Eye see you


Kuoroke, Suterusu

Date: January 4, 2013


Having heard reports of an eyeball collection, Kuoroke decides to get more information. Personal growth

"Eye see you"

Kuoroke's Office, Sunagakure

Morning, winter… that means, in the Land of the Wind, that there is a strong, constant freezing wind blowing through the streets. Kuoroke has braved this unwelcoming weather to come to his office and, while it is barely late enough for the sun to have turned the stygian blackness of the skies above into a softer light blue, without yet having cast a single ray over the land, expects others to do the same. One of his earliest visitors will be Suterusu, summoned sternly but neutrally. Kuoroke, as always, can be found at his desk, a few sheets with disinformation littered about its surface as traps for anyone who thinks they're clever by reading them, with his hands folded. He watches the door expectantly.

Getting that summon, the figure was of course prompt to respond. Considering it was a summon by Kuoroke, the twins were requested to stay home, so he was alone entering that dome. The secretary, grumbling that he had to get up this early, would check the notice that figure had for being summoned and wave him on, leading to the figure quietly knocking, then entering Kuoroke's office. Red eyes would stare at Kuoroke as he came in, before a small nod was given in greeting and he'd close the door behind him, walking over to stand before the desk. "Kuroki-san." That soft tenor voice would croon, the request put on his desk. "I'm here as requested."

"Good." Someone had once theoreticized Kuoroke practices scowls for all occasions. For today, he seems to have a very special one prepared: it combines worry and disappointment, with just a tinge of being disturbed. "Sit down. I've heard you have a rather unusual collection." Kuoroke decides not to specify what collection this is. After all, he might collect something else, too. "And I was curious to hear about it. So, go ahead." He leans forward a little, his fingers pressed together to form a steeple. "Tell me about it?"

The figure would nod and settle int he chair as requested. Although it'd be unseen under that wrap, an eyebrow is raised in curiosity. A final shrug is given then. "Indeed. I do collect something. I deem it worthy of the final moments of strong opponents." There'd be a pause, before that soft tenor would croon again. "Why does my personal collection have the interest of a council member, if I may ask?"

"We'll get to that." Kuoroke answers, sharply, waving Suterusu's question away as though it were an annoying mosquito. "Maybe. For now, I want to know why you have it," Kuoroke separates his hands, makes a fist, and begins extending the fingers one by one as he speaks. "what exactly is in it, where you keep it… and how far you're prepared to go to add to it."

There was a longer pause this time from the figure. Definitely.. complicated the situation, didn't it? Finally, that soft tenor would croon once again. "I have it as I stated, a respect for the fallen foe that I have defeated. I claim their eyes, so the last thing they see is that moment of defeat." The figure would shrug slightly. "It is within my home. I maintain it throughly. I am also willing to kill to add to it. As that is how I add to it, hai?"

"Right. Firstly, are you aware of the risk this could pose?" Kuoroke wonders. "There are opponents you've defeated of whose passing we wouldn't like to keep proof. Not to mention, the body of a ninja could hold plenty of other nasty surprises. As for the killing, yes, obviously, but elaborate. -Who- are you willing to kill? -How-? -When-? I need to know that your little hobby isn't going to become a problem to the village, one way or another."

The figure would give a nod in response. "I am. I have actually had to deal with that already. There were a set of mercenaries I removed that had a seal on their eye at death they exploded.. viciously." The figure would give a shake of his head. "There are some things out there that it's not worth gathering from. Like those of the clans with highly devoted dojutsu. Seeking to gather from them causes trouble. This trouble is more than I could potentially handle. therefore I do not collect from them. There is a logic to it as well as a self control to verify that no true trouble follows this pattern, hai?"

"I notice you haven't addressed the issue of keeping evidence around… or, for that matter, of leaving signature mutilated corpses." Kuoroke answers. "And I need more details than 'self control'. Who do you take these eyes from, when do you take their eyes, how do you take their eyes? I don't object to whatever your habits are, but having people die and eyeless corpses appear when you're around will raise far too many questions. So, details, please."

The figure would shake his head. "In general, most bodies are destroyed after retrieval. I am guessing this particular time is from my team mates seeing me take the bandits eyes? They were buried in the sand with only their heads exposed. As such, the animals would take care of that evidence first." The figure would study Kuoroke for a moment, before a shake of his head was given. "As for your question on self control.. I am who I am. You have deployed me to locations that require such self control. The only reason we are having this conversation is that I trusted my team I was assigned to on that situation. There has been nothing before this time, so I am obviously aware of what I'm doing, hai?"

Kuoroke scowls further, crossing his arms. "I notice you haven't yet" he stresses that last word slightly, "answered my questions…" After this 'observation', he glares at Suterusu expectantly.

That figure would pause, looking at Kuoroke for a moment. "My answer is that I don't. I don't leave signature corpses. If I do take the eyes, the body is disposed of fully, either via a defined natural means, or via my own required manipulations. As for my own 'evidence' as you call it.. They are put through several chemical processes that will neutralize any potential tracking of the items in question. Was there anything else you needed answered, Kuroki-san?"

"Other questions, Stealth." Kuoroke answers. "Are you only getting these eyes from missions? Or are you hunting others for them? If so, when, where? Does anyone else know of your hobby? After all, it would not be good for our public image if it was widely known…"

"The twins who live with me know of and swears on their life to tell no one else of it. I generally do not need to hunt for them as plenty of potential subjects for claiming are available on the missions." The figure would give a small shake of his head. "I have done my best to make sure I do not cause issues for the village in my hobby, hai?"

Kuoroke mulled this over for a while, in silence. "Alright. I'll let you keep your collection, but see to it that it never causes us any trouble, alright?" Kuoroke gives a nod, then motions towards the door. "Unless there's anything you wish to add, you're dismissed."

The figure would straighten up, standing to his feet with a nod. "Alright." That bow given towards Kuoroke, he'd finally turn away, stepping towards the door. "I will make sure there are no further reports of such things." Nodding that figure would open the door and step out.

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