Faith in Others


Daichi, Eremi

Date: October 6, 2011


Eremi, having finally become an official member of Team 4, will be establishing the beginning of a bond with his teammate Daichi. The two exchange in dialoge and begin to understand one another albiet not on an incredibly personal level.

"Faith in Others"

Konoha Village: Jougen Street

The Daichi has found himself awakening in a hospital bed under somewhat intensive care. The boy had been found collapsed from exhaustion outside the village along the southern pathway. His encounter with Sekisetsu was still vivid within his aching head. Upset that he lost Daichi, needless to say, was restless. The nurses and head medics were mighty but The Daichi couldn't be contained…..usually. When you add about an ounce of a sedative to a young man's meal, secretively of course, he surprisingly and inexplicably becomes calm. So calm in fact that he sleeps. So sleep Daichi did. But he awoke again and became even more restless. However the process was easily repeated. It was Daichi's policy never to turn down free food even if the provider has drugged it on several occasions. So in his down time the genin *gulp* read. It was a simple medic's guide. It was more of a review to the young genin. In doing so however it did allow Daichi to reflect on why he was bested by Sekisetsu. The genin was too hotheaded. As a shinobi one must be calm and levelheaded so that they can think. Daichi, even when calm, possessed an astoundingly average thinking level. Such was clear to him. He gave it some thought. On his third day the Genin was allowed to move about the hospital however he wasn't allowed to leave. Well their mistake was allowing him to move around period. The first chance Daichi got he was out of the hospital. He hadn't changed out of the patient attire, which today was a cute baby blue t-shirt and pants decorated with butterfly patterns. The genin made it to the peaceful and simple Jougen Street. Strolling down a path next to the river Daichi soaks in some fresh air, sun, *ouch a rock…note to self retrieve shoes next time before escaping from hospital*

Not often would one find Eremi in a populated area around the Village for longer then just a few brief moments. It wasn't something that he enjoyed, the large crowds of people with the noise that they make and the chance for an individual to sneak up on him, taking him down. So as he made his way to the training area, a place where he could just focus on his skills and hopefully become a more useful asset to team…Burning Palm, he moved like a shadow dressed in all black that jumped from tree branch to tree branch. Constantly, his eyes darted around the area wary of anyone that might spot him or get in his way. As he did this, he was lucky enough to spot something, completely out of the ordinary. Change, being one of the many things Eremi was uncomfortable with. The boy stopped on a branch, peeking through the foliage as he tried to figure out, just what was going on. He knew of Daichi to be rather, unexpected and quite, flashy…but this was definitely new. And where was Mad Butcher? A few moments would pass and Eremi would take in a deep breath before leaping from his spot into the path of his fellow team mate. "Hello Daichi." He'd bow deeply, but keep his eyes locked ahead, "You…uh..Did…hmm…What's with the fashion statement?"

Daichi hopped on one foot trying to remove the rock that was imbedded in his foot. When he did so Emeri, his teammate and one who Daichi proclaimed as the 'fingers' of the Burning Palm , made an entrance. The genin blinks quickly before offering a smile and wave. When Eremi comments on Daichi's attire rather than be ashamed or bashful Daichi took a proud pose. "Oh this!?" he chuckles. "Nice right?" he turns to let Eremi get a good look at it. "I forgot to change out of these things but I'm glad I didn't. They are amazing. The right amount of comfort and freedom, lemme tell you I'd wear this out on missions if I could my friend." Daichi laughs. Was he joking? One could only hope so. Once that's done Daichi sighs "I tired of being cooped up in that place. That Kirigakure brat got the better of me the other day." Daichi blushed slightly as he spoke. "I need to train. My head though not my body." He squeaks out. "I'm not gonna let her outsmart me again."

Eremi stood straight up after his gesture, glancing around a bit while clenching his hands at his sides, "…" He wanted to say it was nice, but was afraid to lie. The amount of skills someone possess is always an unknown and for all he knew, Daichi was a walking lie detector. Instead, he'd simply smile in return and was glad when the subject was changed to something else. Though to hear about Daichi taking on someone from Kirigakure was startling, "You took on someone from the enemy side on your own? You must be way stronger then you let on…and you let on a lot." He shook his head some, while biting his lower lip, "I could have helped if you asked. I'm sure you were most likely ambushed, but with the war going on, it's dangerous to go out of the village alone." Something Eremi has completely avoided doing so far.

Daichi waves a carefree hand to Eremi while shrugging. "Nah these things happen." The young genin lowers his hands nonchalantly resting it on his hip "I always say I strong but the day will never come when I'm strong enough." Daichi grins. The genin begins walking forward not really intent on going anywhere. He hopes Eremi follows because he's still talking. "Wasn't an ambush. Even if it was I prefer to be alone on missions. That way I don't have to worry about a teammate getting hurt." Daichi explains. He goes on further to say "Yep, no ambush just one little gir-er monstrously powerful and…and deceptive demon." Daichi rubs his head, close one. "Yeah I think it was one of Kiri's elite hehe still I put up a good fight….just her damn genjutsu." Daichi folds his arms now scowling. Taking his eyes off the ground Daichi looks to Eremi "So where were you headed?"

Eremi nodded, understanding what it was the other was saying and his eyes followed as Daichi began to walk away. The conversation was still going on, so he simply tagged along from behind. Eyes scanning around as they moved and cloak waving some from behind, "Genjutsu and a demon? Maybe it was best I wasn't there." He'd frown some before shaking it off and making a fist, "No, but…I get that you don't want to worry about a team mate getting hurt, but they have to worry about you going out on your own." A double edged sword, it was frustrating for the boy to think about. Clearly he needed to improve in leaps and bounds for others to not worry about him getting hurt. "Oh." Catching Daichi's eyes as they look over at him, "I was just headed toward the training grounds. Figured I'd take the long way though to keep my stamina up as well as my blending in with the environment."

"I can understand that. But shinobi drop like flies. We live to die another day." Daichi states moving along. He doesn't comment any further on the Kirigakure shinobi incident figuring that he had dodged the bullet so to speak. A nod is given to Eremi "Well if you wanna get your stamina up you can carry Madness's Butcher for me. I've gotten used to the thing. Been training with it for a while now." Daichi explains. The genin medic glanced behind him "I'd accompany you to the training grounds but all my stuff is back at the hospital." The genin's gaze returns forward and a heavy sigh is given.

Eremi was at a loss for words as he attempted to decipher what Daichi had said. Live, but to die, another day…"I…" He picked up his steps to move closer toward the other, "Wouldn't mind carrying it for you. That is if you think it would help me." The boy thought about it for a bit, the idea of being a mobile backpack. "But if I had your cleaver, you wouldn't be able to do solo missions…Unless." His voice pitched a bit higher, "I can follow you from the shadows and if you run into another demon again, you can be all like, 'MADNESS BUTCHER…COME!' Then I toss it to you and they think its possessed." Eremi was simply hoping to come up with ideas to be allowed to tag along on the missions Daichi was more interested in soloing…

Daichi glanced back to Eremi wondering if the boy was actually serious. Usually Daichi was the jokester. The young genin slowly turns his head back around and rubs his forehead trying not to laugh. "Uh on second thought forget I suggested that. Madness's Butcher is a nasty blade. Kinda eerie you know?" Daichi explains. The genin tucks both his hands in his pockets as he moves. The wind scatters a few leavers about before the two on their path. "The Burning Palm. First complete team I've been on really. It was me and Tosai for a while. Then came Kay. Now you." Daichi glanced back to Eremi "Meh I guess since Tosai is your sensei now too I can trust ya. He made something outta me…but then again he had a lot more to work with." Daichi smirks teasing Eremi harmlessly. "It's good though. To know someone has your back whether you want them to or not."

Eremi looked a little disappointed with the offer being taken back, must have been something he said wrong. "Could I still tag along maybe, if I wasn't to get in the way? Then you wouldn't have to worry about your teammates getting hurt." This was most likely going to be the last time he asked as being persistant wasn't a nice trait of his and didn't want to come off as annoying, "The Burning Palm. You think it might strike fear into our enemies when they hear the name? Once the team is more known of course." He ended up furrowing his brows a bit, but guessed it couldn't be helped with the comment about less to work with. "Well." He didn't know how to respond. "I'll definitely always be there to help."

Daichi eyes Eremi finally noticing what the boy was getting at. Hell Eremi practically spelled it out for him. Daichi groans and swings an arm into Eremi's stomach giving him what some would call a 'love tap' in this case it was more like an 'I hope you have a strong core tap'. Daichi shook his head "I don't mind at all." He says with a soft smile. "We're teammates now." Daichi then loops an arm around Eremi's neck and points! Yes he points. Where to exactly? Doesn't matter! The Daichi is pointing so you must look that direction! "The BURNING PALM will be known, feared, and respected throughout the land! Just wait in no time flat you'll see." Daichi lets Eremi go but the fiery passion in his eyes doesn't die. "Have faith in the team, in yourself, and mostly me! Also have faith in the me that has faith in you!"

Eremi tilted his head when Daichi eyes him, not knowing what to expect. Then, with the sudden arm swing, he's too frozen to try and avoid it, causing him to "Ooph" upon impact. He would almost double over from the surprise of the attack, which is then followed by a neck lock. The boy was beginning to panic a bit, remembering back to when he was beaten to a pulp by the sensei a while back. Was this tradition or something. Was it Daichi's turn to deliver the blow. Eremi clenched his eyes tightly waiting for the worst, but it never came. Instead his fellow teammate was painting him a picture with words of things to come. It lifts the boys spirits and made him smile some as he tried to see it as well. "I hope so. I really want it and I do have faith. Faith in you and the rest of the team. Tosai and Kaydin aren't around, but I'd tell them the same."

"You'll make a nice addition to the team hehe." Daichi says resuming the calm pace they were once traveling at. "Tosai yeah, Kay on the other hand.ehh you don't really have to. I'm sure he knows already." Daichi chuckles. Coming to a divide in their path Daichi looks down each road. One would take Eremi to the training grounds the other back into some other part of the village. Daichi turns to Eremi "Well I better get back to the hospital before they notice I'm gone. Just needed some fresh air and sunlight." Daichi states. "Train hard Eremi. We'll need you at your best soon enough."

Eremi smiled as he continued walking with Daichi, his normal habits of constantly glancing around and clenching his hands into fists at his sides all vanishing. His comfort level and trust had definitely risen some hanging around the teen. Despite the sometimes flashy and loud personality, it was starting to grow on him. "Thanks Daichi. I really hope to not let you and the others down." When they reached the road, Eremi would give a bow before looking off toward his path, "I will train hard, even more so now." If possible. He'd turn back around and give a sleight of the hand wave, "Rest up back to your normal strength and stamina." With that, he started off on his way.


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