Finding Nikumari Mushi


Senju Hashiramako, Nara Toukai, Uchiha Satoru, Goh, Enjou, Uchiha Abel, Nikumari Mushi, Rika, Raikenta, Uchiha Hinotori

Date: Feburary 17th, 2010


After Konoha Genin Uchiha Abel critically injures his sparring opponent Junsei Diachi, Hokage Senju Hashiramako holds a deliberation as to his penance. Two teams are then formed to find and locate Nikumari Mushi, and this is the tale following Uchiha Kirin's assignment.

"Finding Nikumari Mushi"

Konoha and Suna

The light morning dew just begins to dry in the later morning, the sun climbing higher in the sky casting longer shadows behind the many taller buildings in Konohagakure, the fireshadow mountain casting its own long shadow over the Uchiha village itself, where it just so happens a certain something is being decided that concerns the business of one Uchiha Abel..set within one of the judicial minshuku buildings dedicated to dealing with the very few infractions of clanmembers within the Uchiha clan.
In a small isolated room holding only wooden walls with a large Uchiha crest on the north side, two tatami mats sit neatly facing eachother in the center of the floor, Uchiha Kirin and Abel face eachother with their legs folded. With his hands calmly placed on each knee, "Now that we have a moment alone, I don't care about the specifics of what happend, the only thing that matters is you're here now talking to me. You have a duty as a Konoha shinobi to uphold, and more importantly as a member of the Uchiha clan." Kirin pauses, closing his eyes. "The Hokage will be here soon, and it will be decided what will be done with you." Slowly opening his eyes, his brows crease. "Abel-san, I know you have potential. Don't throw away your life." Kirin finishes calmly, his expression leaning more torwards compassionate rather than stone cold and stern..but uncertainty, of what Abel will end up choosing to is in the end, solely up to him.

"I know what you're saying but it….wasn't…it shouldn't happen like that." Abel eyes looked into Kirin eyes as he his eyes slightly watered. With a deep breath and stroke of the hair."I don't know what happened….the last thing I remember was not wanting to lose.""Abel smiles and wipes his eyes and placed his hands on his mouth and titled his head slightly. "I have power…but lack control and it makes me hurt people I care about. I don't think i could every use the fire ball jutsu again." Abel looked up at the Uchiha crest."I have let down the Uchiha clan." With those words Abel's head draped.

Hashiramako steps into courthouse building, followed by a small number of ranking Konoha ninja. Perhaps she has heard what has been said already, but perhaps not - she doesn't give much of an indication either way. She gives a slight nod of her head to Abel as soon as she enters, and then another, longer, more pronounced dip of her head to Kirin. "Good morning to you, both. Kirin, I do hope that I do not offend you by doing so, but I have brought other jounin and chuunin with me today. We're a village now, and though both you and Abel are Uchiha, and your words will leand great weight to what will be decided today, it is my believe that we should show our unity, by letting others we have recognized as having authority in our village voice their opinions on this matter as well."
She walks across the room as she speaks, and when she nears Abel, she rests her hand on his shoulder. "Try not to feel too intimidated by all this. Everybody who is here has your best interests at heart." she says, trying to sound reassuring.

Why was Goh here? Well, to make the Hokage look cool of course! Nah. She looks cool on her own.
Goh actually has business with Kirin, and, after talking briefly to the Hokage about the situation regarding the prisoners i n the Land of Waves, who have since been freed, he opted to join her on their way to the Uchiha village. Goh himself didn't know much about this situation, but it was of course serious stuff! And so, with a sternish expression across his face, the blonde haired Jounin strides into the room not long after Hashiramako, looking about carefully.
Eyes sweep over first to Kirin, his once rescue-mission ally, where he gives a gentle nod. Eyes then continue to roam, locking onto the smaller Uchiha, who of course, must be Abel. He says nothing, but instead folds arms across his chest in a tough manner. With Hashira speaking, Goh only nods a bit.

Following simply because of the hokage's orders was Toukai, who hung to the back of the line behind his sensei Goh. He was newly appointed for his talents in tactics and to add his voice for the Nara clan as well. The look on his face is very stoic in nature, but his eyes say even more….he doesn't want to be here. His wandering eyes take in the scenery about him as they head towards the room Kirin and Abel Uchiha are currently to get the ball rolling. Upon entering, Toukai looks to Kirin and bows deeply and then to Abel which he does the same for. He remains silent and steps to the back of the room and into the shadows as he usually does, but not out of earshot of the discussion. Folding his arms, Toukai simply awaits to see what the others will say since they outrank him in this matter.

Kirin stares on at Abel, a half frown ever so subtley creeps into his expression..he in a way, understands what the boy is Abel drapes his head, Kirin sighs lightly and closes his eyes..opening his mouth to speak, but as he does, the Hokage herself arrives with a detail of shinobi as an escort or audience..some of the shinobi personally familuar, some not. Either way, at the first hint of their arrival..Kirin stands and turns to greet the Hokage, delivering a pronounced bow to Hashiramko and Goh. As he raises into an upright stand, he courtiesly nods to the remaining detail. "Ohayo, Hokage-sama, Goh-san."
As the Hokage speaks, Kirin nods in deferent agreement. His right hand afterwards moving to gesture in dismissal as he speaks, "I completely agree, Hokage-sama." he says calmly, simply watching on as she moves to place a hand on Abel's shoulder with some encouraging words..feeling much the same himself.

And bringing up the rear is Moriko, The local Kirryu Medic nin. She pauses near the back of the group, the odd white-haired young woman content to sit back and lean against a wall whilst watching the goings on. The girl casually crosses her hands in front of her, resting her weight on one leg as she leans against a wall and watches the proceedings as they go on, waiting to offer her knowledge as best she can, should it be needed.

Blushing at the kind words of the Hokage and the fact that she rested her hand on his shoulders made him blush more. With a thick gulp he was able to form words. "Hello everyone…My name is Uchiha Abel its a pleasure to meet you." Abel bows to everyone that's there even Kirin again. Abel stands up and looked at the waiting to hear what they have to say. Abel made sure to keep his eyes from tearing up since its not the ninja way. Abel slitches his fist slightly and released and took another deep breath releasing his blush he had once before.

"Moriko has brought me the latest information on Diachi." Hashiramako says, "The word is… well, I wouldn't go so far as to say the word is good. His condition is stable." She pauses, and gives a slight sigh. "Abel, none of us here think that you set out to harm Diachi as badly as you did. For myself, I can only assume that you had only recently mastered the jutsu, and weren't yet aware of how powerful it was."
"I would like to get the opinions here on what the leaders represented here thinkg appropriate steps for us to take would be. And, Abel, I would like to hear your responses to these ideas as well." she explains, adding, "If the fortunes favor us, then Diachi will come out of this without lasting hinderance, and you, Able, will be a wiser ninja."

With the Nara following in behind him, Goh tilts his head a little bit, before looking over at Kirin as he's greeted. "Hey Kirin. Don't mind us. We're just here for decoration." His 'tough guy' demeanor changes immediately as he speaks, his natural happy tone quite clear. His eyes shift over to Abel as Hashira speaks comforting words, before they close a little bit. With the young Uchiha getting so emotional, the teen frowns a little bit.
An eyebrow perks over to Hashiramako, where he gives a slow nod. May as well let someone else start us off.

Toukai would come off of the wall and step next to Hashiramako and study Abel for a moment and mull over the details he recieved in the report of the incident. With a nod, he steps up to speak since his sensei had nothing for the moment. "His eyes do show remorse for what he's done and I too have been in a position to use somethin gcool on a fellow shinobi. Although it wasn't as harsh as setting him on fire, I know the temptation will always reside within us. We're human after all and are subject to mistakes. Furthermore, since the situation isn't as dire as it could have been….I vote for his charges to be dropped if he can show restraint when training for the next six months. That should be a long enough evaluation time for his training." His eyes look to Kirin, Goh, Moriko and then to Abel as he looks for their input on what was said. To Hashiramako he grimaces and rubs the back of his head because she already knew what he was going to say probably on this matter.

Moriko tilts her head first left, then right. "I'm one of his primary care physicians, yus. Though there are others far more qualified in aiding him, they put me on his care team cause of." She taps her finger to her chin, then shrugs and smiles "Unusual means of treating folk. I can be rather creative and whatnot. Anyhow, I can assure you, that yes, he's indeed stable and I'll do what I can to make sure he makes a full recovery." She says and the girl glances at Abel, then back to Kirin, and to Hashi. She then umms. "Also Am reminded of a bit of a proverb too. One needs must learn how to cure a person, before they learn to harm. Mayhapse something like this might be directed to Uchiha Abel? Maybe, if his clan would agree, he can work as an orderly for a set period of time, learn to tend to those injured, including Diachi-san maybe? Lord knows we need helping hands and all." She then beams. "He can help out, attone for the accident in a way, and learn a bit on what affects various jutsu have on the human body too so this incident won't reoccur. Afterall, knowledge is one of the best means of avoiding accidents."

Kirin's eyes shift to Abel as he reintroduces himself and even bows to him in kind, though the entrance of Moriko and the subsequent announcement about Diachi's condition garners his attention foremost..his arms slowly crossing. Nodding lightly in agreement to Hashiramako, he doesn't speak at first..prefering rather to hear what is to be said, atleast in the context of this circumstance. Nodding lightly to Goh, his demeanor breaks in that moment quickly reforms as the situation weighs in; listening to everyone speak in turn, Kirin's eyes fall to the floor..and he stares, taking in everything that is said and proposed. After a composing pause, Kirin raises his eyes first to Toukai. "His eyes show convinction, yes, he knows that what he lacks is restraint, not compassion. He will be on what you might consider a probation, within our Clan, but as for what he felt and this temptation you speak of, Nara-san." - "As an Uchiha, Abel is under a pressure weighted by your standards from birth, and strives to live in the shadow of a heighted pedestal the likes of which you will never know." he says calmly, but with a confident power, that only seems to draw from the omnious crest which looms at the wall his back faces. After hearing the medical report and suggestion from Moriko, Kirin uncrosses his arms and lightly bows in the direction of the Hokage. "Hokage-sama, Uchiha Abel is young and unrefined, but he is not lost. I can make no excuse for his actions; but aside from whatever you see fit to rule, I can assure you, he will be disciplined within the clan." Kirin says respectfully, bowing lightly once again as he finishes..raising to cross his arms once more, his brows creased..a rather serious look ecthed onto his face; rather uncommon for Kirin if one would ever see him in a social setting. There's alot to think about, from what happend, to why, and even the things Abel must know if he is ever to earn the right to wear and display the Uchiha crest proudly.

With Toukai speaking first, Goh quirks a brow up at him carefully. "Hm." Regarding his own thoughts about the manner, Konoha's Number One Pickled Vegetabler seems to be at a bit of a loss for words. At least at first. His eyes widen a little to Kirin, where he nods. "There's no question that Abel regrets what he did, I think. Anyone can see that. I say he just be watched carefully for a little more and then be let go. Oooh. Mo has a point too. Heh."
Goh hmms. "I think the question is also why he was taught such a technique in the first place. Isn't Abel a new Genin?" A glance is given to Kirin, and then Abel, as if to clarify. "I'm in no way challenging the Uchiha clan leaders or anything, or doubting their teaching phiolosphies. But teaching a youngster an attack like that is just asking for trouble, especially considering how the Uchiha is known to be a combat-related clan. Er, generalizing a bit there, but you know what I mean, right?" He shrugs. "If I was his age and knew how to do that, I'd wana see how it went too. It's just curiosity. Abel is still at fault, of course. But teaching youngsters techniques, giving them power that they've never had before.. It worked when the Uchiha were just a clan and getting hired to do missions for clients. They could just blow it on their enemies and be done with it." A glance to Abel. "..but enemies are slightly harder to find now. At least for Genin. And for a combat clan like the Uchiha, I guess that can be frustrating? Specially if you're young and haven't had the chance to prove yourself." A glance is given to Kirin. " offence. You guys know I don't mean this personally. But yeah, I dunno. Maybe some changes need to be made there? Since everyone here isn't combat related." Goh shrugs earnestly. "Don't get me wrong. The Uchiha are an excellent people to have in the village. They're loyal, strong and steadfast. But.. yeah. What I said."
"Er.. don't kill me please! Heh."

"I'll be happy to do all those things and more.I respect all those kind words…..But please let me find this healer for my friend." Able clitched his fist and looked at the hokage with pleading eyes. "Please let me do that much." Abel takes a deep breath and his eye fill with water. With a quick shake of the head he calms hisself and walks over to Kirin. "Thanks you for your kind words and for fighting for me." Abel smiles at Kirin and bows to kirin and Hokage. "I understand what i did….And I use that jutsu since it was the last thing my father taught me before he died that fateful day." Abel lifts his head and smiles at Goh. "The fore ball jutsu is like a right to which all Uchiha memebers must know inorder to vome of age. I missed used that jutsu and got my friends seriously hurt and for that I'm deeply sorry…I'll never use that jutsu again….I'll never use my father last gift to me." Abel drop two tears and gulps which signal the tears to start.

Hashiramako gives Abel's shoulder a gentle squeeze, enough to let him know that his Hokage is there, supporting him. "There, there, Abel. You've not done anything so terrible that you should not forgive yourself. You are a genin, and wear forehead protector of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The time may come when the village needs your fireball, to protect your comrades, or to defend those who have come to us seeking protection. Do not hate what your father has taught you, but respect it." She looks up, meeting Kirin's eyes. She doesn't address what he says, but neither does she challenge him his right to discipline Abel within the clan. But, after a pause, she notes, "I do like your idea, Moriko. Abel, you'll be helping out in the hospital for a little bit. But, first, I will let you atone for what you have done as you wish - you will be a part of the team that brings the healer that Diachi needs back to Konoha."

"Yeah, I know. I think Satoru mentioned it once. The trial by fire sort of thing. Passagehood into being a man." Goh seems he's not entirely happy with that either, but he doesn't say anything more. "I'm in no place to judge decades of Uchiha tradition. It just might be something to think on. Maybe switching into how it's treated.. I dunno." He shrugs, before grinning a little bit at the decision. "Oooh. An ultra dangerous level mission, huh? That'd suit his thirst to shoot out those fireballs!" Goh laughs at this, seeming content. "Nice one."

Seeing as his comments were heard and not widely spoken on, Toukai leans back against the wall and goes quiet again as the Hokage would have the final say in what's to happen to Abel. The young Nara crosses his arms and observes the room as it seems that Abel's atonement will come at him running a mission to retrieve the renowned doctor to help Diachi. A grin appears on his face briefly as he approves of this and nods towards Kahiramako in agreement.

Kirin nods lightly to Goh, "It's a sign that one is coming of age, learning the Goukakyuu no Jutsu. It's part of the rites to being allowed to display the Uchiha crest, as a symbol you are a proud member of the clan. These things have happend before, albiet very very rarely..before we came to Konoha. It's here, when an Uchiha is at work and play with someone not of Uchiha blood..these kind of circumstances brew." Kirin shakes his head dismissively, "It won't happen again." Though Abel's repentant words don't go unnoticed, actions now speak louder then words..and so Kirin very lightly nods in response. As the Hokage speaks, he turns his attention, along with all present to heed her final word. He listens on with a static expression, plain and emotionless..he doesn't give any outward indication whether or not he approves or disapproves..the Hokage's will a given.
After all is said, Kirin's eyes drift to Moriko..and he quietly listens on with his arms comfortably crossed.

With tears rolling down his cheeks "Thank you all so much!" Abel falls to his knee and released an Uchiha thank you "My I start this mission as soon as possible!" Abel lifted his head and started to wipe his tears but it was no use they kept falling. Now hugging the Hokage he repeated thanked her and vowed to bring her back no matter what. Letting her go he looked over to Kirin can you come with me on my mission. Taking a deep breath he wiped his face and slapped his cheeks and clutched his fist. "I'm ready to bring her back! To heal my friend I'll do anything."

Hashiramako gives the genin a proud look. "That spirit will do both your clan and the village proud, Abel." she says, and then gives a smile to Moriko. "Actually, two of the three jounin gathered here have volunteered for the mission. And, Toukai as well spoke to me to let me know that Team Goh was ready for another assignment." She laughs a little… not in a mean spirited way, it's just that she's genuinely amused as she notes, "In fact, I think you may be the only one who hasn't specifically volunteered yet."

Toukai sheepishly looks at Goh as he went behind his back to escort the doctor back thinking it would be good for Team Awesome to get as much field experience as possible. "So it seems like there's going to be alot of action sending us all on this assignment Hokage-sama." His eyes lull a bit as he was hoping it'd be a simple snatch and grab, but all things can't go so easy or there'd be no need for shinobi's. "Well now that things are settled here, are we allowed to leave yet or…is there something else that needs light shed upon it?" He walks over to pat Goh on the back and whispers something to him before stepping back next to Hashiramako.

"You should send Kirin with him!" Goh suggests at what Moriko queries, jetting a thumb to the senior Uchiha Jounin. "That way, Abel will get a good feeling for how he's meant to act. All cool and calm and collected. That sorta jazz." He flicks a thumb up, before his face drops.
"…WHAAAT? You want Team Awesome on such a high profile mission?!" A swift look goes to the Hokage, before looking back to Toukai. "I..uh, guess? I can try and manage it if that's what you want. Don't get your hopes up though. We totally failed our last mission." A frown. "..but I guess that just means we're due to succeed! Er, right?"

Kirin looks on at Abel as he can't help holding in the emotions his feeling, despite not really personally knowing the boy much outside of everything that's happend, he could honestly say he's interested in how Abel will emerge out of all of this, for better or worse. With a subtle shrug, Kirin lightly nods in response to the boy. Even though Hashiramako may be turned away, he still nods in agreement with what she says. Though, Kirin can't help but smirk at Goh's reaction..either way, it's a very different thing to see so many clans working together, shinobi from such diverse backgrounds..this afterall, is part of what the Hidden Leaf village was created to establish.

Hearing the words of everyone willing to help and the feeling in the air was enough to make Abel smile. "Well Goh sensei lets go! We don't have time to waste!" Abel smiles and ready himself and bows yet again to everyone in the room as he placed his ninja tools in their place. "Lets do this."

"Actually, Kirin-sensei is going to be leading your team, Abel. Kirin, Hiryuu Enjou has volunteered for this mission as well, so I would like you to contact him, and add him to your ad hoc team for this mission. If you would like to recruit an additional team member for this mission, I leave it to your discretion. Goh… I'm assigning your team this as well."
She pulls a pair of photographs from the pouch at the small of her back, and hands one to each team leader. "This is Nikamura Mushi, and she may be the finest healer to survive the Ninja Clan Wars. It is my belief that working with Konoha's own medical nin, Diachi will be able to be healed. She has a clinic in the neutral zone, but with a reputation like hers, she's often outside of it. So. I'm expecting her not to be there. Kirin. Assuming that she's not there, take your team to the border of the Land of Wind, and send a message to the Kazekage. Seek permission to enter Sunagakure and look for her there. If she's there, explain Diachi's plight, and try to convince her to come back to Konoha. It's important to note that this isn't a kidnapping - if she doesn't come of her own will, this won't do us much good. Goh… I'm sending your team to just outside the snapping jaws of the beast. Assuming that Mushi-hakase isn't in the neutral zone, I want your team to go to the borders of Kirigakre. Send messages to Shima Sami and Shirayuki Hisakawa, and ask if they would meet with you. We are going to ask Kirigakure if Mushi-hakase is within their borders, and if so, will they let her come meet with you. Under no circumstances are you to go to Kirigakure. And, you should be wary if any of the swordsmen besides those two come to meet you. The two I mentioned have a sense of honor, and will respect a truce to speak with you."
Finally, she turns to Moriko, "And, your timing is great. A class of the Academy is nearing graduation, so any day now you should have a number of genin who might make fine members of a team. I encourage you to see if you can put one together!"

"Uh, wait a second Abel." Goh replies, lifting a hand to scratch his head. "I don't even know who we're supposed to be looking for. Or where that person is. Or.. how long until the mission starts. If it's a long way aways, I need to give Nari and Kasumi a couple of days to prepare and rest up. Also to prepare such a share of pickled vegetables. You as well." A thumb jets to Abel. "..probably need to get yourself ready." A glance to the Hokage.
"..but if it's just a stones throw away, no problem." And then she speaks! As he hears what his team has to do, Goh's face drops. "..Kirigakure. You've gotta be kidding me." After all this prisoner stuff lately with Kiri nins and Seven Swordsman, it was getting a bit much. But oh well! "Sami and Hisakawa.. Alrighty then. Oh, they're Swordsman as well? Sounds good that they're nice. I met Yasushi the other day. He's a bit of a beast. Ugh." A quiver. "Anyways. So we don't go inside Kirigakure. We just await them to get back to us. I'm happy with that." Goh beams a little. "Alrighty!"

Toukai's eyes narrow slightly at their assignment, but it makes sense to send Team Awesome there instead of Team Kirin since this will be more of a trail-based mission for Abel. He nods to Hashiramako and pats goh on the back as he steps to the door. With a bow, "I'll take my leave and get the team preped and ready Goh-sensei. there's some things I need to prepare myself if this is to go along smoothly." Giving another bow, Toukai leaves the building and the Uchiha property to head towards the Main village to gather the rest of Team Awesome.

Kirin pretty much plays the good listener and watches everyone interact, keeping his smirk even as Abel is so anxious to go. He nods very slowly to the Hokage as she speaks, taking in all the necessary details to complete the assignment. "Hai, Hokage-sama." he says with a light bow of his head as she finishes, accepting and understanding what's to be done. Afterwards as Toukai leaves, Kirin looks over to Abel. "You'll be coming with me." he says calmly, afterwards looking back to Goh and Hashiramako. "With your dismissal, Hokage-sama, we will take our leave." he says again with a light bow of his head, repeating the same courtesy to Goh. "Goh-san."

"Kirin, Goh. Leave as soon as your teams are assembled and ready." she says, and then gives a little bow of her head to each of the jounin. "Abel, good luck, and I hope you're successful. Toukai, you've just been promoted, so it's time to earn your vest. Your team is potentially going to be in no small amount of danger just by contacting the Mist nin. You need to help Goh make sure everybody gets back okay. I don't want a mission to find a medic ending up with more of our ninja getting badly hurt." she says, then adds confidently, "I'm sure you'll do fine."
After those last words of encouragement, she gives a quick nod to Toukai, then Abel, then turns to Moriko, and says, "Why don't we head over to the administration builing, and we can look at some of the files of the graduating nin…"

"Cya, Kirin. I'll find you later so we can talk about some stuff." With both of them leaving, the blonde Jounin quirks a brow to the Hokage. "Are you sure this is the best move? Half of my team are brand new Genin. Kirigakure is.. uh, a little hostile with us after that episode with Satoru, Yuzuna and Sinoe." Sucking in a breath, he shrugs. "But I'll of course follow and do what you ask. You're wiser than me, after all! You can probably see something I can't. And yeah, Toukai is here too." Proceeding to turn on his heel, the teen heads out himself. "Guess I better prepare my pickled vegies! Ugh.. Seven Swordsman. I'll be a happy camper if I never have to see any again after this, I bet." Wobbling out, it seems that Goh is almost feeling sick. But he's a Jounin for a reason! Even if he doesn't act like the textbook type of one.

### Later on, the team captain Kirin summons for the rest of the team…somewhere outside Konohagakure. ###

Late in the evening, the sun has already set..dusk has set in, the suns glow fades over the edge of the downed behind the trees, everything in the deeper part of the forest is pretty dim and dark. Having sent a message out to Uchiha Hinotori, one of the clans most prominent new Chuunin, Kirin has set up a small camp near the large river some distance from the village itself..a temporary sort of camp, meant to be a relay-meetup point for their preparation to leave if anything. He quietly sits with his back up against a tree overlooking the convenient patch of grass surrounded by dense forest; a small post with a few backpacks and equipment leaned up against it. His arms crossed and eyes closed, Kirin has his right foot placed up against the tree aswell as he leans..

Having left his sister home but letting her know he would be home in a few days, Hinotori walks out of house and reads the scroll that was deliverd earlier in the day. Quickly accessing the information, Hinotori remembered Kirin, but haven't met Abel, but have heard of the genins exploits which landed him in a light. It didn't take long for Hinotori to find Abel as well as Enjou who he was told to pick up before meeting up with Kirin at river. "Keep up, don't fall behind." he says to them when he has the two genin in tow. Looking them over he nods his head, "I will introduce myself when we get to the meeting spot." he says as he dashes forward towards the trees. He doesn't go to fast but fast enough to make the two genin have to hurry to catch up.

After meeting with Diachi he ran over to meet everyone. With a slight smile and a swift yawn Abel jumps out of the tree. "Good Morning!Lets move out!"Abel yawns again anw fixed his shoes and fixed his headband on his right arm. After that he checks the on his right arm bandages. Looked at Kirin and the others and bows.

Enjou yawns, and sits up, waking up from a short nap before they left. He sits up, rubbing his eyes. "Ah, time to go eh?" He sits up, and quickly gathers his things. He was sure to have everything ready, so he wouldn't have to spend an hour getting everything together. So he quickly slips on his pack, and his tool pouch, before walking out into the open light. "Alright, shall we get going?"

After not waiting for too long since the sun disappeared behind the trees, Kirin opens his eyes slowly..he can faintly feel the chakra of Hinotori, just before he makes it through the clearing; Enjou and Abel close in tail. Uncrossing his arms, Kirin pushes off the tree and takes a few steps torwards them. "Hinotori-san, it's good to see you again. It seems we have an assignment to carry out, concerning our young clanmate here." Kirin nods his head in gesture lightly to Abel, "I'm sure you've heard about what happend. Either way, we can put that part of things behind us once we're finished with this mission."
The only light a dim torch which flickers to stay alive atop the same post which sits most of their equipment, Kirin takes a moment to study Enjou and Abel. "Abel, you aren't out of the clear yet. A close eye is being kept on you at all times. On the same token, do as you are told, and do what you are told well. Hinotori is senior to you." - He turns his eyes to Enjou. "Enjou, we've never met formally, and you come recommended by the Hokage. Infact, you were appointed to this assignment." Kirin turns around, taking a few steps..his back facing the three. "We'll be heading to neutral territory, there our priority is to find Nikumari Mushi, she's a medical ninja of some renown throughout the five great countries, and Daichi needs her assistance. We're to persuade her to come with us, no force is to be used."

Hinotori led the two genin to the clearing near the lake. It did take them a bit of time but still the time passed pretty quickly. His eyes adjusting to the darkness, Hinotori lands on the ground and begins walking over to the torch light. Glancing back to both Abel and Enjou, "Good job." is all that the Uchiha Chuunin says to the two. Bowing his head to Kirin, "Nice to meet you again Kirin-san." he states as he looks to Kirin. Moving off to the side as Kirin begins giving them a brief description of the mission. "Well lets hope that Abel-san will keep out of trouble." he states as he looks to Abel.
When Enjou was addressed, Hinotori looks to the genin and bows his head. He's sparred with Enjou before and found it pretty fun. But this mission was important, making sure to file all the information away, he would make sure this mission was a success. "I take it we are to leave tonight then?" he asks Kirin.

Abel smiles and nood."I know…its that reason I'm going to do my best and save my friend." Abel clutches his fist and punches a tree."I'm to pump..becuase I know that this is the only way I can save him and I'll give it my all." Abel takes a deep breath and calm down."I wonder how she looks." Abel touched his hand with his chin and found his way driftinh over to the light.

Enjou nods, and bows to Kirin. "Yes, thank you Kirin-san. But, I also requested to be assigned to this mission. We've all been in situations where we've been injured, but I know all too well what Diachi will have to go through. And I want to help in any way I can." he says with a smile. He rolls his shoulders, and looks around. "Hinotori-san. It's nice to see you again. And for everyone else, my name is Enjou Hiryuu. It's a pleasure to meet all of you." he says, giving a slight bow.

Kirin remains standing with his back facing the three assembled shinobi, "We are, Hinotori-san. We'll search the hospital grounds before daybreak, and by early morning we should be outside Sunagakure's border. By then, we should have recieved word if we have permission to cross or not. We're one part of this operation, Goh is leading his team to Kirigakure, to search for her there. However, I'm confident we will find her first." Kirin says calmly, thinking over a few necessary precautions before continuing, and allowing each of the three to get a little better acquainted for a few easy moments..the last of this venture untill it would be considered finished in the name of success. "Alright, despite what equipment all of you did or did not bring, you will find three backpacks essential to any of the tools we will be needing. We will be gone aslong as we need to, once we reach the Hidden Sand Village, we will stay aslong as it takes to find her. There's no reason the locals won't cooperate with us, our cause is true…despite it being a mission that we must complete regardless." - Kirin half-turns to face the three, raising his right hand to gesture torwards the packs. "Get geared up." With that, Kirin uses the same hand he gestured with to form into a one handed seal, the fire swirls and sputters into nothing. With a flicker, he reappears atop the post..standing on it with his left foot, his right resting on the left. "Lets get ready to move out. I'll take the lead, Hinotori you're watching our flank. Abel, I want you behind me. Enjou, keep your closest eye on Abel."

Hinotori stood unmoving, he didn't like the fact that the mission they were going on was pointless and that it was all due to someone of their clan who caused this. But despite that, Hinotori would excute the mission as best as he could. Glancing over to Gou and Enjou the chuunin does offer a nod and when Kirin finishes, he walks over ot the backpacks. He opens one and goes through a quick check of the bag. Noting what he had, once satisfied he slings it over his shoulder. He walks over to the post where Kirin stood and waited on the other two. "Understood." he replies to Kirin when given his position in the team.

"Tsk why are you guys watching me so closely for like I'm gonna run away or something." Abel shakes his head and walks behind Kirin."You guys still don't trust me." Abel yawns and wipes his eyes and bows to everyone. <Man this has to go right or else I'll have to fight after all>, Abel watched everyone as he wait to see what they do."Please help me save my friend." Abel bows and yawns a bit.

Enjou nods. "Don't worry Abel-san. We'll find her, and bring her back. You're friend is going to be fine." he says with a smile. He looks back up to Kirin, having already grabbed his pack. "I'm ready to move whenever you are, Kirin-san." he says with a nod.

### Team Assembled! Now, our ragtag group of Leaf Ninja move out torwards their first objective! En route, Kirin finds the time to have a little talk with Abel one-on-one … ###

As Hinotori and Enjou were sent ahead to scout the territory just surrounding the hospital, Kirin and Abel fell back..and wait silently on the large branch of a huge tree..itself undoubtedly hundreds of years old. With his arms crossed, Kirin stands on the branch facing the direction of Hinotori and Enjou..they're out there..gathering intel to report before the entire team moves in..and so he waits. The air is calm, there's almost no wind at all..maybe a very occasional light breeze..crickets chirp loudly in all directions, their pulsating rhythme drowning out even thought, if one would let them. "You said earlier, you didn't want to lose. Why?"

Shocked at the random question said to him by Kirin. With an light smile he told him in a soft voice. "My father was a strong Uchiha that died protecting me…I want to become stronger then him..if I lose to just anybody how would I measure up to him?" Abel grabs his right shoulder as it throbbed with pain for a brief moment."That's why I can't lose…I have to win in order to come better than him, and besides I'm going to be stronger then a God!" Abel smiles and rubs his cheeks as he looked at Kirin.

A light breeze catches as the occasion allows, and Kirin's long loose hair blows along in it's direction..featherlight and silky..his long bangs following infront of his face catch aswell..a contrast to his contemplative expression..rather serious-looking, if you didn't know what his thinking face was. Listening silently, Kirin doesn't reply for a long moment after Abel finishes speaking. "..I see." he says at a length, "Surely you can see what is in your way, and who isn't? Why don't you.." Kirin raises his right hand, all of his fingers closing save for his index and middle..a non traditional seal for focusing chakra, a gesture he seems to almost mysteriously perform without reason at the most random times. "Show me what you mean."

Shocked by the weird actions of Kirin Abel hops up and looks at Kirin. "What are you doing?" Abel smiles and sits back down and placed his head on the tree."Tsk sometimes you act like a big brother you know that." Abel smiles and begins tapping his foot as he looked around seeing if he can hear anything coming or going."Tsk they're taking so long to move its driving me mad!" Abel rolls his head on the tree and yawn a bit.

After a moment, Kirin's hand simply falls back to his side..his head turning lightly to the right ever so slightly, just so Abel shifts a little more into his peripherals. "Is something amiss, Abel?" he says quietly, almost a whisper. "What would you say, if I couldn't let myself lose to you, right now. What do you think?" Kirin asks just as quiet..the chirping crickets seem to thrum louder and louder. Kirin turns to face Abel, looking down at him with a truly scary expression..he must mean business. Slowly bringing his hands together, Kirin's hands skillfully, but slowly, move through handseals. -Horse, Snake, Ram, Monkey, Boar, Horse..- by now, the Genin may or may not recognize the sequence being used. "I'm your opponent now, not Diachi. In life, you will always have an opponent, there will always be something in your way." Kirin moves his hands into the last seal, the Tiger seal..the outline of his body glows a faint blue..ever so lightly. "Now, I'm in your way, what will you do." Without hesitation, Kirin holds his left hand not far from his chin palm up with fingers spread, his right moves to just before his mouth so he can better guide whatever chakra he might mold into fire, and then, he inhales deeply..

With a fear rushing over his body he grabbed a kunai and stabbed his leg to break free of his fear-stricken paralysis. "Shit if…I never thought I'd have to fight you….but if I must beat my own clanmate I will!" Abel begins the same hand signs and looked Kirin in the eyes .Notice the seriousness of his eyes as the fear filled the little genin eyes but behind it was a drive that Abel didn't know he had himself. "Stop this Kirin or I'll have to use force to protect myself!" Abel takes a deep breath. Abel's eye shrink from focus to out of focus as he gulps and tries to find the same Uchiha pride and courage that got him this far but only found the scared child. "Damnit all…..If you want to fall then bring it on!"

Kirin exhales, but his hands fall away from their preposition..the light aura of chakra visible to the naked eye surrounding his body remains..he stares on at the Genin as he reacts..his eyes fall with lazy precision to the boys hands as he begins using handseals. "Lesson number 1, ninja tactics." Kirin's solemn posture breaks into a dash torwards Abel..he leans back into his momentum and retracts his right arm..preparing for a wide arcing punch. "Never wait for an enemies jutsu!" Kirin lets his punch fly..using his free left hand mid-manuever to make the same focusing seal he nominally does with his free right hand; and two bunshin appear next to him..each immedietly moving to somersalt into the air behind Kirin, and above-behind Abel respectively.

Replacing himself with his bandages from his right arm he took off earlier laying nearby, he appears on the right side of Kirin. "Lesson number 2 never think that the match is over!" He throws a single shuriken, but a second hidden in the shadow of the last <Damnit can I really pull this off> Abel jumps and builds some chakra as he hid on the other side of the tree.

As soon as Kirin's punch moves to land, Kirin isn't surprised in the least when Abel initiates a replacement technique..afterall, his eyes haven't moved from the Genin's hands since the start of his fire element technique..but it seems this one is quick to learn, feinting the same way he did to begin with. His fist making contact with one of Abel's used bandages, Kirin's head snaps to the right as Abel appears and hurls a shuriken his way..the second cleverly concealed in the shadow of the first. 'He really thinks he can pull this off. .. Good to know.'
Standing upright, Kirin turns to face Abel and sidesteps to the left..the ninja stars zipping by ineffectually..his eyes following Abel as he moves out of sight around the trunk onto another branch. "Reality escapes you, Abel. You have spirit, but what you fail to discern.. is what might be in your way, and what you can, and cannot move." Kirin intones loudly, if the very Kami were speaking through him such is the righteousness of his words to Abel, a metaphorical rope of insight extended to the Genin..should he choose to grab it and climb for himself.
Raising his right hand lazily, it begins begins to glow a profound much as it begins to look on fire..with chakra. Suddenly, it sparkles and crackles with the lightning element as it's instantly converted to lightning nature chakra..the surrounding darkened area lights up with a blue hue, and the sound drowns out even the crickets that were so profound moments before. Thrusting his right arm torwards the tree trunk with purpose, the electric current forms into a sharp sword-like point and extends through the tree, stabbing Abel in the middle of his torso..the element sporatically volts through his body, numbing all feeling. But he can think, and speak.
Flicking into view infront of Abel, Kirin has his arms crossed as he did before at the edge of the tree before any of this began, the same contemplative look on his face. After a moment of staring at Abel, he takes a step and moves very very close to him..uncrossing his arms, using his left hand to grab the boys if lifting him up..but the lightning technique is still in effect, it must be a kage bunshin on the other side. As Kirin tugs Abel upwards, it's useless..he's stuck..pinned to the tree and the same spot by the lightning jutsu, but he couldn't feel the pain anyway, it's too numb. "Abel.." Kirin speaks at length. "Don't throw your life away." Kirin repeats, the same thing he said to him before he met with the Hokage, or even began this mission. "Remember what I told you."

Coughing up a little blood and looking in Kirin eyes with a light laugh."My life means nothing to me…but I can't let you have it! My life right now isn't my own but Diachi's!" Abel grabs the left arm of Kirin and smirks as he looks at Kirin's face. "I'll walk in the darkness inorder to protect my friends. I don't know what the hell happened to you but if you try and stop me I'll kill you!" Abel takes a deep breath and looked a Kirin…."Sometimes you act like a brother….what about the other times? Who do you think you act like?" Abel smirks as he holds onto Kirin arm…"I will not be the one that dies here today." Abel now fully numb by the lightning. "Just tell me why your doing this?"

Kirin stares at Abel..right in the eyes, and for a moment the boy might be able to actually feel Kirin's chakra, his true chakra..the very spiritual energy he wields by destiny and fate, the power of his soul. None of the boys words seem effectual, until at last..a few tense moments after the final question..Kirin's eyes gain a focus, and even the light blue aura around Kirin fades to nothing. "This.." he says with a drawn out hesitance. With his left hand grabbing Abel by the collar, it's no feat to give the Genin a small jolt of his own chakra..also known as genjutsu kai.
Abel would find himself..not quite where he thought he was, instead of dying with his back up against a huge tree..he's being held up, through his collar by Kirin's grasp..his feet dangling free over the edge of the tree. It would appear, Kirin hasn't moved at all..his right arm still crossed over his chest, a sign he's made very little movement beyond the obvious. Moving him over to set the Genin lightly down beside him to his left, he releases his grip once his feet touch wood once more. "Is just the first day of many, in your many days on a quest to stand up to the Uchiha name." He says calmly, using his left hand to rest in a cross once more..lightly holding onto his right arm..his eyes closing slowly. "Hinotori-san and Enjou will be back any time now."

### Afterwards, Satoru makes a late arrival. The Team moves onward to neutral territory, one of Mushi's reported hospital locations. ###

After a long journey and more than enough sidequests up untill this point to boot, reaching this point has taken longer what was originally planned. Not considered a failure per se, plans are made to be flexible; and so now deep in neutral territory..the general locale of Nikumari Mushi's medlical establishment was unknown..and the assembled team had spread out accordingly to find it faster, with a set meeting point at the border to Sunagakure's territory should any of the teams fragments gather the necessary information needed to move on.
Whisking through the trees, Kirin soars in midair over the course of his long jump..moving in formation with Abel and Satoru. "What we're looking for is up ahead, remember. No hostility unless you are threatened, Abel. We aren't here to take any unnecessary injuries." Kirin says loudly enough for the other two to hear him, but more specifically the genin Uchiha.

Abel gulps and takes his head band from his arm and placed it on his forehead. "Sensei and everyone here I promise to do my best and act my best as a left ninja." Abel clutches his fist."This will be it. Please wait Diachi." Abel speed up slightly to get closer to Kirin and looks back to Satoru. "Lets do this." With a quick smile and a flip jump to the next tree he was ready to see what waited ahead of him.

Satoru revealed himself as the mysterious figure back in the Land of Fire, apparently attacking his friend as an occasional test the pair perform on one another. As he leaps from branch to branch, a firm nod is delivered in response to the orders, allowing his clanmate to take control of the team and this mission…since it was him the Hokage and Genryuu-sama put in charge this time around. "Affirmative." Another leap to the next branch and he looks back to the Genin, informing, "Stay aware, regardless. Kirin and I both known things can change quickly. I would not be surprised if we are met with confrontation on one front or another…" The Uchiha Jounin's face is deadpan, the stare he holds is serious and calm.

After a few more landings and long jumps through the forst landscape, a shinobi's favorite covered mode of travel, the forest gives way to a large clearing as the shinobi clear it in unison; breaking way to reveal a large hospital in the not so distant distance. Landing firmly on the new tred grass, Kirin stands upright..Abel and Satoru in his peripherals at either side. "There it is." Kirin says calmly, the evening sun has begun to set..a few days after the original plan, of being at Sunagakure's border the next day. Raising his right hand to point, "You see the two roads leading from the entrance, and the back? Satoru..I know this isn't polite, but I would like you to enter the hospital from the roof. Your goal is obviously, to locate Mushi..and then alert me. I'll be waiting outside the front entrance." - Kirin turns to face Abel, "Abel. You will enter the front. You will conduct yourself politely, professionally. Ask for Mushi." With that, Kirin turns back torwards the hospital and begins walking at a very casual pace. "Scatter."

Abel nods to the plan made by Kirin.(It seem like something might happen better be ready.)"Yes Kirin I'll go through the front and act as a leaf ninja understood." With the words Scatter from Kirin mouth all he felt was the wind left by Satoru as he started his walk to the front desk."Hello my name is Abel…Um is Mushi here?" Abel titles his head as the nurse laughs and walked right by him. With a slightly pissed off look he sat down and tap the floor."Damnit relax have to control my temp." With a deep breath he stood up and started to walk room to room looking for the medical ninja. Opening the doors to sick people and for those with little wounds like his leg.

After a fre more leaps after the other two Uchiha, Satoru breaks from the trees and lands on the untreaded grass; standing to the right of his Jounin friend. The dark brown eyes of the Uchiha drift toward the other skilled-shinobi of his clan, listening to him speak, and finally delivering a firm nod is response. "Very well." In a flicker, the teenager is gone and reappears on the hospital's roof edge before walking forward and disappearing over the ledge. The door to the roof is opened and he slips into the hospital, but not before forming a single hand-seal. A puff of smoke occurs and once it clears, Satoru is no longer himself, but instead dressed like a nurse-in-training. A moment later, the faux-nurse-in-training walks down the hall, spots the staff lunchroom and enters…only to find a group of registered nurses inside. "Oh. Hello. I'm sorry if I'm interrupting." One of the nurses look at him and she replies, "Don't be silly. You're one of the new nurses that are in training, right? Come sit with us." A small meek smile creeps onto his lips and he moves to sit down, watching them eat for a moment before asking, "Is Mushi-sama in today? I've heard amazing things about her and I'm very eager to meet her.." For now, the registered nurses look up from their lunch and toward Nurse-Satoru, smiles creeping up on their lips.

Kirin's eyes drift to the grass in its sway from the breeze as he walks, Satoru flickering out of sight and Abel starting into speed-fed run. After awhile, it's clear the two shinobi have reached the hospital..and Kirin his destination at the entrance of the establishment. And so he stands, with his arms crossed..idly glancing at the architecture of the building, and wondering what could be going on inside.. as far as what chakra he can mildly sense..everything seems okay.
As Satoru would offer his rather straight-forward question, the nurses all give him a strange of them bothering to laugh, they glance at eachother and then the one that spoke to him earlier takes the liberty in replying. "Honey.. Mushi is on business in the Hidden Sand Village..she left a week ago. You..really aren't a nurse-in-training, are you?" she stares at the young man cluelessly.
Abel however would find himself wandering aimlessly through the hospital, finding room of patient after patient..most of which are miled cases of trauma to a limb or a doctors visit for some only gets worse earlier on as Abel wanders into the emergency center..soon after though, he's confronted by a doctor. "What are you doing here son?" he says with an affirmatively concerned tone. "You shouldn't be back here, does your mother know you're walking around alone?" the doctor steps forward and places his hand on Abel's shoulder as he speaks..moving to walk torwards the front of the hospital with a suggestive tug

After the doctor touched Abel shoulder Abel grabbed his hand."If you want to lose this hand touch me again."With a look of pain on the doctor face he let him go and bowed to the doctor."My bad lost my cool." Abel smiles the doctor fixed his glasses and holds his hand."I'm looking for Mushi…is she around?" With those words the doctor face grew serious and clutches his right fist."I'll asked again is Mushi around?" Abel scratched his head with is left hand and release tension with his right.

Nurse-Satoru sweatdrops at the nurse laughing and then the question…a meek and embarrased smile coming over his lips, clearly playing the part of incompetent male nurse-in-training. "N-no. I am… I'm just new and it seems people don't give me a break for it." A frown touches his lips and he stands, turning his back on them both before informing, "I should get back to work." He begins to walk toward the door, making his exit unless stopped by one of the female nurses.

Kirin keeps watch out front, noting atleast that one of the two ninja would have been able to determine something by now..his thoughts drift and he wonders how Hinotori and Enjou are fairing on their conjoined search. Satoru is able to get away without a commotion, surrendering an awkward moment and some curious boggling of a few village nurses. Abel on the other hand, is a step away from having security called..if it wasn't for Satoru walking down the hall in his convenient henge, this could be bad!
The doctor holds his hand in pain, "M..Mushi?! She isn't here! How dare you……. w-who the hell are you anyway?"

"Tsk if she isn't here then you don't need my name." With that Abel turns to walk to the door that brought him there, Requesting back up! Is the word Abel heard with that Abel looked at the doctor."Now I'm pissed. "With that Abel breaks into a full sprint down the hall way making sure to stop once he made it to the glass doors. When he walked out all he saw was Kirin with a smile and a jump Abel was in the tree. Three cops showed up and didn't see him and with a he got away Abel jumps down and lands next to Kirin."She's not his or that what the doctor told me." Abel scratches his head and smile at Kirin as he started to yawn slightly.

Nurse-Satoru continues to walk down the hallway, spotting the younger Uchiha making somewhat of a commotion; a light sigh coming from his lips in a show of tranquil-calmness. The mention of back-up only causes the henged Jounin to fill up with a little more aggrivation, but it clearly does not show… at all. With a single hand-seal, he stealthily disappears from sight and slips through the doors that the younger Uchiha opened….doing all this while in his 'super-speed' mode of Shunshin no Jutsu. A moment later and he comes out of the flickers, henged still before poofing into his original form; Uchiha Satoru. "What did your superior order you to do earlier," he asks, clearly aiming his attention toward their younger and less inexperienced clanmate. The stare is cold and dangerous, directly on Abel, and to say the least… he seems rather serious. "He told you to keep your composure and you did not. Please work on that…" A pause. "As for where our target is located… That would be Sunagakure. Our next destination, Kirin, correct?" A small smirk breaks that deadpan expression on his face, clearly pleased to be heading toward the Land of Wind; a country he has not visited in such a long time.

Arms crossed, Kirin stares on at the entrace..his eyes leveled at the doors. When Abel emerges, Kirin lightly raises an the Genin reports that Mushi is infact not here, Kirin sighs lightly..turning around so his back now faces the hospital. Kirin's eyes move to the left at the corner of his eye to look at Satoru as he flickers into view, his bangs blowing in the breeze..this territory near Sunagakure is known to be very windy, afterall. "Hidden Sand Village.. that's right." he admits calmly, "Lets head to the rendevous..Hinotori and Enjou should be en route about now, too." With that, Kirin breaks into a run in the direction of Sunagakure..traversing over a large open field and eventually he leaps into the forest; whisking from tree to tree.

### With no Mushi at her hospital locale in neutral territory, the Team moves onto Sunagakure.. ###

Its evening in the Land of Wind, with the sun just barely kissing the horizon. The days scorching heat is just starting to fade to bearable levels, and the driving winds of the angry hot desert are dying. Peacefulness comes at sunset and sunrise, and this is no different.
As anyone approaches or leaves Sunagakure, they would hear a haunting melody carrying over the still air. High clear notes played from a flute, a tune that is not Raikentas usual jaunty melody. Its slow, but speaks to the heart of anyone that hears it.
The music is coming from a figure perched on top of a sand dune. There is a very large, very menacing looking sword, almost 6 feet in length, stabbed down blade first into the ground. Using it almost like a recliner is a man, leaning his back into it and relaxing almost sprawled out. To his lips is held a flute, and his dextrous fingers are plying a tune from the instrument. His face is hidden by the folds of fabric around it, obscuring his identity. He is facing the sunrise, and in his lap is curled up a little ball of fur. A monkey, for someone with perceptive eyes. The figure has no identifiable village markings, yet very clearly has a plethora of weapons, scroll cases, and… well, that giant sword. Not someone to mess with, unless he has the ability to put on quite an act for being strong.

Walking from out of the village comes Rika, cloak still closed around herself so it is impossible to see just what is up with her hands or anything else for that matter. The young kunouichi seems to be heading in the general direction of where Raikenta is. The dying wind only further aids in making her look almost ethereal with the cloak, gliding across the sands towards that dune on which Raikenta is perched.
Once she makes it there, she pauses, waiuting to listen to the music and let him aknowledge her. Her gaze turning towards the sunset for a few moments, and then towards the desert around them as well, always staying as aware as she is able to.

After much travel, and not disrespectfully, going against the advise of the Kazekage himself to employ the use of a guide, a small group of individuals sporting black hooded cloaks can be seen making their way over one of the many dunes in sight of the village Hidden in the Sand.. five, if one would count their number to be at the lead, with three following behind in seeming formation; and one at the rear. From the grand scheme of things, or a birds eye perspective, one could see them traveling torwards the gates in a linear fashion. Though, about halfway they stop..and it's clear the figure on point is addressing the others. And then, two of the figures would break formation and head into a mad dash for the entrance of Sunagakure..while the remaining three continued in a walk, but in torwards the source of the strange, yet alluring melody.
After some time, they are within speaking distance..some fifteen feet away, they all stop..and the on-point figure takes a step forward. "Good evening entertainer, the desert is a harsh place. Might I buy a moment of your time?" he says loudly enough to be heard over the flute, his cloak doing an excellent job of concealing everything but his face.

Hearing the sound of the and seeing a beautiful women the young Genin blushed a bit at her beauty. The young genin quick snaped back when Kirin counted the number of people."Tsk this could go wrong better stay ready." Abel said to himself wearing his robe slightly diffrent then is Jounin leader. There is a slight cut in the middle for easy acess. Abel smirked as he looked around. "Damn its hot." Abel said loud enough for both Kirin and Satoru could hear.

The midnight cloaked figure at the back of the cell continues to move in order, completely covered by the cloth; looking much like an invert ghost… in a way. As the two at the side dash off toward Sunagakure, the figures take up their positions and continues to move behind the point-lead before coming into view…and soon after hearing the melody of the flute held by the well-equiped man. A look toward this person, an assessing one at that, he follows suit behind his teammates and stops when the leader speaks. For now, he remains quiet, watching the scenario from behind his cloak's hood.

As Rika approached the flutist, the long notes flutter quickly. His hand had been raised towards her, and he waggled his fingers in greeting at her. An interesting little adaption to the song, but it permitted Raikenta to wave hello to one of the few people that had earned the title 'friend' from him.
As the trio approach the swordsman from behind, he doesn't seem to either…. mind, or react. Or maybe even notice. When he is spoken too, the song slowly dies off on a long note. Eventually, the flute is lowered to his lap, and one gloved hand strokes Saru.
Without even turning, the figure speaks softly. "What coin are you giving for my time?" He asks. Rika could see his face, and the amused expression on it. Raikenta had no use for coin, but the interesting term of 'buying' his time was amusing to him. "And for what purpose?" He rises slowly to his feet, reaching up and affixing the facewrap back around his features.
He nods towards Rika as she gets closer, the swordsman picking up his large blade from the sand and hanging it on the ropes on his back that keep it in place. His faded eyes examine the three figures behind him. "Shinobi?" He would say softly, after eyeing the three. "You are a long way from Konohagakure. What mission brings you to Sunagakure?" Interesting question coming from someone with no identifiable village markings.

"Mmm?" Rika asks, her head tilting to the side as she reaches into her cloak to hold out a bowl with something else, covered. Obviously bought from a food stand of some sort. "Another food you might not have tried yet. It's noodles, rice, onions, and a spicy tomato sauce. Very nutritious. Very common to bring on missions for that reason."
Anything further she would say is cut off by the arrival of the Konoha ninja. "Konoha?" Rika seems more suspicious than Raikenta, then again… she has a visible protector too, worn as a clasp for her cloak of sorts, thus more of a collar and neckguard than forehead. But obvious nonethless. Her eyes dart between the three, seemingly sizing them up, remaining narrowed. "I echo my companion's question." She adds,

His lips tightly together, a grin creeps onto Kirin's face when the flute playing man replies. "Surely, my conversation is worth more than any sum of gold." he says straight away, his eyes lazily drifting to the large sword as it's handled and set aside. The third question doesn't surprise him, denizens are always curious. Though, such an inquisitive individual is bound to be the paralell, a knowledgeable one. "Well, shutsuensha-san," Kirin's hand raises from under his cloak to move behind his head, a moment after his forehead protector falls with a swipp and he catches it with the same hand..and it disappears within his cloak once more. "I'm looking for someone important to me, a good friend you would surely say. Nikumari Mushi.." Kirin moves to cross his arms under his cloak, though only some subtle movements could perhaps leave one to believe as much. Glancing at Rika, Kirin eyes her from head to toe..resuming his glance in Raikenta's direction.

Abel trying to stay focus but its not working Abel keep looking at the woman. "Tsk why did she have to be here," That changed once he saw the big guy grab his sword. Now all eyes was on him and her as he watched him to make sure he didn't do anything."Damnit why do she have to be so pretty." Abel was torn at who to look at but its not working until he took a deep breath now his eyes show passion to find the healer for his friend.

The actions of the people around him do nothing to bring a sound from the fully-cloaked individual, though due to the other two having their forehead protectors out for show, it is pretty clear the mysterious figure is one of them as well. Why would they be traveling with anyone else? His dark brown eyes drift toward the woman for a moment, his stare quickly assessing her before looking back to flute-wielder, his attention fully on him. "Focus." This is the only word that comes from the fully cloaked individual, the hood somewhat in the direction of Abel, most likely giving him an order or something along those lines. After a long pause, his attention turns back to the other swordsman and the voice comes from behind the hood again, "That sword. If it was to disappear…would you be able to 'part with it and go on with your life?" That was a random question..

Raikenta smiles towards Rika, taking the offered bowl. "Thank you." He says softly as he shifts to stand close to her. Seeing how Abel is eyeing her, the shinobi takes one step forward, partially placing a shoulder and his form in front of Rika. "Is there a problem?" He asked softly, perhaps trying to cement in Abels mind which of the two the Konohagakure-nin should be focusing on.
His attention then turns to Kirin. "You said you wanted to buy my time. Prying me for answers is not buying my time." He says simply, "If you are here on shinobi business you'll wish to report yourselves to the Sunagakure authorities. I'd recommend you keep identifiying protector on, shinobi. I'm sure reports will quickly be made about your presence." He notably though, still does not have a forehead protector on.
"As for who you are looking for, never heard of them." Whether he is lying or not isn't easily discernible. He looked towards Satoru. "That depends Shinobi. If your head were to disappear, would you be able to part with it and go on your life?" He didn't shift or move an inch, but the threatening glint in his voice might cause considation to be taken in dealing with him.

Rika's expression looks impish at Raikenta's response to the Konoha shinobi. Another bowl of whatever it is is retrieved from somewhere in the folds of her cloak along with a set of chopsticks as Rika takes the lid off and begins to take a bite of it, not responding immediately to the Konoha ninja. And quite obviously not even a second look towards Abel, instead the other two at least get something more of a look.
"Mushi? No. I've never heard that name before myself. Though it is a big village." By desert standards, "So it is possible someone is there." She pauses for a few beats, shoveling a bit more of her food to her mouth via her chopsticks. "Though as my companion said, you'd best report to the proper authorities at the gates. You will understand that a party of Shinobi from your nation will be kept under the strictest observation."

Kirin looks to Abel as Raikenta steps infront of Rika, and his eyes move to meet Raikenta's as he's once again addressed. "My wishes are my own and I do keep them close, shutsuensha-san. My forehead protector.. is an open symbol of my loyalty to the village hidden in the leaves, and as such I am shown to act in my villages image." Kirin glances to Rika and hears her out, though he doesn't offer a reply just yet. "You have no alleigance, shutsuensha-san? You are just.. a familiar face to the people here?" - "Hnf." Kirin shifts his eyes back to Raikenta as he mentions having never heard of Mushi, and then between him and Satoru as the verbal exchange is made. "Please mind your tone, you know not to whom you speak." Kirin half-turns away in the direction of Sunagakure..turning his head lightly to the right as to keep facing Raikenta. "Your wisdom is yours to keep, but be not mistaken friend, you bear no mark of a hidden forsake your saving grace. I would recommend caution in the presence of Uchiha, friend. My colleague would just as soon torture you for information with your own sword." Kirin finishes calmly, one would not think he was speaking a sentiment short of complacency from his tone.

At the sweet voice of the female ninja. "Man if that ugly bastard wasn't up there in my view." Abel released a breath as he pulled off his hood and shook his hair that bounce perdectly even and beautiful like. "I to eat something." Abel pulled out a energy bar his mother packed for him a couple of days ago and started to eat the bar.

Satoru listens to what has to be said, but his full attention is on the answer to his own question, causing a smirk to creep onto his lips, though this is unseen due to the hood's cover. "That depends. Will there be any forbidden jutsu used to keep life from escaping my decapitated form?" His voice is neutral, completely devoid of any hositility, but then a low laugh comes from the cloaked figure. "I asked you that question for one reason. To measure the amount of pride and honor you hold within that large blade…" A dead silent pause, save for the blowing of the winds of the desert. "But if you're so eager to fight, I'd have no problem making /your/ head disappear, but I can clearly tell.. you are at a disadvantage." This time, there is a hint of pleasure and excitement, one that shows he has no problem with action and combat…a ninja true to the bloody age of war.

Raikenta stares coldly at Abel. He looks at Abel for a long, long moment. Then he turns to Rika, "Did he just call a masked man ugly?" The swordsman shakes his head, before looking back and snorting laughter softly, shaking his head again. He directs his next words to Satoru, "A disadvantage…?" He says with some amusement, "You are the stranger on foreign lands, not I. You are the one with no idea who you face."
"I'm a familiar face to people in many places." The swordsman says calmly to Kirin. "No village is my home." He says calmly. "And if your colleague thinks torture is even worth the effort, he is beneath me." The swordsman shakes his head softly, "You travel in the companionship of a self-idolizing diva," The Swordsman makes a motion at Abel, "Who is so infatuated at the sight of a female that he loses control of his tongue… Or perhaps he is always so looselipped." He then points to Satoru, "And on the other hand, you travel with someone foolish enough to challenge a complete stranger that he knew nothing about. If this is the company you choose to travel with Kirin, I truthfully hope they -forcefully- were assigned to you. They are disgraces to be called shinobi, and should never have been let outside of the village you call your home. And you can't keep them in control, so you are not fit to call yourself a leader."
Raikenta shakes his head softly, settling back lightly in his stance as he finishes his rebuttal.

Rika's eyes snap between Abel and Satoru then, narrowed. Even hard now. She continues to eat her meal though, silent as can be. Then she looks once more to Kirin, "My apologies. But I think it is in the best interest of my village that you not be allowed in. You may approach the gates, and request water - which will be supplied, and you may request rations for the return as well. We are not unkind, but that is the extent the hospitality of the desert requires. You have composed yourself with some honor, but the other two are shaming your village immensely and I do not believe they can be trusted to compose themselves honorably within our walls."
"Your genin? He lacks maturity and is quick to throw out an insult. He needs to learn discipline, and to judge people for more than their curves." She says, and then looks to Satoru, "And you must be a fool." She says this quite bluntly. "That a ninja could be crassly able to underestimate someone bearing a sword like that shocks me. Logic alone should tell you anyone carrying such a weapon in the open is not afraid to use it, nor unable. Never someone to take so lightly." Throughout it all she remains casual. "So to you," Back to Kirin, "I am sorry. But as a Jounin of my country, I judge it unsafe to allow you in."

Kirin does the polite thing, and allows Raikenta and Rika both to speak their peace about everything they wish..all the while he calmly listens. Though, instead of turning to head on torwards Sunagakure..he pivots on his right foot..and his left moves around to face the Suna kunoichi and Raikenta once more. He raises both hands and pulls back his hood as he completes the movement. "I see." .. Kirin looks to Raikenta's large sword, looking as if he's lost in thought..or contemplative, to an above average degree..though he continues to speak. "I like you shutsuensha-san. But it is not your words or your garb. A subtle hint of your chakra, that you seem so intent to conceal. Home is where the heart is, don't they say? Words are but air and so we all breathe, your days must be dull flute in hang amongst rocks and sand to concern yourself so with my business. I did all but bid you good day and compliment your instruments noise..but yet as I presume your intelligence you insult yourself by assuming my ability." Kirin sighs loudly, closing his eyes. He opens them again, "Though even so, there are few with such stature left unbroken in these times, shutsuensha-san. A warrior knows a warrior. Perhaps a dance, between us under the setting sun, would alleviate your discomfort?" Kirin's arms uncross, as much can be noted from the movement under his cloak.

Hearing the word of the female nin Abel drops to his knees and drops his head."Please forgive me for the way I acted…I need to get in your village for my friend!" Abel takes a deep breath as he got ready to say something else."Please I know sometime my eyes wonder and that I say things i shouldn't but please allow use to enter and find the healer that is needed to heal my friend." This is the first time Abel has every did this you can hear the sorrow in his voice as he keep asking.

Satoru remains quiet, still behind the cloak as the pair throw out insults toward the both, something he finds amusing to say the least… at least when it concerns him. "Isn't that calling the kettle black, wanderer-san?" A moment later and he lowers his hood, revealing the average looking face below, no longer hiding his identity. "All I'm going to say is… I was threatened and reacted accordingly. If I'm a fool, then he is one as well" A sleeved arm raises, the hand completely covered, pointing directly at the wandering swordsmen. It then lowers and his attention goes toward the other Uchiha Jounin, listening to him speak before firmly shaking his head. "I'm not going to wait around. If you're going to fight with someone who was quick to threaten me due to a simple statement devoid of any hostility, then I'm moving on ahead." He turns toward the pair and states, "I respect your opinion, Suna-san, though our kage and your own have already made arrangements for our arrival. I will check in with the guards at the gate…regardless if you view me as a fool or not. I said my peace…" He then slightly bows and turns, beginning to walk toward Sunagakure.

Hearing the word of the female nin Abel drops to his knees and drops his head."Please forgive me for the way I acted…I need to get in your village for my friend!" Abel takes a deep breath as he got ready to say something else."Please I know sometime my eyes wonder and that I say things i shouldn't but please allow use to enter and find the healer that is needed to heal my friend." This is the first time Abel has every did this you can hear the sorrow in his voice as he keep asking.

Raikenta listens himself to Kirin, before shaking his head. "As the most mature of your group shinobi, and the only one that seems to know what respect is, I can say that you are the most favorable of your trio. But, I will not dance with you. In either sense of the word." Raikenta doesn't speak as flowery as Kirin it would seem. As the mans hood comes down, Raikenta gets a good luck at his face, committing it to memory.
As Abel drops to a knee, suddenly contrite and apologetic, Raikenta just raises a hand to his forehead. He looks over his shoulder at Rika again, but he doesn't say a word. The expression in his eyes should speak volumes of what he is thinking.
"You can call me whatever color you want, making idle comments about taking my sword from me is as much a threat as me telling you I'll take your head from you. Mind your words next time." As Satoru starts to walkk towards Sunagakure, Raikenta simply looks at Rika curiously. He isn't about to stop a marked villages shinobi from entering a village that isn't his own.

"You may wait if you wish." Rika says to Satoru, "But I assure you, the gate guards, as well as the Council will accept my advice. We do not take kindly to troublemakers. And to my impressions, you were the ones who started with the hostility. So you would be better served getting your order for water and food placed before you go so you can use the majority of the night to travel back to avoid the heat of day."
Rika looks to the genin then. "When you are on a diplomatic mission, everything you do reflects upon your village. That said, if it had been just you, I would only have rolled my eyes. It was your superior's actions that have denied the entrance. His first words were a blatant challenge to a guest of mine, and my village, and thus indicates a possible threat to the security of my village."
And finally, back to Kirin, "As for you, now you level a challenge at a guest, being we are outside of the village, I may not have to deny the permission, but I will say that failure to rescind it will reflect poorly on you. As it stands, your genin's words, looking for a healer, is an honorable thing. I -may- still be inclined to perhaps see if this Mushi is willing to go, should they be in the village at all. Though I am even more convinced that denying entrance to you was the right move, your demeanor is far too aggressive for a mission of mercy. A definite destabilizing influence in the village."

Satoru continues to walk, hearing the wanderer speak which causes him to stop, his back completely toward him. "You misunderstood my question then, wanderer-san…" His head turns, those dark brown eyes looking over his shoulder toward the other swordsman. "…I asked it and was looking to see how you'd reply. I wasn't expecting hostility, but even that threat showed me the trust you put into that large blade. I apologize if you felt it was a threat, but I did not intend it to be." A look goes over toward the Suna Jounin, listening to her speak and then he firmly nods, before replying, "Suna-san. I explained my part of the misunderstanding. This can be put behind us. It was all a big misunderstanding…" An idle look toward the Genin and the other Jounin, before looking toward Rika… "Please allow me to enter and search for Mushi-san. Her skills are needed in rescuing someone's life. I ask you to ignore the misunderstanding and, in the least, allow me to enter your village. As a fellow shinobi loyal to their village, please look past all of this and realize I am in search of this person…not for me, but for the Leaf."

Looking on at Raikenta, Kirin subtley smiles as Raikenta declines the dance, though was clear from Raikenta's first response he was not about money, and his own man; things that intrigued Kirin..his personality while enigmatic as those who boast such, is almost predictably curious. "I see, shutsuensha-san." Kirin bows his head lightly, inwardly pleased at how much he's learned about this..very interesting swordsman. As he raises his eyes to meet Raikenta's once again from the bow, he can't help but notice the studying if, he was taking a note of ones face. Kirin grins..returning the long stare. "Why settle with memories when I could learn your name, shutsuensha-san? I have no doubt a future meeting would do no less than entertain me." he adds, alluding both to a possible showmanship of skills, and of course, Raikenta's skill with an instrument. Though, Abel dropping to the ground in tears snaps his attention hence..and his grin disappears. He looks on with everyone else, and before next..Satoru was saying his peace, even for an Uchiha, Satoru's strong warrior blood and intense conditioning for success made him easily on edge, and for good reason. Kirin simply stares on at Satoru as he begins walking to Sunagakure, watching on as he eventually stops and continues speaking..meanwhile Kirin silently raises his hood once more to cover his face, his hands falling back to his sides.

As everyone else got ready to move. However Abel refused to move. "Please lets use in or at least Kirin." The ground under Abel soak with tears."Please you have to!" Abel pressed hard on the ground. Abel pressed his lip against his teeth as he tried to hold it all togeather."My friend really needs this its my fault he is like this..If I go back with out her then he will never get better." Abel pause and looked at her with tear soaked eyes as he asked again.

Raikenta shakes his head softly at Abel, and shifts towards Rika. He leans in close to her, his head beside her ear as he speaks. When he murmurs, only she could pick up his words. "Sure seem contrite when they aren't going to get what they want." He whispers.
He straightens back up, looking at Satoru and shaking his head again softly. "If you test someone with words that are construed as a threat, shinobi, you can't be surprised by receiving hostility as a reply. As Kirin asks for a name, Raikenta just smiles faintly. "Under the circumstances, shinobi, I suspect giving you my name wouldn't be in my best interests. Someday if I feel you earn it, perhaps you'll get it. As you've called me, I'm a wanderer. I may be in Konohagakure some day." Not very bloody likely considering this encounter.
"You've embarassed yourself enough Konoha-genin." He says softly, "Stop grovelling and get to your feet. And wipe your damn eyes." Raikenta felt -bad- for how Abel was carrying himself. "She already said if she can find the person you are looking for, she'll relay the message."

Rika looks at the boy first, smirking. "Your age is not that different from your companions, or my own." She says, almost coldly, even mockingly. "Yet I see the hardness you apparently never experienced lacking. The only ones you'd probably be a threat to are the non-ninja girls." She smirks a bit, then shakes her head. "But that is for your own teammates to discipline or teach. I know by your age I was far more than that. Death? That is part of the Ninja World."
Rika shrugs then, and next looks to Satoru, an equally cold look on her face as she continues to regard him - though perhaps, just perhaps a bit of amusement at the sudden change of heart too. "The real question, Konoha-kun," the use of the diminutive in this case seems almost to have a slight bit of impish derision in it, especially with her enunciation of each syllable. "Is how serious do you mean that?" She doesn't seem entirely convinced. Though looks to Kirin, "As for you, Konoha-san" She pauses, a long pause, taking a few bites her food before finally continuing by beckoning to a place in the lee of a large rock and near one of the sliff walls. "Your team may not enter. But given the nature of your mission I'll compromise by advising you to camp there. It'll be the most protected part near the village from the heat of day and any potential sandstorms. I'll pass the message along, and bring this to the attention of the Council. In the interests of diplomacy."

"You construed them as a threat. It was a misunderstand on both our parts." Satoru simply says, looking at the wanderer and then toward Abel, delivering a single nod to him. "Stop it, Abel-san. That isn't behavior fit for a shinobi…let alone an Uchiha." A sigh escapes his lips, though his expression becomes deadpan soon after, his attention back on the Suna-nin…waiting to hear her response to his request. When she speaks and, in his eyes, puts him down using a rather formal honorific… he inwardly sighs, his serious and calm expression never fading. "That is your decision. I know I am very serious in what I said, but no matter what else I say to concrete it into your own mind, it'll be your choose in the end. I will set camp where you pointed out, but please hurry up and deliver the message to your council…" A small bow is delivered, keeping his cool despite the disrespect, and before they could reply…he is walking toward the area pointed out by the girl.

"You don't understand this is something that we where givin….I like the help I really do but please allow me to get her.This is personal." Abel stood and wiped his face."my best friend has be hurt due to my lack if control and this is a test for me and until I get her I'll stay right her and wait." Abel stood with red eyes as he looked into their faces.Abel now cluting his fist as he looked at them. As burst of wind blow by as it signaled his pride and determination on finding the healer for his friend. "And if you think death is part of the ninja world then your right….I made up my mind that death is the ninja world and I wll walk and sink into darkness for my village and my friends!" Abel barked again."If you guys wanna go you can but I'm staying right here damnit!"

### Some time later… Mush is encountered!! ###

For the past few days, Mushi had heard of a commotion outside of Suna. But it seemed a bloodless conflict and so Mushi largely ignored it. Some of the Leaf shinobi were even allowed inside the walls, so it clearly wasn't a fight going on. So in the end it wasn't rumors that drew Mushi forth, but merely a day of gathering. There were alot of interesting plants hardy enough to grow in the desert, and if she took some time to pick them she wouldn't have to buy them in an overpriced store within Suna. Nor would she have to filch from their gardens. Mushi had plenty of money to live off of for quite some time, but she was a frugal person by nature, and so it's with a large sack, a trowel, and some shears that Mushi sets out. Rather than her usual white coat and buttoned clothes she's wearing a shawl wrapped around her head for shade, and a loose robe. And already a half hour out walking she"s already found a looming rock a few miles from Suna to sit under for shade. It's too hot, though by all means she should have grown used to this. It's just that she had come from a naturally cool, humid climate. She ought to have come at nighttime, but she thought herbs would be easier to spot during the day. Or perhaps she should just return to the gardens and take a few after all.

About to give on their mission when Abel tried one more time to enter the village. After being turned away. After seeing this lady walk out of the village gate he looked at her.Without knowing it for sure Abel was sure that he has seen her once before. With a quick step he ran to Kirin."Hey I think it's her! I think its Mushi lets follow her!" Trying to hold back his excitement he jumped in the air as he waited for Kirin next move. With two blinks he was now sure of himself that he has seen her before but he just can't remember where.

Standing a stone vigil at the entrance to the village hidden in the sand, Kirin's feet remain mere inches from the shadow cast by the huge stone wall allowing a narrow gap into the heart of the village. His cloak wildly flapping in the onsetting wind not unusual to this region, Kirin wears a half frown on his face..his arms firmly crossed. He's been standing here for hours on end..overseeing this mission, while the utmost of triviality..has proved a draining task in its own right. When Abel runs up to him, Kirin doesn't's just the calm before the storm, the storm of scolding that Abel would recieve for breaking away from jutsu exercise without permission. At the plead, Kirin sighs lightly.. thinking this might actually be a real lead. Turning his head lightly to bring the boy into view, "…Lets go." Kirin turns with a whirl of his cloak..breaking into a dash afterwards. "Pick up the pace!" Kirin reminds, kicking off faster in the direction of the same individual who simply just strolled by him without a word not long before.

Mushi is pressing her back to the rock, trying to stay in the shade as much as possible. But she doesn't fail to hear the shouts and then the sound of running. She opens her half closed eye and sees two people dashing towards her! They're looking at her! And they're definitely moving at such a pace as to be shinobi. She had thought this conflict wasn't about a fight! Her reaction is pretty immediate and understandable. She bounds to her feet and makes a run for it back to Suna, though making sure to keep a tight grip on her gathering supplies. She can be fast when she wants to. "Never shoulda left Suna," she mutters, still making a mad dash back.

After seeing her make a dash back all Abel could say is "shit!" After seeing this Abel being to think on the run. After coming an thought he took in a deep breath."Hey Mushi right your remember me you healed my at the hospital! And I need you to heal my frined Diachi!" Abel tried to speed up but was out of breath so he kept his normal speed as he ran after her.

About a half hour into the desert at cruise speed on the trail of the suspected objective, Kirin's eyes stare at the ground as it scrolls by underfoot..his attention snapping to Abel as he exlaims; only then does he raise his eyes to see Mushi..taking flight in..the same direction they came from? Moving into a stop, hood drawn up and all..Kirin just stares out from under his cloak, he doesn't even move to stop Abel as he calls out..instead he watches the shrouded indiviual race past back torwards the direction of Sunagakure. "I think that's her too, Abel."
Turning around, Kirin breaks into a dash once more after Mushi..and without too much of a struggle, Kirin manages to catch up with her. Raising his right hand into a seal as he runs, Kirin begins to glow a light blue..the very chakra he summons with nonchalance seen even to the naked eye. "Nikumari Mushi? The Hokage calls upon your healing skill." Kirin yells out, moving side-by-side with the shrouded figure, loud enough to drown out the wind or even any rather loud thoughts.

When Kirin catches up with her, Mushi hisses, "I know!" It seems she can't outrun this person. When Kirin tells her of their mission, Mushi skids to a halt. She's looking with a distinctly unfriendly expression at Kirin. "My healing skills…" she says. She considers bluffing it, but then she sees the other form catching up to them. She recognizes his face. She turns back to Kirin and says, "I'm afraid I can't come. I don't plan on allying myself to any village…and any medic-nin whose been trained in one of the great shinobi villages is better than a volunteer healer like me."

Hearing the part when she said she can't come Abel grabbed her softly still trying to hold himself from getting pissed."My friend really needs your help…Please help me once more…Please." Abel smiles as he looked her in the face. Abel takes a deep breath and looked at Kirin and back at Mushi.

As Mushi stops, Kirin does aswell..he turns to face her immedietly. As soon as she repeats his question, he knows it's her. Kirin reaches up to pull back his hood when Mushi looks to notice Abel running to catch up, not far away at all..atleast in time to hear the last bit of what she said in reply. Tugging aside his cloak, it falls away to reveal Kirin's anyone who cared to notice, it would be obvious this is no person of small stature. "I see," Kirin says calmly, closing his eyes slowly. "The Hokage praised you as one of the finest healers to survive the ninka clan wars. ..And only with the most skilled within the Fire Country, could you both bring back Diachi, a young Genin of our village." Kirin adds, opening his eyes to regard Mushi..he studies her face, trying to understand exactly what she could be thinking. At a length, "If need be, your journey can be one in secret. It may seem frivolous to you, Mushi-sama, but your final decision will decide many things. I will not force you to come."

Abel would try to touch her before a strange force field would simply block him from coming close. She looks surprised when Kirin seems to know some of her background. Then her eyes narrow. "Bring back…as in from the dead?" she says. "No one can do that." She sighs and runs her fingers through her hair distractedly. "So this is what the commotion was about—me? It's not a frivolous thing to heal anyone if your boy is in need of healing, but if you can take this long to help him he's within a stable condition and thus within anyone's capability of healing." She crosses her arms. "Let me ask you. What were the Hokage's instructions? To bring me in no matter what or to ask, and if I should refuse, you'd be off. Because I have many important things to do here, and someone I can't simply waltz out on."

Abel runs into the forcefield with a rather startled reaction, dropping to the ground into a sob, in between pleading for Mushi to come for the sake of Diachi. Looking ahead at Mushi, Kirin sighs lightly..the wind blowing his bangs into the sky along with his loose hair..his eyes drifting to Abel for a moment. "Abel and Diachi were sparring, and Diachi was grieviously injured. Terrible burns, but I am unaware of the details concerning his condition. I do know however," Kirin's eyes lazily but deliberately shift back to Mushi, "Senju Hashiramako of Konohagakure personally asked me to request your assistance in good will and in her stead, for the common sake of a life to be saved. It's known you do not descriminate upon patients. If you have more urgent business.. there is nothing further I can say.." - "It is your decision."

Mushi hardly looks at Abel. It's Kirin she's paying most attention to. She listens attentively to the condition of the boy, but afterwards she seems to half zone out. The name of their Hokage does provoke a light sigh. Then she'd stuff her shears and trowel into the bag she's carrying. Just when she was starting to get to know a few people in the village, and had actually found a wonderful sensei, duty called. She sighs. "There are talented healers at my Medical Center too," she says. "Just north of the Wave Country. It would have been a shorter journey, and it's deliberately in Neutral Territory so you wouldn't have to go through this hassle of trying to get through the Sand Village." Mushi would glance back at the village and ask, "What's your name?"

Abel eventually stops crying and gets involved into Mushi's reply, looking between her and Kirin as they converse. "..We went there to look for you first, before coming here to Sunagakure. It has been very difficult to find you, I was under the impression from the Hokage and how eager Abel is to help Diachi..this was important enough for everyones effort. I trust the Hokage's insight into this, Mushi-sama. You must be more skilled than you are surrendering to me." Kirin pauses a moment, not hesitating to reply once the question is asked. "My name is Uchiha Kirin." - "His condition surely warrants your skill, whether to save his life or ensure it continues without a serious disability. Perhaps he can still continue to be a shinobi."

Mushi glances back at the village again. "It's not about that," she says distractedly. "But I've met a few people, and leaving right now would break more than one promise…" She gives a shrug and then would turn back to Kirin with a rueful smile. "So you went all the way to my place and all my lazy friends sent you to me? Well then, I'll go get my stuff. I'll be able to leave within the hour; meet me back here. And then I'll see if I can help Diachi. I won't make any promises though." She turns and starts to head back to Suna at a brisk walk, though muttering audibly, "Maybe I can get out without her noticing… nice clean break. She'll understand."

Having been doing the job that was asked of him, he was given word that the others needed him at their location. He didn't have much in regards of stuff, but he gathered what he needed and reported to the guide that was to escort him out of the village. Bowing his head at his escort, he was taking from the village and to where his teacm was, "Thank you." he says to them. Not responding, Hinotori shrugs and walks over to where Kirin and Mushi were talking. "Sorry I'm late Kirin-sensei." he says as he stands at attention, "Hello Suna-san." he says to Mushi and he bows his head to her.

Kirin nods lightly as Mushi explains, when she more or less agrees to help save Diachi..Kirin's half frown, well..a straight face. "Thank you on behalf of Konoha, Mushi-sama." Kirin bows his head lightly, just as a certain someone would have found him and Abel. Raising his head from the bow, Kirin nods to Hinotori. "Hinotori-san, it was.. arduous, but, Mushi-sama here has agreed to see Diachi. From hereafter, it is your top priority to make sure she remains safe from any harm. You may also assist her as you see fit, so long as it doesn't reduce your ability to keep her safe." Kirin moves his hand into a seal, just as Abel would pop up and more or less hammer Kirin with questions ranging from "What about me?" to "What do I do?" - Kirin looks over to Abel, "Abel, follow Hinotori-senpai. Hinotori-san… have Satoru take him and meet me at the rendevous, once you and Mushi leave Sunagakure for the final time." With the last word, Kirin would flicker away amongst a swirl of white feathers..his signature aesthetic to body flicker technique.

Stretching out as the two conversed, but when given his orders Hinotori looks over to Abel then back to Kirin and bows his head. "It will be done. No harm will come to her and whatever assistance Mushi-sama needs I will be there to assist." he says then looks to Mushi-sama and bows his head. "Whenever your ready, we can get moving." he smiles to her. He turns to face her fully, "I'm Uchiha Hinotori." he states his name and waits for her to head back into the village.

### The team afterwards return to Konoha with Mushi safely, and Diachi is able to be treated along with her and Kitai's collective skill! ###

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