What If? First Kiss - Academy Days



Date: November 13, 2012


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"What If? First Kiss - Academy Days"

Unknown location

Roughly four years ago….

There was lots of laughing, chanting, shoving and screams as many
students filled the classroom on their first day at the Academy. Each one
trying to get seats next to those they considered friends and shy away
from those they didn't.

"Alright, alright, take your seats already. Class is about to begin." The
instructor for the class would announce as he came strolling into the
room. He didn't bother looking around, instead choosing to head straight
toward his desk, shuffle through some things as if looking for something,
then finally picked up a clipboard, held it in front of his face and
stared at it intently. "Here's what we're going to do. Each one of you
will rise one at a time, state your name and why you want to be a shinobi."

"My name is Senju Kouha, and I want to be a shinobi so I can help bring
my clan sake to being number 1!!"

Peering out from over his clipboard the instructor looked at the bold
student, "Sit down!" he shook his head, "I don't want outbursts from
rambunctious kids, you'll wait your turn is what you'll do!" The class
erupted in laughter, but a slamming of the instructors clipboard on his
desk followed by a look of something nefarious silenced them quickly. "Now
then, let's see. We'll start with the back row. You there, stand up and
tell us your name and why you want to be a shinobi."

With head tucked into his bandaged and crossed arms on top of his desk,
eyes peeking through a small slit he left between them so he can watch the
room, a young boy dressed in all black with short, spiky black hair slowly
stood up. "Uhh….M…My name…" He swallowed hard as he looked left and
right, "My name is…Satonezu Eremi and I…I want to be a shinobi so
I…so I can be better." With that being said he quickly sat down, tucking
his head back into his arms.

The behavior prompting a blonde haired girl sitting right next to him to
giggle, before she stood up as well. "My name is Sadisu Akina, and I want
to become a shinobi so I can show the true power a kunoichi!" After which
she sat down and a student next to her continued what was expected of the
class. "Hey." Akina leaned in close to Eremi, whispering into his arms, "I
like you, we should be friends." She said with a wide and bright smile
before leaning back. Eremi said nothing in return, but forced his face
further into his arms.

The days would turn into weeks and the weeks into months, the lessons
each student had to go through growing progressively easier with each task
they've already repeated, yet harder with the new ones they were trying to
learn. Some of the lessons would be inside, while others were outside, but
whatever the case, Eremi made sure to stay a decent distance away from the
group. As far as would be allowed that he could still learn and not get in
trouble for doing so. He enjoyed being alone, there was less pressure on
him and it helped him be more at ease with himself.

At least, that's how he wanted it. Despite his best efforts, Akina still
hung close. She was quite persistant that way, never giving up ground and
always having something to say. "Oh wow, we're going to start learning
more on the Clone Technique. I love Ninjutsu! What about you, Eremi?"
Naturally, Eremi would just give a wide eyed look and a shrug, which
always ended up with Akina giggling before continuing on with what ever
else she wanted to say.

Over time Eremi eventually grew more comfortable with Akina, being able
to speak one or two words when necessary, but at most, no more then a full
sentence. Not really minding as much that she was always around and always
trying to talk to him about something.

It continued like that all the way up until graduation day, where Eremi
stood outside the door waiting to be called in. He was quite nervous and
wasn't sure if he was going to pass. So when the door opened up, he braced
himself, only to see Akina clutching a forehead protector as she ran out
toward him and embraced him in a hug. "I did it! I passed! I can't believe
it. I passed!" Eremi smiled about to say something, but before he could
she was already pushing him through the doors. "Alright, you're next. You
can do it! I'll be waiting out here for you."

But she wasn't. After passing the test and walking out the door clutching
his own forehead protector, Eremi was expecting another hug, but Akina was
no where to be found. It confused him at first as he wouldn't know why she
would run off like that, so he tried looking around the academy for her.
Still, he came up with nothing. Having no other ideas on what to do, he
decided he'd just walk home to show his parents that he had passed.

As Eremi reached the gates, a familiar voice called out, though it wasn't
as exuberant as he was used to. "Eremi!" He'd turn around to greet Akina,
who had a sad look upon her face. "I…My parents came and got me, they
said we're moving away. We probably won't see each other again, but I'll
never forget you." She turned around, about to walk away, then abruptly
spun back to Eremi and planted a kiss on his lips for a few moments then
turned and ran away.

He never saw her again.

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