Explosion in the Gardens


Ruki, Sekisetsu, Daomi, Manami, Maikeru

Date: September 17, 2011


Ruki shows signs of insanity in the middle of the Boneyard Gardens. Maikeru figures out that he is actually Kaede and decides to kill him.

WARNING: Contains foul language.

"Explosion in the Gardens"

Boneyard Gardens

The so-called and so-known Ruki (Who was previously named Rin but had to change his name because the Staff said the name was from canon) AKA Disciple of Kaede before he betrayed his mentor and had him killed by Maikeru, AKA the second in command of the Onryou which Maikeru leads, was lately beginning to display a most unusual kind of temper and behaviour that was… well, in the spirit of Kirigakure. He tended to break things. Shout at things. Yell at people. And generally be a jerk. Who might also be slightly crazy. Ever after the tournament fight he had been displaying this kind of behaviour.
People now just call him a sore loser.
It was one of those days. When he could just be found in a bad mood. Though, it was beginning to become quite unclear if it was bad mood or madness.
"IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" He shouted at the boneyard gardens in general. "I HATE YOU!" And then kicking the nearest massive ribcage bone he could see over and over again.
Ruki still wears his white spirit mask, a purple lightning bolt imprinted on the mask's forehead and passing over the corner of the right eye, to the right cheek.

"..Haaaachuuu!!!! *sniffle* Ugh…" Flailing, Sekisetsu would scream, "I HATE PEPPER!!!", before flames came from here mouth, reducing a nearby plant to ash and smoke. Once the place the plant had been lay as nothing more than a black spot in an otherwise beautiful place, she huffed and puff, flailing her arms before… "Aaaa… Aaaaa… Aaachu!!! …", another sneeze left her nose. Whining ensues. The classic bout of Sekisetsu versus nature, in which Seki fights but nature still winds. The small girl seemed to have no choice but to basically deal with it. The pollen in the air was giving her a proverbial middle finger as she wandered, looking for the water fountain at the center of the Boneyard Gardens.
She was hiding from Satsukiyami. The rays of light seemed to be alot more of a help to her eyes than some mystical addition to this place's lush beauty. A groan and a few curses were muttered as large leaves slapped her face on the way to her destination. In the meantime, she wasn't the type to feel relief on arrival. Naw… she wanted to destroy something.

Absent mindedly, Daomi was currently sitting on the fountain in the center of the boneyard gardens. He had came here to relax and collect on his thoughts, finding the cave to be a bit too stuffy at times. Though his plans to be by himself or at least in quiet seemed to not be allowed as two people in seperate directions appeared to be having a screaming match, but not with each other. The boy would sigh to himself and lean back a bit on the lip of the fountain, hoping that neither find their way toward him.

As the shouting was heard nearby, Sekisetsu could have sworn she had said something aloud. The words from Ruki were exactly what she was thinking. She quirked a brow as she touched her own lips, looking around and then rubbing her chin. Then the second words we said… She thought those words alot in her mind, but what indicated of her not owning them was a voice of a boy. Hearing the kicking of a nearby mass of bone, she'd hop up, sneeze, and then go running toward it, trying to see exactly who was there. As the kicks were done, Seki cheered saying, "Yeah!! That!! All your damn fault!!", before a scroll was taken out. From there, a poof of smoke unleashed a large platinum and jeweled war hammer, and soon Seki was wacking on the large bone was well. "Take that, ya damn Gardens!! This is for my allergies!!"

Stepping into the garden, Onryou Maikeru hears the shouting of Ruki and blinks. Adorned in his usual Onryou uniform, the Jounin now moves with purpose. "This can't be good," his smooth voice rings out, a bit of concern showing in his voice. Suddenly, he vanishes and reappears directly in front of Ruki. His dark blue eyes stare down at the boy, cold as ice and devoid of emotion. "… Is there a problem, Ruki?" he asks, his smooth voice sounding rather dark right now. Despite Sekisetsu's sarcastic remarks, he seems to be all business right now as a blood red aura begins to emanate around him.

Ruki was mildly surprised to see Sekisetsu join into the mob-attack against the ribcage bone. He stopped kicking for a moment to look at Sekisetsu- shrugged his shoulders and began kicking the bone again.
"I HOPE YOU DIE! YOUR SOUL IS A CAVERN OF LIES!" He shouted and kicked, kicked, kicked and kicked…
And then the ground exploded and a spire of earth slammed into the bone, neatly cleaving the top off.
"My hands slipped…"
How exactly ones hand can slip and form a seal is beyond Ruki, and possibly anyone else, but it happens.
And as Maikeru appears Ruki stops kicking. He stared for a long moment before finally speaking. "Problem? No problem. Except you killed me." A pause, "He didn't kill us, you stupid bi*ch." A pause. "Yes, he did." "No, he did not." He was literally talking to himself. "Screw it. We should have vengeance." "B-but.. I don't even.. wh--."
He confused himself into a stalemate.

The ruckus and havoc from the others was starting to get louder, too much for the boy to simply ignore, so he rose from his spot on the fountain and made his way over toward the screams and banging. He'd spot a few people, only one he had recognized as Sekisetsu, but it couldn't have been just here making all the noise. Having no clue what was going on, he stayed back and simply watched, wondering if they were rebuilding the fence or maybe even doing some kind of training he wasn't aware of.

"You stink of bleach and mouthwash!!! You came from a sluggs rear-end!! This Kirigakure!! Not some backyard in Konoha!!" was to join in on the excitement. Hell, even as the bone was cleaved at its crest, Sekisetsu wouldn't notice. She was screaming and wacking the bone pretty seriously. Hell, Maikeru's appearance wasn't even noticed for awhile. Seki was taking out all kinds of frustration. "Thats for not giving me lunch last week!! Geta sandals should have went on sale!! Why aren't you around with my COOFFFEEE!!!" Sekisetsu took a while longer to beat the ribcage bone before the last remnants of Maikeru and Ruki's words were heard. She'd seem to blink before turning and seeing the two talking, before then sweatdropping as the man talked literally to himself. "Aren't you two supposed to be helping me? Down with the bone!! Down with the bone!!"

A chant the girl picked up her large weapon, only to began seeing more people coming in. Daomi got a weird look as he seemed to stand there, before the words, "What are you looking at?", entered the air. A turn to Manami happened as well, but only was followed by a breif sneer.

Staring directly down at Ruki as he fights himself and the bone beneath him, Maikeru watches him coldly. "I see," the Jounin says, his aura flaring up more around him as power begins to surge through his body. "Vengeance, is it?" he asks, his eyes narrowing as a dark smirk forms on his face. His demeanor remains as calm as usual, yet the look in his eyes is rather intense. "Perhaps mercy was not the route of choice then."
As he continues to stare down at the boy, the Jounin ponders his choices… Perhaps he should just kill him now to prevent people of the village from being harmed. That seems the safest way to handle this… As he brings his hands up and moves through Hand Seals, most of the seals on his possessed arm seem to disappear, creating a much more powerful surge of power around him as his aura glows more fiercely. Sekisetsu's insane ranting seems pretty much ignored for the moment.

"No, he saved us." "Everyone knows he killed us." "Than how are we still alive." "Just trust me." "Get out of my head!" "I am not in your hea--" "SHUT UP"
He only realized he was talking to himself when he looked up at Maikeru, to see him speaking of vengeance. At first he wanted to ask what the hell Maikeru is talking about when he realized. And then the hand seals, and the seals on Maikeru's arm disappearing.
Ruki knew what that meant.
"This is, really, all your fault." He said as he pondered the tactical implications of the situation. Maikeru bested him once. How hard was it to do it all again? Not that hard. Although he really hated the technique that put him in this state and in this place, there was no other choice.
"You shouldn't have done that, Maikeru." Ruki said as the depths within the eyeholes seemed to become deeper. And the air around Ruki darker. It was his fighting spirit. His intent. It was really dark.

Having no desire to join in with the taking down the bone as Sekisetsu so put it, he simply continued to stand in one spot. Going so far as to only rest a hand within the opening of his kimono. He was still quite curious what was about to unfold before him, as he watched Maikeru and Riku ignore those all around as if they were the only two here at the moment. It was obvious what was about to happen now and he didn't want to miss a second of it.

As Maikuru stood, it didn't take a genius to see that something wrong was going on here. But it did take someone smarter than Seki to know /exactly/ what was going on here. As she jumped at the sight of Maikeru Aura flaring, she flickered forward, getting in between the two. "What's going on, Stretchy Red Arm-san? What has my new friend done thats pissing you off?" The most innocent and naive of blue eyes seemed to stare up at Maikeru. Not all the time would a flicker of honesty and concern actually show up in those eyes. Most of the time, it was malice, mischief, and mayhem. The answer Seki got was nothing but handseals and the unleashing of a possessed arm. Seki's eyes widen, as flame exploded around her, cocooning her in an inferno of black and green… Wait.. Black and green?

…Oh No…

A strange howl entered the air, as if the wind had suddenly gain the soul of a mad beast. Soon as the fire rose, it suddenly vanished, revealing a form no longer little girl, and more of what Maikeru had hear of in his home lands. Seki's hand had been gloved in black, becoming clawed with elongated fingers. From those hands, black veins were plenty across red skin, even along the girls face. Those same veins framed that face like a mask. Here eye were no more. Instead the had been voids replaced by a black flame with a green hue. Long and uneven horns were born of a green flame, and a demon's tail existed of the same.

This sudden change in form came in at the same as then mental change by Ruki, so Seki had no idea of what was now behind her. Hair once blond, had change red as the girls skin, all as a voice metallic and doubled came from her lips. "…She does this again… I can't keep being beckoned every time she gets stressed…" "He's trying to hurt him though, Beni…" "…" The form of Seki turned to look at Ruki, before a lusty smirk formed on her lips.. "Well he is cute… Maybe he might play later if we ask him nicely.." From there, the air got extremely hot, unbearably so, as the ground around Seki began to burn. A look went to Maikeru through eyes of flame… Then a smile of fanged teeth. "I'm guessing you're to blame."

"It would seem you are not able to keep control over the demons within you," Maikeru says as he stares down at Ruki, that smirk yet in place. "Pity, but it was worth a shot to try to save you." As more surges around him, the Jounin glances over to Sekisetsu as she speaks, her demeanor seeming just as off as Ruki's. "This is a matter of keeping this village safe. As a Jounin, I am ordering you to back off."
Turning back to Ruki, the demonic Jounin stretches his possessed hand forward, pointing it directly at the boy's face. "Death is sleep eternal," his darkening voice rings out. "Allow me to bring you peace." An enormous form of the fist flies forward, intending to slam into him and punch his entire upper torso to knock him into a bone pillar.

"Death is my girlfriend." Ruki answers Maikeru. "And she says you smoke too much weed. And your face--"
Suddenly the massive fist lashes out at Ruki, who creates several seals with incredible speed, and then theatrically snaps his fingers-- creating a -massive- barrier of crystal that weathers the fist just fine.
"-- is like a tripple sized boiler!"
And then following more created seals, the ground underneath Maikeru crystallizes-- creating the false image and impression of falling. Only for Maikeru however. Others would just see two crystal mirrors.
Wait, crystal? Oh right, Ruki was Kaede's disciple. That's why he knows crystal… or that's what he said.
"You should really drop the cheesy one-liners."

This was becoming quite the show to watch from where Daomi stood, he didn't think Sekisetsu was going to get involved between the two, but then again he didn't know much about the girl and seeing her form change in such a way was definitely new to him. Though it wasn't something that put him off, it was just different.
When the fighting began, he started to wonder if perhaps he was too close and a stray attack might come his way. Were that the case he decided to prepare himself if it did occur, focusing his chakra just enough to save his own skin. He wasn't going to join the fight, it didn't involve him.

Recognizing the forming of the mirrors, Maikeru brings his hands in seals. A blood red orb of chakra immediately forms around him, diverting the light fission and allowing him to avoid its effects. "Very well. I've got a better idea," he says as the shield fades away, stretching possessed hand out at Ruki once more. "I'll just kill you." With that, the ground underneath Ruki's feet turns blood red, and sheets of blood red chakra fly from every direction, intending to latch onto him and freeze him, strangling him and draining his energy as they attempt to rid him of his chakra.

The image of Ruki was insanely distorted and misplaced-- in the end, it meant that the web Maikeru sent out struck a mirror that was showing Ruki's image in 3D and real-time through a form of hypnosis causing Ruki's image to be misplaced through affecting depth perception and angle.
Short version: Maikeru was throwing his attack at an crystal mirror that got crushed.
"You can't kill us. For we are death." He slammed his hands together, creating seals with amazing speed. "And we declare you Anathema to who we are."
"Crystal Style: Heavenly Pillars of Judgement."
The ground literally exploded with several pillars made of crystal that all attempted to smash into Maikeru and pin him so tightly that he'd be unable to move his fingers even should the jutsu impact with him.

Attempting to summon up another shield to block the pillars, Maikeru is unable to move quite quickly enough to stop the pillars from coming down on him. They slam down on him, pinning his body down for the moment. "You are not death… You are but a a pawn," his smooth voice rings out with a grunt. "And I will end you and all the voices living in your head."

"Maybe that is so." Ruki had said. "Maybe not. I know one thing for a fact. I am tired of this all." He pauses, "You promised many things. Vengeance. Justice. Retribution. Where is it all? You just sit with a girl and chat with her. Hold tournaments. Lavish in your status. People die. All the time. You, I, her."
He finished his long chain of seals, "Some sooner than others." And then he calmly whispered, "Release me from these bonds. Breaking the Clouds." And then the several of the spears holding Maikeru in the hold explode- casting massive shards into the air, and towards Ruki; And pretty much everyone in the vicinity. Maikeru too.

As the shards bury into him, Maikeru emits a low grunt, feeling his skin penetrated by what seem to be thousands of tiny shards. A dark growl emits from his lips, and suddenly the pillars ontop of him are shattered an any remaining shards blown away, his aura roaring to life once more. "Fool. Justice must be carried out in a manner that doesn't send Kirigakure into chaos and ruin. It takes time and planning to do such… But you will not see it." Stretching his right hand forward at Ruki once more, the Jounin opens up an enormous spiraling gate that will take chakra from the boy and absorb it into him.

"A fool calling a fool, fool. Oh the irony, it almost tickles my funny bone." Ruki says as he creates a clone to take one for the team. But Maikeru's too prudent to be fooled just like that.
But Ruki, in this form, is much too cunning to just fail for that. He uses the explosion of the clone as a smoke screen for what comes next.
Several spears form behind the smoke-screen and suddenly jut out at extreme speeds-- heading for Maikeru's midsection, intending to impale him several times should they hit. And hopefully they will. Because right now, Ruki has no plan of escape save for beating Maikeru and getting the hell out of dodge. Or at least coming up with a shoddy explanation why he knows all this techniques. And why he wrecked the boneyard gardens.

Standing still, Maikeru seems to simply take the attack, which doesn't seem to work as well as it usually does. Perhaps he should've just killed this guy the first time around. A dark look flashes in his eyes as he brings his hands into seals in front of him. His aura flares up again, more power surging around him as he stares directly at the boy. As his power surges around him, he sheds his coat and tosses it aside, preparing for a real fight this time around.

"What's the matter." Ruki yells to Maikeru. "Not so tough anymore?" A moment passes, and it seems the only part of Ruki that was still sane faded from the glint in the eyes visible through the eyeholes.
This wasn't Ruki. This was something else. Something so different it made little sense. In the last moment of his and Nori's fight, Ruki had this look. And he was..
Suddenly Ruki begins to scream. A chilling wail ripped out of his throat and it rolled out-- as if he was dying. Or burning. Or worse.
And it was bestial in the manner that Ruki swished his hand down, as if clapping someone on the head. And a spear from above came crashing down so fast, one didn't even have time to wonder if it was a falling star /moving away/ or a spear. Because the right answer would come so fast. It was a spear. A hollow one designed to maim and debilitate, destroying an opponent's ability to continue fighting.

As the spear comes his way, Maikeru points his hand directly at the screaming Ruki. Two copies of him step in the water of the lance, taking the blow as he steps aside. He seems to not even pay attention to the lance as the copies fade away, an enormous form of the possessed hand flying forward. This time, however, it detaches from him and heads toward Ruki in the form a huge wave of blood red chakra. Upon impact with whatever it hits, it will explode violently with enough power to shake and destroy some of the area.

Ruki stands stoically still as Maikeru unleashes his attack- the giant fist smashing through a crystal mirror, plowing through it, and creating a huge ravine just behind the boneyard gardens.
Ruki is still standing still.
"If you want to defeat anything, you should first get your eyes checked." Ruki said as he placed his hands together, focusing slightly more chakra for what is to come.

"Let's see," Maikeru says with a smirk, dark eyes flashing as he keeps his hand stretched forward at Ruki. The ground underneath Ruki's feet turns blood red once more, intending to trap the boy's feet. Sheets of blood red chakra fly from every direction around him, intending to latch onto him and strange the life out of him and prevent him from even breathing as they drain chakra from him.

Out of all the wreckage and destruction, a point of focus emerges, it's in the shape of a staff- and as it rises, like a magnet it draws other pieces of wreckage, bone and dirt- crystallizing them, and before long it turns into a dragon. All this takes only about one second to happen. And in the next one, the crystal dragon dashes under Ruki, slamming into the dirt and carving out a nice hollow hole, with crystallizing. Ruki grabs it- and in the nick of time, makes it's way away from the Jigoku Web.
The dragon heads straight for Maikeru- bursting into a mist as Ruki leaps off it- the moment the mist gets close to Maikeru- it will change into a dozen of spikes, coalescing into a solid state- that will try to pierce and stab Maikeru in a way that it resembles more like a pincer/hold attack, rather than an attempt to hurt him.

As the wall of crystal comes his way, three copies of Maikeru appear in front of him to deflect it from him. When the wall has passed through, the Jounin is standing on the other side of Ruki. As he points his hand directly at the boy, a spiraling gate of chakra appears in front of him once more, intending to absorb directly from Ruki into him. He is silent for now, simply focused on the battle at hand.

Once again, Ruki's strength is sapped from him, but he makes little physical sign of the entire ordeal; It was painful, but the Ruki here didn't even seem to register the pain, just waiting for a chance to strike. His chakra reserves were lowered considerably. But he saw an opening. He knew the weak-spot in the colossal armor that was Maikeru.
"You are a tyrant." Ruki said. "You take, and you take, and you take, and you *HSSSSSSS*" His words were cut off by the abyssmal humming and hissing in the air- as once again colossal crystals spread through the area like wildfire at the speed of lightning. A split second and the entire view was once again filled with these formations. And they were taking no prisoner today. Spreading out so that they can cut off any attempt for Maikeru to deceive Ruki with his clones.
"BLOOMING FIELDS OF THE IMPALER!" Ruki's should could be heard over the hissing, and then his screams of rage.

Unable to form the shield around him in time to block the crystals, Maikeru is suddenly impaled from every side by crystals. Blood pours from his wounds as he falls to a knee. He takes a few deep breaths as he brings his hands into seals, power surging through him once more as he prepares for a last ditch effort… It would seem perhaps this all caught him off guard, but he'll end this one way or
As the crystal masses encompass the area- Ruki suddenly strolls into view, his hand pressing each crystal and it falling apart into small pieces. Finally, he walks up towards Maikeru.
"Doooooon't wooooorry. I won't hurt you. … much. With this, our debt is repaid in kind. 'He' convinced me that what you did that day warranted that I grant you this sacrifice." Ruki then kneeled down next to Maikeru. "On the day-- when you make your move-- I will be there to see the true tyrant fall. And make sure he falls so deep that the underground is considered above him. And should you follow his steps, I'll make sure the next thing you step on is your grave. Because I finally understand this curse. And I envied you losing your demons, and me keeping mine. But I envy no more."

"Is that right?" Maikeru asks, his eyes on the ground, hands still in seals. As he speaks, thousands of blood red orbs begin to form around the area, circling the entire perimeter. Dark power can be felt covering the area, the ground almost seeming to shake as a dark chuckle comes from the demonic Jounin. "Run… Run… Run… as fast… as… you… can…" As he speaks, a single large orb appears in the center of the gardens, in the dead center of the others.

"From what? You and your petty stolen powers. You suffered nothing from them. You want us to run?" Ruki shakes his head, "You don't have to exile yourself so far to get to me. But we will give you this courtesy. We will allow you to show us how righteous you are." Ruki said all that and then took several steps back, awaiting what will probably be Ruki's own undoing. And it makes sense. Last time they fought, in this state, Ruki did not seem to grasp the concept that a big red orb can actually kill someone. Especially Ruki. Part of Ruki thought they were already dead!

"Stolen, eh?" Maikeru asks with a chuckle. His hands continue to move through seals, the orbs around the perimeter growing larger and more numerous with each moment. "That's… an… interesting… word…" The shaking of the area seems to grow more and more as his dark power begins to overshadow the gardens, preparing to end this all. "… Wonder… what… the… old man… would say…" His eyes close for a moment as he tries to imagine just how Jigoku might be laughing right now. Of course, Jigoku is in the Void, so no chance of that.

"Maybe it is. Today looks like everyone is a thief." A pause, "Don't you agree, Kaede?" Ruki began chuckling at that, laughing with Maikeru in a strangely merry way. As if the two suddenly became best buddies. But the laughter suddenly became laced with mockery and contempt. Just how crazy Ruki was became less and less clear. He certainly wasn't in a bad mood. This was something else.
"I wonder if you can breathe without a lung." Ruki asked, as if predicting what was gonna happen.

"That's… a good question, too… Let me… know… how… that… turns out," Maikeru says, chuckling a bit as he looks up at Ruki. The boiling point of dark chakra seems to be reached as the Jounin seems to vanish amid all the orbs around the area suddenly firing their power into the center orb in the form of beams of blood red light, meant to pierce directly through anything they come in contact with. As the power comes into it, the orb in the center grows more and more until finally exploding with almost nuclear-level power as he intends to wipe out the entire area as Ruki with it.

There's a blinding flash, with a meager attempt of a barrier to stop the huge explosion that was shredded to pieces before it could even deflect a even meagerer ammount of bodily harm.
A long moment passes, and finally, Ruki crawls out of the debris. Hurt. A lot. He could theoretically go on, but not even the now *flattened* area he couldn't see Maikeru. Either because he was still partly blinded, or because of all the smoke and dust. How he survived that, he didn't know either.
"I should burry you all under a crown of thorns. I sh-- HHRRRAAAAAAAAGH!!!" He shouted out and screamed in rage.
Slowly, he began to realize that blood is dripping from underneath the mask. And as he looked down, he noticed that a piece of crystal he earlier used to stab Maikeru was now stabbed into him. Irony was a harsh mistress today. What if he gets AID-- nevermind. Let's not tempt irony more.
Suddenly, the remaining crystal pieces began to shatter and create such a loud noise and ruckus, it's as if the entire area was barraged. Ruki took this chance to begin leaving before the Death Hand shows up. That'd be an 'investigation' that he would not like at all.

Though Maikeru does look through the crystal, he's a bit too worn down to thoroughly search before Ruki leaves the area to likely try to get out of Kirigakure before he is hunted down by every ANBU, Swordsmen, or Death Hand in the area. That giant explosion is sure to signal pretty much all of them, which is how this Jounin will be making his way to the Medical Center this evening. "… See you soon, kid," the demonic Jounin says with a chuckle before slumping down and waiting for people to show up and carry him away. "Then again… I'm sure you'll be dead in a few minutes."

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