Finding A Laboratory


Keisuke, Kitaru, Kiku, Aoitsuki, Isra

Date: June 18, 2012


Keisuke takes a team of shinobi to Fuuma Alley to track down a lead on finding a laboratory that works with the DNA of fallen Kirigakure soldiers.

"Finding A Laboratory"

Fuuma Alley

While he would have preferred to have brought along some Kaguya for this mission, at least Keisuke was given some Chuunin to work with on short notice. Yuuka being late in her pregnancy keeps her from accompanying him on such things, and it's probably not good for the baby to hear things like battle before it is born anyway, especially the kind of things that will be done today. If these two haven't heard Keisuke's reputation before, they will definitely know who he is after today.

"Once you spot the target, bind him up and drag him in an alley," the deep voice of the stoic Swordsman rings out as he glances between the Chuunin at his flank. "I need information from him before he dies. If he dies before giving it, the mission is a failure." His tone is quite dry, emotionless, his words simple orders to be carried out. "He's known to be a drinker and a whoremonger, so search for him around such places. You both kept up with the pictures of him I gave to you, right?"

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"Mmhm. He doesn't have a face that's easily forgettable," Isra remarked to Keisuke while tailing him. "So, check around bars or pleasure houses and perhaps even hotels, depending," she made notes to herself aloud. "So, why would he have any reason to die unless someone was planning to kill him today?" She wondered. "Are we trying to beat the clock on a potential assassination attempt?"

Kitaru was tapped for a mission with one of the swordman. It was a high honor within Kiri to be able to work with them so he was going to do his level best to make sure the mission succeeds. When they got to Fuuma, he couldn't help but chuckle slightly. This place had some interesting memories for him on it's own. Kitaru would give a bow to Keisuke, a short one, but none the least done before the picture would be pulled out of one of those pockets. "Hai. I have it right here." He also palmed two of those spheres that would be held in one hand to swirl back and forth around each other in the palm of his hand. That hiss of glass against glass was soft as he'd put it away after a moment. "I am a genjutsu specialist, Keisuke-san. I am very good at wearing people down without needing to do physical harm." He'd prepare himself mentally, making sure he knew who they were looking for in his mind's eye once the swordman said to go.

"Good," Keisuke says with a nod to each before looking back ahead. "The mission has nothing to do with an assassination, but it has to do with scientists attempting to tap into our village's Kekkei Genkais. It's not the first time this has happened, so I have gotten quite practiced at thwarting this kind of thing. The man we are hunting is the one who carries pieces of our clansmen's bodies back to the lab to be sampled from and experimented on, even whole bodies, living or dead, sometimes. Make no mistake, I'm /going/ to kill him very slowly and painfully, but not before I get the information I need out of him to ensure the village's safety and thwart any attempt at bastardizing our clans. You may rough him up, Genjutsu him, or whatever it takes to get him in the alley, but he must be whole when I start the… questioning." The situation explained, he glances between them once more before waving a hand dismissively. "If you have no further questions, go. As Chuunin, I trust you will have no trouble tracking him down."

After he speaks, each would notice a shard of bone flies out of two of his fingers. One floats over to Isra and the other to Kitaru, each landing in a pocket and settling. "Keep that with you so I know where you are."

"Is that so? Huh. Did not know that. Guess we've got something that other people want, still." Isra chuckles, finding this tidbit of information amusing. "Well, the plan seems pretty straightforward. Didn't know you guys were so valuable. Not that I meant that in an insulting way, but it seems like a lot to go through just to get info on Kaguya. No one wants to cross paths with you guys often, so he must have a huge set to try and take on you guys. Haha!"

"Err, yeah. I don't have any problem with trying to bind the guy. Get the info we need and get out. I'll leave the killing up to you since he's like…your enemy and all that, yeah. I have some other business to tend to. Fuuma has the tendency to have rare items and good stuff. I want to poke around after we're done here," she explained. "Of course, the mission comes first. Let me make that clear. I'm not abandoning you or anything." She takes note of the bone shard that slips into a pocket of hers. "So, I'm guessing this is the part where we split up, right?"

If she doesn't receive an answer, she intends to take it as a yes and split to find the guy.

Kitaru would seal the pocket that the bone floated into. A nod was given towards Isra and Keisuke both. With the instructions given, Kitaru would take off, heading along roof tops to cover distance in that town. He went to the main bars that he knew of, although they weren't on the main road. Kitaru has been here a few times, so has noted a few of the social locations that people liked to gather at. He was travelling fast, so didn't do his normal juggling routine. This was a mission of importance to obtain the guy and bring him back. As that is the case, Kit would do just that.

When the girl goes into a rant, Keisuke glances over to her and narrows his eyes. How did he get stuck with the one peppy kunoichi in Kirigakure? Oh well. Shinobi come in all flavors… even annoying. The stern look he shoots her way is quite a plain way to say 'Just go'. Once they walk away, he grabs a bottle of sake out of his pouch and pops the cork open. "A juggler and a cheerleader, really?" he asks to the wind before taking a sip from the bottle. "Amateurs." As he takes another sip, he glances up the sun. His newest student should be arriving shortly. He made her find her own way, so hopefully she has a good sense of direction.

The sounds of partying and carousing are audible from many of the buildings. Of course, a drunk patron may be more than willing to give out information.

Its not very long before Keisuke would feel the murderious intent. There's no sound, or anything to give her away. Just that feeling of dark forboding rage. There's even a spot on the side of the street that they're walking on where nobody save for a lone figure stands. Still as a statue, some people get close, only to be frightened a bit by the presence surrounding Kiku, the new Kaguya.

She got the directions, and followed them a short ways before a consuming rage filled her. The woman hides behind her bone mask, letting the storm of emotion rage in her, and not outward. As Keisuke starts to walk past her, Kiku's eyes open. Her bone daggers come up, and one goes for the groin, while the other snakes around to try to go for the vein in the side of the neck.

Isra didn't waste any time in splitting up. The look that she got from the team lead would cause her to roll her eyes as she distanced herself from him. Kiri is filled with so many walking dead. Oh well. So, now that she's away, she feels like she can breathe again and the day doesn't look as bleak as it did before. Time to ask around. She decided to go into some bars, considering he's an alcoholic. She might be lucky and strike up a gold mine. Alcohol and whores usually go together, right? Of course they do.

Kit continued his move from roof to roof. He knew of one really hot spot that he wanted to check first. Landing before the Leaky Boot Bar, he'd square his shoulders and slip inside. Where do people get their names for stores anyways? Once inside, he'd scan the surroundings while trying to blend in, moving off to the side from the door with that casual ease that was borne of many hours of practicing an art form like juggling.

Just as the girl makes her strikes, Keisuke simply slaps her arms away without even looking at her. He then holds a picture of the target out to her and glances her way. "Help them find this guy. Capture him, but do not harm him, and drag him into an alley. I'll track you by the sword." Looking back ahead, he takes a few more sips from his sake, fully expecting her to get out of his face and go do her job. As the others are off searching, he closes his eyes to sense where they are. "This guy's going to be a high roller. Looks for large groups of whores."

Aoi kept herself incognito, though there was never a situation that she wasnt ever no fitting in, at least by her standards. Aoi was moving around, quiet with her bare step while moving about the area, not blending in, not keeping out of sight, she was merely adorned in a long beautiful navy green kimono with a bright teal sash tied along the waist. Not a single hint hint of shinobi equipment was visible on her form. She kept her eyes peeled for anything suspicious though, running a few fingers through her long locks of golden hair while azure eyes pericing loomed forth…
Kiku finds her arms slapped away, and then a picture thrusted in her face. That does little to help her ego, but the girl just nods her head. Her eyes just glared murder at Keisuke. THere's no words spoken, but she turns around, and walks off. She goes into the nearest casino, and moves over to the side. She takes a deep breath, and removes her bone mask, revealing her very light skin. She doesn't smile, but just walks around, brushing into guys.
The woman moves into the high rollers areas, letting her face speak for her.

"Hey, hey!" Isra wandered into the bar she found and took a seat. "I want some sake along with your best brew. I like to mix 'em to enjoy the flavor the two provide," she offered to the keep while looking around. "How's it going around these parts? Same old, yeah, I know. Anyway, I'm looking for this guy. Have you seen him?" She pulled out a picture of the person they were looking for. "Hopefully you have because I've been looking to play a mean game with him and see how lucky this guy actually is."

Having no luck at the bar, it seems it'd be one of the few places that was actually relatively clean. Kitaru would leave to wander the streets some more. Pondering, he'd move into the red light district and start checking the houses there. Discreetly asking the owners if they've seen the guy in the picture.

"Lookit, I owe the guy a lotta money, so I gotta pay em up. Just got a payday so wantin ta settle. Ya seen the guy around? I'll even wait outside ifn ya can send him out, eh?" Ok, so just a vocal pattern change isn't exactly going to be hiding what he is, however it could be seen at least a little more on the roguish side.

As all the Chuunin gather intel, the respective people they speak to all point them toward the same place, a pleasure house with a small bar in it. Inside, showing off his spoils from his necrotic trade and bragging that he actually took Kaguya and Shirayuki down in the wars, the target, a man about in his thirties and, by his looks, more of a circumstance-seeker than a warrior. He is surrounded by about ten prostitutes, quite a crowd, and peace must be maintained. Fuuma Alley is a neutral territory, and it would not do to create tension and get Kirigakure shinobi banned from the area. Watching and waiting from afar, Keisuke simply stands with his arms folded over his chest.

Aoi then began to move along, after following through with a few pointing fingers, it seemed like lots of attention was going on near a small bar not to far away from her location, she kept herself quiet and moved along, slow steps in the direction of the bar, she was sure by now the rest of the group would be honing in on him as well. her expression remained blank, peering forth she began to close the distance, moving in rather casual with hopes to simply "mingle" around rather than straight trouble…

Kiku walks into the bar after being told about the man, and starts to mix in with the prostitutes. She moves close to the man, and takes a moment to blow on his ear. She offers a small soft smile, and turns around. She whispers in his ear something, and then walks off slowly. She moves outside, and down the arranged alley. She's not fancy, and she's not the type to play a bit. In fact, the woman is counting the number of ways that she's going to rip Keisuke apparent, most of them including removing body parts…

Ah, a pleasure house. Of course. Isra was all ready to go, but she still wanted her drink. After it was provided to her, she downed it in one go and left the money on the counter as she went off to the place indicated to her. Being a ninja, it wouldn't take long for her to find it, but now she had to figure out how to get to this guy without stirring up a ruckus.

She looked around for the others as she didn't want to get in the way of them and their business. She had an idea and thought to use them as a means to distract. So, she decided to slip into the crowd herself and find anything that he may have been eating or drinking to slip her bone fragment into it. That way, he'd be easy to track and find alone when this was all said and done. She didn't bother with sticking around for too long, so once she accomplished what she intended to do, she faded back out and decided to report back to Keisuke to tell him of what she did.

As he feels the fragments begin to center on one location, Keisuke actually cracks a smirk for once. At least the village offered him some useful enough Chuunin. When one fragment seems to actually change holders, he tilts his head slightly. "Not bad," he comments to himself before beginning to casually make his way toward where Kiku moved. Luckily, he can track her by the blade he gave her, which she is going to get another lesson later for trying to break.

Spotting Isra coming his way, he waves to her subtly in a gesture for her to follow as he moves to a back street to follow around toward Kiku's location.

As for the man, he drinks the boned drink without notice then stands and dismisses the other girls. He then follows Kiku out of the building toward the alley, moving toward what he has no clue will be the most horrific and probably last experience of his life. "Let me see that flower," he says in a slurred tone as he approaches Kiku, staggering a bit.

Kiku smiles lightly, and nods her head. She reaches over, and lightly places her hand on the back of his neck. She moves in, and then stiffly holds him against the wall, putting her weight on the back of his neck. She waits there. The woman is just restraining him, but she's grinding a little bit, as to say no moving….

Aoitsuki watched as everything played into motion, she didn't quite understand what was happening, especially when dealing with the Kaguya… She kept her distance and made way to step in if anything was to get out of hand. She slips out of the bar area and follows after the man, more so as if she was going out for a night time stroll. Focusing just a tad bit of chakra into her body she kept her eyes steady, motioning behind the man to hopefully catch him further off guard…But from the looks of things he was just a simple drunk…
Roaring searchlights, buzzing neon, arching floodlights compete under the perpetually brown-tinged lead skies of the Alley, each an attempt to draw attention to the three- and four-story casinos and other pleasure houses squeezed next to one another in the heart of the city. Fancifully constructed in the styles of a dozen lands or to look like sailing ships or tombs, the gambling houses and their marquees throw deep, concealing shadows on the wide gears of industry and narrow shanty buildings that crowd between them.

Roaring searchlights, buzzing neon, arching floodlights compete under the perpetually brown-tinged lead skies of the Alley, each an attempt to draw attention to the three- and four-story casinos and other pleasure houses squeezed next to one another in the heart of the city. Fancifully constructed in the styles of a dozen lands or to look like sailing ships or tombs, the gambling houses and their marquees throw deep, concealing shadows on the wide gears of industry and narrow shanty buildings that crowd between them.

Isra noted the gesture and followed after Keisuke to meet the guy and finish this all up. She can't imagine what's going on with Kiku right now or Aoitsuki for that matter. She just tries to keep things focused on the mission and assumes everyone else is doing the same. Drawing so close to this conclusion is causing her skin to rise up, partly out of excitement and the other out of anxiety. She'll be able to get through it, but she isn't sure she wants to watch what will happen.

As Kiku restrains the man, he starts to struggle a bit, but he's not smart enough to realize he's being held there to be kept, so he simply allows her to keep doing what she's doing. Just as he's about to make a move, his eyes get really wide all of a sudden. "Wh-… What the Hell are you?" he asks in his slurred voice, though the sight of the giant Kaguya appearing behind Kiku is certainly a bit sobering.

"Isra, do me a favor," the giant Swordsman asks as he glances over to her, reaching to his side and grabbing a small black pouch. "Hold this idiot's mouth open for me." A rather devilish glint shows in Keisuke's eyes as he looks back to Kiku and her new captive, those intense blood red pools piercing straight through the man as hundreds of possibilities of ways to kill him slowly come to mind. Clenching his other fist for a moment, Keisuke moves it up in front of the man's mouth, only to open it and reveal what appears to be a pill made of bone sitting in his hand. "Time for your medicine."

A soft sigh leaves Aoi's lips as she watches everything take place, it didn't seem like there was much for her to do, if anything she maintains a blank expression and shrugs her shoulder blades. " Seems like you all have things already in order…" Aoi speaks softly to the group, though her eyes turn to Keisuke whom seemed very prone to wanting to put this bone pill inside the man… The method was rather unusual…whater went in would come out the other wouldn't it?

A soft sigh leaves Aoi's lips as she watches everything take place, it didn't seem like there was much for her to do, if anything she maintains a blank expression and shrugs her shoulder blades. " Seems like you all have things already in order…" Aoi speaks softly to the group, though her eyes turn to Keisuke whom seemed very prone to wanting to put this bone pill inside the man… The method was rather unusual…whater went in would come out the other wouldn't it?

Kiku doesn't smile or anything. She just holds the man there. Her pale blue eyes focus solely on him. It likely won't take long for the man to realize that Kiku herself is a Kaguya as well. THere's no real emotion there as she restrains him. Save a second where Kiku savagely grabs the man's hair, and pulls down to force his mouth open. Kiku's hands are shaking slightly, and her tongue creeps out slightly as it wets her lips a little. The girl shakes her head a little bit, and continues her focus on holding him there, under her control.

"Uh, right…" Isra proceeded to walk forward, but it seems Kiku had a hold on it as she forced the guy's mouth open on her own. She decided that since the action had already been performed, he'd have no problem with doing whatever it is that he had to do. "I think I'll just step outside. If there's anything else you'd need of me, just…let me know…" She offered to them softly. She didn't want to be around for what was about to happen and would much rather distract herself with something else.

As Kiku takes care of Isra's job for her, Keisuke smirks slightly and gives a nod. The pill actually floats off his hands and forces its way down the man's throat and into his stomach. "You have a choice. You can tell me where the labs are and die quickly or refuse and die slowly." In a defiant response, the man starts to spit at Keisuke. However, just as he does, he starts to jerk with a tremendous pain. "You feel that? You see, unlike the Kaguya whose flesh and bones you've been selling, I can control my bone at will. Since you've chosen the hard way, you'll get to be my demonstration tool for Kiku here on how to interrogate. You see, that pill is going to send spikes to all corners of your stomach. Not only will you feel yourself being stabbed to death from the inside out, you will turn septic. If that doesn't work, I've got something much worse in mind." With that, he man starts to quake in pain, crying out and groaning, yet the pain is so great that his cries are weak enough not to leave the alley. "Now, tell me what I want to know."

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