Enenra, the Demon


Nandina, Akushin, Mizumi, Ren, Kiwi, Eiko

Date: January 17, 2015


The group undergoes a training mission under the direction of Touketsu Hanako to find a hidden chakra artifact.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Enenra, the Demon"

Outside Kirigakure, Land of Water

[ Mission Details ]

Lead: Touketsu Hanako


Hozuki Nandina, Shimizu Ren, Shirayuki Mizumi, Kaguya Eiko, Naibu Akushin, and Kaguya Kiwi

Mission Objective: Journey into the forests surrounding Kirigakure and retrieve the hidden chakra artifact. The artifact must be retrieved within two hours. You will be evaluated on your performance as a team. You are to report to the village gates by noon to begin.


Touketsu Hanako had written the mission instructions upon the board in the academy classroom so that the students would see it in their morning class and then went to prepare what was needed for the test. Now she waits at the village gates for the students to report in. The woman is tall and well built, dressed in a uniform of navy and gray. Her hair is light brown and braided neatly down her back. She seems to carry nothing with her other than her person and is currently leaning against the open gate, thumbs hooked into her pockets.


The small Hozuki girl arrives a minute early. She pauses once she reaches the gates, glancing up to the Touketsu woman and taking stock of her appearance. Nandina bows to her and falls in line, looking about to see if any of the others have arrived yet. She doesn't speak or offer greetings to anyone, but she would nod or blink at them in acknowledgement of their presence. Otherwise, she seems pretty serious about all of this. She'll never defeat her arch nemesis if she can't pass all her tests. And, the fact that this one relies on them? She just might torture anyone that causes this mission to fail.

No, seriously. She might.

Akushin thought something was odd as he made his way from the docks to the academy, passing one of his instructors on the way to the academy, a nod and smile offered in greeting before continuing to his first class. The surprise that came from reaching an empty room with a note scrawled on the board stating for his return to the village gates somewhat annoying. He's sure Hanako was silently chuckling as he passed. Akushin sighed as he made his way back, glancing between Hanako and Nandina. "Couldn't have told me beforehand?" He mumbled, not expecting a reply as he fell in line, hands fidgeting within the pockets of his trench coat.

…. Mizumi stared at the board and read the instructions. Then she read them again. And a third time. "They must want us to fail…" she grumbles under her breath as she shifts to try and make her way to the supply room. She needed some real shuriken and kunai! There were approximately two hours to prepare (at least for her), so she used the first to double-check she had all her items in order. Then she would make her way to the entrance, arriving about ten minutes earlier than the appointed time. But she was also out of breath and leaning heavily on the staff she uses as a walking stick. "Sh… Shirayuki… Mizumi… Reporting…" she says through gasps. She uses the last of her energy to salute Hanako before just slumping where she was. Thankfully, she had recovered most of her energy by the time Nandina and Akushin appeared, though her muscles were burning and felt a bit like jelly. It wasn't even that long of a trip! :(

Ren was probably gonna be arriving just at the time alloted. Mostly because he didn't get started preparing right away. He had decided to go make sure he was ready in other ways before he finally got his things together and walked on over to the gates. Upon arrival he greeted everyone. "So uhhh… Is it gonna be two teams somehow or multiple teams or just all of us in one big team. I assume the latter, but might as well be sure."

Finally, something outside the pristine and pretty much barren walls of the academy. Something outside in the air and mists and with actual ground beneath their feet. Even though Kiwi was delivered to class by the scruff as Enbu would rather impatiently toss him through the door way, then lock him in with a scowl while Kiwi protested and tried to break his way out, when he actually saw pretty much no one was there but a message was written, he took his time to read it. Speech and reading were a second or third language to him after all. He would beam and wait at the door with expectance before Enbu finally released it to allow him out and then went about his much more important business.

Thus Kiwi would have bolted out towards the location immediately. He didn't have anything to bring nor would he have taken the time to prepare other wise. Instead, he merely gets there, climbs up a tree, and hangs around until this event gets started. So they had to find something out here. He wasn't quite familiar with this patch of territory, but he was familiar enough with terrain in general… he'd hope.

Eiko seemed to be in high spirits! The reason might become clear when she arrives without much of a clue what was going on. She skimmed the mission details. Read some things, skipped others that seemed like it would be too hard to read. All she knows is that she needs to be here by 12:00 noon. "I'm here guys! R-ready to go!! I made it on time!" She did do that. "Alright. Listen up. All we need to do is find a chakra artifact. I have absolutely -no- idea what that is, but it sounds really neat! We probably have all day to find it, so let's not rush too much or anything." Already, she was giving the orders. Misinformed terrible orders. A natural leader. Actually… Maybe a naturally terrible leader. Eiko raises her hands up in a mighty stretch, before she runs through kata. "It won't be any problem." She strikes the air twice in a most Kaguya fashion. "I was born to succeed. Kaguya are blessed from birth to tackle any obstacle!" High jump kick. Did she even notice the instructor was -right- there, too? "Then, when I have conquered that obstacle, I'll conquer the next one! Then the next one! You're all in good hands, pack members!"

After a while of showing how excited, yet how uninformed she was, she would finally approach everyone. "Hey Nandina. Hey Ren. Hi Mizumi. Oh, and Kiwi! Yeah… Akushin too. Wow, it's like they've gathered everyone I know into one place. Whatever. At least we're not sitting on our butts inside a classroom or being pitted against each other in the training area… This is like, better than I ever expected! So, are we going to be fighting anyone?"

Touketsu Hanako watches as each of the students arrive, taking note of who is on time and who is late, but saying nothing of it. Those that are late, however, would be given a look as if to say 'We will have words. Later.' She rises from her leaning position once they are all there and begins to walk out of the gates, leaving Ren's question unanswered and giving Eiko a quelling look. "Come, students. We can talk as we walk." She doesn't seem to be in a big hurry at the moment. Perhaps the test hasn't actually started yet?

"As shinobi, you will be doing missions such as these nearly every day," she begins by stating the obvious. "This particular mission is only a test. You will not be paid, but you will be graded as a team. The success of your missions as shinobi will often rely on the performance of others. For this mission, you will work together as a complete group. Does everyone understand?"

Hanako pauses in speaking to await the 'Hai's and the 'Yessum's. Eventually, she stops near some trees and turns to face the rest of them. "The objective is in this section of the forest." She points a thumb at the treeline behind her. "Does anyone have any questions before we begin?"


When Akushin arrives and complains about not being told beforehand, the small girl just looks at him and shrugs her shoulders, like 'I didn't even know.' Nandina looks to Ren when he starts to ask his questions. She wonders the same idly, whether or not there are competitive teams or if they are to achieve the objective as a whole unit. If they do get to choose teams, she'd like to be on the side that seems as though it might win.

Her question is answered though as they begin to walk outside the village and into the cold forest. The trees are dense, but many are missing their leaves, giving everything a rather dead appearance. At least some of the snow is melting. She walks alongside a small puddle, being careful to not step in it. When Hanako stops, so does Nandina. She looks up to the Touketsu woman and shakes her head when asked if she has any questions. It seems pretty straightforward. Find the thing, get the thing, bring the thing back. And work with the others. That last bit is the only part Nandina is dubious about.

As she waits for the others to ask their questions, Nandina begins to focus her chakra in case it's needed for this mission. She isn't aware if anyone on their team is a sensor, but she attempts to accomplish this slowly and gradually as to not blind anyone with her small amount of chakra by accident.

COMBAT: Nandina focuses 1816 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!

The rest had arrived, some earlier than others, each earning an indifferent look from behind Akushin's long, gray locks as he silently took in their own reactions to having to arrive at the classroom only to double back to the village gates. "Um..Hi." He'd offer to those that greeted him, though he was sure it was only Eiko. The pack leader? He didn't care if she took charge or if anyone did for that matter, so long as the responsibility didn't fall on him to take charge. Akushin was more of a stay in the back and follow kind of guy. Told to jump, he'd be reluctant, but do so anyways. "Uh, what does this thing look like we're finding? Not all of us are sensitive to chakra and have to rely on sight alone." A hand pulled free from his pocket to temporarily pull back the bangs that covered his green eyes.

Mizumi waves quietly to Ren when he arrives. When he asks his question, she'd blink. Teams… The thought didn't occur to her. The board said nothing about teams, though most of the activities usually involve teamwork. The girl looks over to Hanako expectantly, but no answer came forth. Well, maybe not everyone was here yet… Eiko rushing on over and babbling about everything elicits another blink from the Shirayuki. "Umm… Eiko-chan… We only have two hours to find the chakra artifact…" she informs her friend quietly. Sadly, her voice is quiet enough that she probably wasn't even heard.

The good news is that the instructor decided now was a good time to move out, so Mizumi would adjust her grip on her staff and work to keep up with the pace set by the Touketsu instructor. Does everyone understand? came the question. What was there not to understand? It was similar, at least, to the pole thing. Relying on teammates to complete a task. "Hai," she says aloud, though perhaps the chorus of 'yes's would drown her out. Her gaze is drawn to the trees where the instructor pointed, and she stared at the foreboding area with a frown. This… This wasn't going to end well for her, was it…? The Shirayuki would sigh and gather her chakra as much as she could, even if it was a pitiful amount.

COMBAT: Mizumi focuses 1820 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!

Ren waves to everyone here now and walks a bit further as they start heading off. Mostly he would just listen for now as he wanted to understand everything they needed to do. When they finally got to the question of 'Does everyone understand.' He simply in a quiet voice as if to match Mizumi said yes. "I am sure anything we need to find out can be found out while searching. Though…. maybe…hmmm. Yeah I think the questions I would ask have been asked already." He then looks to Eiko to see if she has a question. As he did he had some chakra flow through him.

COMBAT: Ren focuses 1343 stamina to turn it into 1500 usable chakra!

Kiwi seems to be barely listening. Wasn't the whole point of his reading exercise to give information about this? Why did the instructor have to talk too? Why is there always so much taaalllking? It didn't matter… he would hear what he needed to hear. Find the thing, do it with others, eventually. When it is asked if he understands, Kiwi's impatience would bleed through as he'd ask the obvious question "Who is going where?" He doesn't seem to understand that that is a group decision in this case. He's not used to being told what to do, so he assumes that this is just like every other class… the few he's been in, in that he was to be told where to stand and how to yawn about it. Honestly if it wasn't for all of this instruction he felt as if he'd be done already. Everything takes so long…

It seemed that he finally noticed anyone else was there, noting that the vast majority he knew, aside from one girl. No wait, he knew her too. "Rice ball!" he would call out to Nandina in stark familiarity. He hadn't seen her too much simply because he hadn't been… accounted for since his return to the Land of Water some time ago. He'd sort of been.. lying… to his family about what he did all day until he decided to take it slightly seriously since he could fight lots of people at once. "Ah.. wait… no… Nandina… not food… Nandina." he would remind himself, remembering that he actually heard of her name after their initial meeting. Actions did speak far louder than words for the boy.

Hey… W-wasn't anyone going to greet her back? She just got the cold shoulder from everyone… Not only that, but the instructor is looking at her with disdain. She assumes that it was because of all of her excitement, and Kaguya drive that was simply just overtaking the instructor. She'll tone it down if just to save her from being overwhelmed. Oh well. "… Only two hours!? What kind of stupid rule is that?" She says in regards to Mizumi, flailing her limbs. "If we only have two hours, we need to hurry! Why are we wasting our time with details? Why are we walking!?" Eiko waits for the instructor to cry 'hark' and let loose the dogs of war…

COMBAT: Eiko focuses 1459 stamina to turn it into 1500 usable chakra!

The Touketsu instructor looks to Akushin when he asks his question, nodding. "Often times you will not know the exact details of your mission, such as what your objective looks like. It will be up to the team to determine if what you find is the artifact you are searching for." She doesn't mention whether or not there is only one, what it might look like, or anything specific. Eiko is given another quelling look.

Hanako reaches into her pocket to produce a small clock. "Your two hours begins now. I suggest that you start formulating your plan as you start into the forest." Woah! She isn't even going to give them a few minutes to prepare. Perhaps that, in itself, is another lesson. That you won't always have time to just sit and discuss everything.


Rice ball? The Hozuki eyes Kiwi warily and then just sticks her nose up in the air and looks away from the boy, muttering, "It's good to see you, too, Kaguya." Nandina listens to the other questions, taking in what knowledge she can glean from their inquiries. She looks up to Eiko when the girl when she say that the rule is stupid, giving her a slow blink. The rules aren't for students to have opinions on. Someone must have not told Eiko that. Briefly, Nandina wonders if she should enlighten the Kaguya… So someone doesn't kill her… Her eyes shift to Hanako, noting the 'look.'

Once Hanako says the two hours has begun though, Nandina's eyes widen. She hasn't even had time to ask the others what they can do. Blinking twice, she just blurts out. "Can anyone sense chakra?" Cause she sure as monkey can't. And sensing chakra is likely the quickest way to find this business thing.

Akushin frowned at the instructor's answer, not accepting it. There's always more info given than that in a mission, isn't there? If not, this made actual missions coming out of the academy sound dull and boring. "Ah, well then.." Bending down to pick up a stray rock and showing it to Hanako. "I found it. What do we win?" Knowing the rock wouldn't be accepted as the artifact, he gave a brief glance to the outlying forest before turning to the others. "Not me." He replied to Nandina as he tucked the rock into his pocket.

RPCOMBAT: Akushin defends against with a PERCEPTION…20

RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…23

Mizumi had no time for greetings! She was weak and needed to save her energy v.v; The young Shirayuki would cant her head upon hearing Kiwi talk about not-food, but that's put out of her mind when Hanako decides to say 'Go!' without the ready-set. Mizumi was scrambling just as hard as Nandina as she tries to get her thoughts together. "H… Hai! I can," she says, raising a hand. The girl would close her eyes and try to cast her senses out, but she didn't sense anything at all excepting animals. "Umm… We should go a bit further into the forest, maybe… I don't think anything is here right now…"

Ren blinked a bit at the instructor, but just nodded. He understood that enough to be okay with it. Though her eyeing Eiko gave him pause as he looked at Eiko as well. Maybe he should say something to her. Except he can't because the time has started. He didn't seem panicked any though and would wait for everyone to speak so he could, and they didn't jumble over each other's words. That wouldn't be good at all for teamwork or the mission.

So it started with Nandina who simply asked a good question, and then moved to Akushin who… Well ignore that because I could see him getting whipped or something with that. Then Mizumi spoke up and he nodded to her. "Yes. Let's head out. And everyone be sure to still keep a look out. Even if it is a chakra covered item they may have something on it hiding the chakra signatures." He himself started looking around.

RPCOMBAT: Ren defends against with a PERCEPTION…22

So it was time to begin. Strangely, Kiwi would calm down at this point. The starting of the hunt seemed to focus him. ALl the lul in between was what made him antsy. He tried to remember what he had felt from everyone he fought up until now that was here. How they reacted, what sort of mannerisms that they had, their resolve, etc. He hadn't fought them extensively enough to know them well, but he did have some idea about them. He had traveled with them along the tree tops, at least until the distance was too great for him to hop and swing to. Kiwi grew up out here, but he did not know of the shinobi techniques to cling to any surface and accelerate that way. As he landed on the ground, he'd look to his 'pack' members. "I would trust Mizumi's senses over the rest when it comes to feeling a presence. It is more refined than mine. I think that Eiko and I are likely able to get to places easier if it is out of reach. From what I remember of Akushin and Ren, they have abilities that can help us should we encounter something… and Ren is durable as well. Nandina….'s mom can make good rice balls." Kiwi would nod, having summed up the abilities of the pack as far as he was aware. Not truly helpful however perhaps.

Akushin's.. picking up a random rock was at first considered by Kiwi. Was this a test of wits? Perhaps he had solved this by simply doing what he was told without getting bogged down by the details. Maybe the expectations were so high that… No, he just picked up a rock. It was something more than that. Kiwi could feel the pressure coming from the rest of the team. Various levels of… something emanating from them. He however had no control over it and thus could not even attempt to detect something he didn't just naturally feel. If he were lucky, he might stumble upon something as they move out. "If Mizumi can feel best… maybe she should direct the 'movers' to seek and the 'solvers' should stay nearby and to her sides for anything she may feel up close?" In this case Kiwi could only suggest his rudimentary strategy, not that he knew what that was. But what about Nandina? He knew nothing about her actual abilities. Oh wait! "And then.. maybe the 'caller' could be between the two groups and tell us what our 'senses' feel? It would give us more distance from one another." Kiwi w nods then, thinking he'd considered everyone by this point.

Eiko knows Mizumi has often had strange inner gut feelings, those often lead to people who use chakra. That in itself would be an amazing asset right now. That's why Eiko is relying on Mizumi to do all the heavy lifting (Irony…) for this mission. "We've absolutely got this in the bag!" She would walk up alongside Mizumi and pat her shoulder. As she thoroughly ignores Ren, she would push Mizumi along. "Come on then! Use that sixth sense of yours…"

She doubts Kiwi's remarks though. "Teachers say I know how to get into places I shouldn't be Kiwi… That's waaay different than getting to places out of reach." She corrects. "Anyways, the plan you have is fitting. I'll be a seeker, for sure…"

Meanwhile, in the forest…

The wind shifted, bringing a new scent with it. Enenra turns his head into the wind, inhaling mightily through his large nostrils. Humans. His intelligent eyes narrow as he picks up on their scent and he shifts his gaze to look over his harem, his children. 'They are a threat to what is mine…'

Growling lowly, Enenra moves from his perch, his demeanor changing that of the subordinate males around him. They can sense the intent of their alpha. None move to join Enenra though, knowing time has come for him to prove his worth to the pack by protecting the harem. The large male babboon slips into the dark canopy of the forest to move toward the scents of invaders, murder on his mind.


Touketsu Hanako watches as the students converse and begin to head off, seeming to ignore Akushin's rock antics. Once they're gone and out of sight, she pulls a tag from her pocket and activates it. Nothing happens. Well, nothing visible at the moment. It's perhaps linked to something remote. Smiling to herself, she walks into the forest, taking a somewhat different path.


When Mizumi says she can sense, she looks to the girl expectantly, waiting. Once Mizumi gives a report, Nandina just utters an annoyed "Come on.." and started moving into the forest. She doesn't go too fast for now, not wanting to outpace anyone or leave anyone behind. Even if she were able, Nandina just isn't a graceful person in any case. She listens to the others talking, especially Kiwi who seems to have an assessment of everyone. "I think that sounds like a good idea, Kiwi. So, you and Eiko scout ahead? I'll be in the middle.. shouting, I guess.. And Akushin and Ren will protect Mizumi as she senses, right?" She looks to the Kaguya to ensure that her interpretation of his plan is laid out correctly. Maybe he isn't such an idiot after all. She might even need to apologize to the Kaguya later on.

The plan made for him, Akushin simply shrugged and followed along. Taking a position where he needed to be with the rest of the team. He was a designated 'protector' a title he found unsuitable for himself, considering his current set of skills, but he didn't really have much else to offer. "Eh, if anyone cares I noticed the movements of some small critters ahead. Either warning of dangers or eluding to treasures. Easily frightened or attracted to shiny objects." It was all he had really and probably not much help compared to the up and coming sensor.

RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…19

"Wha-What? Oh… Okay…" Mizumi says as she's pushed along by Eiko. The girl would do her best to keep up with the group if they decided to move anywhere, the staff in her hands kept in a tight grip. "Umm… I don't know if I can feel the best… But I can try…" She glances to the other students uncertainly, but she'd close her eyes and attempt to sense … something … Again. This time something feels odd. "Umm… G-guys! There's something strange heading this way!" she says nervously, pointing vaguely in the direction of the chakra source. The girl gripped her staff slightly differently to try and get into a position to defend herself.

Ren hadn't noticed Eiko ignoring him as he kept speaking about what they could do. Either way he did listen to her as she spoke to Kiwi. No words were spoken from him about it though. Not his place to say anything on that. Anyhow Kiwi had seemed to have an idea of what to do, and even though Ren didn't really care to listen to him he didn't seem no harm in what was said. The only thing is if they got split up too far Nandina would be somewhat alone. "Shouldn't someone stay with Nandina as well?" He frowned a bit, but waited for their words as he continued to look around.

What he saw was critters moving about. Nothing too weird, but something must be living out here. With the branches broken how they are here and there. Akushin seemed to notice the critters as well. Just not the broken branches from what was stated. "Something lives here for sure and…" He looks at Mizumi. "Maybe that is what is heading this way. Everyone be careful." He placed a thumb towards his mouth to bite it.

RPCOMBAT: Ren defends against with a PERCEPTION…21

As Nandina would ask if what Kiwi stated is in fact what he meant, he would scratch his cheek for a moment and say, "Is that what I said?" with a truly curious tilt of the head for a moment. "Huh… yes… seekers, caller, senses, solvers." Kiwi would repeat, trying to see if it fit in his own mind the way that Nandina broke it down and explained it. He would nod at the end. "Yes. Akushin has shown that he can think swiftly and perform unpredictable abilities. Ren can heal himself and others at the very least. Mizumi can feel and sense things most keenly. You seem to enjoy telling others your opinion or what others have told you. Eiko and I are the most athletic and can move around freest I think as well as protect ourselves." Kiwi would likely over explain as it seemed that it was already understood. Noting Akushin's report on what he could see, Kiwi would nod and move out ahead, likely with Eiko, and take to the trees when he could. "Stay low Eiko, and I will stay high. You keep watch on me and I keep watch on you and we will keep watch for the rest. Ok?" he would ask of her as they scouted ahead. Kiwi would then fall in to his task, which was new to him. Working with others was not something he was familiar with… but he was very used to the concept. It was how most of the world survived. Very few beings truly thrived on their own without essentially being short lived or stationary if not both. Very few beings ruled their domain alone and freely. For now at least… he was a part of a pack. A team. A group.

Nandina would parrot what Mizumi stated, though with less hesitation in her voice and louder to be sure. Kiwi would hear it and stop his forward progress, taking the moment to try to see if he could tell where or what was coming at them.

RPCOMBAT: Kiwi defends against with a PERCEPTION…10

Eiko liked how Nandina suggested that anyways. "You've got it Nandina. I'll even help Mizumi focus! Teamwork, right? Wait… What?" She watched Mizumi get ready for a fight… She didn't hear anything, or see anything. Maybe she wasn't trying hard enough. Maybe she needed to actually open her eyes and -look- to see if she finds anything herself… Eiko would place a hand on Mizumi's shoulder. "Hey, you're not fit to fight, if something is coming… Let me handle it. You're the only one who can help us find the chakra artifact. It'd be silly if suddenly you were unable to fight." Eiko meant it. She rolled her shoulders as she stepped out in front of Mizumi and prepared to take any incoming hits. Her excitement was soon channeled into resolve as she narrowed her eyes and shifted into a combat position. "Everyone has their roles to play. Some of us are better at some things than others… I'd like to think that I am pretty good at the protecting things." With that confidence, she remains still…

RPCOMBAT: Eiko defends against with a PERCEPTION…10

He could smell them. Humans. Young ones at that. Enenra inhales deeply again and grins, his lips pulling back from sharp, menacing fangs.

They are coming closer as he suspected they would. Closer to his home, his females, his offspring… The great baboon moves swiftly, crashing heedlessly through the trees as he approaches. He will kill them, eat them, feast on their warm, soft bellies until he can have no more. And then the rest of the pack will come to partake of the human flesh with him. Safe and protected. He will have been tested and his worth proven…

Enenra crashes out of the tree line in front of the young students. He lifts onto his haunches and roars at them menacingly. When his body lifts, his slightly distended stomach seems to be… glowing? There is definitely something with a chakra signature inside of the alpha baboon.

She knows that she likely may have picked a challenge too difficult for them. That's why she decided to stick around. Hanako perches off in the trees, hidden by an invisibility seal. She watches as the baboon finally arrives to protect his land, the artifact tucked away safely inside his body. Quietly, she observes them to see how they will react to this situation, ready to step in to protect them at a moment's notice.


Nandina rolls her eyes as Kiwi starts ranting. Maybe she wasn't wrong for calling him an idiot afterall. She falls in line and starts to holler out whatever Mizumi says to warn Kiwi though. They have to do it together. "Something is headed this way!" Nandina might have said something to Eiko for not going to join the Kaguya, but she isn't sure if they have time to get in the correct formation in any case…

The small girl prepares herself by taking a defensive stance and forming handseals. The water in all the melting ice puddle leaps to her command and starts swirling around the small Hozuki in ribbons.

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Primal Roar! against Akushin from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 13. - Rolled by: Nandina

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Primal Roar! against Mizumi from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 10. - Rolled by: Nandina

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Primal Roar! against Ren from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 10. - Rolled by: Nandina

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Primal Roar! against Kiwi from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 16. - Rolled by: Nandina

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Primal Roar! against Eiko from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 23. - Rolled by: Nandina

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Primal Roar! against Nandina from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 25. - Rolled by: Nandina

((Since this wasn’t a “real” attack, players were given the option to just RP appropriately.))

RPCOMBAT: Akushin defends against with a BLOCK…9

RP: Akushin uses HENGE.

"Something is heading for us? I wonder if it's this chakra artifact we're supposed to be looking for…" The instructor was kind enough to leave the object they're looking for vague, so it wouldn't be surprising to find out that it's an animate object. Though, coming face to face with a rampaging baboon is quite startling. Holding his composure the best he can, Akushin's hands come flying out of his pockets, arms raised in front of his face to protect from the massive roar the beast lets out. He didn't know what to think and possibly wasn't thinking at all, but Akushin is suddenly replaced with a cloud of smoke that once it dissipates is replaced with a replica of the Baboon. Glowing belly and all. Henge~ Beating at his chest, the Akushin/baboon had to get the baboon's attention on himself and away from the others. He was the 'protector' and perhaps a competing alpha was just what was needed to draw focus." OOoh ooh ah ah."

RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a BLOCK…11

RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…22

Mizumi hears a loud roar and would cover her ears, staff held in the crook of her arm so it doesn't fall. She peers upwards to notice … two? … rather large monkeys roaring and doing their monkey business stuff. Well, then… Mizumi takes a moment to try and sense some of the chakra around her, as she noted what Akushin said: it's possible the artifact was in an animate object. "Good distraction…" she notes, hoping that Mr. Ape decides he'd rather fight for his meal than go after it right away. Mizumi focuses her attention on the enemy baboon to see if that strange chakra pulsing might be significant.

As Eiko steps forward, Mizumi can't help but feel both offended and thankful. Thankful because she knows what she can offer to the team is not fighting skill. But offense because she didn't want to be such a burden that she needed a guard. "Eiko-chan, go help Kiwi-san and Akushin-kun," she tells the Kaguya. Ren-kun and I can take care of ourselves." Of course, her friend doesn't have to listen to her… But she still felt a bit better after that spiel.

RPCOMBAT: Ren defends against with a BLOCK…4

Ren stood nearby to Eiko and Mizumi. "Whatever it is we can hopefully…" Baboon appears and roars which simply makes Ren blink a bit. "Oh great. This should be fun." He sighs and bites his thumb enough to start bleeding. That blood started flowing into his palm where it sat and he held it there. "Mizumi if you can…please stay back and safe. I will just as Eiko is doing…stay between you and the baboon. Maybe keep an eye out for that… wait… do animals have chakra? Why would you have sensed this coming?" He glances once at Mizumi before looking back ahead. Then it growled. Ren went to cover his ears, but it's growling had actually hurt his ears. "Mizumi… look at the baboon… Is it the artifact? Somehow?" He didn't know at all really, but worth a shot on finding out.

The thunderous roar was let loose to instill fear and shock in anyone who dared to enter the territory of the alpha who claimed it. Kiwi's eyes were struck wide as a wild cord of instinct was plucked within him. He would stand tall upon the branch that he was upon, in front of everyone else, and he'd roar right back… though with likely far less overall effect. However, Akushin had taken the guise of another baboon himself and was trying to lure the Alpha Baboon to him instead. Kiwi… didn't understand how a Baboon had gotten behind them already!! However, he could still feel that it was similar to Akushin… which confused him.. but as he had noted before, Akushin could do strange things and he approached situations in his own unique way. Maybe… somehow… Akushin was behind this too. All that Kiwi was concerned with was smell. Was the Alpha Baboon going to be fooled enough by this ruse? In either case, Kiwi was the point man, and he'd tear a branch from a tree as he flew at the Baboon, looking to smash it's head in whether it was or was not distracted.

COMBAT: Kiwi attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 18

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Block against Kiwi from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 15. - Rolled by: Nandina - FAILT!

So many of them. Enenra pulls his lips back from his fanged teeth, baring them at the human pups in a challenge. They will be delicious. A proper gift to his pack to establish his dominance. The baboon shifts his eyes to Akushin, looking at the other baboon as it makes challenging calls. He snarls low and begins to pace toward the other baboon.

Then something small comes to attack him. Enenra attempts to block the branch from hitting him, but misses, getting a hit squarely in the noggin. He shakes his great head and then charges Kiwi who seems to be the greater threat at present.

Touketsu Hanako watches as the events unfold. The baboon goes after Kiwi who proved himself to be the primary threat in the situation. It might have went after Akushin if Kiwi hadn't hit him successfully. Her eyes move to watch the others as they move to protect Mizumi. Smart. But then, a dead branch comes loose and falls on Eiko, seeming to knock the Kaguya girl unconscious. Hanako winces under her invisibility cloak. That might leave a mark. So far, so good…


Nandina takes a step back when the thing comes to roar at them, throwing her arms up defensively. The water still moves around her though and she opens her eyes to peer at the glowing spot on the baboon's belly. She looks back to Mizumi, Akushin/baboon?, and Ren as though to ask a question, but then gawks at the sight of an unconscious Eiko. "Who..?"

Her head whips back toward Akushin/baboon though and she gathers up her water, attempting to entrap in him a prison.

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Maul! against Kiwi from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 28. - Rolled by: Nandina

COMBAT: Nandina attacks target 1 with WATER-PRISON with a roll of: 16 (against Akushin)

RPCOMBAT: Akushin defends against with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…12 - FAILT!

RP: Akushin uses ESCAPE.

Appearing as if the baboon henge was working, Akushin braced himself for the rampaging beast with eyes closed tightly and arms once again held up to shield himself. The moments passed by, but nothing happened. Slowly taking a peek, he'd see the Baboon had shifted directions to retaliate against Kiwi. "Whew…I mean, that was mine!" Or something…Akushin was relieved until water suddenly formed around him. Flailing and kicking, then henge cancelled and shortly after, through his own abilities or Nandina finally realizing she held the wrong monkey!!! The water that held him 'popped'. Dropping to his knees and gasping for air, Akushin peered up. "What the funk?" Seeing that thinking out of the box doesn't work when you're surrounded by……Akushin made a few seals and figured he'd see what happens when you use genjutsu on a wild animal. Does it affect them?

COMBAT: Akushin attacks target 1 with OPPRESSIVE-FORCE with a roll of: 21

RP: Akushin stops using HENGE.

"Eiko-chan!" Mizumi squeaks when the Kaguya gets knocked out by a branch. If she wasn't speaking to her friend, maybe that wouldn't have happened! Mizumi would try to drag Eiko out of harms way, though that would ultimately take some time. … In the end, Mizumi would just stand guard over Eiko and watch events unfold. Akushin was no longer a huge monkey, and I looked like he was soaked… Huh… What did she miss? Not that there's much time to think of that. The chakra wafting off the monkey was just strange. "Ren-kun, I think the artifact might be in its stomach. It's glowing, after all…" she points out. "I think we need to get it out of its stomach somehow."

Ren looked only at Mizumi. Everything else going on didn't matter right now except him processing what was said. Once he did he could get the others into action. "Alright…Nandina. That trick you tried to pull on Akushin there. You think you could get the baboon in that same thing? If so that would help a lot. Akushin do what you have been. Find ways to distract it so Nandina can get close." He then shouted a bit to Kiwi. "Hey. Mind coming this way with the baboon following you?" He waited and readies some blood in his palm for slicing. Though he would see if Kiwi could do that first. While Kiwi was coming this way he kneeled next to Eiko to make sure she was okay though. If she needed any healing he would give it, but she seemed fine.

RPCOMBAT: Kiwi defends against with a DANCE-OF-THE-KAGUYA…20

RPCOMBAT: Kiwi took 150 damage.

With the crack of the branch, both against the head of the baboon as well as the snapping in half of it, Kiwi had landed his blow… though the Baboon didn't wait before charging at him all teeth and claws. Kiwi skipped back a bit and spun lightly through the air, but the Alpha was faster and more aggressive, swatting him from the air and on to the ground. It seemed that Kiwi was being asked to do something, he couldn't really hear with all the mauling going on. He'd try to grab on the the baboons arm and kick up with both of his feet to send him sailing over his head towards the group before yelling, "Whaaat? I can't hear you??" As he'd try to get up and see what was being asked.

COMBAT: Kiwi attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 19

COMBAT: Kiwi attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 21

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Animal Immunity against Akushin from 40 to 50 and get(s) a 49. - Rolled by: Nandina

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Block against Kiwi (19) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 10. - Rolled by: Nandina

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Block against Kiwi (21) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 22. - Rolled by: Nandina

Enenra could kill all of these children. Perhaps, if they weren't shinobi. He becomes frustrated as they start to show that they have more prowess and skill than the average human. Perhaps, if they were like him, he would accept them into his pack, but they are human. Destroyers. Food. They must die. The genjutsu thrown his way seems to go unnoticed. He might be intelligent for a monkey, but he is driven by primal instincts.

He feels the warmth emanating from that object he ate the other day, feeling it pulsing inside of his belly. Perhaps eating one of these creatures will quell the riot and calm him. His eyes turn back to Kiwi, intent on his prey.

Hanako makes a small 'hmm' noise and decides to come down from her perch as she watches the events unfolding. Nandina's confusion on who is who could prove to have been a problematic move. The woman approaches the small group beneath her shield, but doesn't get too, too close since she doesn't want to upset Mizumi's vision. She reaches into her pocket to retrieve a small spool of ninja wire. She'll cut the beast's throat before she allows it to do any actually harm to the students.


Nandina's eyes go perfectly round as the baboon she trapped becomes Akushin. "Oh, I'm sorry, Akushin.. Why would you.. It doesn't matter." She turns her attention back to the baboon, the actual threat. Hearing Ren, she nods and moves forward. She does actually need to be kind of close to make this work since her hand will need to be inside the prison to hold it in place. She sees the baboon being lifted up and sent sailing toward them by Kiwi's throw and stops. The Hozuki girl performs her hand seals and the water moves from her to go after Enenra, attempting to trap the primate in all the water she can muster from the melted puddles. "If this works, will someone stab him in the gut so we can get that shiny thing out and see what it is?" She seems super annoyed…

COMBAT: Nandina attacks target 1 with WATER-PRISON with a roll of: 12

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Dodge against Nandina (12) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Nandina - WIN!

It didn't work…but…it always works. Confusion consumes Akushin momentarily as he tries to come to terms with what exactly happened. Did he not focus his chakra properly or mess up the hand seals? It didn't make sense, thought trying to figure it out would have to wait for later. "You just have to give it…." Throwing a rock that was tucked into his pocket at the belly of the beast. "Indigestion!" With all his might he threw the rock, but that wasn't saying much. He'd scour around for a few more rocks before throwing those too. Seeing Kiwi be struck was enough to make Akushin want to keep his distance.

COMBAT: Akushin attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 9

COMBAT: Akushin attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 16

COMBAT: Akushin attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 12

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Block against Akushin (9) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 13. - Rolled by: Nandina - WIN!

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Block against Akushin (16) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 21. - Rolled by: Nandina - WIN!

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Block against Akushin (12) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 24. - Rolled by: Nandina - WIN!

Mizumi would try to attack the giant critter herself. She wasn't much of a thrower, though. Mizumi would take a few shuriken in hand and throw them at the baboon, only for them to land pitifully in the dirt not too far from her arm. Well, that didn't work… She probably didn't even register as a threat v.v Mizumi would sigh and look to Ren. "I'm a bit out of ideas, Ren-kun…" she says in a depressed manner. "Maybe I'll try to wake Eiko-Chan back up…" She decides to do that, turning and going to her knees to try and shake the Kaguya to consciousness.

COMBAT: Mizumi attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 5

COMBAT: Mizumi attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 8

COMBAT: Mizumi attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 7

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Dodge against Mizumi (5) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 23. - Rolled by: Nandina - WIN!

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Dodge against Mizumi (8) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 13. - Rolled by: Nandina - WIN!

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Dodge against Mizumi (7) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 16. - Rolled by: Nandina - WIN!

Ren just sighs and from her has his blood strike out towards the baboon. It would slash through(try to)its belly three times in a way that would cause its guts to fall out. Hopefully quickly killing it and letting that item fall out. "Mizumi. Yeah waking her up could be good. I know she could actually hit this thing unlike the rest of us." He sighed.

COMBAT: Ren attacks target 1 with NIN-SPAR with a roll of: 17

COMBAT: Ren attacks target 1 with NIN-SPAR with a roll of: 22

COMBAT: Ren attacks target 1 with NIN-SPAR with a roll of: 18

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Dodge against Ren (17) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 15. - Rolled by: Nandina - FAILT!

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Dodge against Ren (22) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Nandina - FAILT!

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Dodge against Ren (18) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Nandina - WIN!

Still not sure what he was asked to do, but inadvertantly having done it any how, Kiwi would take a quick look at the over all situation. Eiko was down and out due to … something. Water hadn't worked. Monkey-suit AKushin hadn't worked. Mizumi's shuriken didn't hit their mark. It seemed that Kiwi was the only one who had done any harm… and he'd lost the prey. Oh wait… what's this? Ren was slashing at the enemy, trying to striek at the glowy spot. "That must be… his weakness!" Kiwi would state, apparently not even considering the fact that it may be what they were after. He would rush in after Ren's assault and take up a stance he easily slides in to before letting loose a blurring barrage of attacks against many dozens of spots in front of the Alpha Baboon. Most of these attacks however… missed or barely made contact. Only three of them were sent to strike in to the open gash along the Baboon's stomache, trying to strike at and tear away the glowing piece from the Baboon's body.

COMBAT: Kiwi attacks target 1 with EBB-AND-FLOW with a roll of: 22

COMBAT: Kiwi attacks target 1 with EBB-AND-FLOW with a roll of: 33

COMBAT: Kiwi attacks target 1 with EBB-AND-FLOW with a roll of: 23

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Block against Kiwi (22) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 24. - Rolled by: Nandina - WIN!

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Block against Kiwi (33) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 10. - Rolled by: Nandina - FAILT!

[NPC System]: Enenra roll(s) Block against Kiwi (23) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 12. - Rolled by: Nandina - FAILT!

Rage. Primal rage. Enenra narrows his eyes at the one throwing rocks at him and the one trying to encase him in water. His hands flex, feeling the warm blood that coats his skin, wanting to bathe… wanting to rip and rend these humans apart. These little creatures are annoying. He ducks a bit to avoid shuriken thrown in his direction, emitting a low growl. Then the little one with the blood attacks. Some of those hit his hide, but not deeply enough to disable the great beast. And the prey. He hits on the cuts, tearing them open a bit, which makes Enenra roar in pain. They will taste so sweet… If only they'd stop fidgeting so much.

A thought cut, thankfully short…


Hanako is suddenly there behind the great alpha baboon after dropping her invisibility seal. Something shiny flicks from her hand and wraps itself around the beast's throat. The woman jerks upward on the wire with a blurring motion and Enenra's head simply pops off his shoulders with a spray of blood. She pauses, letting go of the wire and standing over the beast as she watches it fall, the flickering light in its belly starting to die out.

"The test is complete." Hanako kneels to cut the artifact from the baboon's gaping stomach wounds, the moist heat of his insides causing steam to rise into the air. "You have all shown that you can formulate a plan quickly and that you can work together. Mind, you still need practice. But this was a good attempt."

The Touketsu woman rises to her feet. "Do beware, however. There will not always be a chuunin watching over you in the future. Sometimes, the wisest decision is to avoid the battle in the present and go find a stronger ally to bring with you next time. Or become stronger yourself." She cleans the small, ornate orb with a cloth from her pocket and then stows it away. "Go back to the rest of your day. Meditate on what you have learned here." She would walk back with them, but Hanako offers no aid to the injured students. There is nothing life threatening about their condition and they should be able to manage on their own or with the help of the others.


Nandina frowns when Enenra avoids her water prison and is set to try again when, suddenly, Hanako is there. She winces as the head of the monkey is popped off, feeling internally squeamish about it. Oh and then she goes to cutting him open and digging around. Nandina turns noticeably green around her edges, but manages to fight down the strong urge to vomit that she has. She listens to Hanako's words and nods. She glances to Kiwi to see if he is alright and then turns to help wake Eiko up or carry her… Whatever is needed. It doesn't sound like they failed, but Nandina doesn't feel like it was a clean success. The lesson here was likely more complex than she can fully understand. Maybe after meditating… or sleeping, she'll get it.

Rock after rock, Akushin threw them at the baboon only for them to miss or bounce of the beasts thick, furry hide. Then suddenly the head pops off and Akushin pauses mid throw before letting loose one last attack they may have hit the teacher. "Oh…" Tucking the rock into a pocket while another hand brushes back his bangs. "Well, then…" He'd glance to the others, a look given to each before falling on Eiko, seeing she was still unconscious. Others were tending to her, no need for him to get involved as well. Turning about to follow Hanako back to the village.

Mizumi would grumble silently at her uselessness. Maybe if she was a bit more fit… Or maybe if she could have gotten Eiko to awaken, the group could have gotten proper help. Sadly, they had to have the Chuunin run interference. Mizumi would have someone else carry Eiko, as she was just a bit tired from all the excitement and using an advanced sensing technique a lot.

Ren just sighs at having the chuunin step in and walks over to Eiko who he promptly tries to help to her feet. "You alright Eiko?" Even if she was out he would ask her and look at Mizumi as well. "Well….maybe someone could help the one who is unconcious because I can't do it alone.. At least helping Mizumi I could help assist her easily enough." And he would wait for someone to take Eiko from him before going over to Mizumi and just walking back with her.

Kiwi only suffered a few cuts and scrapes in the end. The attack was powerful but he didn't receive a full impact luckily. His torrent of attacks and the sudden decapitation of the beast was… at first misunderstood. "How did tha…" he would say aloud before noticing the Chuunin. He'd then sort of pout and grumble a bit. "Kill stealer…" he would mutter before heading back to the group. Apparently they did well enough given the lesson they were out here to learn. Whether they learned it or not… is a different story. Eiko was still out, and Ren was asking for help handling her, so Kiwi sets her on his back. "I'll get her home." he'd say with a nod. As they headed back however, Kiwi would ask "So… Akushin… where is your monkey outfit?"

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