Escape of the Ox King


Hiei, Ryouji, Rise, Hiroyasu, Nariko, Amani

Date: February 2, 2014


The Kumogakure shinobi are called to help quell a prison riot which was orchestrated by the adoptive daughter of the Ox King in order to free her father.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Escape of the Ox King"

Mountain Prison - Kumogakure

The night is permeated by a cool breeze. The full moon is high in the sky and the village of Kumogakure seems to be at peace..for the moment. A lone shinobi enters the village. His clothing is torn and bloody as he staggers towards the administration building. His calls for help is heard by the night manager on duty and several minutes later a call goes out to all available shinobi who are not currently on mission or assignment. Emergency hawks are sent to the homes of Rise, Yotsuki Nariko, Reizei Ryouji, Katayama Hiroyasu, and Yotsuki Hiei. The message is simple. There is a riot at Kumogakure prison…and they have been dispatched to attend to it. They are to meet by the front gate and proceed with all haste towards the disturbance.

Yotsuki Hiei is at his house asleep, but is awakened by a tapping on his window. He rolls over and takes message off the hawk's leg and blinks several times to make sure he was reading it right. Then as quickly as he could, he dressed and headed out towards the village front gate. A riot at the prison…he idly wonders how something like that could have happened in the first place.

Ryouji couldn't sleep anyway. It's bothered him that he doesn't have a sword. Having trained, slept with, and been with a sword for years, not having one is having an impact on him. But, as the hawk reaches his window, he unrolls the message and reads it. He gets on his outfit and leaves quickly after leaving a message with one of the reizei watch guards of the compound. He runs down the road towards the gate, meets the others, and heads off with the others to the disturbance.

Rise needed no messenger hawk to awake her this eve. An old and persistent nightmare had already done a fine job of that. Still, she welcomed the excuse to turn what would've been an aimless stroll into a duty that promised to get her blood pumping, and mind off the terror. She is a shadow, a flicker, an imagined thing to most that she passed by on the way to her assigned target with the utmost haste. Within minutes, Rise touches down a foot or so behind Ryouji as silently as a mouse. "Either of you two got an idea on what's up?" She asks without turning her attention away from the prison itself.

- ~Screech~ ~Squawk~ ~Squeal~ The hawk outside his humble closet of a room seems restless and irritated that it calls were not answered quickly. "Go Away~" a voice mutters before appearing to read the message.. well that is better than what he thought.. With a yawn Hiroyasu grabs his armored robe wrapping it over his shoulder then casually walking out the door taking a moment to close the door and then walks calmly out of the Shrine and Temple before going all out in his sudden burst of speed and building rooftop shortcuts.. Taking a moment to stop by to gather Amani.. "Come on Tsukikage! Wake up! We got an emergency which needs you!" he says outside at the top of his lungs and bangs on a door. "I'll met you at the Front Gate!" he says before running off to join the others. "Did some Jinchu go crazy or something?" he asks those present. -

When Amani sleeps, she sleeps hard. She doesn't tend to get enough of it for her own good. She's lopsided in the bed, having tossed about, but kept a steady sleep anyhow. She stirred from her sleep and grumbled to herself. "Why does everything need me…?" She wonders groggily as she goes to retrieve some clothes so she can join the others at the front gate. She hopes some jinchu didn't go crazy or they'll have to deal with her crazy. Nobody wants that.'

As the designated shinobi reach the front gate, Hiei is there waiting for everyone to gather. When Ryouji arrives, he tosses the younger nin a sheathed sword. It's in a dark green scabbard with a star shaped hilt. "That's from my personal stock. Don't lose it." He looks around at those gathered as he rolls his shoulder to adjust the sword harness on his back. "To the prison!" And then he turns to take off running towards their destination deep in the mountains.

One the group arrives, the sound of battle can be heard as various jutsu are used, and the sound of metal against metal can be heard, along with screaming and yelling. Standing off to the side, silhouetted against the full moon stands a slender hooded figure surrounded by four others. She murmurs to those around her. "Find the Ox King." A slender, but muscled dark skinned arm points towards the second story of the prison tower. "Father is there. Let the others serve as the distraction." The four warriors incline their head to her and then leap away. In the meantime, the guards and the prisoners continue to do battle in the courtyard, which is the first thing the group sees when they arrive.

Ryouji nods and attaches the sword to his belt. It's not quite a good fit, but he can draw it and use it for now. At least Hiei didn't ask for a deposit. He races with the others into the mountains until he reaches the prison. He looks at the battle and raises his eyebrow, "Wow…" he says quietly to himself. He doesn't race down there right away and instead watches the others. He's just the newbie in this and only wishes for them to take the lead in this.

"Hnn, So it's like that huh?" She murmurs as she absently fiddled with the eye patch covering her right eye. With a start, Rise rubs at her good eye and shakes her head a little. What she mistook for a prison the past few minutes had in fact been the guard station for the front gate. She stares at it still for a brief moment longer before face-palming and groaning at her own error. Rise really, truly hoped that no one else noticed. A quick glance after catching wind of the new arrivals proves to her that things could indeed get worse. Fortunately, Hiei makes things so much easier on her by giving out the cry to move out. "R-right!" She replies without much enthusiasm and takes off as soon as possible!
As soon as they arrive at the actual prison this time, Rise's all ready set on rushing in there and take out anyone not in uniform faster than anyone can blink! She reigns in that urge, if only just barely, and looks to Hiei expectantly. "Do we got permission to go wild?" She asks politely enough with eyes that begged for a yes.

- Taking a moment to just hug Amani as she settles in "Because I need you by my side.. is why" he whispers into her ear in response to her shouts as he was running off.. They warranted a response, before looking to Hiei and Ryouji with their exchange of weapons and typical swordsmen stoicism. "Why not just let him have it, whats so special about a lode of metal in the first place." a genuine question from a barely cognizant Hiroyasu.. It takes his mental reactor several minutes to warm up, and social skills suffer in the interim. "Do we know anything? Or is it the typical thing.. We know nothing, its all completely an obscured situation.." he comments snidely before stretching and moving to join the column of shinobi as they charge off into the unknown, as usual. -

Amani huffed, but smirked at Hiro's hug and response. Of course she's needed. Naturally, she needed him too. She isn't a complete mess when he's gone, but others could beg to disagree. She doesn't really have any shape, form, or fashion to what she does, so maybe she is. Such is her life. Off to the prison, then.
Up to the gates they go and…past them. Well, guess they're just going to run in and bash heads. Amani didn't have time to gather herself, but such is the nature of missions that just happen to come up. Upon arriving at the prison, the sounds are already made apparent. "Hmm. Did we arrive just in time or too late?" She wondered while adjusting her bow and quiver." She observed Ryouji. "Are you ready for this?" She inquired of him quietly. She hoped so. "Wild…is what the state of the prison already is, but there might be some potential order in chaos if utilized properly," she explained. "This metal seems important, does it not? Is it special?"

Hiei looks at the state of things as he says, "Reports said that there was a riot. That's all I know, Hiroyasu." He blinks. "This is crazy…" He then looks at Rise and nods at her question before he says. "Our orders are to contain the situation. Most of the prisoners are Yakuza and bandits, but they outnumber us. Incapacitate, but don't kill. We're to put them back in their cells, and assist the guards." He says, "Move out." He then asides to Hiroyasu. "You know as well as I do that this couldn't have just happened." He looks at Ryouji. "Stick with me and watch yourself. Just because most of them aren't shinobi doesn't mean that they're less dangerous." And with that he runs into the fray. He sticks his arm out, impacting one of them and knocking him into a group of others.

Some of the guards notice the new arrivals and they fight harder. Some of the aggressors also notice and move to cut the group off.

The Reizei says with a smile at Hiroyasu, "Because it's not my sword. It's something I'll take good care of as if it were, but it's still not mine." It does give him a few good ideas on what his own sword will look like, but for now keeps the ideas to himself. He looks over to Amani and nods, "I have been trained by my clan, Hiei-sensei, and the kumogakure ninja academy. I'm still a rookie, but I shall do what I can." At least he has no more bandages from the test a few days ago. He heals up quick thanks to Hiro. He looks up at the prison gates as they go through them and rests a hand on the green tsuka handle of his sword. He nods to Hiei as orders are given. He runs right along side of Hiei and picks his own target out. One of the smaller prisoners who looks to be one of the lackeys of the one Hiei just hit. Leaping up, he draws the sword, reversing the blade with a flick. It's unwieldy but at least it won't cut and kill. He slashes downward at the skinny prisoner smashing down into his shoulder and finishing him off with a quick kick to his midsection. He won't be playing the bango for a while, but he'll live to see another day.

"Wow iz putt'nit mildly." Rise comments with a smirk. Then turned her attention back to the battle raging in the courtyard. Watching and not acting was like defying an itch that demanded to be scratched. The only thing to distract her from it were questions that weren't even pointed at her, but still caught her ire. Rise can't help but level a mild glare back at Hiroyasu, noting him now as the stick in the mud of the group. The same look is given to Amani at first. But, upon realizing that it /was/ Amani, a now flustered Rise was quick to look away and start fiddling with the eye patch again.
She perks up only when Hiei seems to address her question. And while the answer was as she anticipated, the girl can't help but feel down for an instance at the thought of not being allowed to horribly break and/or maim peop-er-criminal scum. >.> After a sigh of defeat and a quick worried glance at Amani, Rise rushes into the throng herself, delivering swift justice to those trying to cut hassling the guards the most in the form of a rising kick to one before swing him about the legs and tossing him into his friends.

- Hiro coughs into his hand "Of course its all you know, I thought we had improved the Intel division.. seems some heads will have to roll for anything to change.." before looking at Rise, then Ryouji.. it was going to be one of those days. Then glancing at Amani "Help Shirokiri-san.. We need proper intel." before his body swirls, shimmers.. then winks from existence.. well to the untrained eye at least.. those adept may catch the momentary disturbance or minor artifact caused an imperfection in the barrier.
With that, in his Sneakyasu forrm, he moves past the hordes of minions in an attempt to enter the prison and scout ahead.. They needed to know what was going on rather than what could just be seen. -

"I suppose I could just stay back here and snipe them," Amani remarked as she removed her bow and drew an arrow from the quiver. She proceeded to steel herself to face off against this new challenge. "Do us proud, then," she called to Ryouji as he took off into the fray with Hiei. "You can hurt people…badly!" She shouted to Rise. "Just don't /kill/ them. You'd be surprised what people can survive!" She offered to her to give her some reassurance on the matter of harming these people." Help Shirokiri-san. Bah. Firing off a couple arrows into some no goods, she proceeded after Rise. "Hey! Wait for me! I'm going to help you break things in an entirely new fashion!"

Hiei sticks to good old fashioned hand to hand combat for now. Over the last few months, he had become proficient with it just as well as he had kenjutsu. He spins in place and drops low, sweeping a man off his feet before he aims an open palmed strike for the center of his chest, doing internal damage to his torso. Hiei kept any eye on Ryouji, but pretty much lets the youngster do his thing. Experience was the best teacher afterall. He withdraws a kunai from the small of his back and flicks it towards the kneecap of a prisoner who was running towards him, causing him to take a face plant right into the ground.

While the fighting continues outside, Hiroyasu makes his way inside of the prison proper. There are some small skirmishes on the inside, but the bulk of the fighting is taking place outside. Hiroyasu would spot a group of four people making their way up the spiral staircase to the second floor, where the more dangerous prisoners are kept, among them are Sayamoto Kazuma, a Kumo missing nin, and shinobi of his caliber.

Ryouji has no fancy flashes or moves like the others. But he can punch and slash. He moves onto the next guy cutting at the legs and the guy goes down screaming quick enough. He drifts off as Hiei has his own fight. Foot stomps can be heard as Ryouji looks up. A towering ogre of a man strides up, picking out the kid as an easy kill. He growls down at the boy and brings around the stump of a table leg he ripped off as a makeshift club. "I'll kill all you kumo ninja!" he bellows. Ryouji eeps in surprise as he brings the club down on him, which he brings the sword up to block it.

An eiree gleam lit up Rise's eyes, er, eye the moment she heard Amani's words. How she managed over all that noise in the background is a miracle in itself; but without a doubt, she heard it all. Those not taken out by the pint-size initial assualt actually hesitated upon catching her attention. It seemed no matter how quietly or boisterously one tried to approach the girl's eye would be on them in an instant, locking them in place. "Ya betta hurry up then Amani-chan, or their ain't gonna be enough left over here for ya!" She calls out, cracking her knuckles. She meant it too. Now that she got the go ahead from the only person whose words really mattered to her, Rise intended to hold an impromptu demonstration of how to properly 'whoop da ass'.
Sadly for those prisoners clustered too close to one another on her right, they'd be first to play pratice dummies today. She closed the distance in scarcely a heartbeat with a leap, spinning in mid-air to take out the first too not quick enough to duck her kick, and the one who did with a successive one. "De-Depart it! What are you guys waiting for, she's just—" Mr. Rally man was next, courtesy of a kick to the back of the head from a girl who seemed to have flown from one end of the battle field to the other.

- Hiro crouched in the shadows, using his reduced prominence to seem more like an eerie spectre that calmly lists between corners, shadows and ledges. His movement was slow, deliberate and calculated.. In his experience, sudden movements tends to draw attention.. Leaping up on the ceiling to become less likely to be seen.. His mind's eye expanding out to detect the chakra and its levels about. There were several normal signatures of equal or greater than himself, one significantly weaker. Then there is another this one.. is awkward at first.. cause it seems familiar but its not even remotely familiar.. The brows on his head furrow in confusion but pass it off as an artifact.. its not like its an exact science.. He attempts to keep his wits about him and stay hidden -

"Have you ever experienced cracking bones with no sound?" Amani inquires. "It's a surreal experience. I think you should try it sometime. You won't hear a thing, but you'll know by the damage and twisted expressions that you've done some good work!" She says as she sends a few well placed sound blasts into a group to stun them. She needed some passage to get through to Rise. "Also, it helps to keep down complaints in the hospital. Not hearing anything has its perks," she smirked as she fired off another sonic sharp to someone drawing too close to Rise.

Hiei flicks another kunai towards his opponent and then leaps high into the air as he drops a lightning infused elbow on top of another. He pops back up to his feet just in time to dodge a kick towards his head. He extends his finger towards the center mass of the one that kicked at him as a jolt of lightning extends from him and into the body of his attacker. "You're doing great, Ryouji. Keep it up." Giving some words of encouragement to his student.

As Hiroyasu follows the group of four shinobi that make it to the top of the stairs, he notices that they come to stop next to a large cell. Inside that cell, bound by chains around the legs, arms, and neck is none other than the Ox King himself. One of the four step forwards and places a glowing seal on the bars themselves. There is a small explosion as the bars are blown away. The Ox King smirks. "It's about time. Release me." One of the other shinobi steps forwards while drawing a sword, and with a couple quick slashes, the chains fall away and the King rises fully to his feet. He easily dwarfs those next to him as he almost crests seven feet tall. Another shinobi steps forwards and offers the King his twin axes before stepping back. Ox King smirks. "Let's go." And then he turns and swings at the wall itself, creating a hole that they all leap out of. On the battlefield below, anyone paying attention can hear a loud *bang* and then debris fly out from the second floor before figures leap out and onto the ground. With the help of the group and the guards, most of the prisoners have been laid out or subdued.

Ryouji does block the strike, but his arms shake from the hit. He lifts the club and takes a step closer to the huge man letting the club slam down behind him. The oger like guy grunts in confusion and Ryouji brings the sword back around stabbing down into the foot. It causes the oger to roar in pain but enough time for Ryouji to bring his sword up and side stepping to the left, slashes at the back of his leg severing the hamstring and falling the man. Ryouji flicks the sword of the bit of blood and slides it back into its saya with a slide and clicking sound.

A haphazard swing is side-stepped, placing Rise in the perfect position to shove the attacker off his feet. She grinned and turned back to berate the fool for doing so. The words however quickly die in her throat upon sensing another behind her. Cursing mentally, Rise turned with the intention of striking the owner of the overwhelming shadow below the belt beforehand, only to end turning just in time to see the man fall of his own according. It takes another moment or so for her to process the sound that came before the strike. An unmistakeable thing to those that have trained or fought with a Yamayuki enough times.
She'd give Amani a kiss for that later! No wait, a hug! Just a hug and nothing more.
"GAAh! Stupid, stupid, stupid brain!" Rise yelled as another pair tried to flank her. These two she absently took care of with a few well placed chops after breezing past.

- Well.. that was informative.. but not especially useful in the terms of scouting but informative never-the-less. Hiroyasu at least knew who they were after not that it wasn't clear when they jumped out of the window into the courtyard below.. He hatched his devious plan, Taking a moment to focus his chakra before releasing the Gijifugan and leaping out of the window in surprise flying missile dropkick.. Hiei wasn't the only one practicing the Taijutsu lately.. he goes specifically for the Seal user, fight what you know. -

Amani continued helping out Rise in the background considering she had all the other stuff in front of her taken care of. She just needed to keep people away from her that could potentially surprise attack her while she went wild on these other attackers.
Every so often, she had to duck out of the way and dedicate herself to her own problems, but she tried to keep herself away and off the ground to eliminate that issue. There was the occasional rock and by rock she meant stone, that happened to find its way up to her. These prisoners were resourceful. There was a special kind of creativity that came out of prison.
The loud crash that and subsequent thud that announced the arrival of the Ox King drew her attention away momentarily. "Hm. Was this all a ruse?" She wondered. The riot was a distraction? It would make sense, but still, the prisoners had to be subdued. Especially to deal with this threat, but the downside meant that chakra may have been exhausted. Darn. Time to refocus and gather up some energy.

Riding in on a white with black spots stallion, the hair flying in the wind majestically, was Nariko. She had received the message late and arrived, of course, fashionably late. As she neared the area, she slid off her horse, landing on the ground and looks to everyone. No greetings, but she does look around to get a feel of the situation. Within moments she attempts to make the many people think of a bright light in front of them. "Walk into the light my children." She smiles and then raises her arms, lightning surging around them, crackling as they do so. Within moments she releases bolts of lightning through her fingers towards the enemy.

The Ox King and his crew run through what's left of the fighting, making their way towards the exit. Guards fly up into the air with yells and screams as the bandit leader drops his shoulders into his opponents as he barrels through. Hiei is the first one in their path and he steps up to meet them, but he sways on his feet before falling face first into the ground. As near as anyone can tell, no one ever touched him. But Hiei finds that he can't move his arms or his legs. As the group moves closer, they do see a slender form in a dark cloak with her hand extended towards the Yotsuki Chuunin. As the wind kicks up, the hood is blown back over her head, revealing a dark complexion, shock white hair that flows down her back, and an uncanny resemblance to Hiei himself, if he had been born female.

Then something unexpected happens. A flying Hiroyasu impacts one of the shinobi, the seal user, striking him in the back and sending him skidding along the ground. As they turn to look towards the bald monk, the white haired kunoichi's eyes widen. "Protect father!" One of Ox's henchmen draws a sword and moves towards Rise, slicing out towards her with both speed and precision. The Ox King himself does what he normally does in situations as these. He hangs back and watches. He keeps his beady eyes on both Hiroyasu and Nariko. He's tangled with them before and he groans inwardly because of it. In the meantime, the final member of the team looks towards Amani and performs a series of seals before slamming his hand on the ground, casuing columns of stone pillars to rise out of the ground underneath her.

After Nariko executes her jutsu, there are screams all around the battlefield. "Oh, powder my eyes!" And even more scream. "It's the Tempest dammit, run!" Apparently there are yakuza members who also recognize Nariko. Most are rendered helpless before the Yotsuki heroine's genjutsu and also fried by her lightning, save very few.

Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

"Huh? With only so few left to worry about in one way or another, Rise risked a glance back to see who yelled out father. She only catches a glimpse of it before being forced to defend herself from one of the Ox's henchmen. Thoughtlessly, Rise turned fully, adding momentum behind her attempt to deflect the blade, only to still wet it where it pierced her shoulder. She held her ground, if just barely, and made to push the blade far enough away to leap back and put some distance between her in the swordsman.
"Guess'n I ought now hold back on ya, then." She says, feigning non-chalance as she sized him up. Not a prisoner, so… something more? Either way, Rise wasn't gonna waste time second guessing herself on what to do. She only took whatever time she had to pop a pill and build up her chakra to satisfy its cost. Muscles hidden beneath that lithe physique begin to swell up…

- It was a successful sneakyasu attack! Sending the Seal wielder into the dirt was part of his marvelous plan.. Reaching into his seal pouch, he begins throwing out a barrage of chakra laced seals which shower the seal user like a storm of razor-sharp paper. "Beware! They are easily Chuunins and Jounins.." Hiroyasu says to the others giving the only tid-bit of information that was worth repeating.. Before turning his attention to the seal user for their battle of wits, and clash of skills. -

Shoot… Amani remarks to herself. She should've seen that person coming. Now that she's aware of who they're up against, she sees that complete damage is now an option. Good. These guys have proved that they want to die, so now it's time to offer that to them. "Don't hold back. At all. Kill them," she remarks to Rise. She didn't consult anyone on it, but she didn't feel she needed to.
With the stone columns coming against her, she decided to cushion the blows from them by creating a sound barrier that'd be difficult to penetrate. She'd then proceed to turn her attention on the person that attacked her. She took aim and fired off a shot towards them with her bow, but she thinks to be anymore effective, she'd need to be closer in.

Nariko smiles a moment, then notices the face on the girl. "Wait…" She looked familiar, but she couldn't figure out why. "No.." She shakes her head and tries to get her mind off the girl. ~She disappeared years ago. It can't be her.~ She thinks a moment before reaching behind her back and pulling out her awesome goat shaped pez dispenser. She brings it up to her mouth, squeezing it, the soft goat noise expelling from it as it shoots a pill into her mouth. She slips the dispenser back and cracks her knuckles. "It's clobbering time." The lightning surges around her forearms as it builds up, her legs starting to move towards the girl. As she gets closer to lets out a bolt to shock Hiei from his crying fit. "Man up!" She yells at him before sending a few lightning infused punches at the girl.

As the battle begins between the Ox's henchmen and the group from Kumo, the shinobi pair off with opponents of their own. The Seal Master causes a seal to burn between his fingers as a shimmering blue dome appears around him against Hiroyasu's barrage of sharpened seals. Under the onslaught, cracks form in the dome until it shatters, and the seal user finds himself with pieces of paper sticking out of multiple places in his body. He withdraws another seal from his satchel and it glows blue before he tosses it towards Hiroyasu. As the seal hits the ground, there is an explosion of chakra around it in all directions. The swordsman smirks at Rise. "You're not so tough are you? You just talk a big game." He flicks his wrists, infusing fire into his katana as he strikes out at Rise again. The earth user erects a wall of rock to block Amani's sound arrow, but the arrow penetrates the wall and the arrow lodges itself in his upper shoulder. He winces against the pain as he forms another seal, then extends his fingers towards her as he fires bullets made of earth. Meanwhile, the dark skinned daughter of the Ox King attempts to use her genjutsu skills to fade from view but Nariko wasn't fooled by it. Both attacks strike home and a cry of pain issues forth from her lips as she backpedals. Both from the pain, and from the drain to her energy from those two strikes alone. She forms handeals before she places her fist down by her side as it crackles with lightning. She then takes a sliding step forwards and shoots a blast of lightning on course for Nariko.

Hiei feels the shock from Nariko and rises to his feet, shaking off the effects of the Genjutsu. He nods to Nariko. "R-right. Sorry." He forms a handseal. "Release: Lightning Aura." A blue aura infused with lightning surrounds his body as the armor he's clad in glows as it collects and focuses the lightning coursing around him. He then vanishes from sight as he attacks the swordsman that attacked Rise. He didn't even bother to draw his own sword as he lifts a lightning infused knee towards his gut and then slams an elbow towards the small of his back.

A moment of exstacy unexpectantly becomes one of agony for Rise. She grips her shoulder and narrows her eye from the pain. While she may have regain the relative full use of her arms, the muscles that replaced those torn by the blade still hurt like no tomorrow! Still, it had a cleansing — a focusing effect as well. The cobwebs that had begun to fall in place from little sleep and easy opponents burned away. Someone calls out that they were easily Chuunin to Jounin level. Rise honestly hoped they were the latter, oddly enough. It would certainly have felt like a waste of such an expensive pill otherwise.
"…Hai." She states. It was not in answer to the swordsman, though, he'd learn soon enough who Rise mainly listened to. She rolled under the blade and… disappeared!? Only for an instance, and then her foots is either against his chin, knocking him sky high with a new shadow joining him soon. She'd break his neck with a fearsome hug.

- When the seal lands on the ground, he pulls from his pocket with great quickness a seal of his own which summons forth a dome around the seal when it explodes containing the explosion before shattering into blue dust. "…" Hiroyasu's eyes look at the Fuuinjutsu user before sending out another volley of chakra infused slivers of paper, the spray of paper was simple but effective. This was going to be a battle of intelligence but a battle of wills and endurance. -

Amani smirked. Earth bullets. She stopped them in their tracks with a barrier of sound and watched them slow until they fell to the ground as ineffective pieces of rock. "You better not give me more work than I need to deal with, Rise," she stated to her over the fighting. "I know you can kill him, but toying with him is a nice bonus," she remarked.
Now to handle this earth user. She needed to disable him first and then kill him. She dashed towards him, focusing chakra to her hands that she'd use to cut away at his muscles. No way to control the hands means no seals.

Nariko kept the lightning sizzling around her arm as she saw the lightning bullets come towards her. She extends her hand out, the bullets fighting against her palm. She slowly makes her fist clench around the bullets, crushing them once she does so. "Yeah, no." She looks to the girl and looks to Hiei. She shook her head. "Can't be." She mumbles softly to herself. She moves to the girl, backhanding her. "Thats for Hiei." She pulls her arm back, sending a forceful punch to the girl's gut, then she moves to slam her into the ground. "See you next fall."

Through the combination of attacks from Hiei and Rise, the swordsman lies broken in a heap, especially after Rise bearhugs him and renders him unconcious from her sheer strength. The Seal Master burns another seal to erect a dome around himself, but Hiroyasu's sharpened seals once again shatter his defenses and now the seal jutsuist falls to one knee, blood seeping out of multiple wounds and his breath coming fast. He was using up a lot of chakra, but the monk seemed daisy fresh for some reason. For now, he does nothing, attempting to gather his breath. The Ox Daughter's eyes widen as Nariko crushes her attack against her palm like it was nothing. She manages to duck under the first strike, but her eyes go wide again. "H-Hiei?" She blinks as if trying to remember something before Nariko drives a hand into her gut and then she finds herself in pain on her back with Nariko standing above her. She snarls as she stares at the other kunoichi, attempting to catch her eye. The Earth jutsuist blinks at Amani as he asks with a hint of fear in his voice. "W-What are you?" She was creepy looking with the eyes and she was freakishly strong. It's around this time the Ox King continues to look on. He shifts a foot towards the exit, perhaps getting ready to take his leave and allow the his henchmen to once again take the fall for him. Even the one that he calls his daughter.

Hiei steps away from the fallen swords man and then turns to level his gaze on the earth manipulator that was engaged with Amani. He was in fight mode and wasn't paying attention to much else. He disappears from sight, drawing both swords as he goes. He attacks with both all at once towards the back of the earth manipulator. "Scum."

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze aaaannnd pop went the swordsman~ Or at least that was her intentions, but alas! The man had a thicker neck then she expected. Even so, a passed out enemy was still decent enough victory in her book. For now. And with one threat out of the way, Rise gives the battlefield a quick scan before arriving to a conclusion. The ox king has yet to engage anyone… and noone has done the same. She knew not his skills, his techniques, or even his history for that matter. Still…
Without a word of warning or second thought more, Rise rushed him outright. A battle cry is released. And then, the girl is airborne, ready to lash out with a fierce spinning back kick. "Leaf Strong Whirlwind."

- Hiroyasu takes the advantage of his opponent attempting to regroup, pulling from his seal pouch.. He lets them fly in rapid succession, it wouldn't be prudent to leave it to only 1 attempt.. should both hit.. the worse that could happen was a severe coma. "Stay down!" he snarls having felt the extent of his opponents bag of tricks. Now that he can take even a moment to survey the field of battle it seems that everyone is holding their own.. with one enemy already down, another on the brink. And Nariko manhandling anything in her path.. "scary.." he mutters with a cold shiver going up his spine. -

"I'm a medic," Amani answered simply to the guy as she crossed paths with the earth user and his arms. Leaving them unable to do anything, she waited for Hiei to finish the job so that she could focus on the main one behind all this rioting. "Waking me up out of my sleep for this. I'm upset," she states. "Now I have to gather my energy back," she sighed. The fight isn't yet over and the Ox King needs to be done in. "If there's any others left living, they should probably be killed too. They don't need any reason to lead more prison riots or resistances. They need to be silenced and crushed at the root," she explained as she looked around at whoever was left. "I don't need anymore of my sleep interrupted with their foolishness."

Nariko stood over the girl, but unfortunately for her she had looked her in the eye. Rookie move. All of a sudden she feels the side of her body was slashed with a sword. She screams out in pain, she reaches for her side, touching it and then looking at her hands sees blood. The pain was too great for her, her knees giving out and causes her fall to her knees. "What…what did you do?!" She screams at the girl, tears rolls down her eyes, thankfully she was turned away from Hiei, didn't need him to see it.

With things as they are, the Earth Manipulator goes down from a combination of Hiei's dual sword attack and Amani's chakra scapel. This one will not be waking up again. When Rise attacks the Ox King, he doesn't move to stop her. Her kicks impact against his large chest and he simply gives her a look as he brushes off the front of his chest. He then takes both axes and swings towards her, attempting to get some distance from the attack by knocking the smaller girl away from him. The Ox Daughter hops back up her feet once she feels her genjutsu take hold of Nariko. She forms several seals as a bright flash of light blankets the battlefield. "Come Father, we must away immediately." And with those words, the Ox King and his daughter begin to run at full speed towards the exit to disappear into the night.

Hiei turns to look towards the Ox King next after the Earth Manipulator falls. He begins to run towards him until he is blinded by a bright flash of light. He stabs himself in the thigh with his shortsword to ward away the genjutsu, having had Nariko use it on him before, he knew what it was. However, it was a lost cause. "I can't see!" He exclaims as he turns around in a circle, trying to find his way.

'What the breakout!?' She screams in her head. It felt like she just struck a steel column! And she should know given some of her more extreme methods of training in the past. Despite her leg screaming Rise forced a kick off from the men's chest to recover. The Ox King gives her no respite. The force behind the blow meant to knock her back however is halted with a palm strike. Grinning, Rise leaped with the intent to renew the assault when, without warning, a blinding light swims into view.
The pain pushes her to bite her own tongue, shredding it with those shark-like teeth of hers but saving her from the illusionary glare. "Ah, Oww, ow — !? Oi! Get back here!!", She yells, rushing once more after the duo and past them if she could to cut off their escape. The moment she's in front of them Rise breaks forward to try knock the King back into the combat zone.

- Hiroyasu, attempts to purge his chakra as the blinding wave of searing eye pain comes to the forefront.. but it was just too strong a sensation and his attempt fails with a level of epic fail that only few have ever known. He rolls around on the ground groaning.. "My eyes! My special eyes!" he gurgles.. "is this what Nariko does to people.. she's a demon amongst monsters.." he mutters to himself ~hopefully~.. -

"Someone stop her!" Amani shouted as she tended to her eyes. That flash was bright and tears were welling up from how painful it was. She turned about, knowing that she still had hear hearing available. She was going to be trapped, but she could still feel out people in the area. She may be able to get a trace on them and continue tracking them as they run away. She's a medic, after all.
She can only hope that they don't get too far away that she's unable to pick up anything on them. As she is now, she can only hope she recovers quickly enough to find them. She had to pay back that genjutsu user.

As Nariko lied on the ground, finally feeling the pain leave her, she was blinded. "I…I will find that girl and make her pay." She clenches her eyes closed. She rolled onto her back, her eyes still closed as she tried to regain her wits.

"Go! Go!" Ox King bellows towards his daughter as Rise appears in front of him and kicks him hard in the chest. He staggers back a couple of steps..he felt that one. He growls under his chest. "You're trying my patience little girl." He then says, "Open: Chakra Gate of Healing!" A green aura appears around his body as he slams his axes together, creating one Great Axe. He moves faster than his large frame was supposed to. "Great Axe backhand Strike!"

Hiei is still staggering around with his hands over his eyes and blinking rapidly. "What's going on..seriously. I can't…" He goes down to one knee. "Gah, I hate this."

Rise rebounds off the Ox King once more, but at least this time 'felt' him… feel, it. "Axe me if I care?!", She barks back immediately. The very release of the King's inner gate unbalances Rise to the point the next stroke broke her attempt to cancel the King's blow. She flies and rag dolls the moment her body touches the ground. Unwilling to concede defeat, Rise righted her bruised and better body and rushed the King again, heedless of any warnings, of any tactics beyond the simple 'Break. Him. In. Half!' To that end, the moment she got in close and leaped the girl tried to shatter his defenses and break his skull with a single blow. "Leaf Rock Destorying Rise!"

The King may resemble a big oaf, but he didn't get to the top of his organization by being stupid. There was a reason he sat back and watched while his henchmen fought the shinobi. Wear them down. When Rise attacks, he side steps her and at the same moment he aims the blunt part of his axe towards the base of her skull while she was still airborne, countering her strike with one of his own. After that, he turns and blazes a trail after his daughter, who is by now, way ahead of him. However, the King wasn't done with Kumogakure. Not by a long shot. The day of reckoning would come soon. The guards have rounded up the prisoners and secured them, sending them back into their cells. The Kumo nin did do what they set out to do. The riot was squashed, though the real reason for it was successful. The Ox-Daughter had rescued her father, even if it cost her the entire squad she brought to do it. Like father, like daughter, apparently.

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