False Nobility


Kiku, Yoichi

Date: May 15, 2014


Kiku and Yoichi are sent on a mission to stop illegal weapon trade to other lands.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"False Nobility"

Land of Water - Noble's Gala

So, Kiku goes Black Widow one way, and Yoichi goes Hulk the other way. Kiku enters a study, and starts to look around. She shifts through some papers, but is having a hard time finding what it is that she needs to find. Its going to take some time while she shifts from the papers.

Yoichi, on the other hand is finding that several chakra signatures are getting ready to come down on him from several sides. All the Genin are teaming up in an effort to overwhelm him with numbers. Meanwhile, the wife is hopping running up the gangplank to get onto the boat, while ordering the crew to prepare to sail. Can the Hulk SMASH though fast enough to get to the boat?

While Yoichi feels all the Genin around him ready to pounce, he only smirks a bit and points his finger in a seemingly harmless fashion at the ship. With a bang, a droplet of water fires off at the ship directly at the mast, intending to break the mast off at about three feet from the deck and send it crashing down on the ship to temporarily halt them from moving while they have to get it out of the way as well as prevent them from gaining any sort of speed. "Come at me if you like, but don't expect mercy," he says simply as he steps into stance and glances around, purposely looking at each Genin in his position.

Kiku continues to look through the papers, and frowns heavily until a light hits her. The six Chuunin and another figure stand there. "Looking for this?", the figure asks. Kiku blinks a few times. Why does Yoichi get all the easy stuff? He just has to stop a ship from leaving…She has to deal with 7 friggin opponents. 7 friggin skilled opponents. The woman frowns a little bit, and makes this little Tee hee finger waggle. "Whatever do you mean?", she asks.

The Wife sits on the boat, frowning a bit. The crew is quickly trying to get the mast off the boat. There's a lot of yelling and swearing. The crew is going to need some time before they can really get moving again.

Back to Yoichi the Lucky. He's got 8 Genin about to surround him. They're pouncing at the same time, with no concern about the others coming into attack. Their job is simple…Stall him. How long this is going to work? Well, lets see….

"Thanks for making it easy," Yoichi says with a smirk as the Genin come at him, extending both his arms out to grow into fifteen foot blades that spin around in a sweeping motion with intent to decapitate, dismember, or otherwise slaughter the pitiful excuse for a roadblock coming at him.

And the Genin turn into former Genin. Its like being in the middle of a blender…YAY! Genin slushie! But its just enough time to let Gravity take a hold of the mast outside, and dump it over the edge. The sailors are trying to get the rigging up for the other sails. The Wife does this little finger waggle thing, as the ship lurches a little bit…

Meanwhile, in another part of the estate…

Kiku does this little hi finger waggle. "Ummm, any way I can perhaps see that for just a second?", she says. The figure holding it holds it up.

"What do you want to see?", the figure asks.

"Oh, nothing, just the details of it.", she says.

The figure smiles. "Well, its yellow, written with black ink, is a ledger for stolen weapons being sold on the black market, and their buyers, and soon to have splashes of red where some unruly ninja didn't have the grace to not bleed on it.", the figure says. Kiku frowns a bit, and puts her hands on her hips. For a second, it seems that things are going to be civil before all hell breaks loose, and Kiku kicks the desk over. The Chuunin start to advance in a stagger motion to keep Kiku completely busy instead of attacking all at once. They survived Genin school it seems…

Leaping over in a hurry, Yoichi lands gracefully on top of the water of the sea where the ship is attempting to move out. His body grows to about twice its size, arms turning into hulking blades three times the length of Yuuka's Kubikiribocho before he launches himself into a graceful spin that would make his Kaguya heritage proud, which he uses to swings the blades over and over through the ship to literally carve right through it and prevent the party from leaving while slicing anyone in its path like butter. Luckily, his sensory abilities allow him to know where to strike to not kill their target just yet.

Ship? OH! That thing that was turned into little tiny chips by the Kaguya Water blender. Well, now, yeah, there's no ship there. Just a woman standing on a piece of wood that floating there in front of Yoichi. There's a small gulp from her….


"No touching! Bad!", Kiku yells as a blade comes very close to meeting her skin. She starts dancing around before moving out into the hallway. She staggers a bit, and takes off running a bit. So, the chuunin start to chase after her, before the Jounin starts a leasurily pace after the Chuunin. Kiku round a corner, and slaps a smoke tag bone there. The Chuunin slow down, as the tag explodes, cautious. They shake their heads, and rush forward, only to meet a second tag. The third one? They rush towards it without slowing down, and it explodes, releasing sleeping powder into the running ninja. They blink a few times, stumbling along until Kiku gets behind them, and starts to throw the Chuunin out a window to a rocky bay thats waiting below a very lethal fall. The woman snickers a little bit. "No napping on the job. It can kill you.", she says. Of course, Kiku freezes when she senses somebody right behind her. The Jounin is not happy!

"Two choices," Yoichi says as he allows his arms to revert to normal while turning to look at the woman standing on the piece of wood. "We can make this easy, and you can just come with me, or I can start breaking bones until you can't even crawl, much less cast jutsu or fight back. Choose wisely. You may not get a second opportunity to make this choice, and this is not a battlefield where you want to try to take someone like me on." Being he's nearly thirteen feet all at this point making this threat, he hopes the point is driven home hard.

The woman gulps, and does what anyone with half a brain would do. She jumps into the water, and starts trying to swim away from Yoichi! RETREAT! Like thats going to happen with Yoichi…

Meanwhile, Kiku looks behind her. "I take it….thats not going to work on you, now is it?", she asks. The woman squeaks, and takes off running again just as the Jounin punches a hole in the ground. He growls, and starts running after her. Kiku just barely has a small speed advantage, mostly coming from her running for her life. Of course, she's tossing seals on the walls to try to slow down, or blind her opponent as he chases her…

As the woman starts to swim, Yoichi blinks a few times then shrugs his shoulders and holds a hand out, allowing one of the Kiba blades to protude form it and drop into his hand to be gripped. He swings it back, creating a whip of lightning out form it that is swung with insane precision to wrap around the woman's waist, shocking her enough to disable her body pretty thoroughly for now without actually killing her. If successful, he'd pull the sword back to yank her to him and create ropes from his back that would wrap around her and restrain her against his back so he can go back and help Kiku in a moment.

While Yoichi has completed his job, Kiku is still goofing around a bit. Well, semi. The guy has taken to throwing kunai at her, which Kiku is having to duck and dodge around. She rounds a corner with the guy coming after her, only to be met face first with her hand. There's a glowing seal there….Oh…snob! Yup! The Northern Heavens seal. She caught him with it, and the man goes down as she infuses herself with his chakra. The woman breathes out a few times, and then walks between the man's outstretched legs, and gives a bone plated kick to the balls. "I hate having to get my hands dirty…", she mutters…

A bang rings out from afar off, and one can hear a whistling sound for just a moment before a thunderous impact rings out from a droplet of water colliding with the back of the remaining Jounin's head. Blood and brain matter go flying everywhere, a testament of how powerful just a single droplet can be, especially to a defenseless target. With his Kiba blades hidden once again, Yoichi would appear a few feet away from Kiku with the woman strapped to his back and restrained. "Let's get out of here. We have some questioning to do. Since the noble who was supposed to be hosting this is probably already dead, we can still have the blame pointed at him and 'persuade' this woman to join Kirigakure and have her black market contacts align with our own for the village."

Kiku looks less then amused when blood and brain matter splatter all over her renforced barrier. She swipes it to the side to send the gore off to the side. "Personally, I don't like soiling clothes that cost more then I make in a month, thank you. And you do not have the prisoner properly bound…", she says. While the woman is still shocked, Kiku walks over and pinches the woman's nose. When the woman opens her mouth to breath, Kiku sticks her finger in the woman's mouth, and creates a bone ball in the woman's mouth. Too big to be swalled, it keeps the woman from biting her tongue off, or trying to break a poisoned tooth off. "Ok, now then. Yes, lets be off, and I swear, I think you were trying to get me dirty with that last little trippled attack.", she says.

"I didn't really have time to worry about her mouth when you were over here running from the enemy like a beheaded chicken," Yoichi says with a shrug of his shoulders. At her next comment, he smirks slightly and says, "No idea what you're talking about," before turning to start wlaking back toward Kirigakure.

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