Evaluation Trifecta


Eremi, Chiasa, Tatsuo, Kyoko

Date: November 1, 2015


Chiasa needed to be evaluated before given a rank within the village. Eremi decides to evaluate a couple genin at the same time.

"Evaluation Trifecta"

Toshiba Forest

Wind rustles through the leaves, drowning out the distant sound of someone training. She noticed that

there was some team out here every day almost, but it's still fairly peaceful. This place is secure, unlike the

forests outside where one might run into any sort of danger. It's serene.. but dangerous. So, she sits in the

open, the better to not be a suprise to anyone. And if anyone accidentally attacks her… well, she isn't made of

porcelain. It'll be alright.
Sunlight glints off the woman's shiny fair hair, lighting her up like a candle as it crests into the open

canopy of the trees. Chiasa glances up briefly and then looks back down to the scroll she has laid out, biting her

lip as she considers what to draw next. Unable to make a decision, the woman sighs and sets down her ink laden

brush, as not to drip.

There's always people training in the forest. It's kind of what the forest had been set aside for after

all. Some places we're better to train than others, some were better if you wanted a peaceful spot than others.

Some you just didn't have any luck at all! As it is Tatsuo is seeking a little more out of the way area and he

arrives in the area that Chiasa is currently occupying. The young Nara looks a little surprised to see someone

there, especially someone who's just staring at a scroll. Hmm. Well, regardless, obviously this area is taken. But

since he'd kind of barged into the clearing itself he decides he should be polite before he leaves. "Um, gomen, I

didn't mean to intrude," he says with a small half bow. "I didn't expect anyone to be here."

Kyoko rubs the back of her neck as she sighs. "I know I… THERE!" She suddenly perks up a bit and races

off, trying to chase after… something. Who knows what she's chasing after? Certainly not the many people she

almost knocked down as she was racing. At least part of her trip was through the forest, so she only had to worry

about trees at the last moment. The girl skids to a halt to find Tatsuo, the girl panting a bit as she slows. "Oy,

Tats! I got-" She pauses for a second when she realizes another signature and person. Her goggled eyes peer at

Chiasa for a few moments before she asks Tatsuo, "You know her?" She indicates the stranger with her thumb.

High up in the trees, perched on one of the many branches that make up the canopy of this forest, was

Eremi crouched down low. His one visible emerald eye looking down on the scene below. It started out with the

'candle' being alone only to quickly be joined by two more; the 'subject' and the 'insect'. It wasn't what was

intended, to have to confront all three, but it would have to do.
Clanking interrupts not only the sounds of the wind but also the conversation of the three below, as

chains rattle against one another until suddenly Eremi lands on the ground with a thud as his feet plant firmly

into the ground, knees slightly bent. "I've been looking for you." He states as he straightens up, not bothering

to mention who exactly of the three he was looking for.

Chiasa glances up again as she hears a voice, looking to Tatsuo. "Really?" She blinks a bit at that, her

eyes widening. "You must have the most horrible luck then. Because there are always people here when I come here."

Distracted, she reaches to a small container, opening it and pouring a small amount of sand over one of the

characters to help the ink dry a little more quickly. Occupied by talk, she's very likely to smear her work

Her long fingers slide the lid back onto the small jar and her eyes turn in Kyoko's direction, seeming to

pick her up before she arrived somehow. Not like she wasn't making a crap ton of noise or anything… Seeing that

introductions might need to be made, Chiasa settles the jar back onto a corner of her scroll and rises to her full

Just in time to see Eremi drop from the sky like a dead bird. Chiasa actually jumps a bit, but stands her

ground. She blinks at Eremi and then glances to the other two. He might mean her, but maybe not. After all, she

knows very little about the relationships between the shinobi here. Who is who and who likes who and who would

want whose attention. She'll need another month to figure it all out.
"Eremi-san. Do the gods always drop you from the sky like that? That will take some getting used to, I'm


When Kyoko arrives oh so suddenly and out of breath Tatsuo looks to her with some surprise before he

shakes his head at the question. "Oh, hi Kyoko-chan, no I don't know her. I was just coming to train and she was

already here. Um, I was just going to leave since she was already here." Then before he can say anymore someone

with clanking chains drops to the ground and he instinctively draws on some chakra, some of it even a bit sickly

feeling, as if expecting someone to attack them. But then…he's seen this person before. Daichi's teacher. He

releases the chakra quickly, forcing himself to relax before looking between Chiasa and Eremi. Apparently /they/

know each other. So at least he knows who he came to speak to. Tatsuo turns dark eyes back to Kyoko in the end and

he looks her over briefly before frowning slightly. "Kyoko-chan, are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine. I wanted to talk to you about something, is all." The girl frowns a bit as so many people

are here. "Geez… Can't get a minute along…" the girl huffs. Kyoko crosses her arms over her chest. "So, what's

your name?" she asks, head turned to Chiasa so that it's clear she's talking to her. "I never seen you before. And

I guess that guy is Eremi, then?" She looks over to Eremi. He didn't /feel/ too impressive… But he was a

taijutsuist, so it was harder for her to gauge.

The different responses from each, as Eremi appeared out of nowhere, was interesting to witness and

definitely something to take into consideration for later, especially the 'subject'. For the time being, there

were more pressing matters that required his attention, "Maybe the Eight Drunken Immortals, but that's a story for

a different time." He'd reply to Chiasa while looking the other two over. "Satonezu Eremi." Not sure if he had

introduced himself to them before or not, he would do so now and might do so later if he forgets once again.
"I've come here to administer a test and since you all are gathered I'd like to give it to each of you. At

the same time. You of course are welcome to decline, but that would naturally change the parameters of the

test…" Again he'd look the three over to gauge their responses and how they'd react to being offered a test with

no guidelines as to what they are.

The woman looks to Kyoko when the girl asks her questions, not answering right away. Well, to be honest,

she forgets to. Chiasa stares at Eremi for a moment, getting that intent expression in her features that means

she's trying to read him. Not what he's saying, but perhaps what he isn't. Quietly, she awaits the responses of

Tatsuo and Kyoko, wanting to know how they might react to such a vague proposition.
Chiasa, however, doesn't move, not backward nor forward. There is only an imperceptible settling in the

shape of her stance. Isn't her response clear then? She's not going anywhere. Instead, she smiles, "A test, you

say?" Even if it isn't for her, she'd like to see what happens with the others.

Tatsuo opens his mouth to respond to Kyoko when he processes what it was Eremi had said and he pauses,

blinking in surprise as his attention shifted back to Daichi's teacher. "A…test?" he asks with uncertainty as he

glances between the other two, a bit of unease flooding through him. "What kind of test?" He's really not sure he

wants to be involved in this but…for now he stays to at least hear what it is Eremi has to say.

Kyoko quirks a brow. "Uh… huh…" She points to Chiasa. "You still haven't answered my question," She

grumbles. "But what Tats said. What kind of test are you even talking about?" the Aburame would ask of Eremi. A

few of her kikaichu crawl across her face as they move to different spots on her body. "I suppose if you aren't

going to tell us, I'll still join… It sounds interesting, anyways…"

Curious bunch. Not as rambunctious as he would have hoped, but it'll do. "Yes, a test. Well, in a way,

anyways." He'd move past the three, walking over toward the nearest tree to prop himself up against it before

explaining what he meant. "I want you three to spar me at the same time. With every thing you have or you can hold

back a little if you want. Depending on your performace and how well you work together is how I will grade you.

Pass or fail I won't tell you and it probably won't mean much either way except for my own personal opinion, but

that's gotta mean something right? Of course." Chains hanging from the shackles of his wrists begin to rattle as

he lifts his arms up to cross over his chest. "So, if you are interested, please come at me when you are ready.

Discuss amongst yourselves or do your own thing."

She observes each reaction-mild timidness, over eagerness. It would seem that Eremi is being presented

with a full spectrum. Chiasa watches him as he walks to lean against a tree, listening. He wants /her/ to spar

him, with them? She'll have to admit, she's a bit confused. Using her abilities while in the village is something

she hasn't really been doing too much of. Too many people around that could likely kill her if she ever slipped up

and hurt something or someone. "Huh.." She utters the sound, matter-of-factly, and kneels down to roll up the

scroll. Chiasa listens to the other two as she quickly shoves the things into her bag. Rising she casts it gently

off to the side and then turns to face Eremi. "Well, this should be interesting seeing as I have no idea what

either of you can do." Her arms lift and the woman focuses to get herself ready.

Tatsuo looks to Kyoko when he hears what Eremi has to say and he frowns faintly before looking back to

Eremi. He can't go all out, there's no way he can in this instance, not with so many people around that he doesn't

know. He just hesitates and waits to see what Kyoko wants to do. He wouldn't leave her behind if she wanted to do

this test…he'd help, he just would have to hold back some. If Kyoko agrees he will as well…at least he can

heal people if injuries happen…

Kyoko winces a bit at the amount of chakra everyone gathers. Headache-inducing… The girl rubs her

temples a bit and sighs. "Alright… Fine. I'm curious who you are, and /APPARENTLY/ I'm not getting an answer

until this business is done with." The girl grumbles and shakes her head, focusing some chakra just in case.

"Well, Tats, I guess we're doing this? You seem ready." She gives him a sort of 'look' that he should know the

meaning of. Of course, she probably didn't even need to give him that look… The girl just gave it to him. A

number of bugs flow out of her body, then, as she prepares.

The hand signs were flying from each and the chakra was gathering, the three were clearly ready to start,

but who would begin? Not Eremi of course, an obvious sign as he remains leaning against the tree, a hand raising

slightly to scratch at his chin before crossing over his chest once again. He was most curious how Chiasa would

conduct herself in this situation, but after seeing the files on the 'insect' and the 'subject' it would be

interesting to see how they perform as well. Would they hold back? Most likely. Just a short while ago he was

called legendary and now, this Kyoko…She doesn't even know who he is.

Chiasa watches the other two for a moment longer, her eyes lingering on Kyoko… Does she have.. lice? She

quirks a brow and looks away, figuring it isn't polite to stare.. or think such things. The woman clears her

throat, feeling a bit of awkwardness settling in. "Well, then. Let's get started."
Chiasa walks forward a few paces, lifting her hands to form a small set of seals. Once close enough, her

eyes glance down and she kneels a few feet away from Eremi, gently pressing her fingers to the earth. Nothing

really happens at first. And then the ground just erupts beneath the man, all sharp and pokey. She expects him to

dodge both, but she doesn't really know his abilities.

Of course Kyoko does want to do it. Tatsuo gives a bit of a mental sigh before he turns his gaze back

towards Eremi and prepares. He's just…sitting there so lazily though. Hmm. He doesn't seem too worried, but then

this is Daichi's teacher right? He has to be pretty good. Tatsuo chews his lower lip a moment before he makes a

single hand seal, his chakra already infused around in the water and the air itself, pulling the liquid from it.

Thin chains of water form up near Tatsuo, then suddenly and quickly shoot towards Eremi, each one trying to wrap

him up.

Kyoko's insects seem scatter to the winds, disappearing so there weren't as many large clumps. Then a few

of them would come in from different directions, Kyoko directing them to different spots where there seemed to be

openings thanks to Chiasa and Tetsuo's attacks. The girl herself doesn't move, though. She's letting her insects

do the work for her.

Eremi inclined his head toward Chiasa as she approached, her movements slow and methodical, almost

predictable. "You should learn to send that chakra through your feet. It'd be much quicker. I assume you know tree

walking?" Pushing off the tree he'd pick up his feet, shifting this way and that to avoid each of the earthen

spikes. Unfortunately while doing so he moves directly into the path of the water tendrils that begin to slowly

wrap him up. "Oh, well…I won't say that's not fair, but.. Come on~" The tendrils begin to bind making it

difficult to move, he'd struggle the best he could as the swarm of bugs surrounded him, biting into his flesh. It

was a memorable sensation from having to take Etsu's wrath all the time. "Alright." Squirming against his water

bindings. "Make it count, because then it's my turn."

Chiasa straightens up as she watches the others attack the man. Water.. and lice. Wonderful. Hey! She

isn't one to complain about help, but the bug jutsu is really weird! "Hmm. I know how, Eremi-san. Who says I

didn't want to be predictable though? And you know that I can tree walk. You've seen me do it." With that, Chiasa

just pouts at him. It's a playful, brief expression, one replaced by a grin afterwards.
But attack him, she does not. If this were serious, a fight for her life perhaps, then she would. But in

sparring, she just simply isn't going to take advantage of someone who is bound, especially when it isn't by her

own hand. But she /does/ step back, out of the way so the other two ninja can just have at him, eager to see if

they'll take advantage of the opportunity.

Tatsuo is a little surprised when the water manages to wrap around Eremi, but he keeps it held tight for a

few moments as he considers. This was Daichi's teacher? Surely he was just tricking them then. This was….he was

just letting himself get caught right? The teen chews his lower lip in thought as he considers what to do. Just

release him or? ~No, he said it was a test, so test him.~ Tatsuo wasn't certain but…he was curious, and that

little voice within didn't do much to help. He takes a breath - then water bursts out from the ground, a huge

spout of it shooting up, then coming colliding right back down towards Eremi with force.

Kyoko would likely be shouting at CHiasa that Kikaichu aren't lice, but internal thoughts are internal

thoughts. The girl instead blinks as Tatsuo unleases a huge burst of water against Eremi. "Heh… Gotten pretty

good, Tats," she comments, holding up a hand and shooting a number of electric needles at the Satonezu. Maybe

they'll hit.She's not too sure what this test is supposed to do, except Eremi said that it gave him an opinion on

them. Wasn't that bad? Oh well.

Eremi had expected Chiasa to be the one to follow up with the attacks after the water bindings held him

close, but instead she stepped back to see what the other two would do. An interesting choice considering she had

no clue the abilities of the other, but it was one that probably worked out in her favor as it was clear Tatsuo

was not holding back.
The wave created engulfs Eremi, knocking him off his feet and sending him colliding with the same tree he

had used to lean against it. A quick breath to cough out the water that had tried to fill his lungs and no sooner

was he pelted by a barrage of lightning that caused him to spasm in place. When finished, needle size holes could

be seen throughout his clothing.
"You take no holding back seriously…but I hope that wasn't your best trick this early?" He'd look up

with a menacing smile at Tatsuo, one visible emerald eye focused on him. It was the only visible contact he'd

allow the others to make with him. For in one instance he was there, the next he was gone.
It was brief, but long enough for Eremi to reappear directly under Tatsuo with a kick that was directed at

the boys chin with enough force to send him flying. A move quickly followed up by a sudden kick off the ground and

an extended heel aimed at Kyoko. He'd touch the ground momentarily before rushing toward Chiasa, when he reached

the girl he did nothing. Simply stood in front of her waiting to see what happened next. Perhaps a courtesy for

what she had offered him moments before.

Chiasa watches as Eremi is it battered by their attacks. So, this is how bold Konohagakure shinobi are.

Interesting. The woman watches as he attacks the others, trusting the man to know the limits of them, at least, if

he was sent out on a test. He seems more experienced and perhaps might have more knowledge anyways. Besides,

Chiasa knows her limits and interrupting that much speed is out of the question.
When the man rushes and stops right in front of her, Chiasa doesn't flinch this time. Instead, she looks

back to him, smiling and lowering her lashes as though out of respect. Or flirtation. It is really hard to tell

sometimes. Her long fingers gently tap the edge of the pouch upon her thigh as though considering reaching for

something within.
And then the attack starts, tearing open the ground beneath him.

Tatsuo is filled with surprise when Eremi ends up taking the hit and he immediately feels guilty. Maybe

he'd had Daichi's teacher built up a little more in his mind. He probably shouldn't have gone so forceful right of

the b-! There's suddenly an Eremi interrupting his thoughts and though Tatsuo tries to form up some water to blast

him away the man is far too fast and Tatsuo goes flying up and sideways through a few trees, disappearing into the

leaves. It stuns him for a second, but he manages to flip in the air, using some water to start him going back

down. When he lands again his eyes are a little different - a dark red instead the black that they normally are.

With that a bit of a sick feeling would arrive as well as Tatsuo draws on that other chakra, even slightly.
Tatsuo rubs his chin since it's painful and such, but he doesn't hesitate in what he's doing as the water

comes back down from the tree tops towards Eremi once again, chains whipping after him once again while thin walls

of water form in various areas as well, trying to judge where he'll dodge and stab him along the way.

Kyoko barely has time to register that Eremi is moving, only able to lift her arms in front of her face to

brace for the impact that never comes. Eremi's leg is caught in a wave of Kikaichu that was able to move fast

enough to get in front of him. The girl lowers her arms, a faint sigh of relief when she feels Tatsuo's aura

shift. She frowns faintly, glancing over in his direction. She's pretty sure she can't do much, though. SHE WARNED

HIM!!! Oh well… The girl instead focuses on attacking Eremi, backing the Nara.

Looking into Chiasa's eyes, Eremi was momentarily distracted as he was reminded of a person he once knew

that he was all to sure that she was standing right before him again. Then she did something completely out of

character for whom he once knew that brought him back to the situation before him. The earth rumbled beneath his

feet and if not for a shift against the ground he'd be skewered once again. "Just wasn't sure if you forgot or

He'd look up to see what had happened to Tatsuo only to see the boy had managed to correct himself amongst

the trees to prevent himself from crashing into the ground. "I'd ask if you're ok, but you look more upset and

determined than anything." A shadow would consume him and as Eremi glanced up, he'd spot the water trying to crash

down before him. In a blink, Eremi disappears trying to get the better of Tatsuo once again, but is overwhelmed by

a vast amount of water spears that poke and prod into his form. "I can't take you lightly." He'd offer before

jumping backwards to land on his hands and using the momentum to carry him backwards and out of harms way of the

onslaught carried on by Kyoko.
"Alright, alright." Waving a hand to the three "I think it's time we call it." He'd take a quick breath

and the wounds he had sustained would start to heal over as a few of the chakra gates opened, unleashing a torrent

of chakra within himself. "I've seen all I need to see. I'll send my report to Daisuke on how you all responded."

Chiasa looks briefly to Tatsuo and Kyoko to see how they're doing. Her eyes linger on Tatsuo a moment

longer and then turns her eyes back to Eremi. She looks over him, assessing his damage. "Impressive. You can take

more of a beating than I originally thought." She smiles then, more kindly as he announces the end of the bout.

Her shoulders relaxes visibly as she releases her hold on her chakra. At his word that he's reporting to Daisuke,

she seem interested, wondering why she was included in this. Perhaps, the Kage had questions? "Hmm.."
Finally, she turns to Kyoko, "I'm Chiasa." The woman bows in a fairly ceremonious manner and then turns to

walk away and retrieve her bag.

Tatsuo blinks as things seem to end as quickly as they began and his eyes return to normal. He glances to

Kyoko and shrugs a little at the look from her. He'd been careful. A change in the eyes didn't say much after all.

Not like he went full cloak or even that he lost control. It was simply…wait, he's reporting to Daisuke? The

Hokage? That catches him even more by surprise and he looks back to Eremi, not sure what to say. In the end, while

his own wounds would mend beneath his clothing without prompting he would offer to heal Eremi as well. But, well,

since he didn't want it then Tatsuo would just quickly give a half bow before going off to do something or


"Hmm… Alright." Kyoko's kikaichu swarm back into her body, though not all at once. That'd be a bit of an

overload… No, they go into the baggy clothes and just sort of wander into her body casually. Sorta gross, right?

The girl seems to shift in her spot to look to Tatsuo, but she just nods when he departs. "Really? Daisuke's gonna

hear about this?" she says. Then a shrug and she looks to Chiasa. "Kyoko," would be her only reply. "Good spar,"

she tells the pair remaining before she wanders off as well.

Another deep breath would be taken before Eremi reached for his largest gourd and took a long, slow drink,

"Aaahhh…" Licking at his lips while he caps the gourd and lets it dangle from his side. "Yes, it comes with

experience and now it helps the youth to have someone to take out their aggression on. Sometimes you want to pop

them right in their mouth when they don't understand what you do for them, but…" Fingers tap lightly against a

"Anyways, yeah, I was instructed to test your abilities and report it to the Hokage, but with that, I've

also been able to test Kyoko and Tatsuo. Something Daisuke might be interested in as well, but who knows with that

man…" A shrug would be given as he moved toward Chiasa, "I could use something to eat after that. Want to join

me? Of course you can continue sitting here peacefully with your drawings and hope someone doesn't interrupt you

again. Either way, I'll be heading out."

Chiasa is busy dusting herself off, straightening her clothes, and readjusting her bag over her shoulder.

She looks up to Eremi eventually though, "I figured he would want to know something about me eventually." Chiasa

turns to face him fully as he approaches. "Something to eat? Sure! I'm absolutely starving!" Chiasa falls in step

with Eremi as they leave, rambling on question about why Konohagakure's ninja have magical head lice and what was

that weird boy with the water. Whether or not he would actually answer her questions, she'd continue on, talking

his ear off.

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