Fails And Flaws - Epic Fail!


Daichi, Hoiishime, Eremi, Kaydin

Date: March 16, 2011


Well our friend Daichi has been diligently working on his ninjutsu skills and now he gets the chance to show the results of his efforts in front of all his friends. Daichi also fails to come through for a hurting friend, guess which one.

"Fails And Flaws - Epic Fail!"

Southern Pathway - Land of Fire

The remnants of the Two Tailed Beast that resided in Hitodama Highlands, had been finally returned to its rightful owners!!! That’s right!! The souls which had been left to reside on those lands, thanks to the incomplete sealing done by the Hokage, could now rest in peace, since only that Bijuu had been there only tie to the mortal plane. Even more so, the boy who had been once a vessel to such a chakra, was now free to live his life in peace. Hoiishime was happy to be free, knowing that he wouldn't have to battle and get used to the life of a Jinchuriki, but at the same time, the boy couldn't help thinking about what his life would have been life.

Surely, as both a monk, and a ninja of Kumogakure, Hoii already had his difficulties, trying to balance one role with the other. However still, Hoii couldn't help but believe that the amount of strength he may have not gained, was surely a good tradeoff. His head shook thoughts away as he walked to a place just outside of the Village Hidden in the Leaf. He had now been fully recovered from the unsealing itself, but he yet still felt his body stiffened from all that fuss. Perhaps a day of training before he and Raiga returned home, would do the ninja quite well. After all, the sun was shining, and for the most part, this area had seemed well guarded, and unaffected by the war between Kiri and Konoha! What harm could happen in his practicing of a simple kata?

Daichi was out on patrol yet again, however he had grown bored even more quickly than normal and was looking for some way to entertain himself. Daichi had been a bit restless lately; he was left out of many battles and needed to get some physical training in after having learned to control his chakra much better. Daichi leaps from tree to tree the only thing on his mind is was growing stronger much stronger. Daihi sighs as he thinks about all the skilled ninja he had run into, he felt he was falling behind; his growth he felt was too slow. Coming to a clearing he spies Hoii practicing what seems to be a simple kata. Daichi inadvertently spotted him but he was a bit excited to meet him. Daichi lands a few feet away from Hoiishime and would approach with a sense of purpose yet he was still friendly in his approach "You Hoiishime! Long time no see my friend what brings you here?"

Moving through the bushes and around the trees, Eremi would try his best at staying quiet while observing the path. His black clothing that covers his frame would appear to just be a shadow cast from a cloud to onlookers. It was his first time on patrol and the inexperienced Genin was still unsure why he had to partake in this. With the kiri constantly kidnapping mostly lower ranked shinobi from these forests. Why was he to be put out there as possible bait? The Satonezu knows not to let his namesake down and run away if necessary, but as he has found from a few missions. He's not always the fastest. Nervous and scared, he would keep a constant grip on a kunai that was tucked behind his cloak, readying himself to be able to make the first move were a kiri-nin or their allies spotted.

As he waited, his eyes would focus on a kid about his age making their way up the path. Was it an enemy? It mattered not, as he would treat all unknowns and knowns as a potential threat. Being such, he would wait in the bushes, watching…deciding whether or not to keep observing or to quickly run back to the village. Little time would pass before another would appear, this one he knew…somewhat. He heard talk of pleasantries but could barely make out the words. For now, he would wait in silence, scooting closer through the brush only to be able to hear the conversation. *SNAP* As a branch under his foot is demolished. He would not move and just hold his position, hoping the noise was not heard.

Daichi may have seen Hoii looking toward his direction way before the boy even called to him. Hoiishime had indeed known to wave as well, oddly enough. "Daichi-san!!", was all he needed to shout, before soon the boy was running toward where Daichi was landing. Hoiishime would arrive with a hop, bowing to Daichi and seeking to high-five him one. The question was asked, prompting a rather nervous response, Hoii seeming to fumble his words and reach for the back of his neck while saying, "Uh-uh, I be ere' escortin' Raiga-sama! He be havin' some-er… Business!! Yeah.. he be havin' business witcha Kage!! Dat's right, mon!!" Hoii felt himself lying, even though, in actuality, he was telling the truth. Just not the /whole/ truth.

Hoiishime soon seemed to turn a bit serious before another question was mention. "Hey, mon… I be havin' one question… Ya be knowin' who da kid be dat be tailin' me some on da way ere'? He be seemin' good at movin' though if he be not so worked up, he might be illudin' me a bit easier." Was Hoiishime talking about Eremi? Well, that twig snap right on queue with his words, seemed to be a dead giveaway. It'd make Hoiishime chuckle a little. Hoii would look to Daichi, and say, "Should ya be tellin' em I be from Kumo instead?? Or do he be good for a spar when him' be like dis?"

Daichi would smile and high five Hoiishime with the same intensity he was getting from him. Daichi smiles and pats Hoii on the shoulder as he talked about the ninja failing to hide somewhere over in the bushes. Smiles "Well we could do that…or we could have a little fun," Daichi leans in to Hoiishime as to whisper in his ear "He's a bit of a newbie and kinda nervous, sooo I was thinking why not toughen him up a little?" Daichi grins devilishly at Hoiishime. Daichi turns and waves over to Eremi in the bushes letting him know he had been noticed "Oi come on out, it's cool no real danger!" he smiles

Unfortunately, his play possum technique after making the noise didn't seem to work and when noticed, he had no choice but to appear fully from the brush. Seeing the two, Eremi would slowly walk over with his head lowered, but eyes still focused ahead. His hand would still be gripped on the kunai behind his back as he only knew Daichi as an eccentric cleaver wielder and had no clue what to think of the other boy. This was no time for him to take a chance and be less suspicious just because someone tells him there is no real danger. The genin would stop short of the two and with a half smile explain himself, "I was just patrolling like I was told to, I knew it would be a bad idea."

Kaydin would come out to patrol and only walks out into the area as Eremi made himself known. He just nods to the three people before he would simply look around. He remained silent, having taken a more stoic expression on his face since his capture and he seems to have lost whatever confidence he used to have, becoming completely emotionless. He simply would look around before his attention returns to the three.

Looking to Daichi's shoulder pat, Hoiishime knew that the welder of Madness's Butcher would be up to no good at all. The worst part of this all, was the simple fact that Hoiishime wouldn't have it any other way. He received the whispering with a mild bit of chuckling, before a light elbow nudged Daichi, followed by the words, "Ya won't be too hard on em' will ya?" Just when Eremi would come out of hiding, Hoiishime, pretendin obviously, would push Daichi hard, as if to cause quite the alarm. "Ya don' be touchin' me none, ya Leafer! I be havin' half a mind, to tear ya up!!" He'd fist shake at Daichi, along with a wink and a smile of mischief. Obviously, this was the queue for him to play along.

Meanwhile, Eremi would be faced again, and before long, the monk would then shout at him saying, "Oh!! Ya be callin ya friend now too, huh??? I don' be takin' a likin' ya ninja at all, mon!! Ya be payin' for jumpin' in on /me/." Just when Kaydin would arrive, Hoiishime, would sweatdrop. He hadn't expected another Konoha ninja to show up. Better yet, it was another ninja whom he hadn't known… Weird indeed. His actions, might not be taken so well if this kept up. His chakra had even risen in response to what he considered now as his best acting yet. But he wondered… If Eremi hadn't known he was a Kumo ninja, then what about the newcomer?

Daichi smiles as he is shoved and would draw his cleaver. Daichi's expression would become strikingly serious and would swing his cleaver menacingly on to his shoulder and leans forwards with that common 'street punk' posture. "Leafer? Psh you shouldn't talk so big," Daichi reels back and swings his blade forward pointing it at Hoiishime "You might not /live/ to regret," as an interesting side note Daichi picked up his 'badguy' trash talk from Sekisetsu, right now he was imitating her as best as possible. Daichi would glance over to Eremi "Oiii! Little man! You better watch yourself! A battle is about to go down and I can't promise your safety! In fact I'd wager that if you get to close you'll most certainly be cut down! So get your candy ass outta here unless you're willing to lose it on the battlefield! Oh and welcome to hell btw, population: you and your worst fears!" Daichi chuckles madly really getting into this, kinda over acting until Kaydin shows up. 'Oh…damn, Kaydin….' he thinks with a sweatdrop things might get bad.

After explaining himself, Eremi's attention would only momentarily sway to the new arrival. Seeing it was Kaydin, his nerves would settle and the grip on his kunai would lessen. The appearance on Kaydin puzzled him for a bit as he had never seen they hyuuga so, distant. This was not something Eremi disliked. In fact, if things stayed, he could see himself building a closer bond with Kaydin. Perhaps even seeing the two of them sharing a meal at opposite ends of a room. He would like that.

Quickly, he would be forced to focus on the two again, wondering when things got so heated. The kunai behind his back would be in front of him and in shaky hands. "Wait…wha?" Confused, he would take a step back to distance himself from the two. If a battle was going to happen, he wasn't going to run away…yet. He was sent out on patrol and this would be something to report in. "Alright, let’s just calm down…" His voice would crack while his eyes darted around.

Kaydin looks to Eremi, nothing changing in his facial expression as his pale eyes looks at the boy. He would then move slowly, between Eremi and the others, clenching and unclenching his hands as he doesn’t say anything, remaining silent as he simply watches the two, keeping his back turned to Eremi as he waits and watches, facial expression remaining blank and his gaze watching both Hoiishime and Daichi.

This was a situation most unimaginable for Hoiishime. To keep the act up, or not to do so? That indeed, was a question for the day! They hadn't managed to actually scare the younger Genin away, but at the same moment, this other one, presumably a Genin as well, had been much braver, even coming to a position to seemingly protect the smaller one. Hoiishime sighed… To act any further, was to take this a little too far. But… Hoiishime was also wondering. This Kaydin person. he seemed to favor Hiroshi-sensei /alot/. Were they related somehow? Perhaps so. Maybe this one, had been of the same clan. Maybe he too, may be a challenge as a user of that Juuken style that had been so powerful. After all, many of his own chakra using techniques, had been based off of the teaching of Hiroshi himself. If those teachings had been the same that were learned by all of that clan…

…Then he owed the Hyuga for his current strength.

Hoiishime would look to Daichi, with eyes that no longer seemed nervous. He'd nod, but with one that was very very subtle. It was as if to say, 'I'm going for it'. Hoiishime then looked to Kaydin, and after a deep breath, Hoii would do something definitely out of character..

He'd keep taunting.

"Oh, really now!! I be talkin' big ya say?? Well somebody got to, mon!! After all, ya Leafers seemin' on to gain ya strength in ya numba's alone!! I mean look at ya all!! Ya be like flies to squirrel poop!" Hoii would gawk at his own self, for that one comment, not knowing where in the world he had even gotten it from!!! A sinking feeling came into Hoiishime heart at what he was now doing. Picking a fight on purpose, just to measure his own strength. The monk's back home would demand his clothe if they had heard of such a vain deed being done. Hoiishime wasn't feeling good about where this whole thing could lead him. But yet, the excitement of a fight he possibly couldn't win… It made him tingle all over.

Hoii gather his resolve, and with a hop, he'd back flip over Daichi, moving in a range, as if to corner all the Genin of Konoha into one pool. Then he'd assume a form that was part of his own Kekkai Genkai. One in which he became more ninja that monk.

Once he had been stable, a blue aura surrounded his form. That blue aura, as it extended from his body, seemed to condense into water vapor, bubbling and turning white. The same bubbles and vapor, seemed to cover his forearms, and the tops of his hands, as well as his shins and tops of his feer, and even his eyebrows. His eyes, meanwhile, inverted in color, the white changing to blue, and the iris's of his eyes changing white, as they surrounded tear drop shaped pupils. Meanwhile, Hoiishime long dreadlocks would stand on end, point out from behind him, the tips seeming to now be covered in blue water.

If Hoii didn't look like a Kiri ninja by now, then perhaps he should have just called the act to a halt, and stood down.

Seeing Kaydin's reaction Daichi actually started to reconsider this whole charade however Hoii's response not only shocked Daichi it brought about a bit of enthusiasm he hadn't felt in a while "Ohhh really!? Flies?" Daichi drives his blade into the ground and chakra begins to coarse through his muscles "You shouldn't insult flies, they'll be the only company you have as a rotting corpse," Daichi graps the cleaver and twirls it around his arms before finishing in an eccentric pose then taking up the kata stance. "Prepare yourself," Daichi holds out a hand and would concentrate his chakra forming a visible sphere which then thinned out into a lance. Daichi grins and points it at Hoiishime and thrusts forward "HA!". Now…what happened was not what Daichi had expected. As soon as he thrusts the chakra lance dispersed and left Daichi standing there looking like an idiot. "Well…*ahem*" gotta retain the composure and the level of badassery he had worked so hard to establish in the moment, so Daichi didn't dwell on the epic fail, NO he plays it off. "….tsk, t-there's no need to waste that kind of chakra on you," he remarks.

Kaydin simply remains silent, turning to look to Eremi and watches him leave. He would then turn back to the two fighting and seeing Daichi fail, he simply remains watching. There was no change in facial expression, just that emotionless watching between the two boys. If one were to ignore the emotionless facial expression, one could say he would act bored.

Looking to Daichi, Hoiishime, seemed to sweatdrop even more, though the water his transformation produced hid it quite well. The boy seemed to be emitting, after all, a constant mist as he stood. When Daichi suddenly transformed, Hoiishime's eyes widened, wondering if he had actually seen Daichi take this mode before. When the boy proceeded to then seek out a new type of jutsu, Hoiishime seemed to start handsealing, almost anticipating something big. But Hoiishime's senses detected something else in the jutsu, just before it dispersed, prompted the boy to slump his shoulders, even before the attack dispersed! Talking about a big embarrassment. Pour Daichi… Hoii felt bad for him.

But wait… Where did Eremi go?? Had he left?? Hoiishime didn't see the boy any more behind Kaydin. Hoiishime, was now relieved. He looked to Daichi, and with that his body seemed to de-tense before his form suddenly just calmed. "Hey Daichi-san… We be cuttin' da act now.. Da lil' wan' be gone…" Relaxing, Hoiishime transformation would suddenly calm down again, before he would then look to Kaydin, who by now, looked absolutely bored out of his skull. Either that, or fairly serious. "Yeesh… I be sorry for dat… We be simply pullin one over ya little friend dere.."

Daichi would sigh and revert looking back at Hoiishime "Yeah…he's fast. Didn't even see him leave," Daichi would put away his cleaver "Yeah…well thankfully he wasn't around to see that last part," Daichi rubs his head boyishly. He looks over to Kaydin and chuckles "Ok you gotta admit it was kinda funny," Daichi smiles at Kaydin. Silence goes by…no snappy comeback or refined response. Daichi would arch his eyebrow "Hmm? Kay? You alright?" Daichi inclines his head, Kay seemed off today, his stoic expression could be seen through as boredom, which was definitely not normal. Kay was usually so stoic it was like trying to read a book with no words. Daichi looks over to Hoii "Uh yeah well anyway that was fun while it lasted,"

"I am fine." Kaydin says calmly as he would look between the two of them and just nod. "I am afraid however I must leave." He says with a bow to the both of them and he would begin to leave. "I just regained my sense of time and I have realized I am late." He says as he begins to walk off.

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