First Kiri Exams - Open Eyes


Naoya, Yuriko, Meruin

Date: February 18, 2015


A pair of Genin hear the voice of the Mizukage beckoning them from the dormitory and they follow suit. Their efforts and actions do not go unnoticed.

"First Kiri Exams - Open Eyes"

Land of Water, Kirigakure

The voice of the Mizukage runs through the barracks of the Chuunin Aspirants, sliding through the air with a lingering presence. It was dark within, lightless within the cold stone walls of the repurposed arena waiting space. Curfew had passed hours ago, the participants within Kirigakure's chuunin exams resting in the time where deep night and new morning melded.
"Come. Quickly…" came Meruin's voice once more, rising above the surface of silence before sliding back under its waves. This time it was accompanied by a subtle pull to the world outside and the sense that it never really left, never stopped, a vibration merely sliding below the threshold of hearing.
"You must be seen by noone."

The feeling.. Naoya had grown used to others than his brood speaking into his head, and he didn't resist it, though he did snarl faintly, evaluating if it was another one of the genin or even a proctor trying to mess with him. Opening his eyes faintly, the liveliness of the amber tone was well lost and the brood within him became a hive of activity. 'Yes.. I heard it. Look, now.' Not once leaving from his webbed perch, Naoya began to guide the brood to flood from where they had been resting to creep the smallest hatchlings through key holes to explore the other sides of the doors and under them. Larger members of the brood began to set up watch and evaluate which of the other candidates were alive and possibly trying to toy with them, lastly.. the remaining members of the brood not within him began to look for ventilation and other access points that supported the dam that he might be able to crawl into.

The low voice seems to cut through the dreamy haze of sleep, pulling at the senses to eventually stir the young Kaguya girl. Her eyes open to darkness, adjusting to the lack of lighting while wondering if she had merely dreamt of the voice calling to her. Not even a moment after the familiar words call to her again. She hadn't imagined it.
Shifting her snowy head her gaze peers through a mess of long bangs to look at the other cots around her. No one else stirred, everyone perfectly calm and asleep. Yuriko flits her gaze up at the corner and spies movement, it quickly becomes apparent that Naoya had sensed something, someone, as well. 'Quickly'. The word resounded in her thoughts.
Firming her jaw Yuriko is silent as she slips from her bed, bending low to the ground and placing her hands and feet on the floor. Using tree walking, she begins to silently crawl up the wall towards the ceiling, much like the Okumo boy does so naturally. Exchanging a single glance with him the girl doesn't hesitate to crawl towards the entrance, intending to glide out over the guards' heads without them knowing.

"Haste, genin…"
Naoya's brood finds things much as he would expect them to be. Within the walls of his 'dormitory,' most of the Aspirants lay in light sleep, the each of them alive. A couple were awake and aware, though still in their cots. They listened but they did not act. None but one Aspirant who found a spider crossing his fingertip — a spider that soon found itself pinned to the cot by a needle subtly applied. A warning to the Okumo. Take care and steer clear.
Outside of the closed doors were the guards that they'd known to be posted, one outside of the doorway leading back towards the village streets and one outside the doorway leading to the Dammed Arena's floor. They were alert, though the one in the hallway leading towards the Arena's entrance and the village's streets raised a hand to his mouth to stifle a yawn… And paused mid act, turning to look towards the closed door, eyes narrowing.
His brood also revealed the ventilation shaft within the ceiling, heading upwards and outwards… in the same direction as the vigilant guard. Arachnid exploration said that it emptied out halfway down the hallway that the guard stood within.
"Opportunity flees…"

With both doors being held under watch at the moment, a glare sets into the young Okumo's eyes. 'Leave that one.. for now' was whispered softly to himself. Making his way towards and into the ventilation shaft, he could see the guard watching around the hall and as such moves a hand to his side, pulling out a series of shuriken. Within the vents just over the room, he set up his decoys, three pairs of large spiders each bound to a blade, each one scattering to different sections of the ventilation tasked with making sound away from where he was departing.
Naoya's voice began to muffle as silk begins to wrap over his lower face, offering some disguise if he was caught fleeing. 'One.. two.. three.. act' was all he whispered and they did as they were told. Kicking off suddenly, a surge of chakra pulses down his legs as he attempts to simply move around the guard as the brood continues to tink the blades along the vents, away from him. His goal was to quickly clear his way towards the arena and later to scale it's walls if unheeded.

Yuriko pauses just inside the door, reaching out a hand to lightly touch the surface of the door, extending her senses beyond it to get a feel of the guards that were just outside. She lingers briefly and glances over her shoulder, glancing at Naoya as he inspects the ventilation shaft on the ceiling. Silently Yuriko turns around to follow after him, disappearing into the vent and using her small frame to her advantage, moving swiftly and silently behind him. Pausing there, her bright eyes blink at Naoya's back for another pause, but when he suddenly moves she doesn't hesitate to follow after him. Her head dips low and she pushes off with smooth speed.

The guard's eyes streak upwards and towards the room as though he could see through the door and ceiling to see what was making the sound in the vents. His back is turned towards the genin as they use their speed to try and evade his attention, their efforts successful.
Indeed, his attention was turned much more fully on the Aspirant's barracks and he strode quickly towards the door, taking a torch from the wall. "I hope you're willing to be disqualified for this!" called the guard as he opened the door and entered the barracks to investigate and account for each of the Apsirants.
As he did this, the pull on the senses, the urging to leave this place and go outside faded and the feeling of Meruin's voice just under earshot vanished, leaving a subtle void in its place. The pair was left without its insistent guidance, now outside of their quarters while a guard entered.

Moving a hand to the side of his head, a low growl of annoyance fills him as he looks back behind himself. Shifting his vision from himself to the brood once again, he views into the room they once were. The webbing of spider soon spread throughout the arena, and in time spreading the brood out further into the closer areas of the village, trying to find the true source of the genjutsu. 'This is beyond annoying.. yes I know.. It was a risk either way.. shut up.'
Agitation was beginning to creep his mind, causing his pale eyes to hint with amber coloring. With him already being outside at this point, Naoya keeps moving to the top of the stands. If his nested area was searched, the only thing found would be husks from his moltings after his wounds suffered less than a week prior.

Outside in the arena, the shadows of true night fall over the pair. Yuriko blinks her bright eyes as she glances back and forth, searching the immediate area for the Mizukage. It quickly became apparent however that he was nowhere to be found, not even the sense of his presence inside their minds. "Hm, may have to search for him…" she barely whispers. Bending her knees, Yuriko jumps smoothly into the stands, jumping again to the very top to pause there. Frowning to herself the Kaguya girl rests her hands on her hips.

There was no hint of anything or anyone out of place outside. The guard posted at the door leading to the arena had the door open, leaning backwards as he spoke through it while continuing to guard the entrance. There was no offending genjutsuist to see and no Mizukage waiting to attend the pair. By then, their absences were likely being noted and an investigation into their vanishing was bound to follow.

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