Fall of a Family



Date: May 29, 2013


None given.

"Fall of a Family"

Unknown location

A couple weeks after some rumors of a horrific incident of some sort,
Nagamura Shuuren finally made a public statement.

"An emergency meeting of the Nagamura family was interrupted by Yakuza
and… quickly escalated into a massacre. I had had been away on business
and arrived to the sight of the building burning to the ground with entire
business family dead inside. The purpose of this attack was to take over
the Nagamura's business. The Yakuza may think they've gained something.

After a light pause, he continues, "I will not allow these cowards to
take ownership of what my family has spent generations building. If they
want a fight, they will have it. Let the resistance whose actions caused
this turn of events also take notice. Your blocking of trade is destroying
lives, and not just those of the dead. Those whose businesses you have
stopped have hungry families and waning livelihoods. That is on your hands
and unforgivable if you ignore it… I am a man who believes in calm and
balance, but a man who will not fight for what he holds dear is no more
than a coward. The time for games is over. To those who wish for blood and
revolution… I urge you to consider your actions. They may just have

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