Fails and Flaws - The Tailed Beast Ball!


Hashiramako, Daisuke

Date: August 24, 2012


For the last month Daisuke has been learning a technique from Son Goku and finally wants to try out his progress. He asks his Aunt to partake, figuring she was one of the few he wouldn't hurt in the process

"Fails and Flaws - The Tailed Beast Ball!"

Secret Training Facility - Forests of Konohagakure

It had been a month of hard practice learning the intricate nature of the secret technique of the Bijuu, of which Son Goku had been working Daisuke to the bone. The red-headed Senju had been wearing bandages covering his hands and arms since the serious chakra training had started, as multiple attempts to form this technique left chakra burns marks on his hands and arms. Finally, Son had suggested that Daisuke try out his technique and get a professional opinion. Who better to invite to the 'show' than the expert of all jutsu, his aunt Hashiramako. So Daisuke had brought up the idea to his aunt and asked her to accompany him one day to his training facility.

Today was finally the day that Daisuke got to show what he was learning to Hashiramako. It was a jutsu unlike any others had seen, and when completed, would be able to instantly level a wide area of land. Because of this, the jutsu was very intricate and took a specific amount of normal chakra mixed in with 'Yin' chakra, or dark chakra of the Bijuu. Despite this, Daisuke was all smiles waiting for his aunt to prepare herself, he himself being in his Full Yonbi Chakra Mode, burning orange chakra surrounding his body and clothing.

A professional opinion? Hashi thought she could be useful, but she'd need a bit of time with this one. "Well," she huffed, pretty impressed with the amount of power within the technique. "That was a lot of chakra you just put out and I see how hard it is for you to manage it. You're trying to control an incredible amount of chakra. Not only that, but it's dense too." She hummed. "I might have an idea of how it'd work, but I wish I could tell you I have a plan…. Your hands are burned. How much more do you think you can go?"

"I can do 2, maybe 3 more." Daisuke says, knowing that this was mostly because the technique was not complete. Nowhere near complete. He was disheartened a bit, but Hashi had not a scratch on her, so at least he was able to continue. "The mix of chakra ratios is really throwing me off. I can't get it down to an exact method just yet. Are you ready for me to try again? I'm sure it will be better this time." he says in a firm, resolute tone. He wanted to show off for his aunt, something that maybe could even touch a Kage. It was his next step on his way to his ultimate goal, though he had told no one what that was. "Here we go, focus now." he says to himself as he holds his hands out in front of him, as if cradling something.

The chakra began to circulate within his hands, small balls of red and blue, negative and positive, yin and yang, whatever people called this, it would not work well without a perfect mix. Daisuke is able to form a ball of these chakras, mixing it turning the chakra pitch black, as if it were a void itself. Already he knew he must be off as he tried to condense the ball of chakra, having it blow out in a massive blast of chakra heading towards Hashiramako like the previous one and adding a new burn mark to Daisuke's hand. "I see why Jinchuuriki and Bijuu alone are able to do this, without our healing techniques, people would mess up their bodies before ever learning."

Hashi prepared herself while they talked. With these ratios not being together, she thinks she might be in for a doozy of enduring these attacks for the next few he had in him. "I'm ready when you are…" Her voice trailed off as she studied the way he gathered his chakra together. With some water in the area, she gathered it up and proceeded to use a wave of water to block off the attack, but in the end, she'd be blown back and crashing into a tree nearby. Pain was evident in her expression and she thinks that it might be something related to her age…no, never that. She was sitting down all the time in that office. /That/ was the reason.

Grumbling to herself, she rose back up saying, "That's exactly why. Trying to gather this much chakra in a limited time and in a certain form means it takes a lot out of you to do. For a bijuu of course, it doesn't take much. Jinchu only need know control…do you have shaping abilities?" She wondered.

Daisuke was genuinely surprised that Hashi had taken a good chunk of that damage. Perhaps he had come a little further than he thought from when he was in the Jounin exams, but he wasn't going to get his hopes up as he knew that the technique was no where near formed. "You ok Mako-ba? Getting old I guess." he says with a grin, teasing his aunt and lightening the mood after smacking his aunt with that attack. "Shaping? I'm pretty good with those." Daisuke says as he creates a large fist out of his chakra, waving it at Hashiramako. He changes the hand into a hammer, then branches the hammer into multiple hammers. "If I wasn't there would be no way I could do this. The problem, as I got from Son-san, is that I have to form the ball at an eight to two ration of negative to positive. If I am even a percent off, the ball doesn't form properly. So basically I'm at the first step out of three still." he explains, a little saddened by this.

"I'm not old!" Hashi yelled, as that appeared to be the more important factor despite the damage she took. The burning sensation she had caused her to wince, but she'd heal from quickly. "Well…" She coughed while stretching out a bit, "These ratios are a bit difficult, admittedly. Have you tried going back to your basics? Learning how to get just the right amount of chakra?" She smiled. "Think of how you had to control your chakra for water walking and tree walking. This is that same exact thing, but a little more complex. It has more ingredients, but the base is all the same." She states. "Only this time, what you're trying to do is work with two different natures."

"Like water walking…" Daisuke says as he thinks for a bit, remembering his training and all the mishaps. "I suppose you are right, I did have to balance myself and spread my chakra out just enough to stand on water. I have something to go off at least now." says the young chuunin with a smile. "One day, I will show you this technique, and then in the resulting deserted land it creates, you can build up a village and we can go around clearing the land and repopulating it, growing the Land of Fire to be the largest and strongest of them all. But most important, when I complete this move, I want you to not be so out of practice that you take it to the face like the misfire that I just did." he says, adding the last part to the sentences with a grin. "I want to be useful in the offense and defense of our land. I have this great power and a great partner, and if I have power I have the ability to stop things like war. Could you imagine if I had this knowledge in the last Kiri war when they were firing at us? -Boom-/" Daisuke says, doing an exploding motion with his hands. He walks over to Hashi, his orange cloak of chakra fading from his body, the practice seemingly over. "Thanks Mako-baa. You've at least given me a perspective to train with. I'm sorry I couldn't show you much."

"Take all the time you need. Really," Hashi laughed. "I don't think I want to come in contact with this move anytime soon," she smiled. "After what I just got hit with and am still suffering from, I think I can do without until you have it absolutely perfect," she chuckled. "I don't want to destroy land to make new land. You know that I establish life. Just look at the tree in the village and those surrounding it," she sweeps her hand to indicate the surrounding area outside of the facility. "Patience and control, first. Wanting to stop war and other things is a noble goal, but it takes a great deal of work. I wanted to do much of the same and still wish to, but it'll take time…." She paused and wrapped her arm around his shoulders and gave him a noogie on his head.

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