The Unknown Reflection - Experimenting With The Unknown


Nanashi, Hiroyasu

Date: May 18, 2014


Hiroyasu happens upon Nanashi being surrounded by bandits and makes a rather interesting discovery.

"The Unknown Reflection - Experimenting With The Unknown"

Land of Lightning - Mountain Path

Just after noon in the Land of Lightning, and a certain young person who's been to Kumogakure a few times is current off on a mountain trail surrounded by bandits. The female bandit Nanashi had to rough up a bit caught the being shifting forms from Kozue to Saku, the form Kumo nin are generally familiar with, and called her buddies to come beat it up. With a cliff to its back, the being peers around at the large number of bandits surrounding it. It seems the wait for a strike is over as a flurry of kunai start to come its way, though it is fairly prepared as it points its hands forward to release a glob of sand that forms a shield in front of it. "That all you got? Honestly, she stole my satchel. I just wanted it back, so I'd call it even if I were you guys."

- Afternoon in Kumogakure, a time for reflection, a time for lunch or a time for cutting out early to tend to your herd of tasty tasty goats. This trip was not unusual at least not until Hiroyasu comes across a familiar soul, surrounded by a familiar sight.. Bandits while slightly rare these days, given the promise of great wealth on the open seas and well a crack down on all things highway robbery.. "Everyone! Disperse! I have an entire squad just behind me! I'd hate to have to fill out the paperwork on half a dozen corpses!" he shouts out at the bandits trying the Nariko Method of persuasion and deceit. -

As Hiro shouts out, one of the bandits looks up at him and shakes a fist. "Hey, buddy, mind your own business! We'll be done with this creep in just a minute!" The moment Nanashi looks up at Hiro, one of the bandits charges it wish a blade drawn and aimed right at its gut. When Nanashi sidesteps to push the guy into the cliff wall, another charges up behind it and swings a massive sword down into its back, digging in deep… yet there is no spray of blood, only a blade buried deep in something that's way stickier than flesh since he can't seem to muster the strength to remove it, no matter how hard he pulls. Nanashi only peers back at him with a glare. "That's rather rude of you."

- Hiroyasu sneers, "And Here I thought the headband would declare my business." well when it comes to bandits and yakuza he had little issues with dispatching them. He starts to weave seals and punches the side of the train.. the mountain angry in response shoots out of columns of stone at several of the bandits giving them something to dodge, get hit with or dance about. "It is rather rude of them, You think they would stick to things they do normally.." he sighs waiting to sign and seal again if need be. -

As columns of stone start shooting out of the wall, several of the bandits are sent tumbling, including the one whose blade is still in Nanashi's back. It peers at it and reaches back, elongating its arm to yank it from its back then toss it to smack the guy with it. "Indeed," it says with a smirk as it watches the bandits glance between each other then finally turn to take off running as they realize they're outclassed here.

- Hiroyasu shrugs putting down his hands when are sent out running.. The odd behavior of this one particular person had been mounting up for some time.. ever since he felt its residual chakra at the ramen house several months ago. "Are you going to be alright? It looks like you took quite a deep cut.. And bandit blades aren't really knowing for being well kept.." he says approaching the familiar figure still defensively it was not unusual for anyone to still have a fight or flight instinct raging after an confrontation. "I am a Medic, I can look at it for you" he says indicating the wound on its back. -

"I'm pretty sure I'll be fine," Nanashi says as it looks over to Hiro, letting out a sigh of relief as the bandits run off. As he approaches, it looks kind of nervous for a moment then looks back at the enormous wound that's not bleeding at all, merely showing sand inside. "Eh… sure," it says with a nod, figuring it's kind of late to try to hide it now. "… if you like…"

- Hiroyasu takes once glance at the wound, and then calmly says "Seems alright to me.." which is a calm way of being cool in a not so cool situation. "I take it, it will heal itself in a minute or two?" at this point its not like its the strangest thing he had seen., just the strangest thing today.. and this week.. and besides the hitokage this month.. "That does explain so many things however.. your chakra has always been off.. just thought it was some foreign jutsu or health condition.." he says rubbing the back of his head. "If not, is there somewhere you want to be took?" he asks. -

"More like this," Nanashi says, letting out a sigh, and the wound seems to fully close itself up and heal, right down to its close, at will. "I'm usually better at hiding this sort of thing, but I guess my game's a little off today." With that, it turns around and gives a nod. "Thank you for your help. One of their friends snatched my satchel a while back, and I roughed her around a bit until she finally ran back to where she hid it, where I took it from her. They thought that earned them some kind of vengeance."

- Hiroyasu ehs "not many people are as astute to actually pay attention to the little things.. nor are there many sensors as used to the bizarre as I. " he watches as it heals itself and it reminds of other things he's seen with that ability.. and it was not using a chakra gate.. so that narrows it down alittle. "Well you have good reason too, some people are always looking for something unique.. but uh I don't see any seal on you.. no strings.. so your not a puppet or doll.. or reanimate.. all these things are something I've seen once or twice" or more… He sighs before looking around "Most of those bandits either fell into shallow grave" looking over the edge then back down the trail "and those that didn't will just be waved off as drunks or crazy.." it has piqued his interest and despite it being contrary to his usual credo of not prying into peoples inner souls with his sensor.. he peeks inside the chakra of the Nanashi… instead of the usual radar ping or sweep.. it was heavily focused right on the individual.. "Oh.. I see now.. Weird never seen 2 seals before.." he says as his eyes refocus. -

Nanashi is silent as Hiro sort of examines it, eyes wincing slightly at the mention of there not being a seal. Honestly, it could be something's puppet and not know it at this point. "… I hope you're right," it says with a sigh to his comment about the bandits. When he mentions there being two seals, it blinks in confusion, that apparently being new information. "Two?" it asks, blinking several more times. "I knew there was the one, but what would the other be for?… Where is it even?"

- Hiroyasu nods "Yeah 2 distinct seals.. one is normal for someone in your situation.. the other is not and oh.." when he is asked where, he taps on the top of his head. "Inside here. Kind of an odd place for a seal.. Extremely well hidden from normal inspection.." he hmms for a moment "Any competent medic should have been able to detect this, so I am guessing you have not been examined.." he leans against the wall crossing his arms.. "Well Seals store or redirect or contain energy.. and your brain is a giant powerplant.. surging with energy.." there a slight glaze that comes over his eyes as he ponders the science and ninjutsu pseudoscience. "Well we can always pop upon your skull and try decipher it.. or I suppose we could temporarily disrupt it and see what happens.. experimental science is always more guessing than figuring." he says waving a finger in the air. -

Nanashi listens silent as Hiro starts to explain, its eyes widening a bit when he points out where the seal is. In its brain?! "Why… Why would…" It starts trying to make sense of things. "… Is that why I have no memory from before when I woke up in the cage?" it thinks out loud then ponders on his words from that last set of options. "I… uh… I guess the disrupting option would be a bit more viable to test it without having to go under the knife."

- Hiroyasu ahhs when more is revealed "I suppose it could suppress memory, if it kept that part of your brain like asleep.. Pretty unique and quite a boutique skillset. Probably one or two Fuinjutsu masters who could pull it off.. I'd put money on an Uzumaki or Forgotten Shinobi thought to be lost in the wars.. So many of the masters just disappeared when the village systems formed.." then he hrms.. "You sure you don't want me to pop open your noggin and root around in there with a chopstick or two.. I'd be careful. I promise" he chuckles with a shake of his head.. "Well, disrupting it is an option.. someone with precision chakra might be able to disrupt the seal for afew minutes by destablizing the matrix.. a chakra scalpel should be able to do that.. A hyuuga surgeon would be the ultimate best fit.. but we just don't have any on hand.. and I doubt you want to reveal this to anyone else.. or very few.. I may need some help in case something goes amiss.." thinking around he considers who would be the best one.. Nariko? no she is too curious and chatty.. Hiei? no he isn't intellectually inclined enough.. Yuzu was not really an option either.. Tsukikage! oh yea why wasn't she the first name on the list.. "I know who I could entrust with it, if we need another" he says being upfront about the situation. -

Nanashi had always wondered if the people who had it imprisoned when it first woke up from the first time it can remember were the cause of its amnesia… but now there's pretty definite proof. If Hiro is correct, they likely purposely wiped its memory… its identity… all that it was before… It enrages the being a bit, but it manages to keep its cool. "I think the disruption would probably be the easiest route. I'm not that good at turning back into flesh and blood unless I've entirely spent my chakra supply, which, as you can probably tell, is incredibly massive… Call for whoever you feel is trustworthy and skilled enough."

- Hiroyasu ponders it for a moment, with a nod "Well I definitely think Yamayuki-san would be the best fit, she is extremely skilled physcian." he says looking around then rubbing his chin. "Not sure if she is available, its hard to find her outside the lab.." before nodding his head "Well we can always put you in a draining container.. so if something go wrong we have a little safety.. and we should not do this in town.." he looks around.. its at times like this we wishes they knew where some of the old labs and hidden bunkers that were lost, forgotten or buried in encrypted ledgers at the bottom of library shelfs.. "I can always make a structure.. we shouldn't need much" he adds looking at Nanashi. "Well if you game for it, lets get off the trails and somewhere more remote" he says. -

"That sounds good," Nanashi says, giving a nod. It figures he can probably use some sort of seal or medical technique in conjunction with the type of jutsu he used earlier to make such a chamber. It ponders a moment if it's ready to try poking at a seal in its brain so soon after learning about it, but…. its life is about adventure, right? Why not. "I'm game," it says before turning to start walking off the trail with the Mednin, allowing Hiro to lead to wherever he sets fit.

- Hiroyasu nods "That's the spirit.." then he looks around.. it seems like they were far enough off the main trail to not catch anyone off guard is something explodes. Looking up he catches a sight of something and whistles, a screech responds and coming hurling down landing on a nearby rock.. "I doubt she will know what time of day it is, let alone be available.. but I'll send Tsukikage a message.." he says to the hawk which seems non-sensical now that he thinks about it as he scrawls a message on a slip of paper and slides it into the message container.. it should get forwarded and sent to her.. it was encoded so only she should be able to read it and its location. The hawk screeches and flies out and circles twice before rocketing off towards the village. "Alright well." he says weaving several seals which cause pillars of stone to erupt from the ground forming a rough structure with an open top.. "This should be good enough.." he says slapping knock-out style seals on the pillars all facing towards the center.. It would take several minutes of preparation and fussing with minute things that just seeks to urk him..
"There we go" he says several minutes later having to setup an elaborate failsafe.. "Are you sure you want to do this, there could be a reason that someone blocked this for reasons other than suppressing your memories and that is just a secondary or tierary ill effect.." he gives it one last chance to decide before they crossed the threshold of no turning back. -

Though it doesn't really know who Tsukikage is, Nanashi just rolls with it. This guy seems to know what he's doing, and Nanashi wants to know what that seal is, so it's worth the risk. As the monk erects the construct of stone, it glances around to briefly examine it while he does. When he's finally done with that, it blinks at his question, pondering that over. "I… Uh… Well," it pauses, scratching its head for a moment. "At this point, it's a risk I'm willing to take. If there was a reason I shouldn't know who or what I am, they should've told me that in the months before they set me free."

- Hiroyasu looks up after laying the last seal "Oh trust me, its the same drivel I hear time after time. We didn't tell you because we were protecting you!" he waves his hands dimissively "And what happens, natural curiosity, the drive to conquer the unknown, or the fact that people thinking they are so clever and subtle, aren't. And the person does exactly what they were being ~protected~ from.. Useless drivel." he says while he finishes the last of preparation. "Kneel right here in the center.. take a deep breath, say any prayers or what have you." he says putting his hands into a prayer steeple for a moment. -

"That may be true," Nanashi says, giving a sigh and glancing around. "I'd be happy if it were something that noble… Sometimes I think someone is just playing games with me, though…" It nods to his instructions, silently moving to kneel in the center of the construct and drop its hands to its sides. It doesn't seem to pray or meditate or anything really now. Without an identity, it doesn't really know what to look to at this point beyond what it can try to derive from others.

- Hiroyasu raises his eyebrows "It's about control, people love the having it. Over nations, over villagers, over teams, and over people., over property.. So you may be right.. Are you ready? are you sure?" he asks with a deep sigh. "calm your mind, relax your body. and we will begin" in his prayer steeple he extends two fingers which begin to glow as he focuses his chakra on them to a razors edge. "It'll be quick, for me but the effect on you will unknown. Be aware should it go sideways.. this structure should have the power to render anything man or other rendered unconsciousness, or severely weakened." he looks to the side "Lets hope that does not come to pass, cause these seals explode when they absorb too much chakra.. so the structure will come down with it.." he didn't mess around even if it meant he would be caught in the middle of it. -

- Hiroyasu takes a deep breath "Alright by your command, and your will. Will it be done." then he closes his eyes focusing his clarity for a moment opening his eyes reveal the awakening of the false eyes. "I can see the seal clearly.. preparing to disrupt the seal." he extends out his hand, holding the side of Nanashi's head as he bears down his glowing fingers on target "Executing Incision" he jabs the fingers against the forehead, the precision of the chakra scalpel glancing the seal, his chakra acting like a wedge blocking the seal from temporarily functioning as intended. -

Nanashi is silent and still throughout the beginning of the procedure, focusing on remaining calm. When the scalpel disrupts the seal, it would create something of a crack that allows something to start to leak through. "AHHHHHHHHH!" it cries out, eyes turning yellow for a moment. Luckily, the knockout seals do their job, robbing it of enough chakra at once to prevent it from wigging out and going full Shukaku. It collapses to the ground, breathing heavily as it looks up. Its eyes narrow a bit as it focuses on something invisible. "… Who… who… is…. she?" it asks before closing its eyes for a moment, trying to deal with the disorientation from the ordeal.

- Hiroyasu tends to the seals which begin their destruction after absorbing their fill, hurling them into the air where they can burn into ash swiftly giving the area a series of beautiful streamers. He expected worse, far worse.. it always seemed like that when dealing with their kind it was all or nothing.. He looks over as its asking questions about things, ghostly things, phantasms of memory or past.. "Focus on what you see, what you hear.. remain calm" he says leaning against a stone pillar.. his hand resting behind his back on his reserve kunai. his other hand resting on his hip. -

Nanashi remains on the ground for a few moments before letting out a sigh and finally picking itself up. It glances around, eyes squinting a bit. Where could that woman have gone? She wasn't there and then she was and now she's not… Finally looking back to Hiro, it says, "Thank you… It's kind of disorienting, but I'm hoping this will maybe at least start to give me some kind of idea of who I might be…"

- Hiroyasu shrugs "Well don't thank me yet, the things that have been done will take time to unwind. It may prove a folly or may prove a boon.. or more likely somewhere between them both. Some people are haunted by the things they know, and things they have done. You will may be haunted by things you didn't expect." he thinks about it for a moment "Its probably a pure dumb luck that it will trickle slowly instead of flood. A masterful seal if I have ever seen one, shame it had to be marred. I feel kinda like a vandal who defaced a work of art." he looks to the side. "Your chakra feels stable, I don't detect too much distortion.. You need to execute caution. Your triggers are unknown; it may be a smell, or sight, or a sound. It may happen while you sleep, or if you get riled up in a fight. There is no telling what can and cannot trigger episodes.. If it even controlled memories in the first place.. You sure you won't let me pop open your skull and take a peek?" he says clapping his hands together then forming the release handseals.. and the structure returns to the earth and stone that bore it.. -

Nanashi seems to stop and take the time to gather itself while listening to what Hiro says. Most of this is going on luck, but it's at least more than the being had a few minutes ago, whether it leads to brilliance or disaster. "I'm sure" it says with a nod, peering around at the sinking stone structure. "I'll be as careful as I can… And thanks for what you did. Most would've probably said it was too risky and shrugged it off. I'll owe you a favor in return should you ever require assistance."

- Hiroyasu snorts slightly "It was too risky, that is what made it interesting. Nothing worth doing is ever without risk." he brings his hands together in a prayer steeple. "Thank you for the opportunity. And rest assured no record of this shall exist.. for your safety and mine." he bows his head. "Are you fine to travel? Do you have a place to stay? Are you expected anywhere? I don't need to know, but should you need something to set you on your path. Please ask" spending too much time in the shrine.. -

"I'll be fine," Nanashi says with a nod. "I need to be meeting up with a friend I'm supposed to be helping… I'm sure I'll see you around, though, since I'm certain you know what my chakra signature is like pretty thoroughly now." It's lucky he doesn't want any record of it, as that keeps it being a Jinchuuriki out of public eye along with keeping him helping a non-kumo Jinchuurki off any record as well. "See you soon," it says before turning to begin walking down the mountain.

- Hiroyasu bows his head "As you wish; Perhaps so, perhaps not, Your kind cannot hide what you are from a spiritual eye like mine. Your souls burn like raging fires against the backdrop of fire flies. Should you find yourself aflame burning out of control; I suggest you avoid this land.. A friendly reminder" he says bringing the hands together in the steeple. He moves backwards several steps and turns moving to a nearby rock and sits lotus atop it. With a wave he bids farewell to the traveller, "May your travels take you to your destination in good fortune and good humor!" he shouts with the wave. -

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