Final Decision


Chiaki, Yuge

Date: October 15, 2012


After bringing escorted to Kirigakure by Tsiro and Kitaru Chiaki speaks to the Mizukage about joining Kirigakure.

"Final Decision"

Administration Building - Mizukage's Office

This was definitely an interesting report he had gotten. It seems one of the genin of Konohagakure was more interested in being within Kirigakure, instead of Konoha. Considering that it is a major situation to move loyalties like that, it would be a gutsy mission to get her moved over. Having assigned Tsiro the initial gathering as he was the point of contact and Kitaru to follow up in case of any issues, he got another report that she was in the village finally, after a small scirmish. The time set aside for the meeting, Chiaki was a 'guest' with Jounin watching her until Yuge had time to talk to her. As such, it'd be 3 hours after she was in the village that someone contacted her and told her to come with them. Not much else was said and she would of course get a few looks in passing as she was escorted to the administration center and to Yuge's office. The person doing the escorting knocked on the door and after Yuge called out, "Come in." Would give her a look and walk off.

Those three hours in the village were a rather long and agonizing wait for the young genin. She did not mind the Jounin watching her and actually felt a little safer with their presence. What she worried about was whether or not they would allow her to live here at all. She wouldn't exactly be able to go back if they didn't. The moment someone had contacted her she would follow them with haste. When they arrived before Yuge's office Chiaki watches as her escort walks away and enters the room obviously nervous. She immediately bows deeply before Yuge remaining low until she was instructed otherwise. Being in the presence of the Mizukage she had to remain even more formal than she usually was. "Confrontation Beast Viper-fist User, Chiaki is an honor.."

Yuge would stand at her entrance, the door closing behind her silently as he would study her for a long moment. Finally, Yuge settled back in his chair, motioning towards the seat across from him. "Chiaki-san. Have a seat. We have a lot of important things to discuss, you and I, hai?" His fingers would steeple before him, elbows resting on the edge of that desk as he'd study her over the top of those fingers. "Afterall, to break from a village is a hard thing to do. It also rises the question of what would stop you from doing it with us, hai?"

Chiaki sat down at the seat she was instructed to sit at and nodded at Yuge maintaining eye contact with him. "Of course, I understand..I will do my best to answer any and all questions that you have..Where would be the best place to begin? Perhaps my reasons for deciding to leave in the first place?" She removed her hat and placed it on the floor beside her not wanting to be rude, she had nearly forgotten.

A slow nod was given, his hands shifting to fold one arm over the other gently before him as he'd continue to study her. "indeed. That would be a wonderful place to start. Understanding the why helps to define exactly how far you are allowed to go with this endeavor." One hand would lift as Yuge motioned for her to begin. "Deciding to leave, why Kirigakure and mayhap what you expect as a result of the decision, hai?"

“I have never..belonged in Konohagakure, I always felt like I was only there because my family before me decided to simply live there..As a child most of my time would be spent inside away from other villagers..and when I did go outside no one spoke to me..” Chiaki shook her head slightly “I am..unsure if you are aware, but the Confrontation Beast Fist school has gained a somewhat..unflattering reputation..People assumed that my family was 'evil' so to speak..” She lifted her shoulders in a shrug “That did not bother least as a child..My home life has also been..somewhat unconventional..while my family have not been shinobi in the village they forced me to join the academy..I suppose they did not care whether or not I risked my life defending some place that never cared for us..I am not even sure if they care that I am gone other than the fact that I have cast a bad light onto the family..”

She took a deep breath and continued “Eventually I made the rank of Genin and was assigned to a team..I spent several weeks with them observing them and attempting to be..friendly..but it just made me even more confused..Everyone wanted me to change..Some people wanted me to open up and to be less involved in my training..and when I tried others just told me to shut it and called me a weakling..During my entire time there the only real training I received were people sparring with me and either beating me around like a training dummy or trying to make me go insane in my head..My team's own leader couldn't even refer to me by my proper name..I just couldn't take it..It got to the point I couldn't even focus on my training..that was before I met Kaguya Tsiro..”

“I had first encountered Tsiro on our team's first mission..we were tasked to defend a family attempting to sail into Kiri territory..He didn't even break a sweat fending us now deceased team mate was in a coma because of it..That was my first taste of a Kiri shinobi's strength..” She shuffled slightly “The second time I met Tsiro I was outside of Konoha's territory on neutral shores..I had went there to meditate and try to clear the cloud in my mind..he sat and talked with me..He told me about Kiri's teachings..and I found that they were quite similar to the things the school emphasizes..I..guess what really woke me up was when even he called me a misfit in my village..He offered to speak with you about me coming here..that way I would not have to be ordered around. And I could be with people who held my same beliefs..As for why Kiri and what I expect I have seen the strength your village has to offer and..I wish to be a part of it with all my heart..I understand if I cannot resume the position I had held in Konoha, but I would be willing to work my way back up..I could join Kiri's academy as a student or perhaps just be a simple villager at first and prove my loyalty..I was not forced into this decision by things beyond my control like when I resided in Konoha..This is the choice I have made and I will stand by it until the very end.” She inhaled deeply and looked back to Yuge for a response.

Yuge listened attentively as she described the situation in Konoha. A small nod was given at her observations of how the people treated each other. There would be a small frown at the mention of being called a weakling, before he'd shake his head slowly. Sitting back in his chair, arms would cross over his chest as one hand came to rest against his chin, tapping it lightly. "Interesting. So it is a matter of the mind instead of loyalty. Why would you possibly be loyal to a location that has given you nothing to be loyal about?" There was another slow nod as he would think on it in silence. The water clock on the wall ticked lightly for a minute passing. "Very well. You are obviously a strong enough confrontational beast fist user, to catch Tsiro-san's attention. I trust in his judgment enough to give you a chance, Chiaki-san." He would lean forward then, looking at her closely. "The second half of this then, becomes.. what do you wish out of Kirigakure? There is a potential of you continuing as a genin here. We have several good chuunin to help expand on capabilities. You will be seen as a foreigner and untrusted for a while, you must realize this as well. If you can ride through it, what would you like to see from Kirigakure?"

"I would simply wish to be shown what it is like to be treated as a fellow shinobi..instead of a small pawn in someone's game..I am completely aware of how I will be untrusted..I have noticed that from the stares of passerbys..I believe people have to earn trust..if they are simply given it then it cannot be appreciated..If I were able to one day prove myself I would want to try and become a skilled Jounin..perhaps even lead a team of Kiri nin or teach at the they too can see what it is like to be taught by a proper teacher and never have reason to question as I have had..I also hope to become more experienced with stealth and my herblore to be of more aid to the village…" Chiaki smiled somewhat nervously as she continued "I..would also seek protection..I am no where near the capabilities of your Chuunin or perhaps any of Konoha's Chuunin…and it is likely that Konoha will place a price on my head one day for abandoning them on these terms..especially with a Konoha shinobi's blood spilt at the cost of trying to retrieve me..I hope that one day I will be able to defend myself..but I am not delusional enough to believe that at my current strength I could fend them off alone.."

Yuge would smile slightly at that. A small shake of his head was given with a chuckle. "We protect our own, or we get restitution for when something unforseen happens. Much as I confronted the Hokage about what happen with Keisuke-san." Straightening up in his chair, he would open a drawer to pull out a file. Flipping it open, she would be able to see her picture was on the one side as well as a report of her potential abilities on the other. Yuge would pick out a pen and write a note within it, before closing the folder. "Confrontation Beast Viper-fist User, Chiaki. You are officially part of the village of Kirigakure. You will maintain the rank of Genin. There are a couple of teams that are available. I recommend you either work with Tsiro who is one of our leading chuunin with taijutsu, or Kitaru, who is a genjutsuist and fairly knowledgable at how to expand abilities, to train with. Teams are per request, rather than per assignment, so if you see a team you wish to join, then work with the team leader and it should be possible to get done." The drawer would be opened and the folder put within it, then a Kiri headband was pulled out to be carefully put on the desk. Slid across that desk towards her side, Yuge would lift his hand from it, to point at her. "This is a privilage that I hope you do not abuse. We protect our own and we hunt those who cross us. By taking this headband, you agree that this is now your home, forever more, and if you do betray this trust, there is nothing in the world that will shield you from our hunters."

Chiaki watched as her file was pulled out and written on then stared at the headband offered to her for a few moments. She looked back at Yuge and smiled warmly "I agree sir..There is no place I would rather be..Thank is a great honor, and I shall never betray you or your village's trust." She gently took the headband and marveled at it before tying it around her head. "I believe I will continue trying to work with Tsiro-san, he has proven to be a great ally.." As she stood from her chair she bowed before Yuge once more in respect "Is there anything else you wished to speak to me about sir?..If there ever is a time you need intelligence on Konoha I will attempt to do what I can to aid to prove my loyalty..although I must admit as a genin I do not know many secrets."

Yuge would smile gently with a small shake of his head. "Not at this time, Chiaki-san. This is going to be a big change for you and adjustments should start now. That headband will help." He would nod his head at the Kiri headband. "There will be another shinobi that comes to ask you questions. As a genin you may not know much, however something that may be insignifigant to you, could be important in other ways. I do wish you welcome to Kirigakure.. and good luck.." Yuge would nod once again. "We will speak another time, dismissed for now, Chiaki-san."

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