Escape from Deep Hold - Part 1


Kirito, Ryo, Isato, Ryuunosuke

Date: October 23, 2012


A maximum security prison has been built in the Land of Fire for ninja criminals. A total of four ninjas has been selected to test Cell Block 3, one side is attempting to escape the other is attempting to prevent the escape. Things are going well until, the Emergency Warden AI is activated and start to try and killed the four ninjas, now trapped in a prison and separated.

Poster's note: Foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Escape from Deep Hold - Part 1"

Deep Hold Prison, located underground in the Land of Fire

With the creation of the Hidden Villages came an interesting side effect that many had not taken the time to consider. With the increase of ninjas in a general area the increase of ninja related crime would increase around said areas. In the Land of Fire, Konohagakure had had a few issues and it was beginning to increase, thus it was decided to create a Ninja Prison, deep underground named Deep Hold. In the middle of forest in the land of fire, about a two days journey from Konohagakure, is the entrances of a cave. Sitting inside at a small guard post is a Konohagakure Ninja, guarding a steal door, with various locks and seals planted upon it.

About a five minute walk away from this entrance is a group of two selected ninjas to test the third wing of the prison, for any weakness that a inmate could exploit. The hot summer sun was still beating down upon them as they walked, the scent of the forest assaulting their sense of smell, with the echoing sounds of birds and other wildlife bouncing off the trees. "We will be there in not too long Ryo-san." he says with a small chuckle, "This is pretty cool though don't you think?" said the Chuunin named Kirito, who was providing medical coverage for the mission, for the three Genin, the one directly assigned to him and the two already testing the prison as inmates. He sighed softly, his right hand moving through his silver hair as he scanned the area with his soft blue eyes.

Ryo followed behind Kirito. He was glad to have been selected for a mission like this. It was a refreshing situation compared to the others. There was no real chance of death for them. By the same right they were doing a service by ensuring the place was safe from escapees. The less chance they could escape, the less chance he would have to be hired to chase them down. Or was that a bad thing? Technically it was taking money out of his pocket. Oh well, at least people were safe.

Then there was Kirito, he was a new Chuunin to Ryo. The boy was uncertain about him, but for now he would not voice any opinions. He was simply going to see how the Chuunin lead and then make a decision.

Ryuu and Isato would be located in the heart of the prison in cell block three that is currently located three floor below and even then that wasn't the lowest parts. This prison had six parts with the sixth part being so dangerous even the five kages would have a hard time escaping or so they say. Any who the mission was simple try and escape, avoid all known ninja forces/cameras. The test hasn't begun yet and thus Isato would be playing the role of a harden criminal rather well, he would be wearing a prison uniform and doing pushups till he was dripping wet with sweat. "I must say this cops and robber mission should be pretty fun…You find a means to escape yet Ryuu-san?"

Ryuu was rather silent in his cell. He wasn't depressed he was just looking for exploitable weaknesses in the structure of the cell block. His eyes went to the guards and he thought of their patterns and routine checks. He was thrilled that this mission let him remain in his homeland. A prison for criminal shinobi seemed like a grand idea. Isato's voice breaks Ryuu's chain of thought and he glances over at his clansman. "What? Oh yeah. Fun. I have a few thoughts. When you're ready we can raise some bars." Ryuu stands and groans. "Panic, chaos, a prison has to be able to keep the stuff from hitting the fan even when the whole place goes to yard. So that's what we're going to do. Go wild." he grins.

Kirito and Ryo arrived at the cave entrance and Kirito brought his hand up win a small wave, "Hello Hello" he said, his tone was soft and friendly, the Guard stood up, obviously not happy to be here, "Please provide your supporting documents to gain access." he said with a small yawn, "Oh right!" Kirito started to pat around himself and open various pouches, saying "I know I put it somewhere…" to himself, the guard sighing rather annoyed and tapping his feet, before Kirito finally produced the paper with a large thumbs up. With that the Guard removed the seals and unlocked to door and allowed them in, were they were met my another Guard, "Welcome Welcome, Kirito-san and Ryo-san, I am going to be taking you both down to Cell Block Three." he said with a small smile as he took them down the long winding stairs.

Ryo stopped when Kirito did. He also followed as he moved. The paper situation was slightly humorous. There was no real harm in it, but the guard seemed to act like he had somewhere else to be. Ryo remains silent as he walks though. He made note of the cell block being mentioned. They were testing the third one. He was not sure if it was relevant that they were not testing the first two. That or perhaps they had. Maybe all of the blocks were identical.

Isato after this set Isato would stand up and smirk "yeah I guess that's about right. I finished everything I needed to, how about we get out of here." Isato range of insight was highly limited and thus he thought it best not to sure his input and thus he was willing to go with anything Ryuu had in mind. However he would signal to the guards to start the timer thus it altered the ninja on the first floor that the game has begun. "Clock ticking Ryuu-san."

Ryuu nods "No problem just follow my lead." Ryuu walks over to Isato and pats him on the shoulder before reeling back and punching at Isato. "Alright you stripe take that back!" Ryuu shouts. He'd try to get the guard's attention so he'd get a little more violent. He shoots off a few bursts of wind and cyclones in all directions causing a real ruckus. He winks at Isato and glances to his hand be mouthing the words "Burn it up?" Clearly the prison had to have some kind of 'in case of fire' plan right? With Ryuu's wind manipulation he could make that fire's growth exponential in a matter of seconds.

Kirito's blue eyes moved around slowly as he examined the rather dull paint job of the stairwell, cracking a small joke, "I do not think it would hurt to add a few windows and window treatments along with a few oil paintings." he says slowly with a small chuckle, the person leading them obviously didn't find it funny as he did not laugh. So Kirito just hushed for now and followed as he was moved to Level 3's observation deck, looking out on the Cell Block. His hand moved and rubbed his chin softly as the man started to speak.

The man gestures to two steel doors, "This is the elevator." he says first, Kirito narrows his eyes slowly as he looks back at the stairwell, "The Stairwell is only known about by staff, for quiet access between levels." he continues with a chuckle than he points to a small red button, "Intercom between levels, the cell block controls are located on the control panel also there is a central control room on the top floor." he says and than he points to a huge clock on the wall and says "And a Clock" he says with a nod, "And your Abilities. Best of luck to you both in this test." and with that he gets in the elevator and leaves. Kirito's only response, "What the chain-gang am I suppose to do with a damn clock….?" he says, before he looks down at Isato and Ryuunosuke, craziness "What are those two doing…" he says, looking at the clock "Do you think it would be okay to drop the huge giant clock on them, Ryo-san?" he says with a small smirk.

Ryo looks towards the clock. "An elevator and a stairwell. Are those the only two escape points?" he asks. He then glances up at the clock. "No, we cannot drop the clock on the. We were to ensure they stay here, not attempt to execute them. We really need to figure out what he meant by the clock. Is there a specific amount of time we need to keep them here until maybe?" The boy then glances over the two once more. "Even if we do not, we still have the advantage of knowing they are trying to escape."

Isato would think fast and when Ryuu attacked he would use his fire manipulation to start a fire this sprung their door open. Isato would dash down the hall and started to open a series of door as he spoke to Ryuu. "Hey help me find my tonfas…the guy in charge said that they would be down here as possible weapons an escapee might come across…if I can mind my tonfas then we can really get things started. However it's good to see the sprinkler systems is up to code, at least they know no one is going to burn to death." Laughing as his search he struck gold as he picked up his tonfa and started to spin then about. "Alright let's get the lock out of here." Isato would be waiting to follow orders since he was picked as lead. "Based on what I can tell there is two ways out, the vents and the elevator…however it appears you need a key card for that though."

Isato's fire was spread with use of his wind chakra serving as a fan. Just like a charmed it triggered the sprinkler system and put the prison on alert. As their door opened Ryuu grins "Oh nice." he heads through it with Isato "Alright now we have to find the stairwell-" Ryuu blinks as Isato asks him to help him find his tonfas. "Wha….but we…ARGH!" Ryuu face-palms "Fine dammit all. But you just complicated things." When they find Isato's tonfas Ryuu nods "Alright. Well the elevator is off limits. Not only do we need a key card but they could easily trap us inside from the control room. Remember in case of fire, use the stairs." Ryuu points out to Isato. "Pfft ventilation systems are so cliche. We don't have long to get out. The emergency alert won't last for long and a lock down should be initiated soon." Ryuu rubs his head "Anyway let's go."

Kirito chuckles and says slowly, "They can't escape if their legs are broken Ryo-san" his tone is playful and he is obviously joking but his eyes fall back on the clock, "Perhaps it is a Psychological ploy, imagine being underground, with nothing to do but stare at a clock." he says slowly, before shivering slightly, "Well the stairwell is suppose to be staff only knowledge, but I will just assume they know about it. So we just have to watch them to see which way they go, if they hop in the elevator he make a break for the stairs and if they make a break for the stairs than he also take the stairs, I think the elevator is unpredictable and also could possibly slow us down." he says with a small nod, before his eyes fall back on the two in the Cell Block.

Kirito watched as they started a fire, their doors opened and the sprinklers started. Rolling his eyes he looked over at Ryo, "Fire." he says shaking his head as he continued to watch, as they moved around the cell block, he picks up the key card off the desk and looks at the elevator and than back at Ryo, "I suppose we could just right after them." he says as he slides the key card in the elevator and the doors open and Kirito steps in and presses the button to go down to the prison block. "Coming?" he says with a smirk at Ryo.

Ryo glances down as they start the fire. "You would think in case of a fire, the prison would want to lock down all the doors instead of open them. That way the fire is contained." He moves into the elevator after Kirito. "One of us really should have taken the stairs, just in case they find them." Ryo then glances over the elevator. He really did not want it to become a death trap. "We should find a way to escape should we need it."

"Alight I feel we should take the vents. It appears if there were stairs they might have camera there to watch us, and as you said the elevators can be locked and trap us in. The most logical choice in the air vents right?" Scratching the back of his head he would wait for Ryuu to response. However he soon noted another problem with this he lacked the chakra control to do much of anything and thus he spoke rather sheepishly. "You're going to have to get to the vent and use a make shift rope made with our cloths to pull me up or at least wedge the tonfa so I can climb up." Isato would start to take off his shirt and undershirt to tie to one end of the tonfa before he handed it to Ryuu before speaking again. "Okay get going based on how much time we wasted they should be here pretty soon."

Ryuu's eyes narrow at Isato before he tosses his hands up in defeat "Fine. We'll go with your plan." The young genin didn't feel like disputing the issue and just handed Isato his shirt. "Find. To the vents then. " Ryuu grabs Isato and starts walking up the wall using tree walking. "A rope would leave a trail I'll just carry you." He states groaning slightly. Ryuu does that in fact, it wasn't like Isato was an Akimichi. After removing the ventilation cover he shoves Isato into the ventilation shaft. "There. No gimme back my shirt, it's cold in this place."

Kirito chuckled as the elevator doors closed. Listening to the soft hum of it, he replied to Ryo, "We could find a way to escape or we could possibly get the jump on them." he says slowly with a small nod. "They are going to be looking for the stairs, I am sure they know that there has to be stairs, so instead of giving the stairs locations we get the jump on them and throw them back in their cells, thoughts?" he asks Ryo with a chuckle. The doors slide open and Kirito looks around slowly, his blue eyes narrowing as he examines the area looking around before noticing the vent, "Really, the vents…" he says slowly before looking at Ryo, "The vents…Any thoughts?" he says rolling his eyes.

Ryo listens to Kirito as they moved down in the elevator. "Obviously the guards are going to need to be trained better. Tossing them in here and saying watch out so they do not escape is bad." As the doors open he exits the elevator and scans the area. "Vents are a very bad idea. Anyone who knows anything about ventilation knows that in order for air to move, there has to be fans. For air to move below ground there has to be fans to push it. There is no way that they will escape that way. Unless someone turns the fans off. At best they will be able to travel on this floor or the next floor. One of us should get back upstairs to the control panel. The other should wait here for them. You want to turn the fans on?" he asks.

Once inside the vents Isato would make sure to put everything as he found it, this allowed for them to sneak more effectively as he sighed. "We should try and be quiet about this so they won't get caught or at least for the moment." Isato would try and figure out the lay out from the total darkness. "I know Ryuu try and see if you can feel a breeze, if there is one that means a fan is nearby and we can use it to determine the location we need to go."

Ryuu blinks blandly at Isato's remark. "Well Isato we're underground. So any fans many not necessarily lead to an exit." He states. He sighs "But we can use the vents to move around and find other possible routes." He states. "I really think our best shot is the stair way. Also perhaps a little disguise or two could help us out." He poses to Isato. "But let's see where we end up first." Ryuu continues on feeling for a breeze if one existed. "We want to escape not bust the place up. So don't do anything drastic."

Suddenly all the lights go out and the emergency lighting kicks in along with red flashing lights in all the Cell Blocks. Then suddenly a loud buzz happens over the intercom system, a female's voice than proceeded to speak. "No Authorized Guard Found in the Prison System. Please note, emergency Warden Program has been initialized, all prisoners are to return to their cells." than the loud buzz happens again, "Repeating, Emergency Warden Program has been initialized, all prisoners are to return to their cells." A brief pause happens before, the cell doors slam shut, with a loud clank. "Any prisoners not located in their cells will be consider hostile, deadly force has been authorized." than the loud female voice echos through the Cell Blocks, "In case you are wondering, I authorized it because I can. Maybe you should have been in your cells and not in the vents, naughty ninjas. Say thank you Warden Ai"

Kirito looks at Ryo, "Whats this nonsense… deadly force…" he pulls the access card for the elevator out and moves over to the elevator and swipes the card and a error tone beeps, he tries again and the error tone beeps again. "Your stolen access card as been revoke, Prisoner #003." says the female voice, Kirito looks up at the intercom, his attention moves back to Ryo. "Ryo-san, get in the vent and hurry we need to catch up with the other two, Now!" he says, the sense of urgency in his voices as he starts to run towards the vent.

The alerts sounded like trouble. Ryo then glances around until he sees the intercom. "They really need to give better instructions. This is kind of crap." Of course the vents did not seem much safer once she announced them. "No… no… no. The vents are probably trapped as well. We need something else."

The boy runs towards the wall and then follows the ventilation shaft until he finds the portion that leads upwards. He looks over the brick construction of the wall. "The facility is below ground. So if the vent clogs up or for some reason becomes inactive, they need to have an access tunnel. I would guess some kind of ladder leading all the way up along the side of the vent. If we can get into that, we should have no issue escaping. What do you think?" he asks.

After a while of searching Isato would feel a slight breeze and after signaling to Ryuu the two quickly found themselves on the floor above. Not thinking the young man flailed his arms as he started to prematurely celebrate "we made it out!" The emitted it so loud that the vent would carry the sound one room above and below, a quick scan of the room and he soon notice that they're just a block above. Shaking his head he would try and figure out their next step. "We need to find the stairs now…you're right they should be around here somewhere." looking about he would notice a wall that was a little bit different from the rest as he started to investigated it. "Hey Ryuu what do you think? Do you think the stairs are this way?"

"Really!? NOW you want to use the stairs. After I told you the vent idea wasn't too bright you still didn't want to listen but now, nooooow you want to consider my idea." Ryuu face palms and shakes his head. When the woman's voice is heard now Ryuu blinks. "Uh…is that supposed to be happening? I don't think so." he states looking to Isato. "Y-yeah we should find the stairs." The wall in question got an odd look from Ryuu. "This? This is a wall. A wall is like…flat stairs with a much much steeper incline." Ryuu folded his arms. "What about it?"

The female voice echos through the intercom again, "Attention Prisoners #001, #002, #003 and #004. You were previously told to return to your cells, you have decided to continue your escape by using the ventilation system. Shame on you. Shame on me too, I closed the cell." there is a small brief, before suddenly senbon needles start shooting out of the walls towards Ryuu and Isato. While on the floor with Kirito and Ryo, fireballs shoot out of the walls towards them. "Attention, Prisoners #001 and #002 are now dead. No victory Rice Balls for there escape efforts. I recommend the remaining prisoners just lay down and die, save us both time. Thank you." the voices says as it cuts off suddenly.

Kirito shakes his head for a moment, "What about the other two! If there is no way out then they are going to be stuck in there! I need to go g…." he says in a rushed tone, after Ryo had finished, but before he could finish the Emergency Warden echos again, than fireballs come shooting out towards him, he quickly dodges out of the way, by making a quick gesture and a surge of chakra shooting through him, moving in a flash of sparks and dodging the fireballs. "Ryo-san! Are you okay?" he asked, looking towards him, before he heard the news about the other two…"WHAT!" he yells at the top of his voice shaking his head, before he snaps out of it. "You are right Ryo-san." he reaches behind his back and removes three kunais with explosive tags on them and sends them sailing towards the location Ryo noted about possibly having a service tunnel, as they hit and explode they reveal just that and a ladder. "Lets go, I am not going to loose you too." he says gesturing towards the ladder.

Ryo dodges the fireball. He nods his head. "I am fine. Go ahead and get moving up the ladder." Ryo himself was already on the move. He debated dropping a firestorm on the prison, but it would not do much good. It might turn on the sprinklers again but it was not likely to save them any time or trouble. "You really think they are dead? Or you think the voice is messing with us?" he asked.

A huge gust of wind would be emitting from the door before he drew back to strike it, it is then that he notice senbon flying towards them. With Swiftness he would push off the door in an attempt to evade out of the path of the Senbon. As he slide across the ground he would narrow his gaze and took noted of the door. Using all the strength inside his calf he would pour all his power into a tonfa strike to get the door to open.

Ryuu turns and tries to divert the number of senbon coming his way. He is unsuccessful in his attempt. Just a flesh wound though he wasn't hurt to badly. "Alright now I'm angry. That intercom voice lady is going to pay." Ryuu states with a snarl. He watches Isato "Trying to open the door?" Ryuu inclines his head "Let me help." he smiles and winds up to give the door a good strike with his fist.

Once again the voice echos through the Cell Blocks, "Please do not destroy any property of the prison, for every Ryo worth of damage you do, a day will be added onto your sentence. That vent, 18 Ryos, those cracks in that door, at least another 8000 Ryos, please return to your cells. Oh Wait you can't, let me rephrase. Please lay down and await your death, it will be painless, I promise." the voice cuts off. Mean while, in the central control room, laying under a console, various wires hanging around him is the Ninja who was guarding the main entrance, his forehead protector with the Konohagakure Symbol discarded on a table, as he works to continue to rewire the prison software.

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