Fighting Karma


Aoitsuki, Ryo

Date: November 13, 2012


Ryo is hired to make sure a recipe is not sold by a thief. Aoi is hired to protect said thief.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Fighting Karma"

Outside Fort Kyuusen

The mission was simple. A chef in the land of fire, had developed a recipe for a cake. The recipe used some unconventional cooking items that were going to revolutionize the market. Unfortunately one of his apprentices stole the formula and boarded a ship to the Neutral Zone. The last known where abouts for the man were in Fort Kyuusen. Unfortunately the master chef was unaware that his apprentice had sent word to Kirigakure for assistance in escaping.
Ryo had arrived in the fort, earlier that morning. He spent most of his time moving through the crowds and scoping out pastry shops. From what he had gathered, the apprentice who had stolen the recipe was a portly man with a love of food. Because of this, Ryo figured for the morning hours, he'd check the pastery shops and then move to restaurants around lunch time. Everyone had to eat. Of course the morning left him with nothing. As the boy moved down the street, he hoped he'd be able to find at least a clue later on.

Aoitsuki didn't have the details as to what was going on with the apprentice who had stolen the recipe, instead she was just tasked to act as his body guard for the day, long enough time for him to do "something" And just like that she was moving along after him, moving by the portly man's side with her arms crossed laong one another, her dress was unusual, loose lengths of black silk roping along her shoulders and down infront of her breasts. They began to move along, out from the fort, he himself being a little bit slower than she was. " Aren't we suppose to be getting out of here as quick as possible? Or do you want to sit around here for much longer?" Aoitsuki questioned the man, allowing him to lead the way while her eyes carefully looked around for anyone suspicious…Though out here everyone looked like that.
The portly man was happy to be beside such a looker. It was like all of his dreams from child hood had come true. "Easy toots. With you by my side we can take a bit of time. After I sell this recipe, I'm going to ask your village if I can just buy your services. I'll be filthy rich." He then passes a huge restaurant. "Come, lets have dinner together. Then we will leave. I promise." Without waiting for a response the portly man walks into the establishment expecting Aoi to follow.
As Ryo moved along out on the street, he spotted the man. His eyes then spotted Aoi. He remembered the face from the first Chuunin Exams in Sunagakure. 'Was he being protected?' Ryo asked himself. It seemed obvious, but he was uncertain if the two were moving together or not. For now he decided to sit and watch. He did not want to activate his Sharingan just yet.

"I assure you I don't need my services to bought, I merely picked up your mission because I was bored… I won't allow your own negligence to lead to your own death," Aoitsuki replied back, still keeping her step behind him, as long as they sold that recipe they wouldn't have to worry about lugging it around anymore. " The quicker you sell that thing the quicker we won't have to worry about soon after…" She shrugs her shoulders as she attempts to urge him on. "I'm not interested in dinner… I just want this mission completed…"
"We will sell the recipe tonight. There is still plenty of time. I have purchased your time. You are to guard me until the mission is over. " the man states as he is shown to a table. "Sit down. Order something." he states. He then picks up his menu and starts to thumb through it. As the waitress approaches, he orders the equivalent of three meals.
Ryo watches as the man takes a seat in the establishment. Unfortunately the restaurant was a bit too difficult to pull off any type of move. He'd not only have the locals after him but that Kiri shinobi. For now he takes a spot leaning against a pole. His eyes focus on the man. He was looking for an opening or at least confirmation that he had the recipe on him.

There wasn't much of a response from the Shirayuki, instead she shook her head and ordered nothing at all. "I'll stand," Aoitsuki responded back, instead of fine dining her inyerests at heart was making sure that things went smoothly. Even now she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, instead she was just kept her eyes on the crowd before her, spotting the meals being made off in the distance it wasn't going to be long until she was going to be forced to watch this portley fellow constantly stuff his face…
And stuff his face he did. As the courses came out he ate and ate and ate with a bit of drinking in between. Soon he was covered in different sauces and pies. Luckily the man had known to wear a bib. Now finally full, the man waved at Aoi. "You see this. This is my ticket to fame. You like working the famous right? You can tell your friends that you know the most famous chef of all." Of course now he's waving around the recipe like some drunk idiot. Finally he places the paper back in his pocket. "Awe, your no fun. Lets get going." It's almost like he's pouting now.
This was pretty painful to watch. It was even more painful for Ryo to see another shinobi in that position. The fact Aoi was standing like a body guard and appearing not to be too happy, he knew she did not want to be there. No one wanted to guard some jerk feeding his face. Then it happens. The man broke out a paper and waved it around. That was his confirmation. "Ok… he's got the recipe." Now he had to figure out just where to attack him.

"Ah yes…that is a pretty important paer now isn't it? Mind if we move along now?" Aoitsuki hinted her fustration but she couldn't help but to feel her stomach growl lightly. Even with him stuffing his face and drinking all the beverage he could smother into his belly, something about it suddenly made her…starving. Nevertheless she followed after him like usual, allowing the drunk idiot to start leading the way. "Are you sure you know where you are going? You might be forcing us to stay another day here… "
The old man shook his head at Aoi. "Come on woman. Lets get out here." He's stumbling forward. Eventually he makes his way to a stage coach. He waves for Aoi to get in. "Come on. You can sit right here by… daddy." He's slurring words. Regardless of if she decided to get in or ride by the driver, the portly man would yell "Onward! I've got money to make!" It was loud enough everyone around could hear him. A few moments later, he's out like a light bulb. He's obviously not a heavy drinker.
Though he tried to hold it back, Ryo could not help but laugh. This mission had to be pie on her. As a shinobi, Ryo knew there were missions that tried your patience and those that were genuinely nice. Sometimes harder work was easier to do than to have an on site boss that was terrible to work with. At least now things were looking up for Ryo. The young boy decided to follow the wagon as it moved. Once it was outside of the gate, he began to plan his next move. He was looking for a specific spot to ambush the wagon. His sharingan turns on as he scans the wagon to make sure everything and everyone is still there.

It was absolutely annoying for Aoi to have to deal with such a repulsive old man, and she had a feeling his kind "gestures" wasn't at all related to her well being, there was always hidden intentions when it came to people like that, or so Aoitsuki though. " Keep in mind I'm a shinobi…sitting in a coach isn't exactly the best way to keep an eye on things," Aoitsuki informed the man, though as he clocked out like a light bulb something finally began to catch Aoitsuki's eye, a boy? A slightly familiar boy if that…. Rather than going on the offensive and pushing for the coach to move quicker, she merely tapped at it. " Keep going forward, okay?" She asked the driver curiously while utilizing her own hand seal, her chakra began to burst, coating the area with a cold gust of wind, the clouds above began to stirr and roll until suddenly heavy cold icy rain began to pelt the area with ferocity, prompting Aoi to steal an unbarrel from the coach… This was when hopefully Ryo would begin to lose sight of them, a thick forge of mist began to shadow the area with her chakra… obscuring them from vision.
As Ryo watches the wagon a mist starts to set in. Not just any mist, but one that negates his Sharingan. His window is closing and closing fast. The boy's hands move together and then one comes up to curl around his lips. He sends out a small fireball aimed at the back of the wagon. While he's now lost sight of it, he's able make an educated guess. Once the fireball hits something, it would create a firestorm in the area. But Ryo is not going to stop and wait to see if it hits. He's moving forward along the street after it. He cannot risk it being blocked and the wagon getting away. Now Aoi knew he was here. How could he have let her spot him? His mind starts to track back towards the restaurant. He still figured it would risk too many casualties.

As Ryo's attack went off almost instantly a forged wall of Ice erupted right infront of him, attempting to block through the torrenting fire that spewed throughout the area, despite it breaking through the ice wall she was able to quench some of it's strength and reduce the collateral damage that was soon to come, the explosion coated the area and rocked the coach from it's spot, slaming it against one of the tree and almost breaking it's location, nevertheless it ceased it's motion though he still needed to go find where the coach had exploded to… Aoitsuki on the other hand was preparing for her own technique, her hair melting into a beuatiful snow white and focusing her chakra…
The hidden mist was still proving to be a problem for Ryo's Sharingan. From the sounds of it though, he was able to gain a decent direction of the wagon. Aoi was trying to negate his fire using rain. That was proving troublesome. That meant that without a direct hit there could be even more trouble. Suddenly Ryo was hit with an idea. Despite the water, there was something that would still burn. Using the moans of the injured, Ryo made his way towards the wagon. His hands went together once more. This time he began to spit out oil before shooting out a fireball.

Aoitsuki was determined to derail Ryo's plans, and it was then she sprung into action, a pelting aura of wind lashed throughout the area, smacking away the bullet of fire and attempting to slip it away, a torrent of water began to forge and develop right on top of him, attempting to crash the heavy water down upon him and slam him into the ground below, after the attack hopefully hit home an snakey spiral of ice attempted to wrap around the kids body, blading and cutting into his flesh in the process. " I don't know what you are doing here boy…but this is where it ends," Aoitsuki taunted, regardless if her attacks had hit home or not… The mist began to disspitate after her assaults, it was easier to see everything now.
Ryo was able to see more of her attacks as the wind began to blow the mist around. He was able to dash out of the way of the water torrent. He then jumped out and over the ice snake of Aoi's. She was intense. He pondered if she was that intense at the Chuunin Exams. "We are here for the same reason. That man stands to gain a lot off of someone else's work. Even you know if it were not for a payment, he does not deserve your defense." Now that he was able to see once more, Ryo looked directly towards the wagon. His hands went to work once more. This time he was aiming that fireball for a window on the wagon. If it hit inside the window, the wagon would act as the man's cremation chamber. If it did not, but it exploded, it would ignite the oil from the flame bullet attack.

"Are you trying to talk sense into a shinobi form Kirigakure?" Aoitsuki questioned him as she reacted back summoning a wall of ice to take the burnt of his explosive attack, the ice cracked through but quenched a considerable amount of the jutsu's fire power, "That isn't going to work…My client will come out of this alive whether you like it or not…" Aoitsuki spoke to him, she motioned forward attempting to stab a hand right into his chest her body turning into frost and exploding and attempting to catch him into the same serpentine snakes of Ice attempting to catch him off guard yet again. "I won't allow you to interrupt my mission…"
Ryo's eyes were about the only thing keeping in this fight. "I am not trying to appeal to the sense of justice of a Kiri shinobi. You do not want to be here any more than I do. I am fine keeping him alive. I need the recipe from him. You saw him in the restaurant. He's not a shinobi, but a lowly thief." Ryo states as he continues to move around Aoi's attacks. "I am digging that ice snake though. It is too bad I cannot use ice." She had quenched his fire so far. Ryo continued one more time. Another small fireball aimed at the window of the wagon.

The Wall of Ice this time was completely overcome by the blaze of fire, making it impossible for Aoitsuki to protect the man thi stime… The Wagon was set in a massive blaze, perhaps even exploding it in the process… Though this promted Aoi to continue her strike on the Uchiha anyways, allowing a torrent of water attempt to slam against him while pulling him into a prison if possible.. She truly was begining to run out of options… His defenses seemed to be quite impossible to break away from. " I have my mission and that is that Uchiha…"
The young Genin found a weak spot in the water. He moved to the side of it avoiding the prison as well. "Your charge is dead. Nothing survived that." It was a direct hit inside the window. The firestorm explosion would have been enough to kill him. Now the fire was just burning the rest of the evidence. If she had truly sought to save him, she would have tried to extinguish the fire. "If you wish to continue, fine. However if not, I will be in your homeland for the exams." Ryo then began to back up. The deed was done. Now she was just fighting for pride.

Aoitsuki didn't reply back to him, instead the heavy fog began to become more dense like before, the ice once again shredded throughout the area attempting to tie him once more into the spiral… Aoitsuki took a few steps back… It was quite obvious she wasn't going to be able to break through the gaze of his…and with her contact dead there wasn't much for her to do while sticking around either.
Ryo's eyes could see that Aoi was starting to wear down. Her chakra was pulsating, but she was showing signs of fatigue none the less. He moved out of the way of the spiral ice. The mist then set in and he was unable to see her. This time he planned to use the mist to make his own escape. The wagon itself had already fallen apart. Ryo knew if the target was not ash already, he was lucky. If he had family, they could hold a funeral for him. There was nothing more for him to do here either. "Another time Ice Maiden." The boy then dashed back towards the gates of Fort Kyuusen. Chances are they would be sending out an investigative force soon.

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