Tsuchi, Kiji, Kaio, Itami

Date: June 10, 2014


Some rival toy factions have been attacking one another and causing problems in Toshi Sagan. Having been unaffectionately named for their activities, the better of the two groups have been trying to change what the vocal and violent minority have been causing. Needing help, the people of the city called in some shinobi to handle the problem.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.


Toshi Sagan: Bazaar

There were reports that came in from some worried consumers in

Toshi Sagan regarding products produced by two different parties. The

rivalry between the two had escalated into bullying and near violence of

consumers who didn't take sides in their rivalry. People don't know what to

expect to come out of this and even the localized police haven't been able

to fend off the problems between these two factions. The public has

unaffectionately named them the Plush Pony Gang and Rabid Hedgehogs. They

want these problems with these factions to be done and over with so that

they can go back to purchasing from the both of them quality toy products

and accessories.
The idea of settling a dispute between these two baffled those who

oversaw the reports, but if things are this dangerous, it's best to nip

these problems in the bud before they get worse. Itami has summoned all able

shinobi to come with her to the city so that they can sort out the issue.

They arrived just a few minutes after 1:30 in the afternoon in the bazaar.

Life here appeared to be normal and didn't seem to be too out of control.

The reports told otherwise, but…nothing is here for them to handle. "Hm,"

she began. "I am not certain of where to begin on this. I don't even know

what these gangs look like."

Kiji had been in Suna for a few days now and had heard the call by

Itami for all aailable shinobi. As she wasn't doing anything and she was

here to aid the Suna nin as much as they needed, the small raven haired girl

arrived at the meeting place a little ahead of time. She was wearing a black

tank and black pants, her hair pulled back into a high ponytail, which got

the mass of waist length hair off her back and neck int he heat. She

appeared slightly sunburned though it was really from the fire she'd helped

put out the other day. The girl wore a single belt with kunai and pouches

and her eyes were a pearlescent tone, colorless and yet every color. She

bowed herhead politely to Itami as she arrived.

A chuckle as she arrives, Tsuchi heard what was going on and as she

arrived to meet with Itami, she glances at Itami before looking forward and

crossing her arms, "Well, why not just wait it out? I'm sure one of these

two sides will light another side up and we pounce on the survivors and

start questioning?" She looks at Itami and then looks around, "Or celestia, I

can just do what I do best and go find a few tough street types and get them

to answer whatever questions they can…the first one through a broken jaw

and then the second one can try to answer through a working jaw if he

wants." Tsuchi glances over at Kiji with a grin before looking forward and

idly taps her foot before scratching her nose a moment and then hmming,

"What ya think, Kiji? Wanna join me in kicking some street thugs around till

they point us in the right direction?"

Kaio had just arrived from Kiri when he heard the call. Always anxious for a

new mission, the Geninq uickly checked his gear and scroll and then set out

with the group. . He was mostly quiet on the trip. Now, he sujests to Itami.

"Well, why not just ask around for a bit? " The boy says, his voice a bit


All was quiet save for people shopping about the bazaar with a

sense of urgency in their steps. They didn't want to be anywhere near here.

In fact, it's past time people should be around here. That's when the gangs

show up and cause problems. The last remnants of shoppers clear out leaving

the bazaar barren.
"Err, hmm… Let's hope that these people aren't too bad. I don't

want to cause that much trouble, especially in the city here. It's not

exactly shinobi friendly. That is to say, the large amount of people here

are civilians," she addressed Tsuchi. "Greetings, by the way. I'm glad you

could tag along," she nodded to Kiji. "Asking around may not exactly be what

we're able to do anymore. All the people have cleared ou—Lightning Sphere!"

Someone shouted as they launched an attack against the shinobi gathered in

the area.
At least it's easy to see where the violence comes from. This is a

genuine lightning attack headed towards the group and issued from some guy

who had his hair slicked up in spikes.

Kiji chuckled softly, her eyes shifting to a faint blue tone as she

laughed at Tsuchi's idea. "Tsuchi-san knows I've interrogated people

before." It took a litle bit of concentration to keep the frown from showing

on her face at the coment but she did pretty well, the only hint that

something had bothered her in her mind was a twitch at her lips. She nodded

her head in return to Itami's greeting.
And then something tingled at her senses… Something was

closeby… That was when the shout came across the bazaar at her and she was

already moving, her hands flashing through handsigns with speed. It would

appear as if there was not enough time for her to move.. and then the

lightning struck and she disappeared into a cloud of smoke. Kiji's eyes

shifted as the adrenaline built in her system and her eyes suddenly had an

orange ring around the irises. She was standing off to the side now. She

glanced at Tsuchi and then Itami and dropped to a knee, concentrating on her

senses, reaching out to see if there was only one or many chakras around


A look at Itami and Tsuchi frowns a little, "Well, that's not fun at

all. I mean, sure, there was that time I put that one guy who really was

just a merchant into a coma but he was a jerk so he had earned it." She

points at Itami before looking back at Kiji with a grin before she blinks at

the sound of an incoming attack and Tsuchi blinks as she makes a quick hand

sign and very literaly seems to step through the air to a new location

almost as if sucked there. She looks back to the attack before looking to

the source of the attack, "Now that's more like it." She brings her chakra

into line as she looks at the spike haired guy before making another hand

seal and a bunch of sparks and crackles shoot out around her, bright flashes

that might be hard to see through…then, depending on your ability, she may

seem to simply have vanished.

Kaio nods to Itami. "No problem, I'm sure that-." He stops as he hears the

jutsu being announced. As the shinobi announces his jutsu, Kaio starts going

through a quick series of handseals. He jumpes to one side and the 'Kaio'

that was on the place that the Juts was cast simply dissipates in a cloud of

smoke. When Kaio spots the Shinobi that cast the Jutsu, he quickly touches

the scroll on his back. "Come, Azura." He says quietly. Another cloud of

smoke blankets him and when the smoke settles, a large, four-armed puppet is

near Kaio. The boy quickly attashes Chacrastrings to the puppet. It starts

runnning touwards the Shinobi, emiting clicking sounds. When it nears him,

two of his four arms sprout blades. When clouse, the puppet strikes its


Itami slipped out of the way of the lightning attack herself and

watched as the rest of the group managed to evade it as well. She observed

the guy as he dropped down from above and geared himself up for another

attack. "Who are you guys? Whoever you are, you don't belong around here.

This turf belongs to me and my club!" He states.
No sooner than he finished this, a tai specialist comes flipping

down with a drop kick. The Rabid Hedgehog dodges the attack and jumps back a

bit. That would've been his head connecting to the ground. There were clear

cracks where the foot was planted. This individual appeared to have a tattoo

on their arm indicating their 'special talent'. "This street doesn't belong

to you, it belongs to us! We set up shop down here while you guys were up

the road! Now you're trying to take our turf!"
Itami didn't know what the luna was happening… Before long, those

a part of her mission begin attacking the Hedgehog guy. He successfully

channeled lightning into his feet to evade those puppet blades, but that

stealth attack is one he didn't notice until much later. He tripped up as

Tsuchi came for him and found himself blinded by the flashes. He fell to the

ground unharmed, at least. "I see what this is. You guys have sided with

those Plush Ponies! You all just made the list!," the Hedgehog remarked

before he got up and took off to find reinforcements.
"Ugh…" Itami rubbed her temples. "This just got a lot more

difficult. So, you," she pointed out the Plush Pony member. "Perhaps you can

explain what's going on here?" She inquired. "Oh, me? Yeah, I can! So, this

is all one big…problem. It wasn't supposed to be this bad. We were new and

kinda set up shop down the street. We make toys that are based around

ponies. That guy is associated with a long standing hedgehog club and…I

guess they didn't take too nicely to us coming here and gaining notoriety.

So we've begun fighting each other. Our groups, I mean. People have actually

gotten hurt which is very bad."

Kiji narrowed her eyes atthe gang members as more and more show up.

She wasn't sure who belonged to what and though she would have liked to just

make an example of one or more of them, she wasn't in Kiri. This wasn't her

territory. So as Itami speaks with the one member, Kiji tilted her head and

waited for instructions. Should she attack or contain? Defend? She looked to

Tsuchi and Itami for a lead here. "We should pick one from each and make an

example of them…." Her tone was dark and it was clear she didn't mean

arresting them….

Having successfully vanished from sight, Tsuchi waits till they are

done talking to simply appear beside the Hedgehog member who originally

attacked them and looks over at him with a glare, "See, what just happened,

was I could have killed you. I didn't though cause I'm what you call a nice

person." Tsuchi nods and hten looks at the Plush Pony Gang member and then

at the hedgehog member she got the drop on and states, "Listen up! You guys

are causing hell and havok, which normally I'd be all about, but these

people don't want that. So, unless you quite causing hell and havok right

now! I'm gonna be the one making all the hell and havok with all yoru faces

all over this street!" Tsuchi puts her hands at her hips and glances from

one gang member to the next and then licks her lips, "Resist already so I

can get to hitting you."

I don't think that killing them will help." Kaio says as he comes out from

bheind a building: The place that he was controling his puppet from. He says

this to Kigi, his voice kind. "Lets try to talk before doing something more

agrecive about it." His gaze goes to Itami. "The decision is with our

leader." He finishes and goes to inspect his puppet. "Did they just attacked

you without reazon?" He asks this to the ponny gang member.

"I see…" Itami began as an explanation was dropped. "Making an

example of both groups would be suitable. From what I've seen here, much of

me is being led to do that, but I think I'll opt for alternatives unless

that one is absolutely necessary," she remarked to Kiji. As the Hedgehog

member was escaping, he was cut off by Tsuchi and came skidding to a stop

before her. He wasn't sure if he should attack or not, but judging by what

she just said, it probably wasn't best to engage her.
"Well, I can't say we aren't as bad. What's really happening is

that we have a few choice idiots from each group that are causing problems

and that one is a part of that problem. Our groups have released different

members to try and round them up, but we've been unsuccessful so far. At

least you got him, but there's tons more left to get on either side. They've

given both of our groups a bad name when all we were doing were just

enjoying our respective lines of toys and sharing in that. Now, it seems

like these guys have taken this 'feud' to greater levels that are causing

problems for us. If they keep going, both of our clubs will be shut down and

the dummies don't even realize they'll be out of luck if they keep going at

it. So…today we have about three to round up. You caught one, now it's two

more left. Two more left over from my group, no less. We're not really

called the Plush Pony Gang, just leave off 'gang' and you've got our name.

The others are called Ashura after a popular toy in their series." She

"But, if we split up, we might be able to find them faster!" Itami

gave this some thought and nodded to herself. "Alright, we'll split up.

Sounds simple enough. We should take precaution. Just because one of these

was weak doesn't mean the others will be. You all should be primed for

fighting right about now, so make sure you all are ready for anything when

we split," she states. "I'll stick around with this…Plush Pony here to

find one. You three will work together to find the other. Is this clear?"

She questioned.

Kiji glanced at Kaio and was about to inform him that she meant

torture not a killing, but Itami also seemed against the idea. Ah well. Kiji

would take a breath and nod as she's assigned with Tsuchi and Kaio to hunt

down one target while Itami took the other. She looked at Tsuchi for

direction now as Tsuchi was aware of her abilities. "Where should I start

the search Tsuchi-san?"

A look at Kiji and then she looks around before hmming and tapping

her chin, "You got it, Itami-san. We'll hunt down these two and drag them

back here kicking and screaming…or dead." She nods her head, "Preferably

kicking and screaming though." She taps her chin and hmms, "Now, if I called

myself a Plus Pony, where would I be?" She then looks back at Kiji,

"Sense…that way!" She points simply up the street and nods her head, "Lets

find this fool and be done with it." She chuckles and then immediately tries

to move to a rooftop to get a look around though not moving out of earshot.

Kaio nods to Itami. He reseals his puppet back on its scroll and follows

Tsuchi to one fo the rooftops.

Itami and Plush Pony, because she never bothered to learn her name,

make their way away to search out one of the members of her group. That left

the remaining group to search for the other. What seemed like an impossible

task of looking was soon turned simple. Some parts of town were

inaccessible. That is to say, people couldn't pass through clearly open

areas. They were effectively trapped and didn't know how to get out. Along

with this group were some members of the Plush Pony and Ashura who were

stuck inside this area. They were calling for help among themselves while

trying to formulate a way to free themselves from the grasp of a certain

magical plush pony member. "I am loving and tolerating so much out of you

guys right now, you don't even know. Keeping you all in here is the best way

I can keep our groups from mingling any further. Any others that get

invovled just happen to be casualities of what you guys have brought upon

us," the girl announces from the roof of a building. "These magic walls will

keep you guys here for as long as I want them to," she smiled. Everyone knew

they were just seals, but you couldn't tell her that. Someone that did point

it out ended up knocked out.
Meanwhile on the other side of the bazaar area, another Plush Pony

member happens to be causing problems of his own. He's taking apart some

joint efforts made between the groups who began to produce one another's

toys in their unique styles to gain better appreciation for each other and

show they're not so bad after all. Unfortunately, with this Plush Pony

tearing up their toys and the area along with it, it's causing problems.

Frowns as he hears the girl's words. He is obviously angry. How ever, he

says nothing. He just looks at Tsuchi, asking for orders.

Seeing one of their targets, standing on a rooftop, apparently

trapping others inside her seals, Tsuchi simply gestures to the other two,

looking at them and then pointing at the girl who seems to be trapping

others inside seals down on the streets below. She nods to Kiji and leans in

close, "Get her attention. You, too, Kaio." She nods to him before she

simply rushes off again, another flashing burst of lightnign around her that

very well may attract the attention of their target to the two genin.

Tsuchi, for her part has once more tried to use her lightning flashes to

cover her stealth.

It seems that the girl causing the problems managed to catch Tsuchi

as she was clearing the area and by extension, she rushed through seals to

send up a shield to protect herself from the curved kunai blade. "I see what

you guys are up to! You guys picked the wrong Plush Pony Princess to mess

with!" she shouted. "I'm Shimmering Sands and just like I did to these guys,

I'm gonna do to you too!" Bad. Very bad.
She huffed and used her chakra to send out needles of shimmering

needles towards her attackers. "Shimmering Shards!" She calls out her attack

as she sends them all over the place.

Kiji nodded to Tsuchi's suggestion to break the seals. Of course

that meant aiming at the caster. Kiji took a running leap, her fist sliding

down the opposite forearm cutting a 4 inch cut in her arm. Blood drew from

her arm and latched onto the building so she could pull herself up to the

roof top. She was careful to stay out of Kaio's way so the kunai flew past

her, not at her and she gathered her blood about her, forming two large

'clouds' of blood, one for each hand. Forming them into needles she sent the

dodgy attack zigzagging at the girl from four different directions.

Rushing along, she was trying to move in between buildings at a fast

clip till it is clear she is caught! Tsuchi stops for a moment, "Uh oh,

looks like you caught me." She make a simple hand sign and the needles are

passing through where she was as she leaps forward through a pocket of air.

She laughs as she lands next to the caster and skids to a stop before

shaking her head, "Uh oh, looks kinda like you might have missed me. How

shocking!" She then makes a hand sign and sparks jump between her fingers

before she fires off a trio of tiny bolts of electricity right at this so

called pony, "I believe you might be just a little out gunned."

Kaio starts going through handseals as the needles aproach him. He isn't

fast enogh and they pierce him. Nos ound comes from his molt, only a small,

surprised gasp. He curses himself for not having instaled anymore long-range

weapons on his puppet. "This isn't over!" He exclains defiantly. He moves

his fingers. Azura, his puppet, starts firing Senbon from its four arms, the

senbons being fired rapidly.

The Plush Pony known as Shimmering Sands executed all her abilities

with skill, though there wasn't enough skill that could keep her from

avoiding everything with sparkling trails left behind. When the blood

pierced through her body as well as those senboms released from the puppets,

she makes an overly dramatic squeal of pain as she looks at the damage she

took. She sniffled. "Oh, you guys are so mean! So mean, it makes me angry!"

She ran through seals. "They don't call me Shimmering Sands for nothing.

It's my special talent!" She shouts as she finishes the seals. An intense

whirlwind begins to kick up, decorated with glitter to make it oh so shiny!

"Also, blood is sooo sick! Why would you even use that to attack people

with! I don't know what kind of diseases you have!" She added as an aside as

she conjured up this glistening gale of glittering doom.

Kiji pulled a clone up before her but it wasn't enough. The sands

struck and buffeted her, leaving small cuts over her exposed skin. Kiji

didn't show any sign of pain, though. It took a lot more than that to get a

pain reaction fromt eh girl. (Like an arm going through her gut. That had

gotten a flinch or two…) She shook her head and simply attacked again.

"You're lucky they do not wish you killed…"

A few handseals later and Tsuchi seems to actually split the

glittering whirlwind and step through it to the other side and actually ends

up a little further away before rushing back up and then chuckles a little

as she watches the incoming blood, "Ya know, the shiney sandy pony has a

point. That is still really gross." She then nods to Kaio, "Lets finish this

one up quick." She makes a couple of handseals, sparks shooting out of both

hands before she attempts to send one spark into each side of the Pony Gang

member and states, "And yes, I got your name wrong…I did it on purpose

because it's a dumb name."

Once again, Kaio starts perfoming his handseals, as he sees the sand gale

nearing. "Oh, Kami!" Is what he says as he is hit by it. After it, he stands

a bit dazed and blinks. "Man, this is getting hard." He says to his group.

"We have to finish this quick." He moves his fingers. Azura's four arms

start firing Kunai at the girl, one of them has one of Kaio's chakra strings

connected to it.

"Don't ever call my name dumb! It's not dumb, it's a great name! No

one insults a Princess and gets away with—" Shimmering Sands is unable to

finish her yelling and frothing at the mouth. It appears she was exhausted

by that last attack she made and didn't have much energy left to try and put

up a proper defensive which meant…more blood. "Eeeeweww! Oh my gosh, I

hate you and your stupid blood!" She whined and flicked her hands in

disgust. She'd then place those same hands up to her eyes when those flashes

came across her eyes courtesy of Tsuchi. She better hope there's no blood on

them. "Okay, okay, I give up! Ugh!" She decided to lower her barriers and

let the people go free, including those from the 'rival factions' of Plush

Pony and Ashura. "I need to go get checked out before I get sick or

On the other side of the bazaar, the fighting has drawn to an end

as well and the guy tearing up the whole promotion has now been captured and

turned over to the police. That leaves Shimmering Sands to be captured and

turned over for the damages she caused. Itami appeared on the scene to

survey the damage and what happened. Blood, senbon, electricity

scoring…yep. Seems like quite the battle. All that glitter. "You guys

finished here yet?" She smiled. Looks like it. Time to head out of here.

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