Ninja's Best Friend - Fireflies in my Nightmares



Date: May 3, 2012


None given.

"Ninja's Best Friend - Fireflies in my Nightmares"

Unknown location

Often in dreams that are fluent in the most abysmal darkness there is a
light or some sort of shimmering guide leading one through the horrors and
towards salvation, usually. In the clearing of the Toshiba forest, without
recollection or reason, Ryuunosuke found himself. Alone amidst the
darkness the wind blew strong and the young Senju felt frightened. Before
his eyes then came a small light orb. It circled in place as if it called
to him. Ryuunosuke heeded the call and approached it. The orb of light
revealed itself to be a firefly. A solitary firefly, what a strange sight
to see one alone. They usually are found in groups. "Did you get lost
too?" Ryuunosuke asked. For reasons uncertain he spoke freely to the
firefly. He extended his finger so that the firefly may perch upon it.

The firefly took back the air and swirled before flying of becoming
Ryuunosuke to follow. For a reason unknown the young Senju found himself
compelled to follow. The firefly speed forward but no matter how far ahead
it got Ryuunosuke could see its light. As he chased it he passed up
several oddities. He transitioned from a grassy clearing to a battlefield
riddled with corpses and blood. He didn't stop running though. He
continued to chase the firefly. As he continued the firefly's light never
got closer and the ground grew more and more mucky. His legs sunk deeper
and deeper with every step until he was knee deep in what he feared but
secretly knew was the blood of his fallen clansmen. When moving became too
difficult Ryuu began to sink. He didn't scream or panic he just struggled.
As he did so he wonders what he was struggling for. For a mere firefly's
light? He became submerged in the bloody marsh and drowned in it.

When it seemed he couldn't sink any lower he found himself back in the
darkness. A sense of hopelessness washed over him before the firefly
appeared again and for that moment he smiled. Why was he so happy to see
its light? The firefly flew out away from Ryuunosuke and its majestic
flight dazzled Ryuu until a hand clenched the firefly. There in the
darkness Ryuunosuke couldn't see who the hand belonged to but what he
could see was the menacing and haunting glare of the sharingan aimed at
him. Just like that his whimsy vanished. The darkness thickened and he was
left alone again back in the clearing. Only this time he was lying down.
"Adream?" he said blinking in confusion. Around him were fireflies. Their
serenade made him feel as if he was still dreaming. One descended onto him
and landed upon his nose. Ryuunosuke sat up and frowned softly. "Fireflies
in my nightmares now? Jeez, I'm messed up." He groans and stands, still
the firefly remained on his nose. "Dad did say fireflies are drawn towards
the darkness." His head tilts downwards "I could use the help right about

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