Enemies becoming friends


Kasumi, Katsurou

Date: June 24, 2013


Katsurou meets with his past nemesis, who offered him an out.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Enemies becoming friends"

Land of fire

Kasumi yawns while leaning against a support beam of the bar and lounge Sabu Sabu, about twenty minutes away from Konoha. It's ten minutes to midnight. She arrived early to check the place for any traps or such, she's quite thorough. She didn't think there was a big chance he would show up, she hoped he was wise enough not to run his mouth to the point he would get killed, maybe he would be accepted back and this would all go away. But still, she offered him this out and she would give it to him, a last favor. She did ruin a lot of things for him unintentionally, so she feels this is the least she could do.

She requested Asylum for him with the Hokage, who even offered to house him under a team if he so desires while enjoying the safety Konoha offers. So she could happily announce that if he shows up. Satomi was also informed of such. A waiter walks up to her and asks what she wants, a bottle of sake which she can bring! The man nods and walks off to get a field flask. She was a repeated customor here and knew the surroundings very well, it was sort of a home away from home to her. And she tipped royally. So staff has always been on her side, which has saved her skunk on numerous occasions. She yawns again while looking out over the horizon. "Almost midnight." She whispers to herself while the waiter approaches with her sake. "Thanks Todo." She says to the waiter who smiles and nods. "Anytime Kasumi-chan." She smiles at him before turning back to the treeline, chugging down some sake from the flash before closing it up.

Kasturou actually has been in the area for almost an hour now. He took the time to make his way through the forest not only to look for traps but for possible ambushes. The Shirayuki also made sure to keep at least one eye on the girl at the bar ever since he had laid eyes on her. As of now, he is perched on a large tree branch over looking the bar at least 30 meters from the ground. Satisfied that if this was a stake-out they would've shown more signs. For the most part it appears that she came alone. Katsurou hops down from the branch and lands with a light thud. If Kasumi were paying attention she would be able just make out his outline in the shadows. Slowly, he approaches the entrance of the bar. The light finally revealing the now rogue Shirayuki. However, he chose not to talk as he approaches. What more is there for him to really say that his presence didn't already?

Kasumi was actually a little suprised spotting his silhouette. She didn't expect it that's for sure. Nor did she move, as if she didn't even know him. Still scanning the surroundings carefully for anyone following him. Cautious, this is going great. Just don't blow it. When he's close enough she smiles at him. "Look what the cat dragged in." Kasumi says with a smirk, chugging down some more sake before handing it to the Shirayuki.

She's a tenjin, he knows she could have probably poisoned that in a million ways and drank the antidote beforehand. But then again, he needs to start trusting her and this is her first test. "Drink up." She smiles. "Trust me, you'll need it." She sneaks a bit of sweetroot into her mouth and begins chewing. "So, made your decision?" She asks carefully. "I made arrangements. I just need to be sure you're here to tell me that you're ready."

Katsurou eyes the drink that was handed to him. He looks up at Kasumi and studies her for a few moments. "If i wake up handcuffed again because of this drink, you and I are going for round three." There was a tone in his soft voice as he spoke. A tone that would be different from any that Kasumi would have heard him speak in before. A tone that had a hint of flirting. After the day that the Shirayuki had gone through, he would need more than just one flask of this stuff. He raises a hand up to lower his mask. Tipping the bottle up he chugs, and chugs, and chugs until half of the liquid in the flask had been sucked down. His eyes stayed locked on Kasumi's the whole time until he pulled the flask away from his lips. "What do you mean by arrangements?" He asks purposely ignoring the first question at hand. He brings his hand up to wipe away some of the moisture left behind from the sake witht he back of his hand.

"Round three…" Kasumi giggles quietly. "With pleasure stud.." She grabs the flask when he's about done and pulls it back. "Leave some for me will you!" She chugs down some of her own and begins walking in the direction of Konoha. "You might not realize it but you're a deserter. Which means hunter nin should be arriving before dawn." Kasumi explains. "I hope you covered your tracks. That should give you a few days, but after that, you'll need to be careful. I don't know any case of Kirigakure's forgiveness in anything." Kasumi chuckles and ruffles Katsurou's hair.

"By arrangements I mean that I have plead your case, the Hokage offers you asylum in Konoha. She even offers you housing, a little start-up cash and an oppertunity to work. There's always things to do in the village." She then looks at Katsurou. "Or we have a team with an open spot, if you want to continue doing what you did before." She chuckles before pointing at her chest. "Just on the side of the people who actually get things done.." She shakes her head. "Without being coldhearted bunnies about it."

"Careful what you ask for." Katsurou says in reponse to Kasumi's quip about round three. He then turns to walk along side Kasumi as they make their way along the trail. When his hair is ruffled, he furrows his brows in annoyance towards the girl. "I do not understand why your Hokage would be so quick to allow a past enemy in their ranks so easily. What was it that you told them to be so willing to take such a risk? Also, the things i was doing before was failing missions and being pampered for a seat on the Shirayuki council."

Kasumi looks at Katsurou and chuckles. "While it's true that it's a risk. And war could even start from this.." Kasumi smiles. "I asked my friend Satomi, who is really smart… About it and she helped out. You're invaluable informationwise. And Satomi believes that the best information comes from a friend, not an enemy who's forced to tell under coercion." She stops for a moment. Looking at Katsurou. "Since they only tell the interrogator what they want to hear to make it stop." She pauses. "That, and I put my reputation on the line for you." She stops Katsurou and grabs his shoulder. "And thereby my head." She looks at him to wait for that to hit him, before continuing down the trail. "And before you ask why, I don't know. I guess I felt sorry for you."

Katsurou stops when Kasumi stops. He looked at the hand that had grabbed his shoulder then back up at the girl. She had him up until the last remark. "I do not need anyone to feel sorry for me. I am a proud Shirayuki warrior." He says. Katsurou would now grow silent and keep his gaze straight ahead. It would seem as though he created a barrier seperating Kasumi from him now.

Kasumi idly chats while walking, ignoring said barrier (besides, she's used to talk to walls… And squirrels occasionally. Hey, they don't judge so why not! "I'm sure you're very strong and proud and a warrior.." She muses on and on, almost in a nagging way. "And that you don't need my help in any way shape or form. You don't need my sympathy or my company for having to abandone your family." She looks at him for a moment. "Because you're a proud warrior, right?" She hits him on the bicep with her fist. "You know where I come from it's bad manners to push away people who are there for you." She shakes her head and then shuts up. Kasumi don't take no deer from nobody! Aint nobody got time fo' dat!

Katsurou would only sigh as Kasumi carried on about. At one point his eyes would roll at her hitting him on the bicep. "How much further to Konoha?" He asks as he finally broke the silence after a minute or two of Kasumi shutting up. "And when do i meet this team you speak of?"

Now they walk through a thick forest, it's surely confusing. And then, there she is. "We're here.." Kasumi says, pointing at the large gates that suddenly appear. "Kasumi-san!" Yells a guard. Kasumi waves back while a Hyuga comes down to search them both. "Extraction a success I see?" The man asks. Kasumi nods. "And still fondling me with those eyes I see!" The Hyuga shakes his head and walks off. "Always sharp.." He says. Kasumi shrugs. "Come on, I'll show you your new place, your new team should be waiting at the fields tomorrow morning." Kasumi says, walking Katsurou inside the village and towards a (guarded) section where he can pick a small apartment. It's not much, but it's comfortable enough. "Sorry for the guards, I'm sure you understand."

Katsurou watches in silence as Kasumi and the guard speak to one another. The Shirayuki would merely nod at the response the girl gave in regards to meeting his team. "It is ok." He says looking at the guards that were gathered around the section. "It is like back home, only the guards do not obey my orders." He says offering Kasumi a wry grin. However, she would be able to sense some sorrow behind his eyes because of the fact of him leaving his home. Scanning the apartments, he continues. "I would prefer an apartment on top floor if one is available. I feel that it is as much privacy as I am going to get."

"Likely." Kasumi retorts, nodding and heading for a set of stairs. "Come on.." She says, catching a set of keys thrown to her. She flips through them and grabs one, taking it off the chain and throwing the rest back, before reaching the top floor. Walking up to room 23. "Twentythree.." She says, sticking the key in and turning. It's really clean. Though sober, a bedroom and living room combined. A small kitchen and a simple bathroom. More than enough space for one person, though try cramming in two and it'd be tight. "I don't know howlong this will be your place. I know it's only temporary. Proof yourself and you might even earn a headband." Kasumi winks at Katsurou. Before heading for the door. "Tomorrow morning, six AM. Genin training fields. Feel free to ask the guards for directions, they'll accompany you. Satomi'll be there." Kasumi looks at katsurou to see if he has any questions or final requests. "Oh before I forget." She reaches for her belt, slipping off a pouch. She throws it to him, it clinks. "Some startup cash. Enough to survive for a couple of weeks if you spend it wisely." She smiles at Katsurou.

Katsurou walks into the house and casually takes a look around the place. Although it did not take long for him to get the full tour. "A little smaller than the castle I am used to." He says with a forced smirk. He looks to Kasumi just in time to catch the pouch of ryo. "Six AM. I will be there." Katsurou goes quiet as his eyes scan the apartment one more time. "This will take some getting used to." He mutters.

Kasumi throws Katsurou a wink. "Beggars can't be choosers." She muses. Though then she stops in the doorway. "You hungry?" She asks. "We can go for some ramen if you like." She says. Figuring leaving him alone wouldn't be very proper of her as a host. Somewhat, besides, if he gets into trouble it's her head!

Katsurou brings his gaze back to Kasumi at the offer of ramen. "No thank you. I have a lot of decorating to do around the place." He says with a complete straight face. However, the Shirayuki showed up with no bags in tow which would mean he does not have anything to decorate with. "I should be getting sleep soon anyways. It is getting late after all." He says looking back at his new bed.

"Suit yourself." Kasumi says, shrugging and disappearing from his doorway.

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