Final member of Team Four!


Tosai, Daichi, Eremi

Date: September 17, 2011


Tosai was looking to find the last member needed to complete his four man squad of Konoha. He had a certain genin in mind, all he needed to do now was ask the kid.

"Final member of Team Four!"

Toshiba Forest: Clearing

It wasn't like most days in Konoha where the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and for the most part, the village was still a safe haven. It was days like this however, when large scale achievements happened. Tosai wore a smirk on his face. A happy one. He had a good feeling about today. He made sure to pick Daichi up personally, and keep him nearby for most of the day. Daichi was even around when Tosai, at his own home, sent out a missive. That missive was to be sent to a certain shy, yet skilled ninja. Tosai felt the time had came for something more to happen with that kid. He had potential. As the time came where a meeting would take place, the setting was a wide open clearing. Eremi would recognize it well, though for what reason lay only to him. Daichi also would recognize it. It was where he became Tosai's first student.

Receiving the letter, Eremi wasn't quite sure what to make out of it. Perhaps he was to be sent out on another mission or be involved with more training with Tosai. The latter scared him a bit, but it wasn't as if he had a choice in the matter. If he wanted to be a shinobi, he had to obey his superiors. So the genin, packed up his gear and stocked his holsters with kunai and the likes before making it out to the designated spot.
Eremi took his usual approach when going anywhere, being cautious of his surroundings and taking the least traveled paths. He would push through the shrubs and move around the trees until reaching the clearing. Upon spotting Tosai and even Daichi off in the distance, he knew hiding was pointless as the jounin was always able to spot him. The boy swallowed hard then made himself visible as he moved over toward the two, "Hello Tosai and Daichi." Giving a single bow to the two.

A blur of shade through the tree tops. Leaves brisling in the speedy movement of a shinobi viciously tracking his prey. Branches shake slightly as they're used as nothing more than a platform to which one can accelerate. Narrow golden eyes dart left and right looking for an escape route. Larger golden eyes gleam with a predatory shine as the face gains a wide cheshire's smile. A cat leaps from the treetop into a clearing in the forest. The look on its face desperate and frantic. The cat is soon immersed in a shadow, a large shadow. A low chuckle goes out as the shadow hovers over the cat. "It's over." as soon as the cat lands, the figure is upon it. A high pitch shrill shoots out through the forest startling and frightening birds.
"Hehe you're no match for me now." Daichi says walking back to the village with the cat in hand. The small furry creature looked irritated. It took a while but Daichi grew wise to the cat's came and would no longer be the fool for the little felines trickery. "Who's your daddy?" he taunts the cat. He returns to his home triumphant. The village was as it has been for a while, calm and uneventful. Daichi found little side missions here and there but nothing that really satisfied his restlessness. In his room the young shiniobi idly cleans the cleaver he had received from Tosai from what feels like forever ago. Blood, sweat, memories, pain…a lotta pain was reflected in the steal of the blade. It was Daichi's pride. When Tosai stopped by to retrieve him, the young genin grew a bit cheerful. He accompanied his sensei and friend annoyingly giddy while doing so. A smile never left his face as he traveled alongside his master. Though it's been a while with the cleaver always by his side Daichi felt that Tosai was always with him (no homo). When they arrive at the clearing Daichi chuckles with nostalgic memories from way back when he was a fledgling brat with a big mouth…he still kinda is but NOW he has a big sword to back up those words too. "Hehehe feeling all sentimental today Tosai-sensei?" Daichi smirks as he notices Eremi. The sheepish boy hadn't changed much "Oi. Long time no see." He waves to the fellow genin.

"I don't know, Daichi. Maybe. Perhaps more… traditional." Tosai looked to Eremi's arrival, Daichi's greeting fitting the one Tosai had on his won. Tosai nodded to Eremi, before then saying, "Firstly, this meeting starts with an apology. I seemed to have lost my head during our training involving me, you and Nao- san." A deep bow followed, enough to cut the large man's height in half. "I had been caught in a daze by something on the field, and when I came to, you were downed and hurt, apparently by my own doing. I did not wish that to happen, and for such, you can call me any given insult you wish. I do appologize." Tosai kept bowed until he was responded to.

Eremi stood up right, head lowered a bit, but eyes still kept forward on the two before him. His hands were lowered to his side and were clenching as an unintentional habit the boy developed to quell his desire to run when confronted by others. When Tosai began to speak about past events and apologizing, Eremi looked away, more disappointed in himself then with the Akimichi. "I don't blame you for what happened, only myself. I should have been stronger or faster or known better. But I didn't and I failed." He'd bow his head for a moment, before looking back up, "I am sorry, all my training was for naught."

Daichi inclines his head towards Tosai as he opens up the meeting. Oblivious to what the man was talking about Daichi was forced to make guesses and assumptions. Tosai's revealing of having lost control startled the genin and even more so worried him when he mentions that Eremi and someone by the name of Nao were injured directly by Tosai's lack of actions. He blinks looking at his sensei bow and would then look to Eremi. Folding his arms in anticipation Daichi sighs.
When Eremi expresses his feelings towards the whole dilemma Daichi blinks looking between Eremi and Tosai "Sounds like you each need to forgive yourselves." his arms moves to his sides. Daichi yawns "But I'll leave that to you guys. It's none of my business." he grins. Looking to Eremei Daichi eyeshifts "He's offering you a free shot…take while you can…"

The words of Eremi made Tosai quirk a brow, and stand up to his full height. Tosai tilted his head at Eremi, before lowering it and smirking alittle. Approaching the boy, Tosai was smiling, as if Eremi had done something to improve his mood. A hand went on the boy's shoulder. Daichi's words would make Tosai laugh, saying, "You are right Daichi. Don't pretend however, that you never felt remorse for something you never did, or had wishes of becoming strong enough to act. Everyone feels powerless every now and then." Tosai looked to Eremi, before settling to one knee, allowing himself to become eye level with the Satonezu. "But Daichi is right. We can't stay that way. I can write a book on the different ways I've had to pick up from a failure and move on. Sometimes the picking up thing takes more than maybe a few free licks and an 'I'm sorry."
A look went to Daichi as Tosai rose. Once he took his place next to Daichi again, his first student got a playful nudge before Tosai before seemed to change his mood. He'd get serious, looking to Eremi. Word from his mouth sounded professional, proving of his rank. "By decree of this village's Kage, with support of this Genin's senior Sempai, and through my own conscription, I, Akimichi Tosai do hearby take Satonezu Eremi, as another member, and disciple of Team Four, if he so desires." Tosai unfolded his arms, before smiling to Eremi. "If you will have me, I feel a lead in the direction can definitely be a powerful factor in picking yourself up and heading back in the right direction. You want strength? Well then take it from me, and add to your own, and allow me to become your new Sensei."

Eremi glanced over at Daichi, with the suggestion of getting a 'free shot' and raised an eyebrow in response, "I don't…want a free shot. I wouldn't know where to begin or how to do such a thing." He looked back to Tosai, watching the man walk up to him, he didn't know what was about to happen, but when the akimichi's hand touched his shoulder, he lowered his head in response hiding the emotions on his face. He felt welcomed and it was a new feeling for him, but it also scared him.
With Tosai's words, Eremi sniffed before glancing up and raising a bandaged hand formed into a fist, "I feel powerless all the time, but it's why I train so hard. So one day, I won't be so useless and others would want me around to fight by their sides." His hand was then lowered back to his side and he watched Tosai walk away before explaining the reason for the missive and coming out here in the first place.
It was something that completely caught him by surprise, something he had thought he would never hear as his time out of the academy had come and gone so long ago. He hesitated for a moment, not sure how to respond to such a thing. Should he actually join a team that was so well skilled? Eremi would definitely be on the bottom of that totem pole and he didn't want to bring them down, "I…There are few things that I want more then having a Sensei and being part of a team." He would bow deeply, "And I would be honored to be a part of yours if the others of your team do not reject me." He'd straighten up, "I know I can prove myself as a great and powerful shinobi some day."

Daichi snorts at Tosai's comment after accepting the nudge. "Yeah but I wasn't as sappy about it as you two girls…" he teases. Daichi knows/knew the feeling all too well though. It has sent him into a funk on more than one occasion but in the end he could always pull himself out of it. Hearing that Tosai has accepted Eremi, Daichi grins. Another teammate was always welcome, speaking of teammates he began to wonder about Kaydin. Daichi is caught by Eremi's words regarding the free shot and blinks. "Oh…you have much to learn. I was the same way…a first." he glances to Tosai being reminded of all the things the man had done to him. Though Tosai had done it all for the benefit of Daichi, the boy still wouldn't pass up a free shot. "In any case you gotta have more confidence in yourself otherwise you'll never get stronger." Daichi nods.

"Though Daichi tends to a few nuts shy of a whole brownie, he has a good heart, and knows the value of hardwork. He is the team's Mednin, and weapon's Taijutsuist. Kaydin, who isn't here due to some clan reasons, is our team's eyes, and internal Taijutsuist. While a bit on the serious end, he is a fast learner, and can see through alot of things. Sometimes even the human heart." Tosai looked to Eremi, and said, "You will be an asset to us as an external Taijutsuist, Eremi. You have skill in Strong Fist like I have never seen. Not to mention amongst the three of you all, you embody a true Will of Fire. Guts… and a want to do better. It says alot. Its a reason why even in cases where you may thing you will stand out, you will, Eremi"

Eremi nodded as Tosai spoke of Daichi, "I've seen Daichi in action, he's very skilled with his cleaver and flashy entrances." Something that often caused him to jerk a bit from being startled. He'd glance over at Daichi, "You are right about needing confidence. Hopefully something I can get in time." His attention quickly went back to the Jounin as he spoke of another, "I know Kaydin as well, first person I sparred with when I became a genin. He let me know the things I needed to work on, inside and out." Then, with Tosai speaking of him, Eremi could simply smile as he listened, "I'm glad you think so, Tosai….Sensei."

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