Feigning Innocence - Betrayal


Yuuto, Katama (emitter)

Date: December 30, 2013


Yuuto follows the girl he rescued from a caravan raid out to the Shiren Caverns late at night to discover things aren't quite as they seem.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Feigning Innocence - Betrayal"

North Shiren Cavern

With the fall of night on the Land of Wind, most people have settled in for the evening. One would figure someone who's been traumatized and a bit injured would also be in bed by now, yet Yuuto has tracked Hari out to the Shiren Caverns. A rather dangerous place to go at night, especially for a merchant girl… Her late night activity has been a bit strange, so the newly reinstated shinobi asked to be allowed to investigate without causing too much of a stir. Surprisingly, he was allowed to track her on his own.
While he doesn't particularly want to believe the girl he has been getting to know could be up to something volatile, his loyalty is to the village first, so he has to check this out. He can only hope it's nothing. Still, it's a bit unnerving, though he does his best to contain this as he moves through the ground underneath the dunes, headed toward where he's used his double-tomoed Sharingan to track her chakra signature.

Hari had slipped away silently and (she'd thought) unnoticed. Once she was out of the village limits, she had slunk speedily along the rocks heading toward the caves. This was not the first time out this way and she seemed to be more alert than a merchant's daughter would be used to. She doesnt seem to be carrying any weapons and her chakra signature was calm and steady. She'd brushed her long hair up in a ponytail and slung on a cloak as she'd left.
She paused at the entrance to a small cave, looked around her and slipped inside. There is a small but nice grotto inside with fresh water available in an underground stream. Perhaps she wanted some time alone…. She slipped along the wall of the grotto and paused at the stream for a quick drink.

Remaining underground as the woman steps into the cave, Yuuto would continue to move along behind Hari. He stays far enough back that even a chakra sensor would have to either be rather high level and quite attentive to know of his presence. For now, things seem to be fairly normal as the woman stops for a drink. He remains hidden still, however, wanting to see how this plays out. After all, she can't have come out here just for a drink…

Hari stands up and steps into the stream before following it deeper into the cave, out of the grotto. Assuming Yuuto would be following her, he would hear a voice, gruff and irritated. "Where the Pac-Man have you been?" Then a shuffle through water and a stifled yelp presumably from Hari. "Let go of me!" The man's voice chuckles. "But you're so cute when you're Berzerk." Any thoughts Yuuto might have of rescueing Hari from some kind of assault would come to an abrupt if not satisfying end with a low thump and the sound of a man unable to breathe through the pain… She'd probably kneed him in the groin.
Yuuto would sense several chakra signatures in the deeper cave and they had a fire glowing for light and warmth at the center of the room. They all seemed larger than Hari and would not fit the description of merchants in any way shape or form. If he was within eyesight or had the ability, he would find each of these men are well armed.
A tall man shook his head and speaks up in a severe tone, commanding and in charge. "Enough. We don't want any unusual marks on her. You. Go take a walk." And when the man in pain can finally manage it, he grumbles and heads into a side cavern, sending a heated glare at Hari as he goes.

Still trailing the woman through the cave, Yuuto would watch through his Sharingan to see exactly what's going on. His first instinct is to jump and strike when she is grabbed, but he waits to see what is actually going on… When the chakra signatures that join in don't attack her and actually send the other guy away, it seems to be more like simple agitation than an attack. This isn't exactly going how Yuuto had hoped so far, but he can at least wait and see…

The leader speaks to Hari. "Well? Do you have what we want yet?" Hari scowls and folds her arms. "You think it's that easy? Give me some more time." The man frowns at her and is quiet for a few moments. "I hope you're not falling in love with this pathetic place. You should know better." Hari glares right back at him and speaks petulantly. "And you've ever given me a choice? Don't be stupid." Crack! A hand shot out to try and slap the girl but she simply ducked under it and the hand had hit the rock wall instead, leaving the guy to let out a sharp curse. The leader rubs his forehead. "I told you no marks, idiot." This type of thing continues for a while longer, no real details are discussed but it's suspicious enough, though she doesn't seem to be on the best of terms with the group of men, she also doesn't seem like she's entirely on the level either. Finally, she turns and heads back toward the grotto, a look of irritation on her face. She's in her own little world as she steps from the tunnel into the grotto.

Well, Hari's apparently not a bad combatant… And she's also not who she claimed to be. Yuuto clenches his fists as he waits for her to come out, moving his trail back a bit as he waits for her to move away from the rest of the group. As she comes into the grotto, he would step out of the rock wall and attempt to step around her to back her into a corner of the cavern to prevent her from running. "Working with the ones who killed your friends and family now? Or were you just one of them from the start?" he asks in a low voice, his red eyes staring at her intensely. "You'd best answer my questions. If you scream for them, the stream will run red with your blood before they even know you're still here."

Hari nearly jumped out of her skin as Yuuto 'materialized' beside her. She puts a hand to her chest and takes a breath before she catches onto his threatening aura. Her emerald eyes widen and she backs up, eyes shifting around as she finds herself backed into a 'corner' as it were, her hands flatten against the rock behind her as Yuuto gets closer, asking her about working with or being a bandit. She pales faintly shaking her head. "No, no. You just don't understand.." And then he tells her not to call for them or she'd be the first to fall….
Her eyes narrow and a line of tension slides through her muscles. She appears caught between fear and deep thought. Her mind was definitely winding through several thoughts all at once…Then she settles on, "They made me do it! They said they would kill me if I didn't." She tries to side step, avoiding eye contact with those crimson orbs as she attempts to gain more freedom, possibly an escape.

Yuuto's eyes remain locked on Hari as she backs up against the wall, never leaving her as he waits for an answer. "Is that right?" he asks as his hand would come up from his side to follow her, going to try to stab a kunai into the wall in front of her torso in an attempt to make her back up before she can escape. "You've spent quite a bit of time in our village, plenty of time to ask for help instead of coming out here by yourself… And it's interesting that you know not to look into these eyes. Start telling the truth… now."

Hari freezes a mere inch from the Kunai in the wall, though wether from fear or strategic training is hard to tell. She absolutely refuses to look him in the eye. She looks at the kunai in the wall, glances back toward the tunnel then looks at Yuuto's neck, avoiding eye contact but still facing him to address him. Her hands are down at her sides, shoulders tensed up. "They said they would kill anyone I talked to." Her tone is pretty convincing enough. She twitches when he states she knew enough not to look him in the eyes and she rolls her own. "They're Asteroid creepy!" And as for the truth… "I'm telling you the truth." She looks at his hand ont eh Kunai then puts on an expression of tension nearing fear. "Can we talk somewhere else? What if they hear us?"

"The eyes of a cursed bloodline," Yuuto says as he looks down at Hari, those ruby eyes intensely staring her down still. "Sure, we can talk somewhere else. I was thinking somewhere romantic like a holding cell where a specialist can make sure you give the absolute truth about what you're doing in Sunagakure." He remains still for now, his hand remaining on the kunai, though he seems to be giving her a moment to react to see if she tries to run or goes along willingly.

Hari nods as he seems to agree to leave the grotto and find a place to speak.. somewhere more… a holding cell and with an interrogator.. of course. She moves half a step to one side, seeing the easy jump in Yuuto's muscles as he prepares to follow or block her movement with much greater speed than she had and so she lets him 'catch' her, by moving forward and into his reach, both hands up and resting against his chest, her eyes are wide, slightly wild. "Take me outside. Please, we can talk. I don't want them to catch you or us!" She lifts her emerald eyes and forces herself to meet his crimson ones. "Why would you need help from a specialist? you're much stronger than I am. I'm just a merchant's daughter! Please… outside?" She lays one of her hands on his clavicle and the other stays in a fist on his chest, her eyes lower and her head turns, as though fearfully, to look at the tunnel again, in the process she also both looks away from his sharingan eyes and turns her back on the kunai in the wall.

Keeping his eyes on Hari, Yuuto narrows his eyes a bit as she speaks. He doesn't do anything to counter at her hands on him thus far, though he does watch her carefully. "That remains to be seen, but let's go," he replies with a nod, bringing a hand up to try to grab one of her hands and lead her out of the cavern. This way, at least one of her hands would be tied up while they move. He goes silent for a bit, allowing a couple things: 1, for him to keep an eye on her; 2, for a bit of tension to build up so he can try to push an action and see what she does if she suspects things aren't going to go her way if she is, in fact, attempting to fool him.

Hari seems to relax when he apparently agrees to taking her outside the grotto and allows him to take one of her hands. She follows him obediently out of the grotto. if she were really fearful of the gang finding them, possibly harming one or both of them, she's acting appropriately. She even goes as far as holding tightly to his hand as they make thier way out of the cave. She keeps her free hand down and seems to be using it for balance. The girl makes no move to fight him as they step into the pale moonlight. He moves her to the side of the entrance and she looks back as though staring into the darkened entrance, watching for anything or anyone following them. When she's stared at it silently for a few moments and nothing follows she seems to relax a little. Taking a deep breath she runs her free hand over her face and pinches the bridge of her nose before turning to face Yuuto. Again her eyes are lowered, not meeting his gaze. Her voice is quiet and her body posture is akin to a child that knows they've been caught at something. "What do you want to know, Yuuto-kun?"

Once they've made their way out through the darkness, Yuuto would turn to face the girl. His crimson eyes remain as intense as ever as he looks at her, noting that she turns her eyes down once again. Her performance thus far has been rather believable, but he's still got his guard up. "How long have you been working for them? What do they want in Sunagakure? Are they planning to steal something or someone? Are they plotting a terrorist attack? What is exactly is your deal with them?" His eyes remain locked on her as he speaks, expecting an answer for each question.

Hari winces as Yuuto starts his line of questions, but somehow she manages to remember each one and int he correct order. "I.. a few years… I'm not exactly sure what they want, they never tell me everything. They've stolen from other people but never a town before." She deftly sidesteps the second part of that question. "A terror..whatsit?" At this one she blinks and looks up into his red eyes with absolute and honest confusion. "I.. think they'd use something besides a girl to scare a bunch of people….Don't you? Really?" And she looks away again as she takes a breath contemplating that last question. she focuses on a point past his elbow. "Tehy send me into a town or household and steal a key to a storehouse or a house or whatever. And in return they don't kill me…" She pauses and twists her own left wrist oddly, like a fidget. "Or my brother."
She chews on her lower lip hesitantly before looking up and actually into Yuuto's eyes, moving a step closer to him, her hands once again going to his shoulders and upper chest. "But he's getting old enough to make his own descisions and… I found something I don't want to lose…." Her cheeks shade with a light blush as she says this last.

Yuuto listens intently as Hari begins to explain, or at least tell a story she's come up with. He's not really sure which one yet. "So, in other words, you used me to come into the village and have been using me to stay here to get what they sent you after?" he asks, lifting an eyebrow as he keeps his eyes locked on her. He pauses as she places her hands on him, seeming to relax a bit. He would then bring a hand up to the buckle of the sheath on his back, giving a nod and unclasping it to allow it to fall on the ground. This would seem harmless, as he would go to wrap his arms around her in what would seem to be a loose hug. "… Hari." As his hands come together, however, they would form a seal just as one of the scroll from his pack rolls open, sending a pair of shuriken flying off the page quickly enough that they would potentially pose a serious threat to one's life, though slow enough that a skilled enough combatant should be able to move out of the way since his arms aren't tight around her.

Hari blinks as he seems to accept her words, unbuckles the thing on his back, even wraps his arms around her….And then she senses the chakra and sees the scroll on the ground open just before two shuriken fly off the page. In slow motion she seems to have enough time to think clearly, but the expression on her face turns to one of 'fear' and she lets out a sharp cry of, "Watch out!" just before she launches herself forward, using the power in her legs and the weight of her body to launch herself at Yuuto's chest, her arms going up as she jumps. Her intent is to shove him backwards, if she's extra lucky, he'll lose his balance as well, possibly landing her on top of him on the ground. Her reaction time is on par with someone trained in the fighting arts. However, the shuriken carve two gashes in her back. Since she moved forward rather than down or backwards, she had not managed to get herself out of the attack's range in time to avoid it. Oddly enough she doesn't react to the pain. wether she ends up tackling him to the ground or whatever position they end up in, she looks up at him with a kind of concern. "Are you alright?"

Yuuto had expected the girl to duck out of the way or just be scared period. Her shoving him comes as a bit of a surprise, especially how strong she actually is to have actually moved him. It may not have been the expected reaction, but this does let him study her a bit, her swiftness, strength, and definitely non-civilian reaction to two shuriken gashing over her back. With the girl now on top of him, Yuuto would look up at her and blink a few times. "I'm fine. Must have set off some kind of trap. Are you hurt? I could've sworn those things grazed you, but you don't act like you got wounded," he points out as he looks up at her, mimicking her show of concern.

Hari had landed easily on top of Yuuto, her left hand keeping her up for a moment. She could see he was suprised, but she doubted it was because of her 'concern' for him. She should have cried out when the shuriken cut across her back. She sees the calculation in his gaze before he too acts concerned for her. She sighs softly before sitting up more on her right elbow, then her knees on either side of him. Her right hand reaches up and slides over his cheek, her expression shifting to faint sadness, the most honest expression she'd worn this night. "You just can't believe me now can you? What normal girl wouldn't cry out…right?" There is a sudden motion and a clicking sound next to Yuuto's left ear and then he feels the cool press of metal against his throat. She had been armed after all, with a hidden dagger inside her left sleeve. "You just had to press it…. It's too bad." She pets his cheek again softly. "I really did like you."

As the woman shifts to sit up more on him, Yuuto would tilt his head slightly. Her question simply gains a slight smirk from him, though his eyes would then glance down at he feels the metal against his throat. "So I was right then. What a shame… It really is too bad." Suddenly, there would be a rather major shift in his chakra as his eyes start to turn back up toward her, a rather dark presence emitting from him now as the tomoe around his pupils start to shift, allowing the appearing of a third tomoe on each eye. "Fear," he says simply as he would attempt to push a Genjutsu through the eye contact that would attempt to create an overwhelming feeling of fear that should cause her to move the blade and lose her balance a bit hopefully since it normally makes an opponent fall on her knees.

Hari truely felt regret that she'd brought this man's suspicions on top of her and that she would have to kill such an interesting man. He'd been good to her considering she was just a stranger. But now she had to get rid of him….She was just about to slide the dagger across Yuuto's jugular and end this mistake when he sudenly changed. His crimson gaze swelled to activate his dojutsu and his words that he was right, what a shame, echoed in her mind as she felt the opression of a genjutsu settle over her. The girl's eyes went wide and she reacted with trained instinct, pressing the blade down in the split second it took the jutsu to take control. And then she found herself losing her grip on the blade, both of her hands snapping up to her head as though to shield herself from something. She did not scream. The vein in her neck throbs far too quickly and her weight settles back onto her knees and Yuuto's ribs before she curls over, her head ending up against his chest. The only reason she'd stayed upright at all was that she was already on her knees. Dislodging her would be no problem for the man. As the fear immobilizes her, she can see in her mind's eye that she'd just lost this battle. Finally she lets out a strangled word, half in fear, half in desperation. "No!"

While the woman falls under his Genjutsu, Yuuto is suddenly in control. However, he has to quickly move his head to at least deflect most of the damage, the kunai ending up grazing his neck and causing a minor cut to the side of his neck. Still, it's nothing fatal and not enough for him to bother tending to it at this juncture. "I suppose I could just kill you at this point, but then we wouldn't get to find out what your friends want…" Assuming the girl has any training at all, it won't be just incredibly long before she can get out of this Genjutsu, so, while he's in this position, Yuuto would quickly move his hands to toss the kunai away and then slide them along her sleeves then carefully over her form to try to discover and discard any other weapons she may be hiding that she could use to attack or try to escape.

Hari's breath comes in short gasps as she struggles to regain control of her body and mind and she grits her teeth as she feels Yuuto's hands sliding over her wrists, arms, body, in search of weapons. And weapons he does find. A dagger in her waistband, another up her right sleeve and, interestingly enough, one strapped to her chest under her undergarments. She had small weapons, easily concealed, hard to detect and sharp as any shinobi tool. She growls deep in her throat when he removes the dagger on her chest. She's not stupid and so she uses her feminine indignation to fuel her struggle against the genjutsu. Finally she starts breaking loose of it and her hands snap down in two fists against Yuuto's chest, not really an attack as much as a balancing action. Her head is still low but she manages to swear outloud, though its hard to tell if she'd just sworn at /him/ or simply out of frustration for anyone could tell the battle was pretty much over.

As he removes weapon after weapon, Yuuto is a touch impressed she managed to sneak in and out of Sunagakure hiding such an arsenal in her clothes. After all, the guards are quite attentive, though her state of being a patient may have put them off their game a bit. A light smirk tugs at his lips as she pounds at his chest, the shinobi shaking his head as he discards all he weapons to a point out of her reach. "Starting to wake up, are we?" he asks, lifting an eyebrow slightly at her as he looks down at her. "I've taken the liberty of getting rid of all your weapons. There's no chance of you getting past me unless you comrades come back for you for some reason. Even then, with the new power you've given me in my eyes thanks to your betrayal, I don't think they would fair too well either."

Hari feels her head clearing up from the genjutsu attack. Such strength this man had… and just in his eyes! She was considered relatively fearless for a girl by the rest of the bandits so for her to experience such strong fear was as much a torture as a way to immobilize her. She'd never fallen to fear before. She pants lightly and lifts her head as he tells her that her weapons are gone… And she's gearing up mentally for a show of bravado, she is caught short by his statement that she'd given him power through betrayal. She flinches and looks to the side. She had not meant to harm him from the start, had considered him an unfortunate casualty of her situation. Deep down there was a part of her that regretted any harm, physical or emotional, that would come to this man because of the bandits' activities. Not that he would believe that of her now of course.
When he states that her buddies wouldn't have much chance against him should they try to rescue her she actually laughs at him. "You really think those lowlifes would have the guts to come against shinobi for /my/ sake? I was put in this position to take advantage of pity and because I don't /fear/ shinobi." She looks down at him, having no illusions about her ability to escape at this point. The fact that he had not felt the need to pin her to the ground tells her that she's out-classed this time around. She puts on a serious expression and speaks with a hint of regret in her voice. "I knew I'd be caught one day doing this job. I'd say I'm sorry it was you who caught me in the lie but I'm not that sorry." She reaches up slowly enough so he can tell she's not about to try and rip out his eyes or something equally as stupid. "But you say I gave you power in your eyes." She brushes at his hair then ghosts her fingers down his cheek again. She had heard of the crimson eyes that were reputed to grow in power due to pain or deaths, evidently betrayal as well. She smirks lightly "I'm glad you 'grew' in your power. Now, tell me, what happens next?"

"Ah, so they are cowards as much as they seemed the day of the attack. That's good to know," Yuuto comments, smirking slightly as he sees a potential weakness in their flock already if they are not loyal to one another. As she speaks and starts to trace his cheek a bit, he looks up at her curiously but doesn't flinch or move away. "That you did. I suppose I should be thankful in some aspect somewhere," he comments almost sarcastically. After a brief pause, he says, "There is the dilemma for you. If I let you go, they're going to realize your position has been compromised and probably kill you to save themselves. If I take you back, you'll be interrogated then likely placed in prison or the asylum where I do a bit of guard duty on the side, depending on your evaluation."

Hari lets her hands drop away from his face and rest on her own thighs as Yuuto speaks. She catches the sarcasm but still, if this was her last job…. well there was no shame in losing to the Sharingan. So when he gives her two possible outcomes she finds herself frowning. She was certainly at an end with the group of bandits in the caves. Yuuto was quite right. they would betray her or outright kill her without a second thought when it became known that she'd been discovered. But she held no illusions about what would happen to her in the custody of Sunagakure, however. 'interrogation' was just a fluffy word for torture. And then she would be executed or imprisoned. She sat back on her heels as she considered things…. She sighs softly and pats her palm on his chest twice. "I don't suppose you'd simply let me go?"

Yuuto is silent and still for a bit as he allows Hari to mull her options over. When she finally asks the question, he would blink a few times then shake his head. "I'm afraid I can't do that," he replies to the woman atop him, his voice rather stern as he starts to explain. "The only way you've got a chance of coming out of this unharmed is if you willingly give up the information you know on this group so they can be dealt with. Since they wouldn't bother to save you, turning you back on them should be simple enough, and it will spare lives in the future."

Hari had known the answer before asking the question. But she'd had to try. So there was no suprise or pouting or really any reaction when he told her he would not simply let her go. She raises her hands for a moment as if to say 'i surrender' then places both palms on Yuuto's chest, pushing up off him and gaining her feet. she steps off to one side before holding out her hand, offering to help him to his feet. Her expression is weary, resigned, but she is generating no threat at the moment. She even looks him straight int he eyes, giving him every opportunity to send her crashing to her knees again if he thinks she's up to something. Had she actually been from Suna she would appear to simply be offering a friendly handup.
As the woman stands up, Yuuto would blink up at her before taking her hand to stand up. He then reaches down to pick up his sheath, sticking the fallen scroll back in it before strapping it back into its rightful place. He then reaches into his coat for a piece of rope, reaching for her hand again and going to tie a knot around her wrist before reaching for the other to do the same to it. "Did you leave anything here? It might be some time before you'd be able to come back and get anything."

Hari was expecting her offered hand to be rejected outright or laughed at so she was pleasantly suprised when Yuuto accepted it and stood. She watched him gather his things before taking her hand to tie the rope around her wrist. As he reached for her second wrist she began to have second thoughts. Thoughts that showed clearly on her face. But she lets him bind her, flinching as her hands are pulled behind her back and the two long cuts from the shuriken across her upper back are pulled at by the position. She contemplated telling him that yes she'd left something in the grotto, a small box… But then she just shakes her head no. "You might want to pick up my daggers though, those idiots know what my blades look like. My bag is in my room in the village."
"I'll do that," Yuuto says with a nod as he reaches to his back for a special scroll with a brush and ink container attached. "I'm going to need you to hold still for a few moments." With that, he would withdraw the brush, dipping it in the ink container before squatting down and rather quickly drawing a half dozen snakes on each of her legs at different spots, assuming she doesn't move away or otherwise impede his work. "The concept here is simple. If you try to get away, I activate these, and you won't be able to move."

Hari hears the order to hold still and her heart skips a beat, wondering what exactly he had planned. But when she scents the ink she calms a bit, obediently holding still, though by the time he's doe she scowls at him. She took advantage of his kneeling position once he was done drawing the little snakes, turning her torso and bopping him on the head with her bound hands."First you ruin my shirt and now my pants! you owe me an outfit." Besides, she thinks to herself, they'd already been over the possible outcomes and running from Yuuto was not exactly a pleasant option. The cuts on her back are still seeping blood but the majority of the flow has clotted, leaving a nice crimson stain on her shirt. And now there was ink on her pants…. "And here I thought you trusted me."

As he is bopped on the head, Yuuto would quirk an eyebrow up at the girl and shake his head about. "Well, to be fair you cut my neck and stained my jacket too," he comments in return before standing up. "And, if you act up too much, I can always do this." He then forms a hand seal, causing the highest snake on her ride thigh to come partially alive just enough to make a small bite, though not enough to break skin, before it goes back to being an inanimate object. He then looks at her back, pondering a bit before retrieving a roll of gauze from his coat. "I suppose I can at least keep you from getting an infection while we're traveling," he says as he would reach under her arms to start wrapping her torso.

Hari smirks at his comment about staining his jacket when she cut him, a smirk that slips when the snake comes alive and bites her thigh. Ironicly she hisses at it. Her train of thought shifts, though, when he reaches his arms around her from behind and starts bandaging her back. She flinches but keeps quiet. Most noteably, she blushes. She was greatful of course for the bandaging and the protection it would offer against the dust and infections of the desert. When he finishes she speaks two words quietly, not looking at him. "Thank you."

After thoroughly wrapping the girl's wounds, Yuuto would tear the gauze from the roll then tie it under itself. "You're welcome," he says with a nod before turning to start gathering her weapons. "At least the journey back won't be quite as unpleasant, even if it's not how I would have pictured us walking back to the village together had you asked me a few days ago," he comments as he picks them up and places them in pouches on his belt and in his coat.

Hari remains mostly silent on the way back to the village. She doesn't resist him, she doesn't argue with him. It would be a pretty easy thing to mess with his head in such a situation, but she does not. Once back in Suna she has him bring her to her room. She steps through the door and looks around, nodding in the direction of the corner where a satchel sits. "There. dump it on the bed or untie me so I can dig in it. I have a few things you will probably want."

After a long silent trip through the desert, Yuuto would take Hari to her room as requested. Luckily, most people are asleep at this point, so there are no awkward looks at him. Any ANBU who might be on watch probably think she was acting out of trauma and he's just bringing her back so she doesn't hurt herself at this point. Once in her room, he would close the door behind them then give a nod. Choosing not to give any opportunity of his back being turned at this point, the newly reinstated shinobi would step behind her to untie her hands and let her loose.

Hari slowly lets her arms come back around front and interlaces her fingers, streaching with just enough torque to crack her shoulders. Then she moves to the bag. She could have retrieved the items easily by reaching inside the bag but halfway through that motion she stops and considers…. Yuuto could mistake her digging for an agressive act or Centipede, she might have some kind of bomb in the bag, he couldn't know. So she stops and simply dumps the contents on the bed. A couple books tumble out, a couple of scrolls, several papers a box big enough to hold a baseball and some personal items such as a hairbrush, toothpaste, etc, land on the matress. "Okay… Let's see.." She tosses the two scrolls back into the bag first, then one of the books as well. A few papers get shuffled around as she picks through them. She doesn't touch the box at all, setting the second book and three sheets of paper to the side she starts tossing the mundane items back into the bag.

Yuuto watches curiously as the girl starts to dump her belongings out on the bed, folding his arms over his chest as he simply waits. Most of this seems to be just her random stuff, though there must be something in there of use in figuring out the purpose of these wanderers and what their plan is. He ponders a bit as she continues to sort, bringing his hands into a seal and causing small formations of rock to rise up and seal in the door and windows of this room from the outside. "I suppose I can detain you here for the moment rather than wake the Council just to tell them I've brought you into custody, unless you prefer to go straight to the jail."

Hari sees him forming seals with his hands and tosses her hands up, her mind obviously on those snake-things on her legs. When she realizes that that wasn't Yuuto's goal she just blinks a few times before going back to what she was doing. She doesn't answer him about wanting to stay or go to jail, just focuses on what she's doing. Afterseveral more moments she ends up with one book, several sheets of paper, the box and a few coins left on the matress. The girl furrows her brow and looks at the assembled items, frowning. Something was missing. She counts over the items again and shakes her head, thinking…. Then she snaps her fingers and quickly reaches under the futon mattress, smirking…..

As he isn't answered just yet, Yuuto would simply go back to watching silently as Hari gathers things. He tilts his head slightly as he expression for a moment before she reaches under the mattress. His eyes watch her warily, half-wondering if she's going to pull out some kind of weapon. Of course, he is quite prepared to capture her, so he's not too worried, but it doesn't hurt to be on one's toes.

Hari withdraws what looks like a bundle of fabric from under the futon and sets it on the bed beside the other things. She sits cross-legged on the mattress and motions for Yuuto to join her if he likes. She starts with the papers, setting a couple sheets off to the side and indicates two sheets that had been folded and aged. "That explains the structure of the bandit group. It's not just those idiots in the caves. They have superiors in three of the five shinobi countries. And other cells scattered around in each land." She takes out a pen and writes a couple of names down beside a corrosponding title. Then she flips the sheets over and gives the writings a look. "There's probably a few fake names there but I kept a list of all the names i could find…." The question of course is /why/ would she do such a thing, but she does not elaborate.
She sets those papers down and picks up the other sheets. It's written in some kind of exotic-looking code. She doesn't explain it just sets it down in Yuuto's general direction with a shake of the head. The book is next. It appears to be quite old and has a leather cover with a leather thong wrapped around it. She sets it down and taps the cover with one hand. "My brother's journal…" She turns her attention to the box.. hesitates… sets it down and looks at the bundle of fabric. This seems to make her frown and she looks quite honestly nervous. She begins unwrapping the bundle and three items fall out: A necklace made of an old coin, a piece of paper with a crest drawn sloppily on it and ….. a Hitai-ate. She carefully flips it so the sand-dulled metal is facing upwards. The symbol on it is for Sunagakure and there is a line carved through it, cutting it in half.

At the offer, Yuuto would pause for a bit in careful consideration. Her actions since that Genjutsu have been fairly benign, so perhaps she's given in to the idea that he is her only way of survival at this point. So, he would move to sit down by her, looking over the sheets as she explains them. "So the ones here are just pawns in a larger scheme," he comments from what he's gathering thus far. He doesn't make any comment about the journal yet, though the box does catch his attention. What's really eye-grabbing, however, is the Hitai-ate. He blinks a few times as he looks it over before looking up to her and asking, "Is that yours?"

Hari can't help but smile a little when he sits down by her. At least he was being cordial. Most others wouldn't be…Then again, most other's would have fought her to the death as well. She can see he's got questions about the journal and the box but all in due time. "Yeah, the guys in the caves are all just lackies. I have part of the local boss' name but that's all. Everyone calls him Sidewinder but his real name is Minoru. That's all the guys in my cell know. I assume the other cells aren't so stupid but I could be wrong I suppose."
She notes that Yuuto's attention is caught when she unwraps the bundle of fabric, the Hitai-ate gaining his full attention. When he asks her if it's hers she shakes her head but avoids eye contact. "No. I have no ties to the Land of Wind. I just got transferred here with my brother." Thusfar aside from when she claimed the gang would kill her brother if she didn't do as they asked, her tone has been flat and dull whenever she talks about or mentions her brother. He factors into this somehow, she just has not explained it yet.
The Hitai-ate is old and worn, the fabric tattered. The crest drawn on the paper looks relatively familiar but due to the quality (or lack thereof) of the drawing it's hard to tell. The coin, should he inspect it closer, is a commemorative coin which had been made and sold during one of the festivals over 9 years ago or so when the feudal lord of the Land of Wind was graced with a child by one of his wives. possibly that would date the Hitai-ate and the crest to around that time as well. Assuming, of course that the three things go together. Hari has yet to even look at the box which is sitting to her left.

"The amount of secret criminal organizations related to this country is astounding sometimes," Yuuto says, almost begrudgingly, which is a bit out of character for him. "Ah, so he does. Maybe he was a spy in this village before you were?" He looks a bit closer at the Hitai-ate as well as the coins, pondering a bit. "These look like they are from about the time the villages started. This group has been trying to spy on Sunagakure since the beginning?" he asks, quirking an eyebrow as he turns his attention back to her. "Perhaps they're a bit more formidable than I thought, though maybe not too much since they haven't done any real harm to the village that I know of."

Hari tilts her head and listens to Yuuto talk about the coin and crest being from around the beginning of Suna, information she herself was not positive about. "Huh. Well that's probably accurate. It's not like I could just pull this stuff out and ask people. And if my brother caught me with it or his journal…." She shakes her head. "Lets just say I'd be better off with your interrogator." She leans back a bit, eyes on the Hitai-ate and coin. "These are Minoru's. I am /not/ an artist. I sketched that crest from memory… I saw it on his sword. But I don't know if that's his crest or if he just stole the sword."
When Yuuto comments about the organization trying to spy on Suna from the start Hari shakes her head. "I don't know what they want in Sunagakure. I have my theories…." Not that he would be interested in her theories, she thinks and looks at the box. She slides it over to rest in front of Yuuto as though she wants little to nothing to do with it. "This is mine."

"Well, luckily enough, there are people who'll be investigating into this who do know about these things and can put them together," Yuuto says as he looks the items over. He thinks the shared details over as she speaks, blinking as she slides the box over to him. Examining it for a moment, he would glance between the box and Hari. He doubts for a moment if he should look into this, but it is something she kept out as something he would want to know regarding the situation, and so, after a moment of consideration, he would open the box to see what it contains.

Inside the box is another Hitai-ate but this one is marked with the zig-zag symbol for the shinobi village hidden in the grass, Kusagakure. Like the one for Suna that sits on the matress, her hitai-ate has a line carved through the main symbol. In those three little words 'this is mine' Hari has given Yuuto a valuable piece of information about not only her past, but also her brother's. Assuming of course that they were true siblings. She had been trained as a shinobi at some point reaching at least the level of Genin.
There are a few other items inside the box, but nothing of real value to anyone but Hari herself. A few pieces of private jewelry and a vial with some kind of powder on a necklace cord and a ring.
The revelation that she had been a Kusa shinobi at some point implied that her brother had also been such. While the fact that her brother had been placed high enough in the organization that his journal was worth risking her life to steal makes her betrayal of him even more poignant. Something feuled Hari's actions, first in leaving her village, then in betraying her brother, possibly men even higher in the organization as well. And just how had she gotten her hands on Minoru's hitai-ate in the first place? Lots of questions.

Yuuto is a bit surprised by what he finds in the box, blinking a few times as he looks through it. "Kusagakure, huh? That holds some… interesting implications… Ones I think I'll be glad to not be high enough rank in the village to have to deal with personally when the time comes." Letting out a sigh, he would close the box again and scoot it back over to her. Considering Kusagakure's reputation for its plants, he's not going to mess with any kind of powder from there that he isn't familiar with. "Are you prepared to talk to officials then? If you do so willingly, I think things will go much more smoothly for you."

Hari accepts the box back with mixed feelings. She considered everything she'd told him and everything else she knew and what theories she had. The question of talking to officials makes her seem nervous, her eyes flicking from item to item. Finally she looks at the box directly and sets the box down in front of Yuuto. Yes, she would speak to his 'officials', that seems like a foregone conclusion after having allowed herself to be brought back to una bound. But she never said what she would be willing to discuss.
"I came quietly…And I know what I'm about to say is probably going to be repeated to anyone who asks but…" Her hand rests lightly on the box. "Keep this. Don't tell anyone… Please. I'll talk about everything I know related to the organisation to your 'officials' but I won't talk about where I came from." She raises her emerald eyes to meed his and there is a grim determination there…. "I don't care what they do to me. I won't talk about that."

Listening intently to her words, Yuuto would go silent again in thought. Really, he doesn't know that he'll be able to help her much here. After all, once she's in custody, she's in custody. Still, if she's cooperative, they shouldn't be too harsh. "Very well," he finally says with a nod. "I'll do my best to keep them from prying too deep into that. So long as you share what you know about the organization, hopefully they'll leave that alone."

Hari had expected him to tell her she was up a creek, tough luck, move on. So when he agrees to do his best to keep her origins quiet she blinks several times then offers him a small but honest smile of gratitude. If he had seen a demon over Katama's face that day int he market, now he's seeing something entirely different imposed over Hari's face. Something free and content. She bows her head in thanks. Then she gathers the important items again and puts them in a smaller bag and sts that beside the futon. "Well, I don't know a lot about the organisation, but I'll tell them what I can. You shouldn't need to worry though. I think my cell was sent here to cause some confusion and cover for the real operation. I'm not entirely sure what the ultimate target is, but if we are the only cell in the Land of Wind, Sunagakure is in no real danger."

Happy to have at least relieved his new prisoner, Yuuto would smile slightly and give a nod. "I'm sure it will be looked into thoroughly. They'll figure out what's going on," he says before standing and looking down at her. "You may try to get some sleep if you like. Who knows if tomorrow's proceedings will be this pleasant…" He casts a glance around then, pondering where to move that he can be at post but actually be somewhat comfortable.

Hari reaches out as he stands, moving past her to look for something comfortable, and snags the rope that was tucked into his belt. She smirks at him in her 'victory' before she stands up and tugs the futon over against the wall. It's a nice sized futon, not huge but more than just a single. And then she pats the futon near the wall. "Sit here. with the wall as a backrest you can be comfortable and still keep track of me." Easily she takes one length of rope and binds her own ankles. Then she scoots over a little and puts her hands behind her back, holding the rope loosely. If he accepts her suggestion of sitting against the wall and on top of the futon, her back will be to him when he sits, thus he would be presented with the rope and both her wrists behind her back toward him. She had asked him for one thing and he'd given it to her. In return she was more than willing to do what she could to make him more comfortable. This way she could sleep essentially at his feet, and he could rest against the wall and still have complete control over his prisoner.

At the snatching of the rope, Yuuto would look down to the spot where he had it tucked in then to her, expecting some kind of attempt at binding him. Instead, the woman simply moves the bed and actually starts to bind herself. Seems she doesn't play on running off on him. He looks at her hesitantly for a moment before taking the rope and binding her wrists as presented. "Very well," he says before moving to sit on the futon with his back to the wall. At least he won't be entirely uncomfortable the remainder of the night while he waits to take her in.

Hari holds still and plays nice for once, allowing her wrists to be bound behind her back once again. She scoots a little bit and shimmies under part of the blanket, even leaving enough room for him to use it if he gets cold. She lays her head on the pillow and shifts a bit to get comfortable. She had shown him plenty of attitude and courage earlier when she tried to manipulate her way out of the situation then fought. But ever since it seemed that she'd come to the conclusion that Yuuto was her only real chance to survive this crazy mess, she'd been quite compliant. She had even brought out what she knew about the organization without making him (or anyone else) dig or force her to tell. "Oyasumi nasai." She speaks with a yawn, wishing him a good rest. Interestingly enough, she falls asleep quickly and she doesn't seem bothered by the bindings. In fact, with his closing off the room-cave he could probably even sleep with her this compliant. Either way, she had fallen asleep and given Yuuto control over practically everything she could.

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