Feigning Innocence - Bloody Beginnings


Kuoroke (emitter), Mika (emitter), Yuuto

Date: December 10, 2013


Yuuto and a team of two Genin are sent to deal with a distressed caravan that was seen being attacked by a Hayato bird in the desert.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Feigning Innocence - Bloody Beginnings"

Land of Wind Desert

One of the long-range Hayato patrols sent out into the desert to keep an eye on Suna's surroundings has returned, through the red sky of a setting sun and impending darkness and cold, with dire news: it has spotted a caravan under attack, and hurried back as soon as it could. All of this, its human companion learned from it and told is higher-ups, who grabbed the first people they could. Among them the recently-reinstated Yuuto: it's not that he was necessarily the best person to randomly throw into the desert but there was enough urgency to not be picky. So, he is sent into the desert, accompanied by a pair of genin.

Its not long before there's smoke on the horizon. There's a certain flow of chakra flowing about before a huge explosion is felt more then heard. One could sense several enemy shinobi in the area. When Yuuto gets to the scene, there's a caravan thats being attacked. Dead bodies are all over the place, and there's several members trying to protect the women and children, as bandit ninjas start to close in on the caravan….

It's not unusual for Yuuto to be accompanied on a mission, but it's the first time since his return that he's been sent with Genin rather than a Jounin or Councilman. Adorned in his rather ominous-looking armor and helmet, the newly reinstated shinobi moves swiftly over the dunes toward where the caravan in distress was spotted. As the explosion sort of rocks the ground, he grimaces slightly beneath his mask. This might be a bit more than the Genin with him can handle. "Follow my lead. Don't get yourselves killed trying to play hero," he says as he reaches to his back to draw a scroll that he opens, which apparently has been prepared beforehand as two ink copies of him fly off the page, each one taking form beside one of the Genin accompanying him to flank them and raise their numbers a bit. "Rescuing the caravan is priority. If you can drive them back but can't take them out, don't push your luck since we don't know their strength as of yet." He may not be a Chuunin again yet, but he's certainly not going to let this mission flop or his team get themselves killed.

While the group gets there in time to see the caravan, its still a distance away. The bandits are quick to finish off the caravan guards. They start trying to kidnap the survivors, but when the survivors try to fight back, they start killing the rest. The leader growls. "We don't have the food to feed slaves. Kill them all, though if you want some fun first, you better make it fast.", he growls. The women and children start to scream and run now that they know they're dead…Its turning into a massacure…

As team comes over the dunes for the caravans to come fully into view, the sight is not pretty. "Smears, this is escalating too quickly," Yuuto says as he and his clones each reach to their backs for their short swords and fan out, the two Genin following the clones as they move to encompass the burning wagons and begin to strike at the bandits and try to drive them back before they can kill the civilians.

Of course, these bandits have had time together, and genins…not so much. At least not in terms of working together in a real situration. When the genins start to come in, the bandits start acting like they're falling back, but its not quite true. Bandits start to circle around the genins, looking to isolate the genins. Meanwhile while the genins are being hemmed in, the bandits go back to work on the citizens…

While the weaker Genin are hemmed in, Yuuto would strike at the face of the bandit closest to him then reach back for his scroll again, this time releasing a myriad of wolves to charge at the bandits in an attempt to drive them back from the citizens and the Genin. Though they are hemmed in, the Genin are least listening enough that they do plenty of defensive work to stay away from incoming strikes as they try to strike at spots vital enough to make the bandits back up with ranged kunai strikes.

Of course, here comes the screaming, and blood flying in the air. Its not too much longer before a woman whose outfit is torn, and ripped in several…interesting places appears near Yuuto. She's crying, and scared out of her mind. She swings her arm, trying to rake her nails accross his face…

Meanwhile the genin are being fairly successful, but by the same token, they can't protect themselves and the citizens…

As the woman comes out striking, Yuuto would duck an block. Luckily, her nails merely glance off his helmet if they strike since he his face is fully covered. With a swift motion, he would go to try to grab her hand and spin her to put a foot to the back of her knee and put her on the ground. Meanwhile, the wolves, clones and Genin continue to fight back as best they can, though it seems they might only be able to save the supplies on this journey since defending the civilians is getting harder and harder.

The bandits finish off the civilians, and they take a few supplies, but they start to retreat. The woman is brought down to her knees, as she's screaming, and trying to get away. She sees a guard's knife, and reaches for it. She tries to bring it down into her stomach. "I won't be made a slave!", she declares.

"Let them retreat," Yuuto orders to the Genin in hopes they won't be foolish enough to be overwhelmed. "It's better to report this so Jounin can take care of it than die so all this is for nothing." As the woman tries to off herself, he would swiftly move his hands to grab her wrists and pull them up to stop her. "Wait! We're from Sunagakure. Your assaillants are gone," he says then attempts to pry the blade from her hands and wield it in one hand to keep any remaining bandits at by while keeping the other on her arm to try to restrain her from foolish instinctive action. "Try to calm down. We'll take you back to the village with us to treat your wounds."

The woman struggles a bit, scared out of her mind. He would find a lunatic like grip on that knife, but it comes out. She starts to sob uncontrollably. Well, now, the bandits are gone. Citizens are dead, and the supplies…they just seem to be all over the ground everywhere. The woman is crying so hard that she's starting to vomit…

With the bandits finally gone, Yuuto would let out a sigh of relief then toss the blade far enough away that she can't try to grab it again. Looking up to the Genin, he says, "Gather the supplies back into the wagons that are still functional, and let's get back to the village." The clones would help with this task as well, moving quickly to gather the goods in case some of the bandits decide to double back and try to catch them off guard. Releasing the woman's arm, Yuuto would place a hand on her back, attempting to comfort her. "You're going to be okay. I'm sorry for your loss, but we will get you to safety." With that, he would scoop her up and leap up onto one of the caravans to sit her in one of the benches, unless stopped. "Lay down if you need to. We'll be on our way shortly."

The woman continues crying as she's pushed into the wagon. Once Yuuto turns his back from her, she tries to take off running again!

As the woman tries to take off, Yuuto would look over his shoulder and sigh a bit before leaping to land in front of her and try to grab her. "If take off into the desert by yourself at night, you're going to die out there," he says, trying to make her realize that she needs to come back with him if she intends to survive this ordeal. "Try to calm down, or I'm going to have to knock you out and let you sleep the whole way to the village."

The woman whimpers a bit, and seems to be cowed now. She bites her lip, and backs away a little bit. She looks around, and walks back into the wagon. Apparently she's got it in her head that Yuuto is going to sell her…

As the woman finally goes back to the wagon, Yuuto would look to the Genin and clones, who're finally finishing up their clean up. "Alright. Let's move. Make sure she doesn't try to get away, or our only survivor of this Hell might end up dead in the wilderness." With that, he would move to the helm of the wagon the woman got in to begin driving it toward Sunagakure. "Really, you're going to be okay. We'll take you to the hospital and get you patched up, and you'll be free to go once you've answered some questions and we're sure you're in good health."

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