Fall of a Family member


Ataru, Soujiro

Date: August 19, 2012


Ataru and Soujiro take down a safe house in a mafia controlled village.

"Fall of a Family member"

Konohagakure lead to Unknown name of a minor village

Ataru hadn't been around for a little while. There was always something for the brawler to do and today was no exception. However, this time he was picking up Soujiro for whatever plot he had in mind. After nudging Soujiro twice to get out of bed in that morning, Ataru shrugged and flipped the whole thing on him. "Get up. We gotta move mate. We gotta catch em 'fore anyone tells them we're comin.. hurry up!" With that said, Ataru headed back into his part of the flat, gathering materials and switching into his costume they had for their fights. Obviously whatever it was, was big.. and serious. Ataru wasn't messing around at all as he'd move to gather the slow accumulation of explosive seals they had been collecting for dealing colladeral damage to the mafia.

"Just ten more minutes, mom." Soujiro says sleepily as he rolls over in his bed. Suddenly, *BOOM* Soujiro opens his eyes to find himself on the floor with his pillow, covers, and matress laying on top of him. "Ugh, I'm awake!" He says in a muffled voice coming out from under the matress. Tossing everything up off of him, he scrambles to his feet and goes into his closet. He rubs his tired face as he looks around inside it. "Do i need my mask and gear?" He yells from his side of the flat.

"Better safe that sorry. I found a safe house mate, we're goin demolishin!" Well, that explains the excitement as well as the need for explosives. Ataru was also packing enough travel food stuff for what looked to be an extended trip. Once the bag was set, he'd sling it over a shoulder before going to look for Soujiro. "What's takin so long? The informant told me I'd get a 15 minute head start 'fore the report he does ta them will have ta be turned in.. we gotta beat the messanger.. hurry up!" With that, Ataru headed out of their appartment, flipping up onto the nearby roof so that he didn't get looks from the civilians while he waited for Soujiro to join him.

Soujiro yawns while still in the doorway of his closet. "I can't find my lucky head bandana." The boy pulls down a bag hidden on the top shelf. Opening it, he pulls out a mask and a matching cloak to go with it. Hearing the door open and shut is what finally made Soujiro speed up. He threw on his every day clothing then the mask and finally wraps himself with the cloak that still had a few blood stains from their last operation. "This is way too early for this uncle." He mutters as he stormed through the flat and out through the front door. He spots Ataru waiting for him just as he exited and leaps onto the roof to join his conrade. "Alright, so fill me in."

"On the way." With that, Ataru launched off towards that village entrance. Once they were out of sight of the gate, he'd talk to Soujiro as they raced for the destination. "The families have safe houses all over.. supose ta be safe, at least.. One of my buddies from when I was in the family saw me.. after he promised ta not rat me out on pain of death, he offered ta sell me some info.. After bouncin em off a few walls, he spilled.. One of their higher ups.. civilian type, so a patsy fer the real power.. is in a safe house in the land of fire.. it's a village towards the edge near Fuuma.. Mosta the village IS mafia.. however.. if we get there ahead of the messanger, they won't know that the safe house has been cracked and we can seriously slam their HQ, hai?" Ataru was moving, what he knew to be Soujiro's top pace and he was barely keeping himself in check. A sausage and biscuit was pulled out within it's paper wrapper and tossed Soujiro's way. "New breakfast stuff.. merchant wanted ta call it fast food or somethin. I dunno. Mine tasted ok, but try it. We won't be stoppin til we're done.."

"We've gotta work on you're people skills, Ataru." Soujiro says as he catches the biscuit. Without stopping or even slowing down, the boy lifts his mask up on his head and begins eating in stride. "So we're looking at taking practically an entire village if we don't beat the messenger? Its too early for this aunt." He mutters and takes another bite. "Have you heard from Yatsuhane or Soren lately? I hope they didn't screw us after finding out what we're doing."

"Ain't seen Soren in a bit.. but he's more of a night owl and I ain't up that late usually.. I've seen Yatsu at the adventure thing she set up, hai? She's doin good keepin her yap shut.. although the curve ball is that other person she has taggin along. Not sure what's up with that.. but so far I ain't hear anyone else say anythin.. so I think we're in the clear." Ataru would give a small nod, hands flexing slightly as he continued that travel speed. "As fer the village.. hai. If we dun beat the guy, we're gonna be goin inta a big fight.. I'm thinkin we should skip it ifn we don't beat the messanger.. better ta scare em inta someone comin around, instead of wastin time and potentially dyin, hai?"

"Yea, im with you." Soujiro says finishing off the last bite of his breakfast. "It's too early to be bruising people." He says with a laugh. The boy continues the pace as they continue on towards the village. "But yea, that friend of Yatsu's…i dont particularly trust. There's something about that one. Anyways, I think it might be time we get out of dodge for a few weeks after today. Let things blow over, ya know?"

Ataru would give a small nod. "We'll go over ta Kumo I'm thinkin.. Dodge people lookin fer the masked duo.." Glancing over at Soujiro, he'd chuckle slightly, before continuing. "Mebbe we'll find ya a good spar partner.. or more people ta run with us.. Anyways.. we'll sort that out after we see what happens at the village." Ataru didn't talk much more after that, as they'd speed on for their goal. They had a narrow margin ahead of the messanger, however the messanger was on foot as a civilian while Ataru and Soujiro were equal to shinobi on the run. It was a full day and a half trip there, the 'rest' time period a 4 hour in the middle of the night sleep time, before Ataru had them moving again. So the next day, they'd manage to get close enough to the village to see the alarm hasn't been raised.. yet.

Tired eyes peered through the white mask that belonged to Soujiro. Being on foot for as long as they have with barely even a nap in between was taking its toll on the boy. The teenager wasn't upset, he knew the consequences of not beating the messenger to the village. Soujiro crouches down while standing on the branch of a tree. "Things seem quiet." The boy's muttered voices says to Ataru. "What's the plan, Boss?"

Ataru was silent for a moment more, before a small nod was given. The bundle of explosive tags pulled out of the pack, he'd offer them to Soujiro. "Like we did 'fore. Bait and switch mate. I'll clear a wall of guards, ya put down 4 ta 6 of em on the wall.. we set off one, it'll make em all go, so dun charge any of em, hai?" Ataru looked back to the village. "I'll need a moment ta find which one is labeled the safe house.. Once I do, we get ta work.." Crouching down, Ataru would draw a mark in the dirt at their feet. "This is the safe house tag.. it's usually hidden.. gotta get it from the right angle as they generally use three metal pieces planted on top of poles, ta make the symbol ifn ya look from the right side." Ataru would look back up at Soujiro. "Ya got it? Ya gonna be able to do this?"

Soujiro leaps down to the ground below next to Ataru. He studies his partner for a moment while he waits for him to respond to his question. Watching Ataru draw out the plan in the sand, the teenager blinks a few times as he tries and grasp exactly what his friend had planned. When asked if he had this he gave a hesitant nod. Then says, "No. Not at all. Am I blowing the wall up with those." He says pointing at the explosive tags. "Or am i rigging them up to blow up something thats already in place on the wall?"

Ataru chuckled slightly. "They got the place locked down, so no one inside is gettin out fast, nor anyone outside gettin in fast. Only way we're gonna take down the guy and his goons, is blow the house up." Ataru held up the tags. "These will blow up the buildin, given enough of em.. why I said 4 ta 6 of em per a wall.. Yer gonna help me level the safe house and we're gonna be gone 'fore they can start shiftin through the rubble.. hai?"

"Sure." Soujiro says reaching for the tags. For the most part, the teenager would just improvise if needed. He had gotten used to Ataru's instructions never being clear to him but it usually turned out for the best. "Alright, so how will i know when you find out which building it is?" He asks while looking in the direction of the village.

Ataru chuckled slightly, looking towards the village himself. "I haven't a clue.. Less time we're in there, less time they got ta notice us.. I ain't exactly a stealth expert or nothin.. nor are you." He'd glance over at Soujiro with a chuckle before looking back to the village. "So.. my initial plan was fer me ta speed in, scope as much as I can, speed out.. times workin against us, so I ain't sure how long until we'll have ta deal with the messanger anyways.."

"Do you want me to wait here, or come inside with you?" Soujiro asks looking from him down to the plan sketched into the dirt, then back up at him again. "I can get back in that tree." He says pointing at the tree he was previously hidden in. "And keep a look out over you if stay on the roofs. Then once I get the signal i can run in and plant the tags? Its whatever you want to do."

Ataru glanced at the tree, then gave a nod. "Hai. Good idea. Watch me from the roofs. The one I stand on, that's the target. Give me a wave back when ya see me wave yer way. I'll hop down from there ta make sure guards dun get curious about tags showin up on the walls.. hai?" He'd reach over to rest a hand on Soujiro's shoulder. "Try ta avoid combat too.. we want this as much of an ambush as possible. Avoid them if ya at all can.. I'd rather neither one of us get hurt, hai?"

Soujiro looks down at the hand on his shoulder then back up to Ataru. "I'll do my best." He says with a smirk under his mask. "Now get going, boss, and be quick. I'll be watching." With that said, Soujiro makes his way around Ataru and begins climbing up as he uses various tree limbs to help him up along the way. Once he was up on a good spot, he took in the view that he had of the village. He was able to breathe a little easier seeing that the village was no bigger than the little village he grew up next to. It was at this time his exhaustion began to kick in. His eyes were growing heavy and he was now battling the fight against sleep.

Ataru watched him go with a nod, before he'd blur out of sight. Not keeping to Soujiro's speed let him get there all the faster, indeed, that one move put him on the roof of the first building in the village. Ataru was fast, moving between the different buildings as he sought out the marker that was going to be their victim's grave. It'd take him about 10 minutes to find the right building, he was lucky enough to not be noticed by any of the guards yet. Looking back towards where Soujiro was at, he'd wave rapidly, hopefully getting a response before he went to work knocking out guards and stashing them out of sight.

Soujiro managed to keep his eyes open long enough to catch Ataru's signal. He waved in response and suddenly it was as if a second wind hit him. He leaped from the tree limb, onto another, then another until finally he landed on top of a building's roof. He dashed towards the building Ataru was previously on. "I hope you're right, Ataru." He says under his mask as he began slapping the tags on the side of the building. Everyone now and then he would look over his shoulder as he feverishly worked.

Ataru was fast and efficent. The guards he took out would be piled by each wall they were near as the tags were being set. It wasn't until both Soujiro and Ataru were done that the perverbial fan was hit with the flying dung. As Ataru rest the last man up against the wall, he'd step back to look up and see how Soujiro was doing. This had him miss the guy coming around the corner from down the street. This guy, however, would rush at Ataru with a sword. "You don't belong here! Prepare to die!!" The alarm was all but offically started now, it seems.
Soujiro's head snapped towards the direction of the guard's voice. "Cousin." He cursed as he hurried to place the last tag on the wall. The teenager flew together a series of hand seals and slammed his palms into the ground below him. The earth began to rise in front of the charging swordsman in an attempt to trip him before he got to Ataru. "I figured the plan sounded too easy to be true." He laughed under his mask.

The man balked by the sudden wall, Ataru would glance over at Soujiro with a laugh. "Hai.. Come on, lets get outta here.." One final seal was pulled from Ataru's own pocket, slapped onto the wall that Soujiro had been working on last and a single seal made. The explosive was set. A nod towards Soujiro, he'd start for the edge of town, with the ever increasing call of guards trying to track the two of them down. He stayed at Soujiro's pace again, the two of them making a rather imposing look between the black and white of their outfits. They'd get stopped at the edge of town, 5 men with blades all hedging them back towards the village. "Yer not going anywhere!!" Ataru glanced over at Soujiro, made a subtle sign of get down, before he'd duck down, hands going over his head. This confused the men, who glanced between each other, especially if Soujiro did it as well. Then the explosions which was a cascade of multiple explosive tags going off back to back, would rock the village.

Soujiro didnt have to be told twice as he ran towards the village's exit. Now, there was no care whether or not he was stopped as the important part of the operation was complete. However, the teenager did come to a sudden halt as he was faced with the group of men with blades and a killer's intent on their faces. He caught the sign from Ataru and quickly kneeled down to take cover. With the guards confused with the explosions going off in the village, the teenager took this opprotunity to weave together a series of hand seals once again and slam his palm into the ground. This time waves of sharp pieces of earth erupted and jutted out of the ground in a straight path towards the men as if they were bowling pins.

Between the chain of explosions they had just set off in the middle of the village and the earth erupting with that race towards the guards, they'd scatter. It didn't take Ataru any time at all to use that gap to flee into the woods, although he'd still stay with Soujiro to make sure they didn't get caught. The guards torn between checking out the explosions and trying to follow Ataru and Soujiro had no luck at all with catching the two teens as they fled back towards Konoha. Once it was sensed they weren't being followed, Ataru would offer a high five to Soujiro with a laugh. "Good job mate! I'm thinkin we just did a clean kill.. they're gonna be scramblin fer sure!"

"Haha, definitly." Soujiro says returning the high-five and his voice a little winded from the run. "This news will make it to Fuuma for sure. I'm just glad that didn't end up turning into a pain in the ass like the last operation did. I'm also glad i don't have to deal with bleeding. Man, that would've sucked to be this far from Konoha and with an injury. Anyways, I figure we should say our good byes and head out for Kumogakure in the next day or two."

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