Eyeball Collection Concerns


Itami, Shemri, Chitose

Date: May 25, 2013


A Suna Council member is appraised of a certain shinobi's disturbing little hobby.

"Eyeball Collection Concerns"

Sand Storm Bar [Sunagakure]


The Sand Storm bar has a rather simple layout, which pleases a lot of its patrons. There are two choices of seating. One of the many tables, or a stool along the bar. The only entertainment in the bar is fellow patrons, and there is always at least a few bartenders behind the bar.
The menu for drinks is posted behind the bar, with the specialty being the the 'Sand Shark'. It is a very potent alcohol, which few people know contains some special poisons, that somehow are neutralized in the mix. All in all, it makes for a very delicious drink, and is the fastest way known in Sunagakure to forget your troubles.
At all times of day and night, there are people in the bar, either drinking or serving. It is a frequent place for fist-fights to break out, so it is not an unusual sight to see one half of the bar needing repairs, or a few broken chairs and tables tossed in a corner until their replacements come.


With the desert beginning to cool down after the sun sets, people began to take to their homes and or restaurants to have themselves a warm bite to eat. For a particular council member, she was looking to 'warm up' with some drinks at the Sand Storm Bar. Itami secured herself a bottle of sake to enjoy and take home. Luckily, she's only had a couple of cups from it and nothing too significant. Sufficiently 'warm', she sat back and chatted with a few of the patrons, commenting on how quiet it was today in this place. Typically, there would be fights going on around here.
Perhaps that's for the best. She might as well not jinx the solitude before it somehow is interrupted.

Isn't that always the way? You get to have some degree of importance in an organization, and there's always somebody trying to hunt you down for instructions or favors or your signature or something. Tonight, Itami is almost literally hunted down, as a small black cat comes sniffing up to the door of the bar, peers inside, and stops to meow behind his shoulder. A moment later, Shemri walks in, giving a nod to the feline. "Many thanks, Shiikaa." Shemri holds up a hand to let the bartender know that yes, the underage girl trailing along behind her — Chitose — is with her and will not be trying to get any drinks. Shemri makes her way over to where Itami is and gives a bow. "Greetings, Itami-sama. My apologies for intruding upon your leisure time, but there is an important matter we would like to discuss with you, if we may."

A blink as she walks in with Shemri. She peers at Shemri and then looks at Itami before pointing at the cat, "By we, you mean you and the cat?" She tilts her head as she takes a seat at Itami's table without questioning whether or not she should. Seems the girl who is a living weapon has become perhaps a bit cocky. That or she never really had much use for such t hings as bowing to councilmembers to begin with. Either way, she settles in and peers at Shemri.

Itami lowered her cup from her lips and nodded to Shemri. Looks like she was on her third one at this time. She offered the same nod to Chitose while gesturing for them both to sit at her table. "It's not a problem. I've grown accustomed to this sort of thing. So, what is this matter that need be discussed?" She questioned and looked at Chitose as if she was the subject that Shemri was speaking of. From the girl's response though, it's likely she's not the one. Hm. "Would you all like something to eat while we're here?"

Shemri nods and sits down, pulling out her coin purse. "I do not wish to presume upon your time and money, but I shall order something for the sake of the establishment." Shemri requests an appetizer platter, enough for herself and Chitose to snack on. Probably have some left over for Shiikaa later too. "The matter is…dubious," Shemri admits. "I am not entirely certain it is something that shall concern the Council, but…I must speak of it with someone." Shemri pauses to collect her thoughts. "It concerns one of our jounin, the one who calls himself Suterusu. Recently we were on a mission with him. During that mission we witnessed an action that was, well…" Shemri leans across the table. "Are you aware that he is in the habit of collecting eyes? From living captives?" o.o;

A glance at Itami and she smiles, "Yes, thank you." She then blinks at what Shemri orders before hmming, "Two of those, please." She states to the server before nodding her head and grinning at Shemri, "I get hungry." She then shifts in her spot at the thing that Shemri seems to be up in arms about. Chitose lets out a slow sigh and then looks down at her hands, "This is why, I believe, that adults drink so much." She nods her head, "A habit that I believe I may be driven to before long."

"Suterusu… I know of him. I can't say I've spoken with him often, but I have seen him before," Itami states. "He collects eyes from living captives. That is unsettling, to say the least," she lifted her cup to her lips and took a nice swig of her drink. "I don't believe I knew of this, but it is not something I would actively encourage him to do. I suppose I can speak with him about it," she set her cup down and smirked at Chitose. "I hope this isn't the case for you. Drinking isn't a good habit to have. Though, hearing about things like this can aid in placing someone in that area," she rolled her eyes.

Shemri gives Chitose a glance. "Fortunately the law should help you avoid that fate a while longer." e.e Shemri nods thankfully to Itami, relieved that the issue is being taken seriously…although ideally she was hoping for more than 'I'll talk to him about it'. Still, it's a start at least. "Many thanks, Itami-sama. I was worried perhaps it would be seen as something small in the face of all the things we must do as shinobi, but I could not stop thinking it was wrong and must be confronted. Small wonder there are those trying to stand against our village if they have witnessed such things. The sight of that lizard-man's face, screaming and bleeding from empty eye sockets before he was beheaded…" Shemri shivers, and tucks into the appetizers that were just delivered. 8l

Taking some of the appetizers, pulling a plate over to herself, she shakes her head, "It's just the way things are." Chitose then looks at Shemri and hmms at her, "We all have our hobbies and perhaps it would also tell enemy shinobi that we don't play around with our enemies." She nods her head before looking at her plate, "I do agree it perhaps shouldn't be something shown off in front of a group of people already choosing to hate us." She then ponders things as she looks at her food, "I believe the real focus here is on what we are to do about our enemies."

"No issue should be considered too small. I know things that may or may not be deemed important depend, but each person has their reasons for feeling that something is important enough to bring up. I can understand how something like that can affect you and I should seek to understand the reason why, though I feel I may already know that reason," Itami states to Shemri before she finishes off her third up of her drink. Setting it down, she slid the cup away from her so that she might not be tempted to drink more.
"I can agree and disagree with what has been said. Even if I approach him about it, I am uncertain if it's a practice I can stop from happening. It could be a way to show our enemies that we aren't to be trifled with, but these things should be considered in a way much like you said, Chitose. It isn't wise to perform something like that in front of people that hate us, but further more for those who don't. It is a rather unsettling image to see eyes gouged out and hearing blood curdling screams that come from a practice of the sort. I've heard much of the same in other fights and it was not a pleasant experience, whether or not it was a scare tactic or not," she admits.
"Quite frankly, it's nothing that I would particularly approve of, especially as a hobby. If it is something to be done, it could at least be done somewhere people won't be affected," she sighs. "But true, we should focus on our enemies, if we could consider them that much. I've been considering these groups that have sought to harm trade and affect the Land of Wind as a whole. They should be stopped and information is limited at the moment. I should carry out plans to see to it that we can make discoveries about these people and stop them. They're in no way helping anything around here and will be victims of their own problems."

Shemri glances at Chitose again. "…This is not a fact. It is telling them we do play around with our enemies." XP Shemri twirls a piece of breaded meat around in the sauce bowl. "It was…cruelty. It did not benefit the mission, it was not necessary…it was solely for his own gratification. When I asked why he did not at least kill the man first, he said the eyes would not have the same look if they were taken after death." Shemri sighs heavily. "I understand there are limits to your influence, Itami-sama…I shall appreciate any efforts you can make, even if they are not successful. But surely if this is brought before the Council, there shall be enough who see the wrong of it? If such a practice were considered acceptable…I would not wish to raise my children in such a village." Shemri lays the food aside. "If there is anything I may do to help in this matter, please let me know."

A frown and Chitose hmms as she looks at Shemri, "This is a cold village out in the heat." She states, "Be careful of raising your children here, period." Chitose nods her head, "I was raised here. Just as an example. I was used and set aside without thought because it was convenient and useful." She nods her head, "I understand the purpose but understand that this is the kind of village it is." She looks out the door, "We live in a desert. A place that is the closest thing to hell you will find on Earth." She then looks back at Shemri, "I will talk to him personally." Chitose nods, "If it will appease you." She nods and then idly takes in another bite, not even finishing chewing it, "He'll listen to me before he'll listen to councilmembers even."

"You have not lived here long enough to know how life is in this place. Gouging out eyes is not something that has been practiced here by anyone that I've ever known or seen around here. I would be mindful of how you tell people how to raise their children, seeing as you are young yourself," Itami offered to Chitose. "Additionally, Sunagakure may have some coldness to it, but we do tend to take care of our own. There have been many families here in the time that this village has existed. I've been around here since its beginnings to know such a thing. What applies to some does not apply to all, but if you think you can influence him, then I will allow you to do so. Over all, I will help however I can, but seeing as how he's been described, I'll allow Chitose to do something about him."

Shemri chuckles lightly. "I have lived here since nearly the founding of the village, Chitose-san. Of course, I shall never know all of it, even though I remain until I am a hundred." Shemri grabs a paper tub from a nearby stack and starts putting some leftovers in it for Shiikaa. "If you believe you may be able to alter his behavior, I shall appreciate your attempt. Please let me know how it goes as soon as you may." Although given Chitose's own attitude toward things as expressed tonight, Shemri's not expecting any miracles. e.e; Shemri gets up and bows. "Many thanks for your indulgence this evening. Farewell." With that, Shemri heads homeward, anticipating better sleep tonight knowing that she's at least done something.

A sudden glare goes to Itami and Chitose stands up, "This place was founded when I was five. I was born before this village existed and grew up in it. Do dare to think that I know nothing of how this village works. I was raised in the desert, in this village and it is your kind…" She points at Itami, "You councilmembers, ruling over it all, who made the desicion to put me in the position I am in. To force me to deal with what I deal with, day in and day out." She then turns and starts for the door, "I will talk with Suterusu." She then keeps walking, shaking her head as she goes.

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