Festive Troubles


Michiko (emitter), Daiki, Hanami

Date: April 10, 2016


A few thieves try to stir up trouble during Kumo’s festivities.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Festive Troubles"

A few thieves try to stir up trouble during Kumo’s festivities.

The Summer Festival presents all sorts of opportunities for fun and games. Hopefully people are enjoying the many merchants that are out and about. And if not those, then some of the fights that are going on in the arena. A few 'thieves', though, have decided they wanted to ruin the party. One lovely summer afternoon, a week into the festival's beginning, someone is just minding their own shop when… "What? Where did my rings go? I could have sworn there were 20 of them here…" The man wasn't particularly loud when he discovered this, but he was concerned that only 15 were in the case. "Excuse me," he would call to the vendor beside him. That merchant was selling food. "Do you know if I put things into the back?" he'd call out.

Daiki loved the summer festival! It was one of his favorite times of the year, when he got a hefty allowance from his parents to try out all the booths, and food, and games! Currently, the young Yotsuki boy was munching on a dango stick with a couple of souveneir bundles under his arm - he had to buy something for his mother and father, of course. And on his head was a colorful tanuki mask to commemorate the season. Now, as he wandered through the crowds, he glanced idly at all of the stalls, waiting for something to catch his eye. That was about the time that he saw a ring stall, and his face lit up. His mother loved jewelry! Quickly, he jogged over to look at the vendors selection of silver and gemmed rings, trying to pick one out that his mother would like. "Hmmm… Ji-chan, do you have anything that ladies really like? I'm looking for my mom."

Hanami was perusing the festival shops, rather idle at the moment. Though checking out the arena, maybe even joining in sounded like a great plan for some point during the festival. Couldn't hurt at least. She shakes her head, trying to focus on the various displays and wares instead. Munching on a little snack she's probably close by the ring stall though paying it any particular attention, rings not really being her thing.

"Sorry, kid. I think I might have to close. For some reason, I can't find a few of the rings I'm selling. They were a bit expensive…" the merchant tells Daiki, getting a handkerchief to wipe at his brow. "Could you maybe help me look around the stall? You're pretty tiny. It shouldn't be too hard for you to find the rings, right?" the man would say as he started to pack up his display.

Daiki frowned a little, nodding at the man's request. "Sure, old man. I'm not too bad at finding stuff, you know!" Daiki grinned slightly and put his things down, dropping onto all fours as he started searching the ground for any dropped rings. Hey, maybe if he found some, the stall owner would give him a discount! 'Bet Kaa-chan would love that,' he thought with a smile, feeling around underneath the cracks of the booth base. He lifted up some of the cloth covers too, just in case. Those rings had to be somewhere..

RPCOMBAT: Daiki defends against with a PERCEPTION…11

Hanami looks up front a stall, her eye being caught by some little kid, Daiki, poking around a stall. Hmm, seems to be looking for something. She makes her in that direction, nothing better to do really. Looking over she calls out, "Hey there, lost something?"

None of the rings were anywhere to be found! The poor merchant scrambled to make sure Daiki didn't upset his already dwindling supply of things, stuffing items in boxes and the like. When Hanami came over, the man blinks. "Oh, he's helping me try to find my wares. Rings, actually. I don't know why, but five of them are missing." And then, at a stall nearby, a fight seemed to be breaking out.
"Don't lie! I saw your hand grab the cookie!" yelled the baker. "Either pay up or give it back!" The young man who was accused looks very baffled. "I din't steal anything! And if this is how Kumo treats its guests, then maybe I should split!"

Daiki frowned and rubbed his head thoughtfully. "Sorry old man, but I can't find anything." Just then, the noise of the fight caught his attention. As he looked over in that direction, his brows furrowed with concern. Was somebody stealing? Quickly, he looked toward the older girl next to him and then to the stall owner. "Should we do something?" he asked. It seemed like things were getting pretty heated over there.

Hanami nods to the stall owner as the fight breaks out down the way. She hmms, tilting her head in that direction and opening her senses that way. Just in case. As she does she keeps an ear open and catches Daiki's question, "Do you think we should? Sounds like the owner caught a thief. Not exactly the business a little kid should be getting involved in." Her tone isn't condenscending, just a matter-of-fact.

RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a WIND-SENSE…48

The baker would scowl a bit at the so-called thief and just shook his head. "I'll remember your face, dang it! If I ever see you again, I'll lop your head off!" The angered 'customer' would just shake his own head and stomp off. The ring merchant would look at the bakery's vendor a moment. "Maybe you should keep an eye on him…" he suggests.
Hanami wouldn't sense anything really unusual for the moment. At least, nothing about the thief. No chakra or anything was used. Except there seemed to be a tiny signature that seemed in a rush to get away.

Daiki raised his brows a bit, watching the accused boy walk off angrily. "Do you think he really stole something?" he asked, completely oblivious to any chakra signatures. "I don't think he would be that mad if he was guilty.." Still, he watched him as he disappeared into the crowd. WHat was going on here?

RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a WIND-SENSE…35

Hanami furrows her brow a bit at the faint signature, looking to try and pinpoint it, "Might be the case. Hmm, but maybe there's something. Kid, don't know why you're so interested but think you can find that other kid the baker accused? Might be something. And if he's really a thief maybe you'll earn the favor of the baker and he'll hook you up with some treats. Gonna try and check something. If you get him, keep him with you or find a shinobi to guard him." Then she heads off, at first in the direction of the baker but she veers in a different direction than the kid he accused. She wasn't really sure who she was looking for, but the closer she got the easier it'd be to pick out the chakra signature even in this crowd.

Daiki nods, standing up a little straighter. He was being given a mission. "Hai!" he says with a salute, grinning and pointing at the jeweler. "Old man, watch my stuff for me okay? I'll be right back!" Quickly, he turns on his heel and starts running into the crowd, looking for the boy who had taken off. He couldn't be far.. Daiki just had to find him. Good thing he had his special sword on him, just in case the guy put up a fight. /Nobody/ was gonna mess with a shiny blue sword >:D

RPCOMBAT: Daiki defends against with a PERCEPTION…11

Hanami continues moving through the crowd swiftly, but now charging through, not yet at least. Doing that would just get everyone agitated. For now she's just moving swiftly and carefully, sidestepping and turning to avoid the crowd with relative ease. As she moves she continues aiming for the faint signature she picked up. If her hunch was right there was a pair of crooks on the loose. Hopefully the kid was up to the task of finding the other one, if she lost hers maybe that one would be useful.

COMBAT: Hanami focuses 2375 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a WIND-SENSE…52

Hanami would eventually get to catch up with a … kid. Yep. The kid was going to go and show off his prize to some of his friends, in all likelihood. He sometimes glances behind him to see if anyone is following, but the crowds make it difficult for him to even notice he was being followed.
Daiki would catch up to the angry young man (he looks to be in his twenties) pretty easily. He was still feeling a bit insulted by the whole thieving accusation, and he'd plant his butt on a bench while muttering obscenities about the 'midway baker'.

Daiki eventually caught up to the guy he had seen leave the stall, and sighed with his hands on his knees. He had been running after him a while, and now he was all out of breath! "Hey!" he shouted, walking up to the older guy and waving, even while he huffed and puffed. "Hey… Was that you I saw leaving the baker's stall just now? What happened? I'm trying to figure it out so I can help… I don't think you took anything. But maybe you saw somebody else?" Daiki was trying to be as diplomatic as possible. Maybe the guy would be nice and help him out.

Hanami finds the kid, but keeps a little back for the moment as he goes about bragging to his buddies. She decides to move in closer, using the crowd for cover she manipulates the wind around her subtly to mask herself. She'll try to come up behind and grab for his arms to pin him.

COMBAT: Hanami attacks target 1 with STILL-AIR with a roll of: 44

Oh, a kid! Well, he probably wouldn't be any sort of trap, really. Also, the guy was so angry he'd be telling anyone about this injustice. "That stupid baker thinks that I stole from him when I really was just looking. I dunno why, but he just saw a hand dart back and assumed it was mine! Well, I know that it wasn't me. My hand's not sticky, and it's definitely not as small as the little thief's. I'm betting that baker has a kid and the kid stole from him to make it look like I stole it so he can wrangle more money!" Well, he isn't right, but that isn't fully wrong either…
The kids that Hanami is stalking don't notice her presence. They all look like they go to the local academy, though. The kid who stole the treat from the baker displays it proudly. "Okay, so you three still need t' go," he says, pointing to two girls and a boy. "You can't steal from the baker or the ring seller, either. They already got targeted."

Daiki hmmm'd and scratched his chin. "A kid you say…? Great! Thanks, that helped a lot!" Turning back the way he came, Daiki ran all the way back to the baker and waved him down. "Baker! Hey, baker!" Huffing slightly, Daiki grinned at him and slammed a hand down on his table. "Got some info for ya! Just so you know, that guy you accused? He wasn't the one who took stuff. I think it was actually some kid. Did you see any around when your cookie went missing?" Daiki was just trying to be helpful. He could investigate, too!

Hanami move up silently on the ring leader. She commits the faces of the kids to memory. As academy students this wasn't good but it'd be easier to catch them. She grabs for the kid, "Okay, that's enough. This ends now barkers, got it?"

COMBAT: Hanami attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 23
[NPC System]: Student Leader roll(s) Dodge vs. Hanami (23) from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 22. - Rolled by: Michiko

The baker would blink a bit when Daiki came over, and he'd tilt his head. "What? Kid, you better not be messing with me…" he would say with a scowl. "Alright, if there really are kids like you behind this, I want proof. Bring the perpetrators to me, got it?" He might even give Daiki a treat for his troubles. Or something.
Hanami would be able to grab the leader easily enough, though he tried to avoid her and was almost successful. "RUN!" he yelps, and the rest of his group scatters to the four winds. In the literal sense.

"Sure thing!" Daiki says to the baker, giving him a thumbs up and a quirky grin. "I'll bring you those kids, for sure!" Only.. he didn't actually know where they were. Hmm. Welp, he better just start looking! Turning around, he started wandering through the festival grounds, looking for any kids that seemed suspicious. They gotta be /somewhere/.

RPCOMBAT: Daiki defends against with a PERCEPTION…12

Hanami grins, isn't really all that worried about the scattering kids since she got the one. She does though focus her chakra and pushes out a blast of wind at the nearest escapee, intent on knocking them down. She calls out, "Grab those kids, official shinobi business!" The one she has in custody she continues to hold, "As for you, gonna have a chat," She moves to twist the kid's arm behind his back, likely hurts some, "Best if you behave. Man, what is with me coming across stalls these days?"

COMBAT: Hanami attacks target 1 with GALE-PULSE with a roll of: 22
COMBAT: Hanami attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 21
[NPC System]: Student 2 roll(s) Dodge vs. Hanami (22) from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 18. - Rolled by: Michiko
[NPC System]: Student Leader roll(s) Tense vs. Hanami (21) from 5 to 15 and get(s) a 6. - Rolled by: Michiko

Three of the kids were able to escape while a fourth was knocked over by a gale of wind. Hanoi is sort of off to the side in an alleyway, so no one would hear her call out »;; The kid who got knocked over would rub at his scraped knees a bit and he would pick himself up and keep trying to run… But this time he tried to run /towards/ Hanami, aiming a rather pathetic punch at the Genin's head. "Let go of 'im!" he would huff.
And Daiki gets to notice the commotion going on!

[NPC System]: Student 2 roll(s) Physical vs. Hanami from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 17. - Rolled by: Michiko

Daiki eventually saw a bit of a scuffle happening up ahead, and - what do you know! Hanami was right in the middle of it, with not one, but TWO suspicious looking kids hanging around her. "Hey!" Daiki shouted, running up and grabbing Hanami's attacker, squeezing him to try and hold him still. "Cut it out, or you'll be sorry!"

COMBAT: Daiki attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 11
[NPC System]: Student 2 roll(s) Block vs. Daiki (11) from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 17. - Rolled by: Michiko

RPCOMBAT: Hanami counters with GALE-PULSE…38
[NPC System]: Student 2 roll(s) Block vs Hanami (38) from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 8. - Rolled by: Michiko

Hanami sees the kid get up and run for her as she twists the arm of the leader, holding him. She was a bit limited in her dodging because of the kid, so instead she just focuses more wind chakra and blasts the kid, aiming to knock him back into the wall or trash or whatever was around. Since Daiki had showed up maybe he could secure that one. Two of the group wasn't too bad, the rest would be caught easily enough once word got to the academy. "Time to stop fighting prizes. You're ruining my enjoyment of the festival, okay?" She smiles, though it's one of those slightly dangerous kinda smiles.

"ACK!" While Daiki missed his mark, Hanami was able to send the student flying backwards. Right into a wall. Ow. The kid wasn't seriously hurt, but he was winded (haha…). The leader would just struggle in Hanami's grip, but a student was no match for a genin.

Unfortunately, as the other boy was knocked back, Daiki flew back with him! Colliding soundly with the wall, the Yotsuki gave a solid grunt and rubbed the back of his head. "Owww!!! Hey, Ne-chan! Watch where you're shooting that stuff!" Oh, yeah! He had to apprehend this kid! Grabbing him again, he struggled to pin him on the ground. "You're not going anywhere! We're bringing you in before you steal anything!" Yotsuki Daiki: Defender of the People, Proprieter of Justice.

COMBAT: Daiki attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 11

Hanami reaches up and smacks the kid in her custody, twisting his arm, "Seriously, knock it off you're annoying me. What's your deal anyways, you're academy students. What the fireworks are you doing stealing from the festival sellers?"
Hanami spends a passing glance at Daiki. Good, not injured nor the other kid more or less.

"We were gonna give the stuff back," the lead student huffs at Hanami. "We just wanted to test our skills a bit, is all." The other kid ends up tackled by Daiki and pinned, though he doesn't put up a fight after Hanami's windy bursts.

Daiki nods down at the kid under his grasp, standing up with him and turning him around to march him back toward the baker's stall. "Still, I got orders! I gotta bring you guys back so the baker knows whodunnit!" Daiki looked back once to see if Hanami was following before he made it the rest of the way to the stall, shoving the kid in front of the man. "Here! One culprit, as promised!" Daiki grinned. It was a job well done!

Hanami shakes her head, "Disappointing. Regardless of your supposed intent on returning the goods, you did wrong kid. Come on," she lets Daiki lead the way as she marches the kid along in front of her. If he gives any trouble a quick twist of the arm should settle him down. Once before the the baker she adds in, "More than one. This one's the ringleader of the stunt. There are a couple others, but we should likely get them once I have these two turned over to authorities. Sorry about the trouble." She eyes both the kids, "Now, while you may not mean it at the moment, say you're sorry for stealing and causing this man so much trouble."

The baker would glare a bit at the two kids before him. "What'd you do with the cake you stole, punk?" he'd ask of the student. Said student would glare back at the baker before Hanami gave both of them an evil eye. Okay, so… "Sorry, mister… We already ate your cake…" The other kid would offer up 5 rings to the baker. "We c'n pay you back with these," he offers. Of course, the ring seller is there in a heartbeat grabbing the jewels from the thief. "I'll take /those/. And thank you both for catching the culprit. I'll give you both a ring for half-price, if you like? For a special someone?" *brow waggle* The baker would eye the two kids, then the baker, and then the students. "Well, the 'heros' here can have a sweet from my bakery. Just lemme get you a coupon t' make sure it's valid. And those two I want in detention for a good while." He glares at the thieves. "Also owe that one man 'n apology… *Grumble*"

Daiki grins at the jeweler and rushes over to the ring stand again, perusing them in search for the perfect ring for his mother. It seemed he would get a discount for her, after all! "Half price? Let's see… Aha!" His eyes gleamed as he pulled up a silver ring with a shining red stone in it. "This one should do perfect.. Thanks, mister!"

Hanami nods to both the baker and ring merchant, "I apologize on behalf of the shinobi. I'll make sure justice is metted out to these two and their friends. I'm sorry about the cake, at least the rings were returned though if nothing else. And I appreciate the offer, the sweet I might take you up on after we get these guys sorted out." She glares at the boys, "Now then, time to get you two sorted out. Lets get a couple shinobi here to take you off." She looks at Daiki, "You handled yourself pretty well kid, guess you earned the reward there. Hope you're the type to keep out of trouble, unlike these two."

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