Final Release - A Knife in the Dark


Mushi, Red, Michiko, Sachiko, Naruko, Hiei

Date: October 30, 2014


When Mushi’s life is in danger and the bijuu is threatened be unleashed on the Land of Lightning, an unlikely group of Kumo nin arrive in the nick of time.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Final Release - A Knife in the Dark "

Woods near Kumogakure

They'd been riding for days from the Land of Waterfall to the Land of Lightning. And it was in a mule drawn cart, loaded with supplies. "If we're going to open negotiations with Kumo we may as well bring a token of good will," Mushi says. "They may not need aid relief, but still. Never hurts. And after that incident at sea, I'd sooner have to protect myself on land." She grimaces.

And they continue riding. They're close now, but passing through some woods before they reach the foothills. And it's there that they camp as evening descends. "One rest and then we go to the Land of Lightning tomorrow. Be on your best behavior, blade," she warns Red. And she starts to set up camp. (re)

"What if the food is poisoned?" Red asks, indicating that it could potentially hurt the Land of Lightning. "Or a giant worm comes out of one of the apples and eats their insides? Like all, grawwwww!" The youngster raises fingers to his mouth, pointing them out like mock fangs. "But I hope that doesn't happen. It'd be bad and we'll get thrown out."

Opening his mouth, Red yawns loudly when they pull up for the evening to set up camp. Helping the healer out as best he can, he gathers some fire-wood while she sets up the tent. "I like the smell of the trees around here." He mentions idly. "They smell like I dunno. All leafy and stuff." So deep.

"The food is not poisoned," Mushi says, rolling her eyes. She has fish frying over the fire by now. "Although this stuff is tasteless. Honestly, I could go with a haunch of pork." Just the thought has her going on until she hears a snap of a twig in the woods. She spins around, and a few moments later…her cousin emerges from the woods.

Mushi relaxes. "Hey you jerk!" she says. Scaring me half to death. Come have some tasteless fish." He'd come over and stands beside her. Mushi looks at him warily, and stands up. "Why are you here? Coming to help me do negotiations with the Waterfall? You know what Ginga said. Just me."

He frowns. "I had to protect you," he says.

Mushi rolls her eyes. "Protect /me/. Sorry coz but I could twist you around. And I heard the Raikage isn't the type. You know, to harm a delegate. I'll be fine." She goes to pat him on the shoulder. "You'd better go back."

Instead her cousin hugs her. Mushi hesitates and hugs him back. "Don't worry," she says. "I will…"

But what she would do is never finished as she grunts. There's a searing pain in her back. She stumbles back, and Red would be able to see the hilt of the knife protruding on the left of her back, down lower. Mushi reaches back but can't quite get it.

That's when men start appearing from the trees. Two others. About his age, all from the Waterfall Village.

"Sorry, coz," he says. "That dagger will wreck your chakra. I could never take you even if you were somewhat wounded. Kill the boy."

"Mushi!" Red's eyes widen significantly when the action happens, tears forming almost immediately when he spots the hilt protruding out of the healers back. As others make themselves known, he quickly darts to the side of his protector. "You shanks! What the heck are you doing? This is your cousin!"

Unlike any previous time when battle was involved, Red hops on the front foot. "I won't let you take her!" Flinging through some seals, the youngster goes on an all-out attack! In a spinning motion, he throws three shuriken. As he releases each shuriken, he ensures to imbue them with some sharp wind chakra! He will aim to throw one at each of the intruders. Kyoro, and the two others.

"Why?" is all Mushi asks, still trying to reach the dagger. But Kyoro had placed it well. And the effort is making her grit her teeth in pain. She could grab it with one of her ninjutsu techniques, but every time she reaches for her chakra it seems to not want to gather. And she feels herself being slowly drained every second, the color leaving her face.

"We can't be represented by a monster," Kyoro says. "The monster who killed my cousin, Toshiro. It will be me going to Kumogakure. We'll just say you wandered off, like you always do. Soon you'll be drained. You and that monster."

"My brother wouldn't have wanted this. He sealed Chomei inside of me. Just tell me…who ordered this. Ginga?"

Kyoro laughs. "Our fool of a village leader? No. If he killed you it'd be idiotically out in the open, not in the woods. But our /next/ village leader knows."

That's when Red attacks. And he manages to take his attacker by surprise. He didn't expect opposition from a skinny, little kid. He's sliced, but only bloodied.

"Idiot!" Mushi says. "If I run out of chakra the bijuu will be released. Here!" She looks at Red. "Red, run away. Right now!"

"The bijuu will be too weakened," Kyoro says. "Too weakened to break free. Then the rest of its chakra will be drained."

"Chomei is a /bijuu/. And without me who has mastered it, it'll go into a rampage!" she shouts.

"If it does let the Land of Lightning deal with it!" Kyoro says. "Those condescending arrogant fools are only good for fighting!" Her voice is carrying through the woods, and his raises just as much.

That's when two of the three shinobi attack Red. It looks pretty hopeless.

As his attacks land, though fail to do any real damage, he whirls about to face his guardian. "I, I can't just leave you!" He retorts. "I can get that dagger out of your back, Mushi. Don't worry." As he goes to reach for it though, he finds himself attacked! The enemy shuriken appear to strike deep into his arm, cutting away large chunks of his skin. However, his body rapidly turns to rock, crumbling away into nothing.

A small distance away, darting out from the cover of trees, the real Red appears! He comes charging back into the scene! "Hang on, Mushi!"

Michiko is on patrol this evening, which is a bit odd for her. Most of her patrols were in the early morning before now. Thankfully, she has some familiar people in the group with her. The sounds of fighting (or at least… Red yelling) and the sight of fire draw her over to the clearing Mushi and Red are. "I hear some shouting over there," she tells her companions. It's quite clear to her at the moment, and the girl's eyes widen when she hears it. "Something about a Bijuu being released… We should maybe hurry." The girl starts to focus her chakra, making her way quickly to the clearing.

Sachiko had gone for a walk and just happened to cross paths with the patrolling Chuunin, causing her to follow after just to converse with her, keep her occupied during such a dull job. Her brows furrow at the cries, assorted sentries starting to move in that direction. "Indeed," is the only thing the Iga emits before shifting to follow after the girl. She had left Shun in the care of his grandmother so that she could relax a bit this evening, but it seems relaxing is just not something the kami want her doing as of late. Oh well…

Naruko was actually loathing this whole situation. She felt the urge to mostly keep to herself as they went about their evening patrol, fortunate for all of them something finally exciting began to unravel. She noticed voices in the distance, hearing it but not quite understanding it. "Wait what…?" Naruko asks out loud as she sighs and frowns while Michiko rushes forward. "Always taking the lead… I'm really starting to get tired of this," Naruko whispers under her breath, while keeping her pace along the forest floor. She could keep up at least.

Hiei was returning from a secret mission. As a member of Kamen, he sometimes had to leave the village under false pretenses to do the bidding of the Raikage. However, as he leaps through the trees, he senses the sudden drop on a nearby chakra signature. He's still new at sensing chakra, but that happening meant that someone was dying. He pauses a moment, hand against the trunk of a tree as he stands on its branch. The white alabaster mask is firmly in place, causing his own chakra to remain in a state of flux, making it difficult for any sensor nin to ascertain his true identity.

Once Hiei determines the direction, his body blurs as he turns on the speed. Arriving in the location of the clearing in moments, he takes a second to assess the situation. He hears the medic talk about the chance of her bijuu running amok. There's no way in hell Hiei is allowing that to happen in the Land of Lightning. Dropping from the trees, he rapidly moves towards one of the shinobi attacking the kid. (Red). Flames surround his fist as he slides to a stop in front of the boy, shooting his fist forwards towards one of the attacking shinobi. "In the name of the Raikage, I place you all under arrest." Kamen Rai Da agent Viper has arrived on the scene.

Everyone in the clearing gasps when Kumo nin begin entering the area. Every eye goes to their forehead protector symbols, and then to one another.

But it's Kyoro who speaks first. "Thank goodness you're here!" he says. "This is Nikumari Mushi who killed someone recently near your borders. She was coming to assassinate the shinobi from your village who witnessed it while pretending to be a fake delegate. And anyone else who knows! Even this child is going as her cover."

Mushi blinks and looks at Kyoro. That's actually a pretty good lie for being on the spot.

"That's a lie," Mushi says. "I was coming as a real delegate for my village. He's a traitor to this village who…rrrgh…did this without the village leader's permission. And he (literally) backstabbed me with this knife, it's draining my chakra and in about an hour this bijuu will be released unless you get me more chakra…a fuinjutsuist…even a sealing device at this point!"

Red was too busy being a hero to notice the Genin and Chuunin arrive, but it's nigh impossible to somehow ignore Hiei. The man was impossibly fast AND imposing to boot. The youngster freezes in place, just gawking at the Security Head of Kumogakure. For a moment he's unsure if he's a friend or not, but his words put him at ease. Instantly Red relaxes, feeling his body tremble from the sudden action. Live fighting, where people were trying to actually KILL him was something he was still getting used to. Then, reality switches back. "Mushi!"

Darting over to the healer, he gasps at the wound, before angrily stomping his foot at Kyoro. "Liar!" He barks. "You just tried to kill your own family! You're a monster!" He sniffs, feeling tears well in his eyes again. "Don't worry, Mushi. I'll do something to help you." The young boy looks around to the Kumogakure shinobi, hoping they have an answer that can help.

Michiko skids to a halt once she gets to the clearing, panting just a bit from the journey. She notices Hiei first, recognizing that flaming fist attack. She glances first to Red, then to Mushi, and finally to the Waterfall Nin in the area. "Naruko-san. Sachiko-san. What do you think?" She doesn't know either party, but judging from what she had recently heard, as well as what she had just seen, she's more inclined to believe Red and Mushi.

The redhead comes up beside Michiko and turns her head slightly as if looking at her despite the blindfold. "Sorry… but when the injured is more concerned for the safety of a land full of people… and a child is involved, I'm going to have to assume the child isn't too deeply attached to someone just as a 'cover'. Now… why don't you all go with the nice man," she murmurs, gesturing toward Viper. At the same time, she focuses chakra… just in case.

"She has a blade through her body! Obviously she must not be that much of a threat," Naruko announces, a deep frown formed about her lips as she motions forward and focuses chakra throughout her body. "You all need to back off so we can get her healed and understand the situation a bit further. This is the wrong place and the wrong land to pull off something like this," Naruko goes on, her cheeks burned a hint of red out of mere frustration. She hated situations like this, and hated when one party would be lying over the other. It made things so difficult to determine in the long run. Not without solving the puzzle anyways.

Hiei stares at Kyoro from behind his mask. His blue eyes narrow in the slits that form the eyes. His muffled voice states. "I've heard enough to know some of what's going on here. By draining the medic's chakra you've placed us all in danger. Now…surrender your weapons and the Kumo shinobi here will take you into custody." Cold eyes turn towards Mushi. "Would removing the blade help? I can also get you a seal master from the village." He pauses as the air around him becomes charged, like there's electricity in the air. "I also have the authority to kill you all where you stand and take the medic and boy back with me for treatment. You decide. Because this condescending fool's patience has completely run out with the likes of you." Yeah, he heard that part. He uses his thumb to loosen the katana around his waist in its scabbard. "You have five seconds to comply."

Mushi smiles warmly at Red when he stands up for her. Really, she's never going anywhere without this kid again. There are tears in her eyes. Maybe it's from being so touched by his words, or more likely it's the fact the trickle of blood from her wound is starting to soak her white button up shirt.

Kyoro is not budged. "We're going to escort this criminal back to our country," Kyoro says firmly. "If you interfere you'll be interfering with the Waterfall.

Besides, we're doing you a service."

"Kyoro's actions are without the village leader's authorization," Mushi rasps. Relief has flooded her face when they side with her. Or at least they side with doing something about the imminent bijuu-release problem. "Red, hand me my pack and bring the blue bandages from there. After that, someone pull this dagger from my back."

"That will release the bijuu," Kyoro says.

"It won't," Mushi says firmly. "I know this dagger, it's a treasure item of the Waterfall. That's not how it works."

But that's when everything goes wrong. Kyoro shouts, "NOW!" And immediately one of them throws a tag that fills the clearing with blinding light. Suddenly senbon are shooting at everyone…glistening with poison . A mild sedative though.

As the new arrivals appear to not buy into Kyoro's creative story, Red appears to calm down a little bit. Even when he feels the hair on the back of his neck stand up from the lightning charging all through the area, he feels a bit more at ease. So long as it was nice charging, then it was all good. Right? Right. Standing near Mushi the whole time, he huffs a little.

When ordered by the healer to head to the bag, Red does so. The small boy draped in heavy winter garments shuffles over to the backpack gingerly. When Kyoro orders the attack, he appears to spring into action fairly quickly, turning his head away from the blinding light, and then leaping behind the backpack to protect him from the senbon! The needles strike the pack harmlessly, leaving Red unharmed who is behind it. "Aaaah!" He cries in fright, hearing the whistle of the senbon strike something far too close for comfort.

Withdrawing the blue bandage from the pack regardless, he quickly makes his way back to the healer. "I found it!"

Michiko nods in agreement, the girl letting the KRD take the lead in this. He was a higher rank than her, after all… Then the word 'Now!' is called out, and she reacts immediately. Not knowing where the attack from the waterfall shinobi will come from, she just makes a dome of earth around her. It effectively blocks out the blinding flash as well as the senbon that fly towards her. "Baka…" she mutters. "They'll think twice about crossing Kumo after this, I'm sure." With a few hand seals, the girl's dome of earth turns into a bunch of mud bullets, the projectiles flying at the enemy quickly. She assumes Sachiko and Naruko will be able to handle themselves and doesn't bother to give orders at the moment. Her attention right now is focused on making sure the kid and the healer are okay.

The Iga's sensors were momentarily blinded by the light — there was nothing she could do about that… It was enough of an annoyance that she was to slow in trying to replace herself, the senbon cutting into her arm and causing her to fall to one knee. Sachiko utters a curse under her breath and huffs as she fights the poison, slightly wobbly.

Naruko wasn't going to be taking a back seat this time around. With their enemies being defiant to Hiei's orders Naruko 's body disappeared in puff of smoke before harmlessly combusting in the form of a fire clone. Once the smoke cleared over a dozen Naruko's took her place to rush in against their enemy, more particularly the one that tired to keep their clutch of Mushi. "Stop it right there!" All the Naruko's exclaim as they rush forward, fist extended out in an attempt to pulverize the waterfall nin with a fist full of fire essence, somewhere within that mess of clones was the real Naruko, applying her own fist to hopefully take the person down, especially with the help of earth techniques.

When the bright light came, Hiei threw up his arm over his eyes to protect them while at the same time drawing the katana around his waist. He deflects the senbon away from him, sending them harmlessly into the ground. Hiei moves quickly. He did warn them, after all. He had tried to solve it without anyone getting hurt. He no longer has that desire. Hiei steps towards three of the Waterfall shinobi that he can see, and sends a single slice with his blade towards each of them before returning to his starting point. He lashed out just like how a viper would strike its prey. Swiftly and accurately.

The shinobi looked as if they were ready and equipped to handle a woman with a knife in her back, and a kid. Against a squad of well-trained Kumo shinobi they stand little chance. But what choice do they have? If the Kumo shinobi escape they'll have witnessed the entire thing. Mud bullets pelt the lot of them, and a moment later they're getting burned by a barrage of fire clones. But they run forward to make a counterattack, and two go for…the blindfolded woman! It comments both on their intelligence and their caliber that they think she can't see them.

Until Hiei is there, carving all of them up. Two fall, and Kyoro staggers once before falling down. Mushi staggers over, and checks to see if her cousin is alive.

"You idiot," she says. She stands back up and turns to the Kumogakure shinobi and Red. "This dagger…draining the chakra of the seals holding my bijuu in place. You need to…seal the bijuu. But first. Two conditions. That you have to try to convince your Raikage of. Take no action against…the Waterfall till you learn the facts. And…hmm. I may think of it later. Red, someone, yank this dagger out. And wake me right away if I faint."

As chaos erupts from around him, Red stays as close to Mushi as he possibly can. He ducks and crouches near her legs, ensuring he doesn't separate from her too much in case of needing to defend her. Naturally when she staggers forward, he goes with her and turns to face her when she dishes out her order. "I've got it, Mushi. Hold on. This is gonna hurt."

With the healer sitting down, it makes it easier for Red to get a good grip given his lack of height. Wrapping his small hands around the hilt of the knife, he sucks in a breath. "On three," He starts. "One. Two. Three!" With all of his strength he attempts to yank the thing out as smoothly as possible, drawing the blade out in one smooth motion. Well, as smooth as a nine year old can get.

Michiko relaxes as soon as all the waterfall shinobi are gone gone gone thanks to Viper. She glances back over to Naruko and offers her a hesitant smile. "Good job, Naruko-san." Then she looks back to Red and Mushi. She still lets Viper have the lead here, but the girl is ready to help the healer and the kid if needed. "That went over better than I had hoped…" she comments off-handedly, wincing a bit as the blade comes out of the Jinchuuriki. That can't be a pleasant feeling… "So… Anything we should do, Viper-san?" she wonders, looking to the larger man for orders.

With all said and done, Sachiko moves to stand. She's still slightly shaky… but reaches over to touch the slice in her arm with a light growl. Too bad those morons are already down… Frowning slightly, she turns her head toward Mushi and then faintly turns it toward Viper before she just crosses her arms, keeping her distance.

Naruko sighs softly after helping dispatch their foes, her eyes briefly look to Mushi, obviously wanting to help pull out the blade. She wasn't going to sit around and wait for any orders though, she went on to take a stand next to Red. "Hey do you got it? I can help if you can't pull it out," Naruko states while peering more so at Mushi… She could feel 'something' something which mad her double take and take a slight step back. " Ugh… um how are we supposed to seal the Bijuu now? Would you even survive something like that? This…sounds like it will be an extremely dangerous process,"

Hiei moves towards Red and offers him a cloth. "Wrap the dagger up in this so it doesn't affect you." He then looks over at Michiko. "Miss Iwata…I would like for you and Miss Uzumaki to return to the village. Go to the Saito village and ask them to dispatch their best fuinjutsuist." He turns to Sachiko. "Lady Yotsuki, if you would be so kind as to send a sentry with them to make sure they are not ambushed. Also, if you could help me take the medic to the village, that would be great as well." He then looks between Mushi and Red. "Would this be acceptable? I need to secure these men and restrain their leader. If this was indeed an attempt on your life that was not sanctioned by your village leader, we will extradite the prisoners so that they may face judgment by your government."

When Red pulls the dagger from her back Mushi doesn't faint. But she does shout a curse loud enough to be heard in Kumogakure. Her teeth are clenched as she wraps the bandage around her. Some property in it makes it adhere to her wound, conforming to her body as she straps it into place. "My non-chakra medical skills are abysmal," she mutters.

She closes her eyes and makes a hand seal, focusing her chakra…only to find that her wound seems to drink all the chakra she gathers. Even though it's healing physically it's like a black hole sucking in any chakra. But she keeps her eyes closed, and a flower-like seal appears on her neck, only to fade. "If I had…I could summon Kirameki," she says.

She listens to everyone as best she can. And she nods to Hiei. "That's fine. Let's go." And she sets out at a passable speed. Seems her legs work, although she's pale and a little unsteady. Mushi glances at Naruko. "It's much easier to seal a bijuu when it's still contained in the host," she says. "I think your chances are very good it will go smoothly, especially with a cooperative host."

"What's going to happen to her?" Red asks the head honcho of the rescuers. "I mean, you can't just rip it out of her back! Can you?" He frowns when the healer gets to her back, the lack of blood already starting to show with her pale skin becoming even paler. Regardless, he treads next to Mushi, just in case she needs to suddenly reach out and grasp someone so avoid falling down.

Michiko gives a nod to Hiei, moving towards the path. She takes a second to make sure that Mushi and Red are alright. Aside from Mushi being shaky on her feet, she's alright, it seemed. The fact that both Red and Hiei/Viper are present is comforting in that they could send for help if things do happen to go wrong. "Naruko-san?" she asks to make sure the Uzumaki is coming with. Regardless of the response, the Iwata then dashes off ahead of the others, wanting to get the Saito seal master before the travelers' arrival. If Naruko comes with, she makes sure that they are keeping pace with each other. Otherwise it's full speed ahead.

Sachiko's head nods to the Kamen agent and she turns to both Michiko and Naruko and gestures toward the ground, where both a disembodied eye and ear would approach both. "One for each of you… in case you get separated for some reason. Be safe," she utters, seeming to focus more on Michiko when saying that. Then her attention turns to Mushi and Red and she moves to walk with them. "You need any help with those bodies?" She asks of Viper, pausing briefly. Of course, she's assuming here that they aren't going to leave them behind. Whatever the case, she'd either help by dragging one of the downed men or she'd just head off, keeping an eye — eheh — on the foreigners while leading them toward the village.

"I can't go, I have to stay," Naruko responds back while shaking her head. "There is no way I can get back to the town in time. Let me stay with her please. This is the first time I've ever been able to meet another Jinchuuriki. Maybe I can give her my chakra…or something.. Anything to help keep her alive," Naruko suggests instead, while simply shaking her head towards Michiko. No she didn't want to go off with Michiko, though she did take the eye, just in case /something/ were to happen.

Hiei places a hand gently on Red's head. "Our seal experts will reinforce the wards that keep her bijuu in check. We won't extract it, because that would kill the host. This is the best option that we have at the moment." He motions for Michiko to go and then nods to Naruko. "As you wish, Miss Uzumaki. However be mindful that if I sense any fluctuations on your chakra, I will insist that you leave. And you will follow that order." He motions to Sachiko. "Lady Yotsuki, if you could help me tie them up with ninja wire. I'll have someone retrieve the bodies. Since the leader is still alive, we'll take him back to the village to be detained." He looks at Mushi. "Let me know if I need to carry you. I do this because I have no desire to deal with a raging bijuu. My team is too scattered at the moment. As long as you cooperate, Kumogakure will help you."

Orders seem to be flying around and Mushi just lets the Kumo shinobi take over. She closes her eyes, trying to gather herself. Her hair is plastered to her forehead and her face is pale as death. "Your fuinjutsuists had best be skilled," Mushi says. "The wound is more like a permanent cursed mark. It persists till death." She wipes her brow, and then looks at the Kumo nin. "Thank you," she says. "Thanks for the help. I have no more wish to see a rampaging bijuu in the countryside than you. Sorry, Chomei, but that's the way things are. Maybe we'll get out of this yet."

Then she goes over to Hiei, gives him a warning look, and then would say, "Yeah. I need you to carry me. Sorry."

Michiko nodded to Naruko, respecting her decision, before taking off. She boosted herself as much as possible to increase her speed, reaching the village in record time (for her). She's essentially exhausted by the time she fetches a seal master from the Saito village, though, the flicker of chakra that had formed around her dying once she passed on the message. The Iwata goes to take a quick(?) nap before the patient arrives, making sure that /someone/ will wake her up when they get here. It shouldn't take that long for them to arrive, anyway…

Nodding, Sachiko moved to help wrap up the men, not being anything that could pass as 'gentle'. She didn't get to beat on them, so this was payback. After hearing Mushi agree to be carried, she hums thoughtfully before turning her head from Red to Naruko, wondering how quick they both were. If necessary, she'd offer to give Red a piggy-back ride so he wouldn't be left too far behind. She wasn't /especially/ fast, but… she was pretty quick.

"Arigatou, Viper-san," Naruko comments the KDR Agent, taking a close position next to Mush and more or less "forming" up with them whenever they decided to take off. She wasn't sure if she was nearly as fast as them but she would keep her footing and catch up.. Hopefully she wouldn’t' be a hindrance and slow them all down considerably. "I'm ready to go whenever you all are," Naruko states, ready to move along and help Mushi if needed .

Hiei pauses for a moment. "Miss Uzumaki. Change of plan. The medic will be available to you once we reach the village. Right now, time is of the essence. Stay here with Lady Yotsuki to make sure the prisoner arrives without incident. I will rush the medic to the village." He makes a quick hand seal and lightning begins to flow around his body. He scoops Mushi up into his arms. "There may be times you can't breathe. Close your eyes if you must." He crouches slightly and then he is gone in a displacement of air that makes the ears pop. Pure speed.

"You're a…" She looks at Naruko. "More on that later." Mushi laughs, although it turns to a wince, when Hiei talks about not being able to breathe. "Sure," she says. "Like you can be that fa—rghhhahh!" Her neck cracks from the whiplash of them setting off. Red stares after them then runs up to Sachiko. "Can you give me a ride?" he'd ask eagerly. Far from being afraid by the display of speed, he seems to want the next available ride! If she consented he'd hitch a ride too, to keep up.

By the time Mushi clears her head a bit, they're miles ahead. And her breath is literally being pressed from her lungs. Her eyes are watering too, so she closes them and ends up at the gates of Kumo at record speed. She climbs off immediately, her legs a bit shaky. "I'm going to vomit," she groans. But she doesn't. In fact, she straightens up although quickly hunches back over to not put undue strain on her wound. She glances around the gates of Kumo, and sighs. Either she's reached salvation, or this will be her final resting place.

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