and the turtle finds itself flying high before it lands with a deafening *CRACK*. The shell… may or may not have cracked after the amount of airtime it had! Which is good for the Leaf-nin and bad for the turtle. Then again, it could be bad for the Inuzuka duo, as a few of the smaller nearby rocks suddenly sprout heads! Smaller turtles, all of them disguised as mossy rocks, that were a pure white in skin (scale?) color. They released a piercing shriek that was only up in the ranges a dog could hear. Which means Hige and Konsho are going to be in a lot of pain if they don't brace themselves… Kurome is just unaffected, but she has her own issues as the turtle that landed on its back releases a jet of water right at the woman.
Back at the village… Goron blinks a few times as the old woman returns. "Ma'am, I have no quarrel with you. Orders are orders. And as for being a murderer… Why do you believe this? What evidence do you have?" He didn't hear Kurome and Akane's conversation discussing the small village, though, which may have placed more suspicion in his mind if he had…

[NPC System]: Turtles roll(s) Water Jet vs. Kurome from 35 to 65 and get(s) a 52. - Rolled by: Kurome
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a PREDICTIVE-DODGE…56

Kurome's eyes widen slightly, turning a blood-red as she see the water jet come at her. The woman leaps out of the way just in time, rolling a bit before getting up fully. "Tsk… Of /course/ it can't be that easy," She scowls, making a few handseals. She has no idea if genjutsu will work against these turtles, but … well, it was worth a shot! All of the turtles in the area (that she could see) would suddenly feel themselves being crushed by a giant hammer before their minds were sent to oblivion.

COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 1 with FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 57
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 2 with FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 42
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 3 with FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 61
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 4 with FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 41
[NPC System]: Turtles roll(s) Genjutsu Resistance from 35 to 65 and get(s) a 38. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Turtles roll(s) Genjutsu Resistance from 35 to 65 and get(s) a 42. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Turtles roll(s) Genjutsu Resistance from 35 to 65 and get(s) a 44. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Turtles roll(s) Genjutsu Resistance from 35 to 65 and get(s) a 47. - Rolled by: Kurome

The woman huffed and folded her arms. Goron's first sentence made her huff again, but his second made her glare at the sleeping Akane. "My son and his wife had three children. One died in the desert, unfortunately. One day I went to collect some herbs he cultivated and I found them. Covered in blood, dead! DEAD! My son was gutted! His wife nearly had her skull cleaved! And—"
There was a groan from Akane then, the drugs no longer keeping her out cold but she was sluggish. "Ask HER why then! Ask her about the Fujikujo family she killed!" Akane tried to lift a hand to her head only to find she was bound and that woke her quickly. "Wha..what the britt?!"

[NPC System]: Turtles roll(s) Piercing Shriek vs. Hige from 35 to 65 and get(s) a 63. - Rolled by: Kurome
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE-II…50
RPCOMBAT: Hige took 600 damage.

Stupid little turtles. The big one smelled so bad that Hige didn't even notice them. The two try and get away from the little punks but they don't get far enough away from the ear splitting sound. "Agh!" Hige says, wincing as he puts his hands to his hears. Poor Konsho ducks his head to the ground and tries to cover his ears with his paws to no real avail. After a few moments Hige signals to Konsho and the pair take to the sky, coming down on the little turtles this time in a fury of claws, fangs, and lightning!

COMBAT: Hige attacks target 1 with LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG with a roll of: 52
COMBAT: Hige attacks target 2 with LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG with a roll of: 48
COMBAT: Hige attacks target 3 with LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG with a roll of: 66
COMBAT: Hige attacks target 4 with LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG with a roll of: 51
COMBAT: Hige attacks target 5 with LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG with a roll of: 46
COMBAT: Hige attacks target 6 with LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG with a roll of: 64

Hige gets to wreak havoc on the little turtles, a majority … well, all of them falling to the genjutsu. In fact, their death ends up coming true! They really /are/ smashed by a huge hammer! Even the ones that were able to break from the genjutsu fail to withstand the mighty Inuzuka duo. Kurome nods lightly in satisfaction when she feels her genjutsu take hold. It seems that works, at least. Of course, things can never be easy… The turtle-bits seem to shake, then the shards of their ruined shells start flying at Hige and Kurome and Konsho like they're possessed/haunted!

[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Turtle Shards from 30 to 65 and get(s) a 65. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Turtle Shards from 30 to 65 and get(s) a 60. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Turtle Shards from 30 to 65 and get(s) a 64. - Rolled by: Kurome
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a BLAST-OFF…94
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a PREDICTIVE-DODGE…76
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a PREDICTIVE-DODGE…70

Kurome avoids the incoming shards, blasting herself off with a burst of flame that would send her back a number of feet (and also upward). She lands, having completely avoided the shards initially, in the spot where it seems the shards might not be able to come back, then she looks around and watches the white huge turtle. It seems to move very slowly, turning over… And then it is on its feet, its shell made of the shards of the smaller turtles. "Huh…" is all Kurome can say with a raised brow. Her sharingan whirl, and hopefully the turtle would be caught in an illusion.
Goron eyes the woman and shakes his head a bit. "There's no need to be so angry. At least for now. I will listen to your side later," the man says calmly. THen he hears Akane shout and winces slightly. "Gomen. Please go outside. I cannot let you touch this woman, though." Then he turns and goes over to check on Akane… His eyes are still red, and he has no intention of releasing his KG if there was still a threat nearby. And now Akane was awake… "Doihara Akane… You are being kept until Kurome-sama and Hige-san get back," he tells her. "Please don't struggle, or I will have to restrain you even more."

[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Turtle Shards vs. Hige from 30 to 65 and get(s) a 41. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Turtle Shards vs. Hige from 30 to 65 and get(s) a 34. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Turtle Shards vs. Hige from 30 to 65 and get(s) a 54. - Rolled by: Kurome
RP: Hige transforms into KONSHOS-BOND.
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…45
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…59
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE-II…57

Hige looks down at the chris little turtles with their noisy chico selves and seems quite pleased at their deaths. But then…the shells start shooting at them?! Hige and Konsho both manage to push away quickly, avoiding the evil shells! When that's all done he looks over in time to see the turtle is back on it's feet. Well…after the crack from before maybe it's shell had weakened? Even if it hadn't he needed to try and get through it. With a glance to Konsho the two are on the move again, jumping high into the air before coming down once more with that lightning right towards the turtles shell.

COMBAT: Hige attacks target 1 with LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG with a roll of: 71
[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Enduring Shell Break Chance from 1 to 100 and get(s) a 33. - Rolled by: Kurome

Akane looked over at Goron, blinking her jade green eyes, still slightly drugged. It took her a moment to figure out that she was bound in such a way that prevented her from making seals. Then she noticed that her weapons were gone and she swore so violently a sailor would blush. "Did anyone touch the blades? Answer me or people could die. And who the petra are you, Uchiha?" The old woman growled from the doorway and Akane blinked at her several times before, oddly, just laying down again and looking up at the ceiling as though she had suddenly been overtaen by Vertigo. "You idiots brought me to Fuji Falls. Lovely."

The turtle seems to focus chakra into its shell. Kurome can see that, and Hige isn't able to break through. What a strong defense! Hige's little lightning strike didn't even make a dent. Unfortunately. And it is then that the turtle decides that it's more than a bit unhappy with all these attacks, so it stomps on the ground to send pillars of earth flying up at Hige. And Kurome.

[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Pillars of Earth vs Kurome from 40 to 70 and get(s) a 46. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Pillars of Earth vs Kurome from 40 to 70 and get(s) a 57. - Rolled by: Kurome
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…44
RPCOMBAT: Kurome took 400 damage.
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a PREDICTIVE-DODGE…57

COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 1 with MIRROR-HEAVEN-AND-EARTH-CHANGE with a roll of: 62
[NPC System]: Turtles roll(s) Mind Fortitude from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 37. - Rolled by: Kurome

Kurome wasn't actually looking down, and the turtle surging its chakra was the only warning she got. Part of the pillars miss her completely, but one of them slams Ito her back, sending her flying forward before she had to avoid it crushing her to bits. "Tough turtle…" she mutters, Sharingan whirling as she tries to make eye contact with the turtle.
"Huh? Uhh… They just removed them from your person by the handles. If there was any. And yes, we brought you here. Kurome-sama had a mission to complete, and it was something that would have endangered others." Goron crosses his arms, glaring at the older woman. "Please, leave us alone," he requests of her, not removing his gaze to glance at Akane, though he was very aware of the Doihara's presence.

[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Pillars of Earth vs Hige from 40 to 70 and get(s) a 53. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Pillars of Earth vs Hige from 40 to 70 and get(s) a 43. - Rolled by: Kurome
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE-II…53
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…49

Hige and Konsho hit the shell together, but all of it is to no avail. Vin. When the earth comes at the pair they spring away, avoiding one of the attacks by the skin of their teeth. "Can't get through the shell, hmm?" Hige asks to no one in particular. The teen looks to Konsho before nodding slightly in some kind of signal. They again leap into the air and start electric spinning. This time, however, when they come down they come in lower than before and don't aim for the shell. Instead they're going to try and burrow inside right through that leg hole…

COMBAT: Hige attacks target 1 with LIGHTNING-FANG-OVER-FANG with a roll of: 54

Akane blinked up at Goron as he not only explained politely what had taken place, he then stepped between her and the woman and asked her to leave. He..was protecting her? Fr a second she felt surreal and tried to force a chakra spike similar to a genjutsu Kai. It didn't work but it was enough that she could tell there was no genjutsu making her see crazy things.
The old woman huffed and stepped out but ordered guards to wait outside lest the prisoner escape. Akane sighed softly. Then to Goron… "Congratulations. You are the first person to flank me in 6 years. Luckily for you it worked and the Other didn't see you. I .. can't control her when she's this upset." If Akane was upset it was hard to see visibly and without Kurome's eyes the Doihara just seemed…. depressed.

[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Mind Capture Chance from 1 to 100 and get(s) a 38. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Success Chance vs. Hige from 1 to 100 and get(s) a 99. - Rolled by: Kurome

Hige, while unable to break that shell, is somehow able to slip through the leg hole, crushing the turtle's leg in the process! Which results in a horrible shriek that's bound to be painful, though nothing debilitating. Kurome has to cover her ears (and she closes her eyes as a result) which renders the Genjutsu useless. Not that she could get eye contact with the stupid turtle. And with Hige wandering into its shell, she'd rather not burn the turtle alive…
Goron looks carefully at Akane. He has no idea who this woman is… But Kurome wanted her to be prisoner. So he asks, a bit curiously, "Why does this place think you to be a murderer? They said something about the Fujikujo family… What all was that?" He glances to the door every now and then to make sure no one is coming.

Muwhahaha! Hige has made it inside the shell and the turtle is pretty screwed at this point…right? Maybe. Wiping blood from his mouth with a sleeve Hige is a bit cramped inside the shell with the beastie. It was time to end this however. Lightning sparks around the boys claws, growing longer and arching out hugely until he slashes at the turtle's soft bits.

COMBAT: Hige attacks target 1 with LIGHTNING-CLAW-II with a roll of: 73

Akane sighed and shifted, moving to sit up, helped along by an easy hand from Goron she stayed on the cot, though, folding her legs under her and stretching languidly, allowing several pops to be heard from her neck and spine. And it was clear those pops felt /so good/.
It was easy to spot Goron's questions and curiosity as a search for information. But at this point Akane just looked weighed down. The panic she showed on the road was controlled now and well hidden, her face showing a hint of exhaustion. But for the most part she looked like she was a condemned prisoner awaiting the headman's blade.
"That woman? She's an idiot and I'm the only person left from her family to blame." She looked straight at Goron, meeting his eyes with an expression that was forced, clearly this affected the Kiri-nin. "I killed her son. My father." She looked away with a decidedly angry look to her eyes. "I'd do it again and I wish I'd done it sooner. Maybe my mother would still draw breath."

RP: Akane makes a Pow roll and got 11.

Well, that turtle is deader than a door nail! Kurome raises a brow, glad that she didn't mind the thing's death. Now they just needed some of that blood on Hige stored away for safe keeping. "Good work, Hige-kun. Though I'm not sure I could have pulled off your little plan… I suppose it's lucky you're so short." She smirks faintly, but then her Sharingan fade back into a soft pale red. "I have a few vials… Let's get samples and get back to Fuji Falls. I think Akane-San will be waking up soon."
"You killed your father… Her son. I see… Why?" Goron asked, analyzing the information and planning to make sure it gets back to Kurome. He had no weapons on his person, and Akane might notice that there are a lot of ropes keeping her bound. Thick ropes. Goron didn't take any chances. The man watches Akane warily, but he keeps his expression neutral. As best he can. Only the super-professional would be able to see that wariness.

Hige crawls out the same way he'd went in: through the leg hole. The Inuzuka chuckles as he looks to Kurome, his entire person covered in blood from head to toe. "Think I'll hit that river on the way back," he says with a wide grin, eyes looking a bit more feral than normal after the combat. When she mentions collecting the blood the teen nods his agreement, uncapping the vials he had as well to start gathering it fresh from the corpse.

Akane remained silent for a long moment as she contemplated Goron's reaction. He was either bored or a good actor. He was also staying a certain distance from her, just enough to react if she fought while still staying out of her range. His expression was well played but Akane knew better than to trust it. Neutral was not a position shinobi were known to take with ones they perceived as 'enemies'. Though she did wonder why she was automatically an enemy despite what she had done for Konoha… Well, aside from burning down a good chunk of forest….
"Yes. My father. When he wasn't beating us he was punching my mother and drinking sake. He killed my mother in front of me, tried killing my brother. I.. I thought my brother was dead and when Father came at me…" She turned her head, indicating the very visible and deep scar that lay over her eye. "I took his axe to my face. I cut him open for it. Made sure he was dead." She looked up at Goron, almost daring him to make a comment about her being a victim of abuse.
But then she looked over to the door and narrowed her eyes. "And then I remembered Obaa. I knew it wouldn't matter. She would have killed me too or convinced Konoha to put me in some prison. Or that's what she had me believing. So I ran. I went to Fuuma Alley." A pause and then she looked up again. "I was 6."

RP: Akane makes a Pow roll and got 12.

Now that Kurome and Hige both have a lot of good samples, she's satisfied. "Okay. You go clean up. I'll check on our prisoner. And then we'll head back to the village," Kurome orders. Her eyes have faded to black at this point, but she still had a worried expression on her face… The woman wasn't sure what to think of all this. Why did Akane show up /now/ and with Fudo's sword..? Too many questions, so few answers.
Goron nods slowly. "I see…" He doesn't have words for that. In this case, more leniency would be given to the kid /because/ it was abuse, but these villagers weren't going to have that. A frown crosses his features as he thinks. But then, it wasn't his issue. "What had you traveling so swiftly through the lands?" he asks, then, changing topics completely.

RP: Akane makes a Pow roll and got 11.
RP: Akane makes a Spd roll and got 12.

Hige and Konsho both nod to Kurome and cleaning up after they'd gathered things and the two vanish to go to the river. Once at the river they both just dive in, Hige letting his clothing soak in the river a few moments as well to help get blood off of it. Once that's done they air dry as they run back to the little village to meet up with the others.

Akane watched Goron. His expression was well schooled but she could see in his eyes that he wasn't sure how to react to her explaination. Unfortunately he should have stuck with the distant past because when he finally asked about what had her travelling so fast the change from annoyed and depressed to tense and on the verge of panic was tangible.
She yanked at the ropes, /hard/. Not enough to break the ropes, though. She did mange to twist the whole thing a bit around her small waist, so her right hand ended up more behind her hip. And that was all she neded. with a jerk she tilted her head hard to the side and oe of those hairsticks fell from her braids, landing expertly in her hand. Before Goron could chide her she had already flipped the sharp blade up and started trying to cut through the ropes.
She did talk while she sawed at the rope, though. "My family was attacked outside of Kirigakure. And you're going to have to do better than this to keep me here."

[NPC System]: Goron roll(s) Lash out at the blade! vs Akane from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 40. - Rolled by: Kurome

As Akane moved to try and cut herself loose, Goron moved to stop it. The hair stick that had landed so expertly in her hands would be kicked away (and hopefully it wouldn't pierce the boot he was wearing). "If you're not going to cooperate, then I'll have to make it so you can't struggle," he growls, mostly focusing those red eyes on Akane. Any sudden movements?
Kurome is standing at the village entrance, waiting for Hige before she would seek out that one woman. The Clan Head would be calm in appearance by now. "Excuse me, how is the prisoner holding up?" she asks the older lady who is hopefully outside and not arguing with Goron.

Hige and Konsho are only a few minutes behind Kurome. They meet her at the gate, still a bit wet, and give the Clan Head a grin. But that grin quickly fades as he hears what sounds like not good things coming from Akane and Goron. "Shit," he mutters, darting into the village without a word and practically knocking the door down when he arrives.

The old woman huffed at Kurome. "Your man kicked me out! She'll kill anyone she can! Just let us hang her!" Yup, she was a reasonable woman. Sure. Inside, Goron's kick landed hard enough to make Akane's hand go umb. The blade embedded itself into the wall a ways away and Akane blinked several times at it, completely ignoring Goron's threat for the moment as she looked dsappointe. "Bernardo. I knew I needed to sharpen those."
A glance to the side and one might wonder if she was testing the Uchiha's reactions. In any case she heard Oba outside and just readjusted the ropes to be more comfortable, still sitting indian style on the cot. "Cooperate…. Cooperate….. I don't think I know the word. You're only still awake because you managed to catch me off guard once and you weren't stupid eough to leave my hands free. You were nice enough but I really don't have time for Obaa's bullshit OR for explaining my life's story to an Uchiha."

Hige arrived in the room about the time she was stating that last and the woman turned to peer at the boy. "Oh good. They're back." Her tone was impossible to read. But she looked at the hairstick stuck in the wall. "Don't cut yourself on that. I don't know where you put my antidotes."

Kurome walks into the room as well and she peers a bit at the room. "…" She doesn't say anything as she retrieves the hair stick and handles it with care so she isn't cut on its edge. … Which is apparently poisoned. "Doihara Akane, you are coming with us to Konoha. If you resist, we will have to knock you out," she says evenly. "Goron-san, please let me know anything that was said on the way back. Hige-kun and Konsho-kun, watch her… I want to know a few things, and I /don't/ want to find Kirigakure knocking on our doors anytime soon."

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