What If? Examiner - Rock the Survival Round



Date: August 15, 2013


None given.

"What If? Examiner - Rock the Survival Round"

Unknown location

Ogosokamaru being put in charge of the survival round and given leeway on
modification of the examination Survival portion, he added a new twist.

Big ing rocks.

Each contestant will be carrying a large boulder with them during the
examination period, inscribed with an elaborate and unique marker seal
that is quite literally stored at the heart of each of the stones. Bring a
cracked rock to the finish line, failure. Do not arrive at the finish line
with your rock (or at all), failure. Arrive with someone else's rock,
failure. Get your boulder there to the finish line, and remember; no holds
barred in this round. How you get it there is up to you. But man those
things look heavy. (Earth manip may, or may not have been nullified by the
seal placed inside all the rocks. Who knows?)

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