First Promotion Exams - Fire Flower: Sabaku vs. Rise


Miu, Rise, Sabaku

Date: February 3, 2012


Rise and Sabaku meet up in round one of the Chuunin Exam Tournament

"First Promotion Exams - Fire Flower: Sabaku vs. Rise"

Sunadome Arena

Sunadome Arena - Fighting Ring [Sunagakure]
From the ground floor of the arena, one can truly get a sense of the sheer size and spectacle of the place. At its widest point, the colosseum is nearly a mile in circumference, and the domed ceiling is roughly fifty stories overhead. Needless to say, trying to take it all in can be dizzying. The floor of the arena is made up of a number of massive rolling sand dunes, about a hundred fifty feet tall at their tallest point. In the very center of the arena, a simple, well manicured lawn of green, rather like an oasis, marks the primary battle spot. The lawn is a little larger than a standard boxing arena, and is even equipped with a small pond, no more than five feet across.

Sunadome Arena - Lobby - (SAL) [Sunadome Arena - Lobby]
Rise stands before you at an astonishing 4'6" for a child her age with light tan skin tone virtually blemish free except along her back, forearms, and knuckles. In the case of the latter of the three, years spent pushing her body to the limit has left the flesh upon it looking scarred and torn despite given time enough to heal. In the case of the former, A strange, archaic, circular kanji seems branded more than tattooed onto the same space much Rise's shoulder plates occupy. Her hair is smooth and black yet naturally streaked midnight blue, and is cut in such a way to just be barely shoulder length while roughly framing the girl's well rounded face. Heterochromatic eyes (Left Eye: Blood Red, Right Eye: Forest Green) lie partially shadowed beneath roughly cut bangs, and never seem to linger on one object or another for long, hinting at heightened levels of paranoia in the girl if not a predisposition for tracking fast paced movements. Her teeth is the last most notable feature on Rise, for like many of those who dwell in the Land of Water, they bear in shape a resemblance to that of a shark's own.

In regards to Rise's typical wardrobe and accessories, Rise has turned to wearing a double layer of clothing. Most likely if speculated by another, to hide a body comprised of clearly defined muscles hidden initially beneath only by a skin tight, black sleeveless leotard and white fighters guaze wrapped from just below elbows all the way down to her knuckles. A cloud camo, long sleeve jacket with dark brown fur lining the collar and a hood as well as similiar style pants overlap the leotard. A back pouch with all her ninja needs (though in shorter supply compared to most shinobi) is strapped to a dark grey leather belt. A black clothed headband announcing her loyaty to Kumogakure is loosely tied around her neck, and black ninja sandals adorn her feet. Aside from the basic shinobi weapons kept within her back pouch, Rise also sports three seperate types of knives on her person. A combat knife kept sheathed and strapped to her left side on her belt, her father's hunting knife on the opposing side, and an almost needle thin knife secreted away within a hidden compartment in Rise's shoes.

Sunadome first round fights of the Genin Exams! Safe to say people are excited, mostly because of the Uchiha name in the brackets and one of these lovely contestants would be the one to face her! Despite people riding the Uchiha bandwagon there was at least some anticipation for the two fighters in this match, namely Sabaku no Hana since she was actually part of the village that was hosting this event, so there was certainly no surprise for the large crowd gathered here tonight.
Oddly enough the first person to walk out on the field had nothing to do with Sunagakure, it would appear they were doing guest proctors? Perhaps sending one in from a random village to avoid bias of sorts? Those were a few of the reasons people instantly made up as a Hyuuga strolled into the center of the ring with a smile and a wave.
"Greetings, Sunadome goers! I don't want to drag this out any longer after the ceremonies and the Kazekage's entertaining demonstration of the barriers at work." Miu's Byakugan activates and she scopes out the waiting rooms to spot of the contestants were ready.
Miu would nod to herself and then call up, "First up, Sabaku no Hana!" She'd wait for the crowd to do as they pleased, just smiling through it all before eventually raising up her hand for silence. "…and her opponent, Shirokiri Rise!" Now to wait for the two to show up.
Sabaku emerges on to the ring, dressed in her desert nomad wardrobe, only her eyes and hands exposed really. She steps to the ring edge and bows to Miu, then towards Rise when she emerges, before stepping fully into the ring and out into the open, heading to Miu and the center of the ring, saying nothing but waiting for the match to get an official start, and focusing some chakra as she does so, preparing as it were for the battle to come.
Rise is still wrapping the last of her gauze around her hand by the time Miu peeks into the combatant waiting area. Her hands trembling from the excitement and her heart racing at the sound of the crowd. "Just like last time.." She murmured to herself before rising to her feet and checking her supplies one last time in route to leaving the arena.
Where as Sabaku saw fit to arrive in her nomad clothing, Rise chose only to forgo her usual jacket and pants for just the leotard, her headband tied in its proper place for a change, and a blood red muffler secreting the lower half of her face. "Guess will finally get to see what'd happen back at the caves if we did fight.. neh?", She asks after a quick bow before she started to bounce from one foot to the next.
"Oh?" Miu's eyes follow Sabaku as she comes in close, nothing said to the child as she didn't seem to be a fan of it. Byakugan keeping an eye on Rise until she managed to make her way out. "Nice to see so many kunoichi making it to this part of the exam, hrm… one moment please." Miu's hands slip out from within the sleeves of the kimono, one revealing one of her favorite kiseru while the other produces a lit match.
A few puffs to get it started as she exams the two even further, one building up quite a bit of chakra while the other just bounces around. "Hrm… don't forget the barrier around us is very powerful, quite a few ninja are straining themselves to maintain it, so don't be afraid to go all out." While she does appear to say this to both of them, Miu's eyes shift right to Rise after this is said. Her teeth grip onto the end of the pipe and she flashes a grin.

"I'm sure you've taken that into account though, getting so far." She takes another long drag, as if dragging this out to mess with the kids. A veeeeery slow exhale follows and she raises her free hand into the air. "Ready?" The hand drops along with an audible, "Begin!"
Sabaku watches Miu, listening as she tenses under her robes, ready, perhaps even nervous about starting this match in front of a crowd. She glances towards Rise, her pale blue eyes oddly covered in almost a white-ish film as she narrows the eyes. As the proctor says 'Begin' Sabaku takes a hop back and waits for Rise to make the first move, "I guess we will." She finally says, replying to what Rise said earlier. Sabaku is in a defensive posture at the moment, wary it seems of what might come her way. But she seems willing to let Rise get in the first attack.
Rise eyes remain solely focused on Sabaku throughout Miu's speech. She did at least give the proctor a nod in reply to her last statement before turning back to Sabaku. When no attacks come following Sabaku's own reply, Rise wastes not another moment before exploding forward in a leaping roundhouse kick aimed for the nomad's face. As soon as she lands, Rise is right steps right back in. This time with her combat knife drawn for a few test slash aimed mostly towards her opponents hands.
Sabaku dodges back, trying to avoid the strikes. She manages to avoid the roundhouse kick, and she avoids some of the slashes but one manages to cut her. She cringes as a few drops of blood hit the arena floor, but makes no noise otherwise. She eyes Rise and then makes a quick set hand seals and pulls down the scarf over her mouth as she spits out a series of quick fire darts, each one rather small compared to some of the greater Fire attacks, clearly a low level fire release technique at best, but this is just the start as the two try to feel out each other.
In letting the excitement of drawing first blood get to her, Rise paniaced when Sabaku's counter attack began. Burning her energy reserves in evading at higher level, and failing at first when it came to the first fire dart pierced her shoulder. She grinned through the pain just barely resisting wincing from it and went straight back on the offensive. Unlike before, besides another attempt to try and take out Sabaku's head with a kick, rise's next few attacks have more power behind them. A circular sweep to knock Sabaku off her feet should she fail to avoid it followed up by a powerful chop to the neck.
Hop hop hop, Sabaku moves nimbly around the arena, avoiding the attacks as Rise goes on the offensive. "I see…." She says softly as she watches these attacks, her eyes narrowing a tad more as she studies her foes assault. "Fire release!" She calls out as she makes a quick pair of hand seals, "Flame Bullet." And with that she spits two much larger bullets of fire towards Rise, all the while moving around the edge of the arena to try to keep herself safe from the close up physical attacks that Rise seems to favor.
With not a single attack connecting, Rise could feel her blood begin to boil now. "Calm down, Calm down, Calm—", The rest of her words die out in a sharp cry of pain. Barrier or no barrier, being burned by flaming balls of fire hurt… But, it was still managable enough for her to keep up trying going. An already oil and firesoaked arm from her first failed attempt is sacrificed the second time around as she tried to avoid the bullet while racing to get closer to an already retreating Sabaku.

She fumbles in route but manages nevertheless in freeing up a soldier pill to consume. Hair frizzing out as the effects kicked in. Her body and mind on the other hand is pushed into leaping in forward to attack with a double spin kick, the second kick a little lower just incase. Hit or miss, Rise keeps on pursuing Sabaku, her flame engulfed hand being fueled with her rage as she lashed out with it.
Miu stands by continuing to smile as the two exchange blows, each of which would appear to have a decent amount of damage. "Oh, the advances in Ninjutsu these days. Money to run such a large event alone would be too much without adding in this… hrm, volunteer work perhaps?" Miu's Byakugan drifts off from the combat for a moment only to catch on to how fast the two Genin were moving.

Old Miu's elderly(possibly childish) attention span is sucked back in by speedy things. "Interesting." Not much more is said, though she expected this fight to be decided rather quickly unless Rise had some sort of trump card. The barrier had many more days to be studied, now Miu was focused on Sabaku.
Now Rise was doing well enough but, "Hrm." Miu is silenced by her pacifi- er pipe.
Well, the pill is a bit of a surprise, but Sabaku notices that action. She frowns then manages to dodge out of the way of the advancing foe. She lets Rise get closer, closer than before, but that's pure strategy. As Rise gets closer Sabaku pulls a pair of tags from her robes, and with a dodge forward activates one after the other, a cone of suction of sorts attacking Rise, attempting to syphon away chakra, if they hit that is. The tags disolving into ash after use, whether the attacks hit or not. Sabaku keeps moving past Rise attempting to get some distance after this close manuver is attempted, and keeping light on her feet as she does so.
Try as she might, Rise /still/ couldn't keep up with Sabaku! On instinct Rise tried to move away after watching Sabaku evade her attacks without stepping to far out of range. Despite her best efforts however, in feeling her strength dwindle she knew even those failed. Thus, she was left with no choice now except to try and pick up her knife and try to cut a few at Sabaku's hands again.
"What the—-Oh…", She emitted dryly after spotting the knife right back where the fireballs first hit her, and enflame albiet to a lesser extent then her arm no less.
The desire to facepalm was overwhelming. BUT, she couldn't give in to it just yet. Anger to a certian extent on the other hand she /could/ give in to in getting her running again and chuck a few kunai ahead of her, followed by a couple of shuriken that kept swerving a little in mid-air oddly.
Sabaku sure is quick on her feet, avoiding each attack smoothly, and kicking it up a notch speed wise as she sees that shuriken move in ways that seem odd. She is clearly studying the entire battle. Seeing that lack of chakra seems not to slow Rise down at all, Sabaku returns to her previous methods which seemed more successful. She takes a deep breath and makes a series of hand seals as she makes the seals for her fire release once again, still retreating around the arena as she fires two more of the oily flame bullets towards Rise.
Rise didn't slow down for a moment even as the first bullet collided into her flame engulfed arm as she tried to slip past the attack. All that matter now just from the look in her eyes was to keep pressing forward, fight the pain, and get one more strike in at least!

As a reward she manages to avoid the second… and disappear all together. At least, to the casual observer. When next she reappears her leg is already primed to try and kick Sabaku into the air before following after her and try to bear hug the rest of the way down. However, even should the kick fail to connect, Rise would still try to dive after Sabaku in a last ditch attempt to crush her opponent.
Sabaku manages to avoid both attacks, her keen eye and fast body manage to let her avoid both parts of the two pronged attack. She really keeps hopping around the arena, in smooth montions and then pulls a small rock with a tag wrapped around it and throws it at Rise, with the tag on a fuse as it were about to go off, an attempt to distract or stun Rise before she follows up with another flame bullet. Seems to be her go to attack, as she keeps going back to it over and over, but it does seem effective when it manages to hit. She keeps on the move, trying to keep some distance between herself and Rise, with little luck so far but that is her general strategy.
Rise lept away a moment too late and just not far enough to avoid the tag taking out both vision and hearing. She covers her ears and narrowed her eyes, blinking rapidly as if that would be enough to stop the pretty lights from dancing in her vision; especially the bright orange and red one. Wait, orange and red? "", Is all she hast time enough to say before the flame bullet crash into her full force, knocking her off her feet and into a roll a few meters back.

There was no ignoring the flames now, the pain, or the fact that Sabaku had her beat despite everthing she through at her. Tears started to bud in the corner of her eyes. "Dan.. Dang it… Dang it, Dang it, Dan-GAAYAAH-*wince*…. just had to do slap it back." She cried out then murmered the last after whacking her arm back against the ground.
Within a few minutes Rise starts to rise again, shakily and cautious to keep from setting anymore of her clothing on fire in the process to stare at Sabaku. An enternity of staring defiantly at the girl before a chose is made. A bad one for a chuunin perhaps, but…
"….. No." Rock and Sand explodes into the air after Rise's initial burst forward. A full out sprint towards Sabaku and a greater whirlwind strike aimed at Sabaku, followed by a powerful leap into the air above Sabaku to try and kick her face first into the ground.
Miu had half a mind to simply tell Rise to stop at this point, maybe the barriers weren't such a hot addition, the fight lacked some excitement at this point and not only that but, it seemed hard for Rise to pick up when things were a lost cause. Miu takes a few more drags, studying the two and deciding to give Rise two or so more exchanges before truly ending the match if need be.
"Hrmmm… hrmmmmmmm." As the last few attacks at Sabaku are evaded, the Jounin simply nods, as Rise zooms off. "Still spunky, an impressive fighting spirit!" Miu calls out, as if cheering for Rise.
Sabaku is evasive, hard to hit in the extreme. Evern since the first hit at the start of the match she's managed to avoid each of the attacks presented by Rise. The barriers give Sabaku confidence to continue despite the apparent damage she's done. She pulls another trick from her robes, apparently having quite a few tags. In fact, from the look of it, this… is a very large number of tags, all tied together by thin line. She throws them out, and at the end of each line is a small weight, making it spread out as if in a net. Woven in the net are tag after tag. Each triggered to go off upon impact, so that if the net hits a barrage of tags should all blow up around Rise. Behind that, another flame bullet is sent, so that even if the tags miss another flame burst might take out her foe.
"Too Many…"
Rise's limp body rises high into the air thanks in part to the concussive force of the tags; only to catch another flame bullet full force before she descends in a burning heap, hitting the ground heavily enough for dust to spring up and shroud her form. By the time the dust clears Rise is struggling to get back up again. An eye closed with an arm, torso, leg still roasting from the flames. She manages at first to get back to her feet and stagger forward towards Sabaku, but a flash of pain sends her crumbling back to a kneel; panting from effort and gritting her teeth just to keep from crying out again.
She could not rise no more…
"Well done!" Miu claps for the two Genin, it appears this is all said and done, so Miu walks up to the two, standing betwen them. "This match goes to…" She pauses for a moment, coughing gently a few times before clearing her throat, "Sabaku no Hana!" Miu watches Rise in silence for a moment, eventually making a hand gesture. Another Hyuuga appears to help Rise out of need be, Miu would just toss Sabaku a pleasant smile before heading out of the arena herself.
Sabaku waits for Miu to declare her the winner before calming down as she keeps an eye on Rise. Once she is sure the match is over she gives a bow towards Rise, respectfully, as she pulls her scarf back over her mouth. She glances up to the stands then heads out of the ring, hardly seeming that winded, her one wound the hit on her hand which she wraps with a bandage from her robes as she heads towards the exit. Sabaku seems to not want to stay in the ring any longer than needed it seems. She seems ill at ease despite the match being over.

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