Family Ties


Aoitsuki, Sakuryu

Date: November 25, 2012


Sakuryu goes to find Aoi for a bit of healing before the exams only for them to have a twist in their family relationship

"Family Ties"

Black Sands Beach

As usual, even with people flooding to Kirigakure as of late Aoi managed to find a secluded place on the black sandy beach to conduct her own training, she was always doing something, and this time she was training her healing abilities. The very vibrant stream of water motioned about her body as it slipped into her hands infront of her, within her hands she clutched against a dove, the surging water attempting to nurse it back to health and mend it's wings… She was training but today it was going to be very calm and collected.

Saku sighs as she stumbles through the brush and onto the beach, she had a bundle with her stuffed with random medical herbs and items she had bought from the store. As she watches the older girl heal the dove she whistles out softly "You're getting better…. wanna give me a session yet? I bought all this stuff.."

"I don't need any distractions…" Aoitsuki suddenly states, there was a slight furrow of her eyebrows while her attention remained heavily focused on the dove infront of her, the water slowly began to meld int othe wings, restructing it with the natural shape of the water until finally it pulled the wing back into place causing the dove to flutter slightly. " Those items you have are fairly meaningless when it comes to my manipulation… Though I do suppose you do need to know where to apply your solution whatever it may be…" She blinked a little at Sakuryu and shook her head. " I'm not sure if this is something you should wrap your head aronud at this time… Do you know how…to water walk?"

Saku frowns a little bit with a slight twitch. "Oops sorry Aoi…" She sighs a little bit before standing back looking at her bags before she sees her mending the dove's wing. "I just thought you might be able to help with my disease… I know pushing it is helping little bit….. but.." She nods a little bit "Gansao sensei taught me how to walk on water and walls." She smiles a little bit before slowly walking a little closer to her.

"I'd rather not kil lyou and flood your body with stuff that isn't relevant… I know that my abilities will be able to mend your disease…temporarly… Perhaps as lon gas my water is runing through you but that is about it… I need more time to perfect it…" Aoi informed Sakuryu, though offering her a light smile. " You worry about your disease too much… I think mentally you are allowing it to limit you…"

Saku cringes a little bit at the idea of being killed and flooded "I would rather not die either….. Um…. so " She frowns and tries to recompose herself. "It's just that the elders consider me useless as an heir since *those who harbor weakness within themselves hold weakness for the clan*" She frowns a little bit. "I figured if it's cured they'd be fine with me being the princess I am… I know I can push past it a little with the um.." She looks around to make sure there are no spies. "With the bloodline skill…. But a cure is a cure.."

"A cure will always be a cure…But long term cures come with time…even magic cures of cure anything require time to properly use…" Aoi replied back hoping to remedy some of that frown. " Everything will take time you have to remember this, Sakuryu-chan," Aoi replied back, her vocie still remained on the bird as she used her jutsu, but it wasn't nearly as distracted as before. " We will keep looking for a proper cure but it won't come out of no where…"

Saku sighs a little bit as she looks down "I understand…I….I'm ….I'm afraid of the exams…I can boast…I have all these nice jutsu and I can feel my new strength…but.." She gulps a little bit as she looks down. "I'm just afraid it's gonna hit me… My lungs are gonna lock up. Im gonna lose transformation and someones gonna make that final blow…." she clutches her heart with shaky hands.. "It's a nightmare I've been having…"

"If you are afraid now… Sakuryu-chan then why are you joining the exams? To Show off? This is more than testing your ability…You have the opprotunity to die if you screw up… This isn't just a test of skill but the maturity of your mind as well…D oyou really think you are capable of becoming a chuunin?" She had to ask of course, tilting her head to the side, Sakuryu's lack of confidence was mind boggling.

Saku sighs a little bit "I….I have to go farther… I want to be the strongest kunoichi…and a legendary ninja.." She lets out a soft breath. "I think I can do it… I really think I can push past the limits and become one of the top.." She whispers softly… "I…I just….I'm just afraid….when I'm acutally challenged I do fine but like now…. I don't know what to do… " She sighs. "It's all confusing…

"I don't really see how it can be confusing…All you have to do is commit to the promise you made…And that promise was you participating in the chuunin exams, or are you going to back out now?" She arched an eyebrow and shrugged her shoulders. " Another part of being legendary or whatever it is you are trying to become is knowing your limits… You don't need to prove anything… If you focus on yourself rather than what others think about you life would be so much better…"

Saku looks away "Life is hard even as a princess ya know…" she lets out a click of her tongue. "I swear I'll participate and I'm gonna win….It's just a feeling I have that something might happen…. I'm sure you were afraid when you went in for the exams…" She looks down a little bit. "Plus you can go deeper into our blood…. you're barely a skip away from *that* technique…"

"Who's to say I don't already have it? And I didn't have exams… I got my ability due to how much blood I spilled on the battle field… The life you live in marginal compared to the hardships others have to endure… You no longer have a choice in the matter… You will go into the chuunin exams and either die or surive the round, you are a shinobi first before anything… If you don't like it you can simply throw in the towel now…" Aoitsuki was very firm with her stance, finally releasing the dove as it began to flutter, she ceased her manipulation and the water fell about her. " Don't assume things you don't know…"

Sakuryu nods a little bit as she looks her over "I just thought if you'd had *that* technique you would have been inducted into the shirayuki's higher branches… very few live long enough or have the focus to bring out the full power of our blood…. and only those fit for the highest elder positions have gone past." She says with a little frown. "I'm gonna be there one day….." She grins to herself before sighing. "I'll do it…I'll survive….I'll surpass and go on to be the greatest…"

"It just goes to show that you don't know much about me, Sakuryu-chan," Aoi responded back and rising to a stand, it seemed as though her words had finally hit home or something as they were suppose to, but she shrugged her shoulders and took a few steps away from her. " I have some other things I need to take care of…But you need to go home…rest and do whatever it is you like to do… Because you don't really know if you will be returning back home or not… Just keep that in mind…

Sakuryu looks at her with a little frown… nodding softly as she slowly moves back home, letting out a slow breath "I'll….I'll go back and study…" She lowers her head a little bit as she moves on, giving a glance back at Aoi before looking back to the road ahead

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