Fade to Black



Date: July 11, 2012


None given.

"Fade to Black, Rise to White"

Unknown location

(These were supposed to be posted a waaaaay long time ago, but I wasn't
able to. I still feel a response is deserved to Amuro's posts, so here
they are!)

There are many great evils in the world and Hashiramako is most certain
that Amuro, better known as Fuu Ka, is one of them. Even in being familiar
with him, being prepared for what he has the ability to unleash is a
laughable intention. There is no preparation for someone like him, there
is only action. Action to defend a village from a threat larger than the
shinobi world.

'How did he manage to get his hands on such a thing?'

Though it was a passing thought, the larger concern was how to stop it.
This foul beast created and maintained by the wretchedness present in the
hearts of the people of the world. Even the shinobi… More so the
shinobi. The great defenders of their respective villages, the powers that
are at the disposal of their countries that can both save and destroy
lives with gestures of the hands, bodies that double as weapons. There is
no way to escape that latent evil filled with good intentions. Hashiramako
knew it well.

But to see it as a physical entity, to feel it, breathe it, live
it…the best option was to seal it. The Beast of Blood, like a wound that
needed bandaging, so did she bandage this fiend to keep it from bleeding
out and carry life with it. The Stone of Yin-Yang hadn't even begun to
form as a thought in the Hokage's mind. No, instead, she summoned the
World Tree and locked herself, the Beast and Amuro within it. In the
darkness, she continued her fight, but the Beast was unaffected. Never
before had she felt such a weight as that the Beast had as it ensnared her
in wickedness and sent the cries of what felt like millions through her
very soul and yet, therein lied the fire; that Will. A fire that could not
be smothered.
She fought the Beast in its own arena and used Genjutsu to her advantage
until it weakened enough to seal it and still, she had more left to offer
to her opponent, but he didn't have the same in mind. As she caught up
with him and his movements through her tree to the Lookout lifted up with
it, she struck him. It was not a decisive blow.

'There's so many things I need to know.'

Her intent to question was returned with with word.


Darkness consumed Hashiramako for the final time and when she came to,
she found herself in the hospital. Fuu Ka had made his escape with the
Stone of Yin-Yang, but at least that horror was gone. For now, at least.

The village was safe.

Sounds of the hospital slowly made their way into her senses. The blur
that was white light was now shown to be damage to the facility. Sunlight
had never been so displeasing. Swarming around her were medical ninja
tending to her and other residents, still on the job despite what took
place here. Rising from her resting place, unharmed except for some
fatigue, she found that her memory of the events that took place have
drawn a blank. Pieces were missing.

In the time she rested, she could only remember certain items, but at
most, her memory was wiped of her engagement with Fuu and the Beast of
Blood. Being prepared /was/ a laughable intention against him. This only
serves to emphasize that point. She sighed as she was approached by a
medic who placed her back in the bed to make sure she got the maximum
amount of rest. She was disappointed, but decided not to argue back. Her
memories would come back in due time.

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