Evil Reborn



Date: June 29, 2012


None given.

"Evil Reborn"

Unknown location

Tsumi finally falls, her body, however resillient, unable to take any more
as it crumples, and her heart stops… Her eyes cloud over. She's dead.
Her killer without the strength to even carry her away, leaves her for the

Five Hours Later…

There are the wolves, coming in at the smell of blood to find the
crumpled corpse, circling carefully. They slowly inch closer, one sniffing
the body with curiosity, and perhaps hunger… The sudden removal of it's
lower jaw and throat comes as an unpleasant surprise to the animal as
Tsumi sits up, holding the bloody jaw in her hand.

She looks at the wolf, writhing on the ground in pain, unable to even
whine thanks to it's lack of a windpipe as it dies. The other wolves
circle, growling and defensive, ready to attack. Tsumi regards them with
disdain, "…Go away before another one of you die…" She pushes herself
to her feet, glaring at the animals, "I've already died once this week, I
don't need to do it again so soon. Dying freaking HURTS." she snarls. The
second wolf strikes anyway, prompting the rest of the pack to do the same!

A couple moments later, the section of the forest where Tsumi had been
left had no less than six new corpses. All of them furry, and all of them
spread about the trees in so many gory pieces that anyone passing by would
have to wonder what animal did it… Tsumi, of course, was nowhere to be

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