The Lost Hayato - Feathered Scorpions and Massive Men


Hiroto, Arika, Itami, Hango, Rika

Date: September 25, 2016


Strange reports about sandstorms have come in. A team already disappeared for the investigation, so Suna sends out stronger people.

"The Lost Hayato - Feathered Scorpions and Massive Men"

Land of Wind

There was an important mission to go on. Not as important as some might've been, but for the mission itself this was important. It was laid out as a simple patrol, but the patrol was to head towards an area of the desert where a weird sandstorm was… Raging. There was sand seemingly contained on either side of this path. Any who tried to go along this path would not make it to the other side. THis included a smaller patrol that was sent out recently. This meant that Itami herself was set to lead this mission and it would be a full team accompanying her. Their job was to obviously find out what was going on out there and stop it. Hiroto was already at the gates early in the morning. The sun barely up already as he sat next to the wall with Tenshi beside him. They were waiting on the others to show up.

Arika is here! Sorta. The girl is half-awake because this patrol was happening far too early in the day for her tastes. In all likelihood, Hiroto had to drag her out of her bed >.> The girl just sorta leans against Hiroto, if allowed, half-drowsing since no one has shown up yet. ~You should look more alert.~ 'Too sleepy' ~You'll make a terrible impression.~ 'Go 'way.' ~I'm just trying to help!~ 'Dun want it.'

Rankoro Hango, beige flak under his purple jacket and a burlap knapsack over his left shoulder, makes his way out to the position point for the patrol out into the desert. He's gathered and transcribed a motley supply of maps and charts of the desert that the anomoly is occuring in and around, and hopes they will be of use in this potentially nasty bit of business. He moves behind Arika and Hiroto, watching them quietly from behind his black-rimmed glasses, adjusting them as he looks out at the sandstorm in the distance. Silent for a few moments, before he announces himself with a drop of his backpack on the ground after unshouldering it. "I've made a survey of our documents of that particular area of the desert, sir, just in case we need to navigate any dangerous conditions once we're inside the disturbance."

"I've arrived, though I am a bit late. My apologies mission leader," Itami bowed lightly to Hiroto. "Now that we're here, I'll follow your lead and do my part. Feel free to instruct me however you need to here. I am not the leader," she states, making certain this is understood. "Today, I'm a pupil." She looked around the area for a few moments and then back to those gathered. "Another sandstorm. Can't say I'm entirely surprised, but the desert is always filled with mystery."

Patrol is not Rika's usual thing, but, when the village asks, she goes. She COULD at least wear a Chuunin Vest and some regular clothes like a regular Chuunin, right? Nope. Instead she wears a kimono as usual, though this one is black rather than red or pink. As she arrives at the gates, she looks around at the others and bows her head lightly. "Kuroki Rika, reporting for duty," she says with a smile then looks more directly at Hiroto and thus at Arika as well since she's leaning on him. It's been a bit since they've seen each other… Should be interesting to work with him. And then she looks to Itami, who is putting herself in the position of pupil today. That should be interesting.

Hiroto watched everyone show up and he nods quickly to Itami when she addressed him how she did. Hestood up before speaing some. "If you insist." He frowned though even then. "As you should all know if you read the reports before hand. We will take the path towards this weird sand storm and we will first investigate the entrance and then maybe continue onwards into the sandstorm itself. Supposedly the path itself is untouched and the sandstorm for some reason is contained on each side of said path. We sent a squad out to scout this a week ago and well.. They never returned." He frowned before picking Arika up a bit. "Get up Arika." He grabbed a canteen and handed it to the girl to sip on to hopefully wake her up. Though it was just water so…. "Anyways. We shouldn't waste anytime. Any questions you have can be asked as we move out. Follow me." He nudged Tenshi to take flight and rush ahead of the group to see if he spots anything. He took note of each of the people with him, but besides that he didn't really say too much yet. "Rika and Hango. I don't know a lot about your skills. Might as well tell me those while you are at it."

Arika grumbles a bit when prodded 'awake', and she rubs at her eyes and takes the water. The girl sorta holds it for the time being, waiting for her mind to fully register that it is something to drink from. Since she's half in autopilot, the girl would follow after Hiroto, keeping no more and no less than a meter between them both. "Lemme know if y' need scouts, Hiro-kun," she offers as she chews on the cap of the water holder. ~If Itami is the pupil, does that mean we can boss her around?~ 'Ask yerself.' ~Unless you want me taking over, I can't.~ 'If you behave, I'll let you…' ~ … Really?~

Hango puts his hand over his eyes and peers out over the desert, before he reaches into his backpack and pulls out a scroll and unseals it, pinning it against a lacquer wooden board to keep it flat. "Elemental calligraphy, sir. Wind chakra. I'm quite skilled with documents and letters, hence these maps, plus I can create barriers of wind, which would seem to be the prominent skill to use in this mission." He shoulders his backpack. "Plus I am a Sensor Nin, in case we need to recover any of our operatives, or we need to spot an incoming ambush, if a living threat took down that patrol, rather than just inclement weather." He forms up to Hiroto's left flank, taking advantage of his skill with both hands to cover the often least defended side of a column, and begins trudging along. "Trap seals to spot people crossing over them also available."

"Sounds troubling…" Itami hummed. Sandstorms did tend to hide elements of the desert often. Good cover, hard to see through and withstand, but they could be survived. She can only hope that the team that went in is alive. She observed Hango as he spoke and nodded in response to him while thinking up any questions she might have. So far, she doesn't have anything in particular, but that might change over time. "I don't have any questions at the moment, but that's subject to change." Her eyes turn up towards Tenshi in the distance. "Perhaps he'll report back some decent findings."

Rika glances around at the others briefly as they speak and nods as they are told to move out. As they do, she blinks at the question of her abilities. Does Hiroto not know much about the other clans in the village? "Chakra Tattoo Ninjutsu, my clan's specialty," she answers. "I can attack and defend with tattoos as well as bind targets up if necessarily." Perhaps she really isn't dressed for a sandstorm, but oh well. She's a Sunagakure shinobi. She can handle it. As they move along, she looks curiously out over the desert in thought.

COMBAT: Hiroto focuses 4482 stamina to turn it into 4550 usable chakra!
RP: Hiroto transforms into TENSHI'S-EXPERIENCE.
RPCOMBAT: Hiroto defends against with a HAYATO-SENSES-II…65

Hiroto just nods to everyone quickly. Good to know what they all could do at least. Time would past and Tenshi would return. "The sandstorm is up ahead. Everyone prepare yourselves. We don't know what could be up ahead." He stated before he sent Tenshi off to survey the sandstorm. The one thing everyone would instantly notice was the body lying on the path just outside the sandstorms range with a hole in its back. As Hiroto rushed over to it the body suddenly moved. And then it spoke. "Uhhh…." The body was that of a female. In fact it was one of the team that was sent out here. "Itami-sama…. I am sorry…" They then went limp but after a quick check of the pulse it was visible they were alive. "Arika I know you have some medical ability. I want you to focus on taking care of her right now and making sure she is stable. Itami, Hango, and Rika I want you to all begin looking for signs of attackers. A sandstorm does not put a hole in someones back like that. The hole being more like a stabbing wound from that of a giant scorpion. The difference being it was much messier and it was a bit smaller.
Hiroto himself would step right up to the sandstorm though not in it or between it. The sandstorm made it look like the path was parting it as if someone was parting water using ninjutsu. Of course something very noticable was the wind blowing from the path that didn't carry sand with it. "Weird… It is like the sand isn't moving out of a perimeter." He frowned a bit. "Arika. If you are done healing her could you send some scouts down the path?" He asked of her. She had plenty of safe ways to do that. "Everyone.. Just continue to keep a close eye out."

COMBAT: Arika focuses 5455 stamina to turn it into 8888 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a INK-SCOUT-II…40
RP: Arika transforms into HACHIBI-SINGLE-TAIL.
COMBAT: Arika heals target 1 with LESSER-BIJUU-CHAKRA-HEAL with a roll of: 42
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a SHADOW-CLONE…62

Arika makes a hand seal, and a number of smaller black creatures would seem to come from her pant leg and scatter outwards to investigate the great world beyond. They weren't all that useful, though, bringing back reports with few interesting things. The girl in charge of those ink creatures frowns a bit, even as she continues a mental argument. ~Liar.~ 'Look who's talking.' ~At least I'm better than a thief.~ 'I'm not a thief!' ~Con artist?~ 'That doesn't even make sense…'
It's at that point that they would reach the body, and Arika would move forward with Hiroto to check to see the status of the woman. Finding that she was alive, Arika is quick to make a handseal to gather chakra, a bit of a dark purple aura suddenly surrounding her. If people didn't know better, they might think she was a member of the Gansao clan. Said purple chakra would visibly move and sway until it 'attached' to the woman, healing her injuries and giving her some energy.
Once she was done with the healing, Arika makes a handseal, and a clone of hers would show up. "Ready!" it says in a cheerful voice, then it would sprint off to checkout whatever it was Hiroto seemed to be worried on. She was worried too, of course. She just wasn't showing it.

COMBAT: Hango focuses 1456 stamina to turn it into 1250 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Hango defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…32

Hango purses his lips at the sight of the wounded Nin, feeling a hard spot in his stomach. It was not a pleasant feeling, that foreboding of unseen enemies. He looks about carefully, his pace slowing as he approaches forward, towards the sandstorm. Closing his eyes, the map on the board flickered around the edges, the paper catching an unseen breeze as he summoned chakra inside him, a slight frown at the inefficiency caused by the genetic impairment that also hounded his eyesight. And then, he opened his eyes, half-lidded, looking down at his map and casting his mind's eye into the sandstorm, tilting his head to regard the plane above it and the sand beneath it, looking for enemies both within the whirling yehindi, or beneath the shifting silt.

RPCOMBAT: Itami defends against with a CHEMICAL-SENSE…69

"Oh dear," Itami spoke as they came upon the body. "You needn't apologize, but I appreciate it. They were sent on a mission with the understanding that danger was ever present. I didn't expect to see this and I don't think anyone can truly be prepared to see these things. The good news is that she appears to be alive, so we have the chance to stabilize her," she looked to Arika as she said this. "I will go with the others and check for any other signs of life out here."
She stepped away from Arika and Hiroto to give herself some clearance. "Use whatever abilities you have to ascertain what may be around here. We ought to know if we're dealing with people or wildlife or in some instances, a combination of the two," she spoke aloud as she tuned her senses towards the landscape. Even in all this wind, she should still be able to sniff out and taste what was around here.

RPCOMBAT: Rika defends against with a TATTOO-TREMOR-HAIRS…38

Listening to the information given as they walk along, the Kuroki woman ponders it over while continuing to keep her eyes out. As the others user their various abilities to try and detect what's out there, she brings her hands into a seal, causing lines to spread down from under her kimono over her entire body that appear to have hairs on them of some sort to allow her to try and detect oddities in the environment around them. For now she stays silent as she tries to pick things up, letting the others do the talking unless she finds something.

Everyone begins to scout the area it seemed. Hiroto himself and his companion Tenshi would not be able to see well through the storm at all. Their only real skill at finding things being blocked off. Hango luckily though would note that their was chakra all through the sand. It didn't seem to be the sand itself, but something that was carrying it. Like wind. Itami and Rika would be able to take note that their were lifeforms within the sand. How many was hard to tell but there was at least two that were real close by. In fact one that was real close tot hat clone Arika sent in. Hiroto was watching down the path since that was the only place he could look. As he watched the clone of Arika's closely suddenly a thing that looked like a scorpion tail except covered in feathers and more along the size of a human hand would shoot out to try and pierce through the clone. If it succesfully hit the clone would likely poof away. Even if it didn't that didn't matter. Hiroto saw it all.
"Whatever is in the sands…. It is hostile. Very hostile." He frowned a moment before pulling his bow free and having an arrow readied. "Prepare yourselves." And suddenly the second one would jump out. Though Itami and Rika would notice it coming. This one had one arm that was real small while the other was much bigger and at the end its hand was a talon. It seemed to walk on all fours though using just its feet and that talon. When it landed it would cause sand to be knocked into the air and it just stared right at the one they damaged earlier and the one that looked like the clone on the inside. AKA Arika. It would then prepare to charge like it was a bull. Hiroto was personally caught off guard by all this and wasn't prepared to actually fire an arrow at this thing.

[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Piercing Blow from 40 to 60 and get(s) a 44. - Rolled by: Hiroto
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a WIND-DASH…62

Arika's clone shifts to avoid the incoming blow, the clone blinking a bit in surprise. It then frowns, making a handseal and kicking outward to blast wind so that the sand is knocked away as well. Hopefully that would help reveal their targets. The real Arika would stay back to make sure the condition of the woman was stable enough that she could go and help the other shinobi.

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 49
[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Simple Dodge from 35 to 55 and get(s) a 48. - Rolled by: Hiroto

Hango noted the layer of sand had chakra inside it, not particularly one clustered body of such chakra. "Something is charging the sand and manipulating it," he calls out over the wail of the winds, adding, "It could shift against us at any time!" And then, as the monster emerges, he takes a step backwards, his left heel digging into the sand as he puts his right side forward with the guard. He drops his backpack and drops to his left knee, shoving the board into the sand to hold it, reaching to his belt. He draws a trio of kunai wrapped in calligraphed paper, and throws them at the beast, one after the other, in quick succession. As each moves out in the space between them, there is a high pitched squeal as the paper splits apart and the kunai is blasted forward.

COMBAT: Hango attacks target 1 with WIND-SHARP with a roll of: 21
COMBAT: Hango attacks target 1 with WIND-SHARP with a roll of: 22
COMBAT: Hango attacks target 1 with WIND-SHARP with a roll of: 16
[NPC System]: Big Armed One roll(s) Arm Block from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 22. - Rolled by: Hiroto
[NPC System]: Big Armed One roll(s) Arm Block from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 16. - Rolled by: Hiroto
[NPC System]: Big Armed One roll(s) Arm Block from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Hiroto

Rika is kind of glad she's not the first one to get attacked. Not that she wouldn't die for Sunagakure, but there are stronger shinobi here whose success she can base her combat tactics on. She raises her eyebrows at the giant scorpions' appearance and ponders if they are actually scorpions or if they might be a pair of Shippodoku that are enemies of Sunagakure for some reason. While she thinks on that, though, she extends her hands forward. The tattoo of a chain on her left arm flies off to try and bind the beast nearest while the one on her right arm, which apparently has a blade on the wrist that most people never get a look at, goes to stab at it.

COMBAT: Rika attacks target 1 with SEEKING-TATTOO-BIND with a roll of: 38
COMBAT: Rika attacks target 1 with TATTOO-STAB with a roll of: 25
[NPC System]: Big Armed One roll(s) Wild Movements from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 39. - Rolled by: Hiroto
[NPC System]: Big Armed One roll(s) Arm Block from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 23. - Rolled by: Hiroto

The big one upon landing seemed to knock Itami away actually. She wasn't knocked out, but she did need some time to recover. Looks like she wasn't fully recovered from all of her previous engagements. Either way the rest of the shinobi acted quickly. He was hit deep with one of the kunai from Hango and that stopped his charge from happening as he panicked. Then he was nearly bound in place for a moment but that didn't stop him from being stabbed again this time much worse. His eyes went completely feral now as he looked at Rika and Hango with pure anger. He would hit the ground in front of Hango with enough strength to sort of knock him into the air before this beast jumped at him and would punch him. Then it turned towards Rika mid air and with a little movement from his small hand he was sent flying like a missle with the big arm held forwards, towards Rika.
"If you guys need help just let me know." The girl seemed stable now at least. "Arika. If you can get a clone to carry her back to Sunagakure or at least a small distance away that would be great." He focused on the one in the sands. In fact he aim his arrows at that one before firing them towards it. But they could hit. "Arika. I want you to focus on that one. I will help with the big one." He stated before turning and firing a bola arrow right at it. The scorpion like one could not move because it got knocked around from the wind sadly. Leaving Arika to do whatever with them. Hango might notice that the sand was moving slowly towards them. Still staying off the path, but anyone on the sides of the path might get swallowed up.

COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with BOLA-ARROW with a roll of: 61
[NPC System]: Big Armed One roll(s) Rampaging Dodge from 50 to 70 and get(s) a 60. - Rolled by: Hiroto

Arika huffs softly at Hiroto. "I c'n do that. Let the clone take care of things. I'll be back when it poofs." Arika proceeds to pick up the injured woman, drawing a bit on strength that wasn't her own, and then she would disappear in a burst of wind, carrying the woman to safety … Temporary safety, admittedly, but being away from the battlefield was the best Arika could do for the woman for now. As the real copy of Arika moves away, the clone would seem to get a bit heated up.
"Hmph! Weird thingy!" it declares, adjusting her hand seals a bit so that the now-downed thing that attacker her would be cut up all over. It probably wasn't the most pleasant feeling, nor was it really effective, but it was one of the easier things to do this time around.

RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a WIND-STEP…62
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 46
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 52
[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Wall of wind from 40 to 60 and get(s) a 49. - Rolled by: Hiroto

[NPC System]: Big Armed One roll(s) Earth Knockup(AS) from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Hiroto
[NPC System]: Big Armed One roll(s) Jumping Punch from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 25. - Rolled by: Hiroto
RPCOMBAT: Hango defends against with a WIND-BARRIER-SEAL…32
RPCOMBAT: Hango defends against with a SLEEK…14
RPCOMBAT: Hango took 250 damage.

Hango does not look after the last kunai is transferred from left hand to right and thrown, instead taking the map board and sliding it into his backpack. Easily replaced, but Hango has a problem with discarding something he's worked on, valuing his craft more than his safety. This, of course, distracts him from the sand moving towards him, but of course he sees the omnipresent threat of the beast moving towards him.
The Rankoro's hand slips into the fatigue pocket on his right thigh as it leaps into the air, and as it comes down, Hango somersaults backwards with a quick roll, and slaps a calligraphed piece of parchment on the ground. A wall of wind bursts out of the silt between them, the shockwave deflected by swirling winds that bounce the force back at the monster. But as the thing charges forward, the wind disippates and Hango is left to his own devices for this next step in their dance. He moves to his feet and makes a seal with each hand, wind moving to his boots, as he glides backwards, but the thing is too fast and catches him in the stomach. The Nin spits out a cry of pain, crumpling around the fist, but still in fighting form as he grabs at the arm. The wind still charging his boots from the Sleek Jutsu, he springs forward and inverts, attempting to flip over the monster and snap the arm upwards, before he lands behind it and twists it about, then delivering a kick to one of the rear legs.

COMBAT: Hango attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 15
COMBAT: Hango attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 11
COMBAT: Hango attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 16

Itami took note of the creature that jumped up out of the sand and launched an attack. She's been in the desert her entire life and has never seen anything quite like it. Nevertheless, it still decided to attack one of her own and if she had to guess, it's also responsible for the other shinobi's injuries. She had plenty of time to think about that as she was knocked away by its powerful attack and sent tumbling in the sand. Yep. Hadn't quite recovered yet, but doing better. Much better, but still. That was more than she expected it to be.
Still she couldn't let its actions pass, even if danger was a constant for their missions. She rose up, still dizzy from the attack, but otherwise fine. She caught some of what was said of the creature's abilities and inquired, "Is that what's happening?" Sand manipulation? Fairly uncommon, considering, but still, not all that much not to be unrecognizable. "We may need to make it disadvantageous to utilize sand. Harden it, perhaps," she suggests.
With the addition of a wind seal courtesy of Hango, she watched it burst open and release the jutsu written inside. "Or that," she chuckled to herself. Dusting herself off, she returned into the battle by making a handseal and tossing out a drop of glass against the target. "I don't appreciate what just happened to me. Ayhow we'll keep you all covered and hopefully, keep this guy at bay!"

COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with DROP-GRENADE with a roll of: 47
[NPC System]: Big Armed One roll(s) Missle Punch from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 24. - Rolled by: Hiroto
RPCOMBAT: Rika defends against with a TATTOO-BARRIER…37

As the beast looks at her with anger, Rika gets a look of 'uh oh' on her face, though it's more a comical look than one of actually being scared. The chains pulling back after the attacks swirl around and form a barrier in front of her to keep the punch from getting through, causing the Kuroki woman to snicker a bit. "Aw, did I make you mad?" she asks with an amused look. "I'll make it better." The chains then move again, trying to bind the beast up again, this time being joined by the snake on her chest that flies up out of her kimono to try and deliver a vicious bite.

COMBAT: Rika focuses 4697 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Rika attacks target 1 with SEEKING-TATTOO-BIND with a roll of: 30
COMBAT: Rika attacks target 1 with TATTOO-STAB with a roll of: 36

First things first. Arika's clone would hit the target cleanly slicing well into it. It was able to get up though to try and stop the second. Luckily its injuries made it too slow and it got knocked back onto the ground. It wasn't dead, but it was hurting. Seems they weren't used to actually having people fight back that they didn't instantly incapitate. "I..I.." Wait it was speaking. "Don't kill me please. I am just doing what they want." It covered its face with that weird arm. The scorpion tail part on closer inspection would be revealed as talons that seem… Glued together. Weird…. The sand was still moving even now, but the guy just lay there. In fact this guy looked about the age of Hiroto. Probably a little bit younger. In fact if looking closely there were similarities. And if the feathers on his arm and the talons were a hint.. Was this some Hayato experimentation?
The big one was hit by the Bola arrow from before and that basically just left it stuck in place. It tried to move but it couldn't remove it and all the attacks just battered it into the ground. Somehow the thing was not dead yet, but it wasn't moving. A small groaning sound could be heard from it, but not much else. "Good job team." He frowned and looked at the big one. "Hmmm…. Restrain it…. At the very least we want to look at this." He stated. The one from within the sands heard the sounds and perked up a bit. "Wait.. DId they kill the other one!? He is like me…. Well not like me, but he is human… Just.. Different." He said and it was obvious this kid was scared. Hiroto of course didn't hear this. Only Arika's clone did. Oh and the sand was still moving of course. Though now it seemed less like it was following the sides of the path and some of it was being directed at Hiroto of all people. Slowly but surely as to not make note of it. The only one that would notice the chakra that was only carrying tiny specks of sand was Hango. And based on the air moving around all of them he might be able to make out that the chakra isn't someone controlling the sand, but someone using wind to move the sand and make it seem like the sand is what is being controlled.
Hiroto did not notice it at least and he turned to face Itami. "Itami. I don't know what we should do here. For all we know there could be more within the sands but I don't feel like we can continue into it right now. That sounds like more trouble than anything. If possible we should just learn what we can from the ones we are already dealing with and see if they reveal anything that could help us." He looked off into the distance and down the path. "Arika! Are you done down there?" He called out. Just about then the sand would move to strike at his leg and seemingly to anyone who sees chakra it would be like a hand trying to grab Hiroto's leg. Luckily it seems that big thing is alive enough to roll around and it simply rolled in an unconcious state to block the wind. Whoops. Better luck next time Sandstorm thingy!

The clone would stare down at the strange creature, frowning a bit. Then she reaches out with a hand, and a black extension would wrap around the figure. Ink that would keep him tightly bound. "Cooperate 'n you get t' live." she says simply, dragging the man over to where Hiroto was. The real Arika was off in the distance still, naturally. She was heading back towards where the fighting was wrapping up. Can't believe she missed it! But all's well that ends well, right? >.>

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with INK-BIND with a roll of: 60

As the monster falls, Hango releases his grip on the arm, having pulled it onto its hind legs then kicked one out, arm contorted. He looks down at it curiously as he stands, satisfied and feeling a surging rush of empowerment in his chest and shoulders, before he slowly looks towards the sandstorm, squinting behind his glasses. "It's not quite sand manipulation," he reports. "It's my form, wind, just with much more precision and finesse, enough to carry the silt!" Probably couldn't be used to cut someone to shreds, he notes to himself, as he pats his flak jacket's chest, moving down to the pouches on either side of his stomach and removing the small length of line that is standard equipment for a Genin to use in binding and knots. He gets down onto a knee and ties the legs of the monster together, then the arms, working smoothly at a rigidly ordered pace, all while his eyes softly look at closely and curiously at the creature before him. What horror has science wrought?

Itami sighs a breath of relief seeing the fighting draw to a close. She was still convinced that the beasts they were facing were just that, but she refrains from attacking, given they are already down. No need to kill. Yet. "You wish to interrogate these…things?" She asked of Hiroto while observing one of them. Didn't appear to be a lick of human in them. "If you feel they are capable of giving you information, then we can do so. I'm not certain what you can gather from creatures such as these, but they may be more intelligent than they look," she folded her arms into a relaxed pose.
"So, they utilize wind to move the sand. I must say, that is impressive," she looked to Hango. "I haven't seen control on this level. Could almost be said to be natural," she hummed to herself.

Hiroto sighed a bit and looked at Arika. The one her clone dragged over was much more obviously human as only it's arm was weird. The rest of his body was very much human including the face. "I.. You didn't kill him did you?" He asked but didn't move. He couldn't as he was bound. Hiroto raised a brow and stared. "Him?" He asked. "I am not sure…" He paused and looked at it. "I think it i-" The man react quickly. "He is not an it! That is my friend! He just…. Changed more than most." Hiroto frowned and shook his head some. "Fine. He is alive. I think." He turned towards Itami. "I guess we take both of them back? Itami are you able to carry the bigger one? Or maybe Arika can using…." He looked at her with a frown. Hiroto was strong, but he was not sizable. He would not be able to cary the big one. "Anyways…"
Hiroto walked over to Itami and whispered. "I think we need to both interrogate the one that seems to actually talk and take samples of both of them. Something is off with them. It is weird." His gaze shifted to them both. "Are they Hayato…" Tenshi stared at them as well, but he mostly stayed.. Silent in his way. After a few moments he just stretched and looked at everyone. "Alright well we should take these two back to Sunagakure. We might need to come back out here another time. But for now I think we can leave…." He eyed the storm that kept going. "Can't go in there yet." And then he would work to get things settled. Once they were he would lead everyone back to Sunagakure. The two prisoners to be… Looked at later. All information was gathered but he wanted to get back to Sunagakure before going over it. That includes the amazing skill with wind.

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