Hoiishime, Kaie, Maia, Masahiro, Mednin, Yasushi, Yoshimitsu, Yuuka

Date: 23rd April, 2010


Kumogakure shinobi attack the retreating Kirigakure army.


Harbor Path

With most of the other swordsman away on other tasks, and the sheer size of the Kumogakurean army, let alone their strategies being far more thought out than first imagined, Kirigakure was already on the ropes. They had no support from the mainland, and now Waves was in jeopardy as well as themselves. Worse, was this was exactly what Kirigakure was here to prevent… while getting a bit out of it themselves of course. Their lines were crushed, and they had to move into the interior of the island. There was no easy way out. Yasushi, and the sparse few leaders that remained had garrisoned the forces of Kirigakure inside of a centralized mountainous region of the island. It was the fall back, but they were aware of how dangerous the mountain terrain was for thme as opposed to their enemy. "We have got to move from this location before they find us." Yasushi would say to the others. Some of the other leaders, granted position by the Dainyo more so than the Kage, however disagreed. "We have a natural fortress here, we need to hold out until back up arrives." Yasushi would have an incredibly dark look in his eyes as he glanced at the man, but he did not yell at him. He knew better than this politician playing officer… but he could not expose himself here. "Do as you wish…" Yasushi would state as he'd leave the command tent, looking to most of the leadership like some spoiled brat who didn't get his way.
"Alright listen up… seems we are stuck here for the slaughter. I want a perimeter along the cliff side walls. There isn't much water down here, so utilize water jutsu sparingly. Get geared up, and scarf down what ever chow you have remaining in hand." Yasushi would order before going to visit Yuuka. "How are you holding up." he would say to her openly after the orders were given. He wasn't sure how she'd be effected by such conditions, but he knew that in the end she could endure them.

Yuuka blinks up from her plateful of runny mush as the towering Kaguya storms out of the tent, barking his commands out to the soldiers before turning and approaching her on her fallen tree. She offers a reassuring smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes, motioning towards the food, "Better without this I think." she murmurs softly, quite unlike most of her clan. Blinking her bright blue green eyes at the mush for a moment longer, she sighs before taking a few last bites of the food before tossing the plate into a tin full of other dishes, licking at her lips as she stands to her feet and shrugs her gear over her shoulder again.

Even as orders are finally being barked out, Yoshimitsu remains in his meditative stance for a few moments longer before letting out a sigh. "And so…we begin again." Is muttered just before he rises from stand and hopes of the higher ledge to the side of the main group ,and follow in. His sword, armor, and even his own physical condition is given a twice over before he walks up towards the sheer cliff side walls and peers at what can be seen of the enemy forces thus far. The need for food has long since fled his young mind in favor of sustaining himself with grim determination alone; least he through back up any food once the stench of so many corpses hits him too heavily.

The past few days for the Kumogakure forces have been quite successful in nature. The tactical precision in which the assassinations and raids had been executed were borderline meticulous as the Cloud Shinobi pushed their way inland.
Anyone who tried to sleep the night before near the southern coastline would have had a horrible time sleeping. Sounds of agony rang through the night sky as military genius, and leader of the Kumo forces tortured the location of the mountain hideout. This leader, Saito Masahiro, knew nothing about defeat. With the information he received from torturing the outpost leader, and previous intel from previous engagements, a plan had been drawn out in a matter of hours.
A small strike-force lead by Masahiro would find themselves at the base of the mountain, cloaked in infiltration gear. Speaking quietly, the General gives orders to the small group gathered, "Listen up, and listen closely. This will be a seek and destroy mission. Kill, main, slaughter anything that moves. Woman. Children. It doesn't matter. We will crush our opposition and we will do so efficiently." He paces back and forth, "Kaie, you and I will lead the offensive strike, while Maia guards Hoshii, who I want to be specifically healing us as we are hit. DO not fail me. Maia, I need you to tell me what we are looking at in reference to numbers. Kaie, we will flank them, you take the let, I'll take the right. You two…" He points to the others, "Stay hidden until are assault begins." With that, he focuses his chakra while unsheathing his large shinobi-gatana.

Death. SO much death. This is Maia's first real experience with it. She was a bit sheltered during the first ninja war after all. Still, she took a deep breath as she finally opened her eyes, her brain having just finished the signals she sent out not too long ago. She keeps mum about killing, maiming and slaughtering anything. She looks rather uneasy about that order. Would she follow it? she swallows a tad bit nervously and purses her lips, wrinkling nher nose a little as she raises a hand.
"Women and children?" she squeaks a little. She definitely wasn't going to follow it. Unless it was that psychopathic child she met from before. Still she sighs softly and takes a deep breath. "There's about fifteen hundred. It was hard to tell at times. There's a lot of globs out there so there's definitely groups. I don't know if that's enemy nin or civilians included though."
She looked towards Hoiishime and sighs softly. "Looks like you're with me, kid." she smiles cheerily. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, forming a seal as she focuses some more chakra, wanting to be ready for anything.

Kaie has given his word that he will help, but even so he seems somewhat surprised by Masahiro's ruthlessness. It does not worry him, though. In fact, it draws a smile on his painted lips, and his eyes practically sparkle at the prospect of it. He's traded his usual white robes for the snug black infiltration gear the Kumogakure ninja had insisted upon, and it felt… peculiar. He was used to a more flowing, beautiful outfit when killing. But wasn't this half the fun? To try new things and see how these strange ninja were supposed to do things. Certainly, he hadn't intended to be at the forefront of the mission, but if that was what his gracious hosts wanted, then he wasn't going to argue with it.
"Of course, honored Shinobi." He purrs, sliding his sword from it's sheath with the whisper of steel. The weapon is twirled once, and he nods his head to Masahiro. Nothing more than an amused look thrown in Maia's direction. A brief, fleeting memory of their prior discussion. It'd be interesting to see how this turned out.
"I have killed mothers with their babies. I have killed great philosophers; proud young warriors and revolutionaries. I have killed the evil, the good, the intelligent, the weak… and the beautiful. And now, I will kill ninja of Kirigakure, and their followers. In your name." And what else is there to say, than that? Kaie will remain by Masahiro's side, and his sword will not hesitate in his hand. Because he has given his word that he will assist in this mission, and he has never broken his word.

Maia isn't exactly as blood thirsty as her fellow compatriots. Upon the order, she nods as she squicks a little at the sight of blood. It's always bothered her. Still, she runs up the mountain as a nimble little kunoichi making her way through extras like woah. There's a useless kick here. A flail of her arm there. But yet they fall for some reason. It's not even like she has to connect a punch they still fall. It's an odd thing really as she continues to make her way simply incapacitating instead of killing. Surely Masahiro won't be too happy about this.
Still, she goes on, struggling against a few of the more experienced nin, garnering some nasty bruises as she's hit. It's not exactly all fun and games as she continues to make her way towards the base following Masahiro's lead.

Yoshimitsu heart races into hyper drive in anticipation ,and so he begins focusing his energy on building up power for the oncoming assault. His eyes incestant curiosity constantly keep shifting downward and gives him a sense of vertigo at the share drop. Effectively making him lose focus and gain a few mocking snorts from his fellow nin. "Man… I really hate heights", He mutters underbreath as he pushes away and begins moving along the lines for a less disorienting view.

Mednin of all flavors and ranks from Kumo seemed to had been rushed into the battle without even the briefest of preparations. It was apart of a big force of individuals who had the defeat of Kirigakure both upon there minds and inside there hearts. To actually be apart of this war, for a monk, meant being apart of something that treaded the fine line of good and evil. This was something a monk of the Jinrai Shrine would be battling with the whole time, his techniques, especially that of the Shime style of Grappling, not being designed to bring upon the one thing that had been the very opposite of promoting life… causing death. Man's slaughter, in this fight was an inevitability, not stopping to give choice, nor bothering to give chance. And though any monk of a Jinrai would probably agree that death was a necessary part of life, the would disagree in what would be the forced extinguishing of any life before that of an natural end
Hoiishime, couldn't stop to give last rights to those who he saw falling around him. He could only stick with the platoon he had been assigned, keeping in sight, Kaie, Saito Masahiro, and Maia, whom he would seem to appear and reappear amongst with every direction of battle. His rhythm had been to block, before using the momentum of his enemies attack to either slam them, or toss them away, using all the leverage his body could gain from the unbalancing caused by those who seeked his demise. "So many…Buddha.. why?", being whispered upon his breathe as he would move forward, the Kussetsu Eda of his style (Bending Branch Technique), being used often to propel him through while at the same time helping him keep going without being harmed.

A Kaguya Chuunin who had been lingering in a large shadow suddenly emerges in a flurry of kunai. The old man is the first target, two sharp daggers shredding through the air aimed for his throat. Another is thrown to the side at Maia, a snarl forming on his lips as he chunks yet another towards the healer.
Masahiro hand is quick, his hand retrieving and delivering an intercepting kunai, which clings the opposing kunai into the abyss of the darkness.4 His movements are calculated but he stays at bay for now, a large katana being drawn from it's sheath by his side.

Dodging around others fighting and slashing at one another, Yuuka moves without reservation, her fingers tightening their grip as she narrows her bright blue green eyes, gaze landing on Maia dispassionately. She holds the dagger at her side with a hard leap aiming for Maia's back and well aware of her surroundings. Knowing full well that this little kunoichi has her back protected, at least with long ranged attacks.

Yoshimitsu vision goes hazy for a moment as memories of the past begin to bubble up to the surface; blinding and binding him complete for a moment. A name slips from his lips unbidden before he's able to shake his head rapidly and holding out his sword defensively. With heart racing, eyes narrowed and alert he glances among the ranks in attempt to find the enemy. 'Genjutsu……*headshakes and turns back to the cliff face*…just nerves again.
Next thing Yoshimitsu knows the battle has already taken a turn ,and without further adieu he launches into the fray as a silver tornado; slashing away at the nearest opponent as soon as he breaks out it. Then following up with a round house kick that if successful will knock his target away from the others. "One warning: On your guard or die." He states bluntly and changing his stance slightly.

Masahiro barely moves as he deflects the spray of Kunai in his direction, the unique sword dancing around as if it had a mind of it's own. As for his body? Doesn't budge. There is a hint of annoyance though, and his hand plucks at the mask surrounding his face, flicking it to the ground. There is no doubt about it. This man is pushing the age of death, yet there is a dangerous air about him, seemingly appearing to be the leader of the troops. There is no action, he remains perfectly still, focusing his chakra, preparing for the battle that could happen.

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