Even To Each Other, Uchiha Are Melodramatic


Abel, Tessen

Date: October 18, 2010


Abel Hopes to gain and Uchiha teacher

"Even To Each Other, Uchiha Are Melodramatic"

Miati Forest - Entrance

The young Uchiha would be sitting on the edge of a tree branch with his eye closed breathing in and out at a controlled pace, "think before you act…watch your opponent…find their weakness and then expose it." is said as he sat there. Taking another deep breath he would slowly open his eyes as he notice that his clone was about to strike he would block the punch and trip the fire clone sending it on a one way trip to the ground as the other clone would grab him from behind while the last of the three clones would come and attack with a kunai in hand from the front. "To simple guys." is said as he blocked the kunai with his foot and kicked the clone and flipping behind the last one he would give it a simple tap to the neck despelling all the clones he would yawn. "I win this time." is said as he started to head to the ground sliding down the side of the tree. "Tsk..still not as good as Kirin but I'm getting there." His Uchiha crest would shine in the sunlight as he stood there with his hands in his pocket.

Tessen walked casually through the forest. A sheen of sweat on his face as he stepped lightly down the few beaten paths that led throughout the area. A child was spotted fighting himself…well elemental clones by the dispertion of them all. His ears picked up a name and made his eyes narrow slightly at the youth before him. This boy knew Kirin, and held some level of admiration for him. It was a pitty.
With a small exertion his body blured from the path to re-appear near the lad. His cold charcoal eyes looking him over, and his stoic face showing little to no sign of his intentions at this moment. Shifting slightly his arms folded placing his palms just above the hilts of the twin katanas that adorned his hips. With a slow breath he spoke, "Not bad kid…"

Abel would pause as he hears the voice of the man but not the sign of when he got there he would look at him with narrowed onxy eyes. "Tsk..thanks but who are you?" is asked as he stood there and tapped his foot on the ground. Abel would look at the dual Katana and then the way the man carried himself he knew this guy was strong but the question was how strong. "My name is Uchiha Abel." is said as he bowed slightly as he never took his eyes off the man. He would even place his hands on some shuriken in his pocket as his right hand would be close to the leg pouch right above the kunai holder.

Tessen would only close his eyes for a moment. As they reoppened it would seem for only the briefed of seconds that his charcoal eyes had a tint of crimson. A flat even voice came from his lips, "My name is not important to you or to this meeting. Abel…" A small shift was made at the boy's motion for his shuriken. Turning only slightly he looked at the boy harshness that almost dared him to do something stupid.
"If you are going to attack me, do it now and get it over with. Don't be mad about the results and consequences however." He still seemed to be impartial to either option or this child. If he was one of Kirin's stock then it would be best to see now if the sprout would flower or reveal itself to be a weed worth plucking.

Abel would break into a cold sweat as it rolled down the side of his face as he looked at Tessen he would gulp as he stood there for a moment taking a deep breath he would calm himself. "Tsk." is the only thing he could say as the remarks of Tessen would get the best of him as he took hold of the kunai he would toss two more into the other hand as he attacked Tessen with that special Uchiha arc on it three times as they flew the would aim for the inner knee caps of both knees and would finish it off with a kunai aimed at the neck of Tessen. Sliding back he would flash threw some hand signs as he ready himself for the reaction of Tessen.

Tessen just looked at the boy as he moved to attack him. The attack pattern was something predictable, but definitely Uchiha. No doubt about that. Tessen exerted little energy as he shifted around the boomeranging projectiles. The second one knicked him and left a small cut on his leg and a tear in his pants. He sucked on his teeth for just a second as he vanished.
He would reappear before the kid with his hand on the hilt of his sword before it flew free of the scabbard about half way to slam him in the chin. In that moment off attack he would focus a small amount of chakra to form a link with the boy. Not a word said or look of aggression nor disappointment towards him shown.

Abel would take the hit and be knocked into the air stunned by this he would he couldn't even feel the link of an genjutsu. "Tsk." is said again as he would land and fall onto his back. "Damnit." is said as he couldn't even move although he would just lay there he would look at Tessen eyes. "Damn." is the only thing said as the wounds that Daichi gave him would open back up.

Tessen's eyes narrowed slightly at the boy. "You claim to be an Uchiha, and yet you lie on the ground like a beaten dog. Seems the clan's subserviance to the Senju has already made its next generation born nothing but lap dogs."
Tessen turned his back towards the boy. This was pointless. He couldn't avoid the basics, and worse still didn't posses even the reckless abandon that Kirin did. While he still thought Kirin deserved to die, and would see it happen…this child was not a thing to worry about or slay. Still to make the point to the boy. Tessen's hand moved and an aura would eminate from him as if to make the air too heavy to breath. A subtle genjutsu in this situation. Scare the kid.

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!!" is said as he snaps the genjutsu he would flash threw hand seals as he dashed forwad even with the wounds he had he would stop close to Tessen and once he was close he would smirk taking a kunai in hand he would toss two at him with that special Uchiha twist to it the he would hop back. "FIRE STYLE: FIREBALL JUTSU!" releasing a fireball at Tessen would zao the Uchiha of most of his strength as he stood there breathing heavy. "Please finish it." is said in a low toned voice to himself.

Tessen turned when he heard the yell of the boy and smirked at the incoming kunai. The tenkou on his arm used to deflect one as he watched the other sail by like the kid was aiming for a tree. The fireball however did get his attention and he leapt up into a nearby tree to avoid it.
An obvious smirk now present on his face. "You are not even an adult in your own clan. You seek to be a shinobi, and like the buffoon Kirin Uchiha, and yet are not even capale of the basic technique to prove adulthood. In a few years you have some strength, but even then, it will not compare to those from the wars. Give up now and become a lapdog." As he spoke Tessen began to harness chakra to use should the child wish to continue to fight.

"Tsk…Kirin is nothing more then a goal for me to over come." Abel was tired as he struggled to get his hands into a seal. "Who give a shit if they been to war….the power I seek is the power to stop every war and to defeat any foe and that is why…that is why I can't lose to you today." Abel would smirk, his head would drape as he kept his stance and stood there dude to his sure will blood dripped onto the ground. "I have the blood of the Uchiha clan flowing in my vains and I know that I have great power in me…." Abel would cough up a little blood as he kept building chakra.

Tessen sighed as he focused and flew through a few seals before holding his fingers to his lips. The fire flared out large and wide lighting the tree line on fire. A demonstration of skill with the technique and something he would not doubt the kid would pick up as a classic Uchiha trait. "The first rule in becoming stronger, is knowing when you are beat. No sense fighting and dying today when you could live to fight tomorrow. Go home, rest, treat your wounds…and then worry about training. After you do that…give up the dream."
He would appear on the path again, with his back turned to the boy walking back the way he originally came in. "Power creates war, draws battle closer, and costs lives. No man is ever strong enough to stop all fighting…only strong enough to decide which fights he will take part in and on what side. Those that have been to war…" He trailed off for a moment, as if lost in thought, "know that truth."

"That may be true for some but not for me…my name is Uchiha Abel." is said as he would try and walk after him, "Wait!" is said as he fell down due to his blood loss. "You didn't give me a name." is said as he laid there for a moment as he was started to drift off. "My body would move." he would smirk as he thought to himself for a moment. "I know what power can do…but I wont lose myself to the power." is said as he gained the energy to stand. Holding his side he would smirk. "This isn't over."

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