Experiment Collection, Earthen Coffin


Kiji, Naoya, Okami, Kyuketsuki

Date: March 8, 2016


An Okumo team is dispatched to rendezvous with an extended Okumo operative to collect her and the fresh experiment after evaluation. With only minor resistance met, the operation was a success.

"Experiment Collection, Earthen Coffin"

Land of Earth

Noon was coming to pass through a clear day thought the mountain air left much to be desired in ways of warmth. Almost loitering on the route towards the hidden village was a young man, almost in his twenties and a younger pair, both females, each sharing a unique trait, ivory hair. Beyond matching hair colors, each one of them held different facial features, along with different eye colors. Nothing would easily identify the trio beyond that they were dressed similarly to most locals but were waiting on something or someone, possibly for several hours by this point.

Kiji was one of the white haired females though she looked demure and quiet, apparently nibbling at an onigiri as she sat beside Naoya, waiting quietly. She kept her eyes down on the pathway, but her mind open, nudging Naoya slightly when anyone would come within 500 yards of them.

A single female, clothed in spring-green komon and with dark skin and pronouncedly red pigtails walks aside an even-height male, interlaced fingers. Cloaked in matching green and neither given any indication of affiliation of any one shinobi village. Their pace is relaxed and steady.

The male looks a little bit uneasy, though doing his best to remain confident. He holds her hand a bit tightly, though remaining at a steady and relaxed pace. His eyes casually scan his surroundings. Still worried someone might be about to leap out and attack at a moment's notice! Or at least that's what it may seem like.

Keeping his eyes closed, his back supported onto one of the several larger rocks, seemingly in a bored or half dozing state. This would be undisturbed until one of the young women beside him paused eating her treat to nudge his leg a few times. Opening his eyes, he would look around the area slowly revealing bright amber eyes but failed to notice too much. After another series of nudges his eyes track onto a pair sparking him to push off from his post. Lowering a hand, he rests it onto the nudging woman's shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze but when his hand leaves, it motions a small circle with the tip of his index finger.
Lifting his arms up slightly, he displayed his hands were open and relaxed, in addition that he seemed not to be armed. "Hey, hey.. Do you two think you could help me and my friends out with a few issues? We're more than a bit lost. We're trying to find out way to Iwagakure for safe refuge, would you two happen to be heading that way?" There was nothing left to hide the young man's face, only offering a soft smile. "Even if you two aren't, why don't you relax for a moment and talk with us? Might be able to help each other along the way."

Kiji finished the treat and moved along with Naoya as if not wanting to leave his side, some frightened girl on the road. But she had her inner eyes open and was making sure there were no other shinobi or any rank in the vicinity. She stretched her abilities out to over a mile, noting every single chakra source in that radius. A few fingers wiggling later and Naoya would be assured they were alone.

The woman offers a polite bow of greeting as the distance closes, stopping speaking distance before the road weary gathering. "Yes, we are heading that way." she replies openly, bringing a wide smile to them. "We have trekked a distance, would you like to spend a moment here?" she asks of her companion at her side.

The male bows upon seeing the female do so. Just as polite. He stays silent until directly spoken to by the female. He nods, before speaking in a soft, almost intimidated voice. "I wouldn't mind." He looks cautiously at the two. He gives them a smile. A nervous smile, but still an 'I want to trust you' smile.

Listening carefully to both of them, a grin appears on his lips showing off the young man's teeth.. that seem more fitting on a carnivore, not a man. Turning to the young woman that followed him, he nods slowly and slips a hand onto her shoulder, grasping it some what reassuringly. "Relax, everything's safe." Turning his head to the straggler, he raises his tone slightly to say, "We have two mouthfuls to handle!" is said in a bit of a teasing tone, but with it was also a stern voice.
The other young woman for the first time begins to step forward, slipping a hand into the air and stretching before her arms drop down. Slipping her hands together, almost in prayer, she says "Osaki ni itadakimasu~" before lowering down to her knees and touches the ground. The amused expression she held while speaking fades instantly the moment her knees touch the ground. Touching the ground with flat palms, a ripple within the earth waves over to the two couples. The ivory hair couple would easily continue to walk but the other couple would rapidly find themselves being dragged down and into the earth. A loss of footing at first, but then the suction would become strong and quick as the area affected widens.

Kiji managed a small smile, still the quiet one, and nodded to Naoya's 'reassurance'. She didn't look surprised when Kayo dropped to the earth. Or when it would try to suck down the travellers.

The woman in komon remains quiet, as if waiting for subject of conversation to start. Only to have the second white-haired one pose a threat, with the ground beneath her starting to spin and yawn, a rather skittish one she is, a flicker of movement barely escapes the woman from being ground food- a spastic twitching of her brows follows as she better appraises the situation at world's edge. So to say.

Kyu sees the earth ripple coming his way and tries to react quickly, making the ram seal, though he wasn't quick enough, getting sucked in by the earth whirlpool. Seems his uneasiness wasn't unfounded… Unable to do anything about it, he simply struggles against the whirlpool, really getting nowhere.

Clucking his tongue, his grip onto the young woman beside gently. "Well now, one treat managed to get away. Remember, kids gloves on this. We don't want to scuff the binto." Chuckling softly to himself, Naoya nods light towards the woman beside him but also towards the woman now on her knees. The Woman was torn, in part she partially completed her task but the other half was still working away. Twisting her fingers into the soil, the earth continues to surge, chasing after the fleeting woman.
Moving his hand to his pouch, the young man would withdraw a length of steel chain though at the end were bolt sealing handcuffs. Handing them tot he woman he was with, he walks beside her towards the captured man for her to more securely bind. "He won't be bound too long like that, make sure he's going to stay comfortable before she take him under for a 'delivery run'. A perfect offering no?"

Kiji nodded and stepped forward, crouching down beside Kyuketsuki in the sand. "Cooperate and it'll all be fine." She said in the sweetest voice possible… And then unless he struggled with her she would bind him with the chains and handcuffs, hands separated just enough to keep him from using hand seals, but still behind him.

Given her companion is taken and cuffed, the pigtailed woman deigns to the outsiders and drops into the maw of the earth whirlpool herself, restrained and running her tongue over her teeth behind her lips, waiting to see this through.

Kyu continues to struggle until he's told that if he cooperates it will be okay. That and he sees his companion get captured. "Fine… I'll cooperate." He mumbles before he allows himself to be cuffed. He looks around uneasily, hoping he wasn't about to be killed or something..

With Kyu's resistance fading utterly, so too does his appearance disappear. Earth washes over him, taking a mockery appearance of a coffin entombs the young man before moving closer towards the now trapped woman. No bindings where needed for her it appears as she quickly was added. "Now both are in the grave together, how fitting.." Turning his amber eyes to the second woman, he light dips his head towards her, lifting his voice slightly to say "I will be personally adding praising marks to your file. Now, take them to the point along the mountain that we agreed to." Turning to the woman beside himself, he gives her shoulder a gentle tug, to encourage her to move but then follows after her. "I wonder if she even collected the right one, I didn't see any flames or.. did you sense any odd tricks?" Arching a brow, he kept a few musings between them as the other woman sunk into the earth, disappearing from the surface world.

Kiji shook her head. "He did not try anything except a failed attempt to avoid the trap." She spoke softly and walked along with Naoya, waiting quietly as if for his next order.

Okami, within the coffin, wiggles to the most of space available and closes her eyes. She makes quiet plans to make her sleep coons more snug, but considers a healthy medium of free space for movement as well, breath slowing, waiting until release is given.

Kyu realizes he's being entombed and panics a bit, resuming his struggling, what about air?! Seeing as he can't really do much about it he ends up just laying still. Calming himself and focusing on his breathing. Even if this coffin wasn't airtight, panicking isn't going to help him. He remembers the meditative training he did. Entering a meditative focus.

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