Failing Robbers, In for Broke


Rockpath (emitter), Tatsuo, Tsuchiri, Zori, Liao, Shinobu

Date: September 21, 2015


A group of genin are sent to take care of some bank robbers.

"Failing Robbers, In for Broke"

Land of Fire - Kadomai

Rumor has it… There is a man in Kadomai that's planning a huge bank heist against Konoha! Naturally, this man has to be stopped, right? So why not send shinobi? As it happens, two teams were sent out. One of them was made up higher-ranked shinobi like Hige, Kurome, and Kuroko. The other was made up of lower-ranked shinobi, including Tsuchiri, Shinobu, Tatsuo, and Zori. With no clear leader among the lower-level team, it was determined that Tatsuo would be in charge of this particular team.
The whole objective is rather simple: stop any attempt on stealing the money in Konoha. In practice, though, things are never that easy. There were two rumors, even! One that stated an attack would be on the front of Konoha's monetary storage area, and one that said it would be on the back. The group of genin, at least for today, were assigned to the front.

Tatsuo had to lead this group of Genin? That was kind of scary to think about actually! Sure he was a strategist at heart but he still hasn't led anything before. But he wasn't going to turn it down and so he had led the team to Kadomai! Yay! Easy part is done at least! The young Nara has his team positioned across the way from the storage area so they had a good view of all the front exits. They all had assignments too! They were to try and capture not kill so Zori would be tying them up while Shinobu tried to distract them with genjutsu. Tatsuo and Tsuchiri would be maneuvering them into position and keeping any from escaping if the rumors were true. "Any questions?" He asks not for the first time.

Tsuchiri makes her way over to Kadomai with her escort in Tatsuo.. for the mission, that is. She's still winding slightly down from her training. But that's the best time to do things, she's limbered up afterall! Corralling hostiles and preventing escape, right. "No questions from me, just give orders when the time comes."

Zori doesnt like the fact that there is no killing involved. I mean really..only tie them up? Good thing Zori had already taken his medicine well before hand, so its already active and in effect. The Jounin stands behind Zori , arms crossed peering around the area at the other shinobi's looking each one of them over one by one. Zori stands in front of the Jounin of course. He is glaring at Tatsuo, it must be because he has to work with someone that had attacked him in the past. Zori has a blank expression still glaring at Tatsuo, even when he had asked if theyre was any questions. Zori shakes his head and the Jounin says "None here, just tell us what you want us to do. Show us what great of a leader you can be!" The Jounin smiles and thumbs up at the young Nara.

Shinobu shakes her head quietly, the girl holding Kame in her arms. She was ready, and Kame could assist with both genjutsu and assault. If there were a lot more targets, then the pup would likely be helping with the distractions. The pup, though, does have a question it seems. Yip! ~So we just need to capture them? That sounds easy! But what if we don't see them at all?~ The girl blinks once when she hears this question from her partner, and she nods slowly to back this query.

The team would get to make their way to Kadomai with little issue. It was not so far from the Hidden Leaf, which is partially why some of their monies are stored there. The village itself seemed absolutely normal, with the usual gossipers on the street discussing the little bank heist as well as other things that may have caught their interest. "Yes, I know Farmer John has that cow. But she looks a bit fat. Do you think he bred her with Nancy's bull?" is just one example of the chatter going on.

"Um, we should be able to see them if someone walks out with a lot of money. If we can't see them then it wouldn't matter too much I guess because they'd be far above us too." Wise words in that from Tatsuo as he responds. He doesn't want to fight anyone who can turn invisible! As they arrive he looks around and let's his senses out to try and pick up on anything nearby while they wait, his eyes watching each and every person that goes in and out while his ears are open for any sounds of bad from inside.

COMBAT: Tatsuo focuses 3696 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Tatsuo defends against with a PERCEPTION…27

Chiri gives a slow nod to the instruction from Tatsuo. Right, sounds nice. For the moment, she gathers her will, stiffens her upper lip, centers herself, and starts glancing at all the others present, listening to see if she can hear anything interesting.

COMBAT: Tsuchiri focuses 2602 stamina to turn it into 2950 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Tsuchiri defends against with a PERCEPTION…25

Zori listens to what Tatsuo said and replies "Got it". Zori then glances back at the Jounin giving him a nod. The Jounin already knows what Zori is about to do to help. Zori summons a bunch of wires scattering into the area. Zori waits for a certain wire to be touched and he would be able to feel the vibration of the wire.

COMBAT: Zori focuses 5820 stamina to turn it into 7400 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Zori defends against with a WIRE-SENSATION…41
COMBAT: Shinobu focuses 1917 stamina to turn it into 2500 usable chakra!
RP: Shinobu transforms into KAME.
RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…58

Shinobu and Kame both start sniffing around to try and pick up the scent of someone that doesn't belong. So far, so good, right? Kame and Shinobu split up for the time being so that they can cover more ground. Sniff sniff. Sniff sniff. Before heading off on their own, Shinobu would project, 'Umm…. they sent another… team… just in case, didn't they?'

The four would be able to sense a number of things, certainly. Shinobu and Kame's attempts revealed that there were two strangers coming in from the … sky? Zori's wires don't feel much of anything, and Tatsuo and Chiri notice even less. Though the former might hear some wind whistling and a sort of *vvvvt* of a wire being reeled and tossed.

Tatsuo looks to the others as they all begin looking for things before he turns his attention back to the money place. Hmm, well, so far there doesn't seem to be much of anything going on. Until he hears a noise that…just doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the village. "Shinobu-chan, Kame-chan, do you two hear something…odd?" He asks, depending on the Inuzuka to be the best source of hearing things.

RPCOMBAT: Tatsuo defends against with a PERCEPTION…26

Tsuchiri doesn't pick up on anything unusual herself, and falls back to let her teammates do their checks. She idly turns towards Tats to keep an eye on him, now with the warning to keep ears out, she attempts again to try and pick up on anything unusual.

RPCOMBAT: Tsuchiri defends against with a PERCEPTION…24
RPCOMBAT: Zori defends against with a WIRE-SENSATION…38

Zori waits for a while to see if he could feel any type of vibration through his wires….any… but its a no go. After a minute of waiting for no reason, Zori's eyes dart back to The Jounin and stares at him blankly "Not sensing anything" Zori pauses "Let me try to focus more chakra into my wires" Zori focuses more chakra into the wires that were already summoned. Zori then brings his eyes away from the Jounin and glares at Tatsuo, just watching him.

RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…42

Kame and Shinobu both nod slightly and use their genjutsu to communicate. ~Up. Above us. I dunno why they're there, though…~ Kame inputs. Shinobu shrugs quietly, then says, 'Stealthy…?' The girl starts moving towards the area that is nearest the two to-be culprits. She can't stand directly under them since they're hovering over the building.

So this was Kadomai… huh? Liao had never seen it with her own eyes before, though she'd gotten close enough to it for the smells to drift by, with her insect research. But today? Today, she was here on a mission of her own! To find the tastiest leek she could possibly locate, for use in her recipe: Daddy's famous Iwagakure Broccoli-Beef! The leek was perfect for garnishment and flavor in the sauce, an absolute must-have… But she was a Shinobi of the Leaf. This was never, ever time for games, heading into unfamiliar areas, even part of the Land of Fire like Kadomai was. So of course, she sent out her insects well in advance of her arrival. The only thing interesting they reported for now, though, was the pressence of Tsuchiri! What was her lover doing in a place like this? They were on the same Squad, if she had a mission, surely she would've told Liao… So when she found that much out, she ordered her insects to scout more out, wondering if maybe she should be more cautious than even she normally was?

RPCOMBAT: Liao defends against with a KIKAICHU-SCOUTS…24

The men above continued to try to be all stealthy and escape the detection of the shinobi. They didn't realize that the group below had already noticed them, so they were just keeping low to the ground and sneaking about. They were still on the roof, and they started trying to cut through the roof of this bank.

COMBAT: Tatsuo defends against STEALTH-II(26) attack from Rockpath with a PERCEPTION…24

Tatsuo hmms and nods to Shinobu as she and Kame speaks. He can't quite pinpoint where they are though. "Hmm, um, if anybody can find them try and keep them from getting into the storage place. We can't let them in. Shinobu-chan can you also let the others on the other side know with your genjutsu?" Then he steps out more into the middle of the street, both to try and look and make it /obvious/ that he's trying to look. Put 'em on edge and all that.

COMBAT: Tsuchiri defends against STEALTH-II(25) attack from Rockpath with a PERCEPTION…28

Tsuchiri does spy people… getting onto the roof… weird. She hears Tatsuo give the command not to let them in and Tsuchiri sighs.. of all times to not quite have mastered treewalking. She looks for another way up the building so that she can go on to stop'm. "Anyone got a way up? I don't know if I can climb it." she murmurs

COMBAT: Zori defends against STEALTH-II(24) attack from Rockpath with a WIRE-SENSATION…26

Zori felt the vibrations coming from the roof as the men brush across the wires that were up there. Zori turned his head slightly over to the Jounin "Quick cling unto my back and hold on" Zori points at the roof turning his full attention on the roof itself. The Jounin grabs on to Zori's backside holding on to him. Zori's wires lash out from up underneath the sleeves of his hoodie out to the roof of the building. Attaching itself on the railing, the wires then lift Zori and the Jounin up into the air just enough for them to be floating down about to land on the roof.

RPCOMBAT: Zori defends against with a STRING-STEERING-TECHNIQUE…30
RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…55
COMBAT: Shinobu defends against STEALTH-II(28) attack from Rockpath with a INUZUKA-SENSES…56
RP: Shinobu uses TREE-WALKING.

Shinobu and Kame are hardly fooled by the stealthy approach. The girl makes her way over to a tree to help stop the criminals while Kame dashes off to let others know just where the bandits were striking out at. The pup would use genjutsu, refraining from barking so she could communicate secretly!

COMBAT: Shinobu attacks target 1 with OMEGA'S-BARK with a roll of: 33
COMBAT: Liao defends against STEALTH-II(26) attack from Rockpath with a KIKAICHU-SCOUTS…31

Liao could tell nothing was going right in the Village…! Tsuchiri was there, but so were other Shinobi from the Leaf… They definitely weren't here to mess around, especially if Chiri had never even mentioned it to her! Her Kikaichu reported men on the rooves of the houses, and so she fell back, away from the other group. The best thing she had was her element of surprise… So she circled around the building.

COMBAT: Liao focuses 2625 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!

The two men on the roof blink a few times when Zori suddenly appears with the Jounin in tow. "Wait, the f*** How the heck did you get up here, you brat?" Hisses one in a loud whisper. He immediately lashes out with a knife while the other goes to peek over the ledge and notices Tatsuo and co. staring up. Dude, there's a bunch of them!" he tells his partner, drawing two knives from his belt and throwing those as well.

COMBAT: Tatsuo successfully interrupts attack number 2: SHARP-II from Rockpath against Tsuchiri with a roll of 42 vs 27.
COMBAT: Tatsuo defends against SHARP-II(25) attack from Rockpath with a WATER-RIBBONS…39
COMBAT: Tatsuo defends against SHARP-II(27) attack from Rockpath with a WATER-RIBBONS…42

Tatsuo sees the others go up and his eyes follows them, frowning as he sees the men are starting to attack. Well at least they found them and so far have stopped them from doing anything like stealing the money. When the knives come down Tatsuo makes a quick hand seal and a single wave of water shoots across to block both his and the one aimed towards Tsuchiri. "If you can't go up Tsuchiri-chan then make sure no one tries to sneak out the front door please." With that Tatsuo jumps up to the roof, water coming from either side towards the two men in the form of small little needles.


Chiri is not being knife-thrown at, no, Tatsuo catches the projectile meant for her and goes on to return fire, solidifying her feathers and fanning them out as usual before aiming the head of one towards the knife tosser. The feather's head shatters and sends shards of chakra up for the one at the edge. Chiri sighs.. grounded for now! "I'll keep an eye on the ground, then!" she shouts back up.

Shinobu, from her perch on the building, is able to get a clear picture of just where the attacker is, and she immediately goes into a whirlwind of fangs and claws. Without Kame, it isn't as effective, but it hopefully would work against these two goons! Kame is just heading towards the other team, projecting her message as best she can. The pup plans to come back shortly and attack from behind if needed.

Liao uses her advantage now! The other Leaf ninja were well underway with their powerful ninjutsu, so she move up behind as many enemies on the roof as she could! Suddenly, swarms of insects overtake them, aiming to drain every last drop of chakra they had! She had taken a careful, watchful look from behind of the entire enemy position, and suddenly burst her kikaichu in very massive swarms to consume all of the enemy's energy!

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WATER-NEEDLE-TECHNIQUE(27) attack from Tatsuo with a DODGE…19
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 413 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WATER-NEEDLE-TECHNIQUE(29) attack from Tatsuo with a DODGE…28
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 372 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against STAR-BULLET(39) attack from Tsuchiri with a DODGE…30
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 414 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TSUGA(31) attack from Shinobu with a DODGE…34
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TSUGA(38) attack from Shinobu with a DODGE…28
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 341 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TSUGA(35) attack from Shinobu with a DODGE…16
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 393 damage.
COMBAT: Liao attacks target 1 with KIKAICHU-CHAKRA-DRAIN with a roll of: 28
COMBAT: Liao attacks target 2 with KIKAICHU-CHAKRA-DRAIN with a roll of: 21
COMBAT: Liao attacks target 1 with KIKAICHU-CHAKRA-DRAIN with a roll of: 30
COMBAT: Liao attacks target 2 with KIKAICHU-CHAKRA-DRAIN with a roll of: 34
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a DODGE…28
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a DODGE…25
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a DODGE…26
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a DODGE…18

The men offer almost no resistance to the shinobi as they're suddenly attacked from all sides. Even sides they didn't know about! Liao was able to get them from behind with her kikaichu, draining their already meager amounts of chakra. And then, of course, the star bullet hits the chest of one while the other falls victim to the spray of water needles and angry Inuzuka. The two end up toppling to the ground, and they'll likely break their necks unless someone catches them!

COMBAT: Tatsuo attacks target 1 with WATER-CHAINS with a roll of: 32
COMBAT: Tatsuo attacks target 1 with WATER-CHAINS with a roll of: 48

When the men start to fall Tatsuo brings that water back to flow underneath and catch the two men before lashing around them in chains of water, keeping them in place as the young Nara drops back to the ground next to them. "Well done everyone," Tatsuo says as he waves to everyone. "Take a look around and make sure there aren't any others. I've got these two."

Tsuchiri nods at the given command, though a bit surprised at the… ineptitude of these bank robbers? In any case, she starts looking to and fro, feathers still sparkling and the shattered one reforms itself meanwhile.

RPCOMBAT: Tsuchiri defends against with a PERCEPTION…21
RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…53

Shinobu nods quickly and sniffs around, not noticing much of anything. Kame is on her way back, and she doesn't notice anything either. Awwww! The pup didn't get any action. The pup huffs faintly and continues her way, hopefully not noticing anything unusual as she goes along.

Liao frowns, her attack hadn't been as effective as she'd hoped it would be. For one thing, there weren't nearly as many targets as she'd been going for… Was something up? No, simply, her recon wasn't right… She shifted into the bushes nearby to hide again, letting her insects move about more… She found the target closest to her rather easily, and instructed her kikaichu to drain him as well!

COMBAT: Liao attacks target 1 with KIKAICHU-CHAKRA-DRAIN with a roll of: 29

Zori and the Jounin finaly land on the roof. As he and the Jounin peered around the roof, he noticed that the party had already started without him. The men had been attacked as theyre wounded bodies lay on the floor. Zori hears Tatsuo gives out his command. Zori uses his already summoned wires to try to locate any more Men that were trying to either escape or hide.

RP: Zori transforms into FRENZY.
RPCOMBAT: Zori defends against with a WIRE-SENSATION…46

Well, no one would notice anything! Liao apparently attacked that bush over there that looks very much like a man, but actually is so not a man. So she just wasted her kikaichu. Yup. Well, overall, mission success! That backup team wasn't even needed, either.

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