First Promotion Exams - Baby Sealing Technique


Mushi, Yuuka

Date: January 16, 2012


Mushi catches up with Yuuka right before heading into the Shiren Caverns.

"First Promotion Exams - Baby Sealing Technique"

Outside Sunagakure [Land of Wind]


Dust swirls and sometimes fast moving wind eddies roll down the narrow trails in between tall dark granite walls that finally open up to a dusty canyon plain. Off in the near distance, are more sheer granite walls rising upward, looking like some kind of plateau with a narrow opening in its center. As travelers get closer, the rocks begin to look carved, and actually turn out to be the hard granite walls of Sunagakure.

On closer inspection, the outer walls are actually terraced to allow for better defense of the village. Also the center of this large circular wall has a very narrow entry way, this is only just wide enough to maybe allow for the width of two carts side by side. The walls on either side here are so sheer and so tall that the only time large amounts of light actually enter the long narrow walk way is mid-day, otherwise the channel is completely in shade. At the end of the entry-way light can be seen as well, marking the end of the channel leading to the town's entrance.


Mushi was called to help out at the exams as a neutral party and a darn good healer. And she…overslept. She woke to a knock on her door that the entrants were already going into the caverns, where she'd be forbidden to help during the course of the exam. And she had something to do at all costs. So with uncharacteristic haste Mushi threw on her clothes, grabbed a quick breakfast, and sped towards the entrance of the caves where all must enter. She is literally still tying on her cloak and holding a slice of toast in her mouth when she gets there. And now she waits anxiously to see if she was too late. "Yuuka-san, c'mon," she mutters. She glances towards the caverns. She'd hate to have to violate her contract and enter, which she is now seriously considering. She isn't above breaking rules when it's important enough. No, not yet. She waits and chews on her toast in the meantime which is now speckled with sand. "Eurgh." She spits out a few chunks of bread and sand. Damn Suna desert.

A crowd of people had gather in the front of the caverns, genin and chuunin alike that wait eagerly in anticipation for the next leg of the exams. Yuuka lifts her bright eyes from beneath the hood of her kimono upwards at the bright sun hanging in the clear sky, feeling its heat of the desert clinging to her uncomfortably so. Seven weeks along and here she was in Sunagakure, of all places. The Kaguya kunoichi breathes out a soft breath as she glances around at the people with mild curiousity, blinking with some surprise when her gaze comes across Mushi. She blinks blankly, staring at the healer as she spits out toast and sand. What was she doing here? She wasn't on the list of participants.

Mushi seems to inflate when she sees Yuuka, a smile coming to her face. She glances left and right before proceeding in a straight line that'd leave in no doubt she's here to see Yuuka. Almost predatorily. Once she reaches the Kaguya, Mushi says, "I'm here to help out with the exams, Yuuka-san. Well, after them, I'm not allowed to give help even if you die hehehe. But I mostly came for you, about what we spoke of, can we talk quietly for a bit?" She'd gesture to a relatively cleared but still open space apart from the crowds, and lead her over there if she came. Once she got Yuuka to a quieter spot Mushi murmurs, "You okay? How are you feeling?"

Yuuka blinks her crstyal aquamarine eyes at Mushi when she is spotted and makes a beeline straight towards, almost becoming worried at what he could imply. She frowns softly as she turns to face the other woman, clearly wondering what her appearance means. "Mushi-san?" The Kaguya kunoichi glances around, "We can real quick if we need to. I do not mind." Yuuka tries to smile, she really does, but the quiet worry is still there, hinting in her facial features as she turns to glance at the clear space not far from the crowd. With a quiet sigh she turns to follow Mushi, glancing around carefully but not speaking until they are several feet away from people. Yuuka returns her bright eyes to Mushi, her expression softening, "Well, besides feeling sick and fategued from time to time, I feel wonderful." she chuckles lightly.

Mushi munches on her toast, sand or not, since she's rather hungry. She listens with a clinical expression to Yuuka's explanation. "Seems about right," she says, shrugging off Yuuka's feelings of fatigue. "Anyway, I told ya I could help you with your kiddo. Regeneration and those bones won't cut it, your baby may be in danger. Crazy Kaguya. But thanks to me, the world's best healer, I've come up with a bit of something that should offer you invulnerable protection for your child. It's a technique. I'd suggest you take it, but I don't use a protective technique on someone without their permission." She wipes her fingers greasy with butter off her cloak.

The smile frades from her lips as Yuuka frowns softly, listening to Mushi for several moments. She glances down at the healers' hands, silent for a pause of hesitance, "Invulnerable protection… how is that possible?" she asks quietly. "I am not doubting your skills as a healer, not at all. It just sounds… a bit beyond what should be medically possible." The frown deepens subtly as Yuuka glances down at her stomach, lifting a hand to lightly brush over it in quiet thought. "You have my permission. I will do everything I can to protect my little one. Even withdraw if you think it is too much of a risk…"

Mushi nods. "It'll work," she promises. Again she glances around and then she starts forming a long line of hand seals. As she does chakra begins to gather around her hands but unlike any kind of chakra. It's not the usual warm, glowing chakra of healing but this is black, almost opaque. As if ink is hovering in the air. After awhile Mushi says, "Excuse the lack of discretion," before she half lifts Yuuka's shirt and stamps a seal on her. It's not a warm or cold sensation or even painful. Yuuka would feel a completely numbing sensation spreading out through her stomach. It lingers there only to fade as sensation returns. However the kanji for 'osanago' remains on her belly in black letters.
"Demon Sealing Technique," Mushi says. "It's to seal and protect another life within a body. Your life force and that of your baby both reinforce this seal, meaning it's not a matter of being linked to chakra or stamina. Someone would have to kill you to kill your baby, and unless you're on the verge of death, literally about to die, this seal will bounce back any attack aimed at it, whether it's genjutsu or ninjutsu. It'll have to be released before your baby is born, but until then it's your energy that's sustaining this seal, it won't be removed unless I or some other skilled un-sealer takes it off."

Yuuka smiles lightly while Mushi tries to reassure her, though a small amount of uncertainty still lingers in the back of her mind. She merely exhales a light breath and gives a cautious glance around them, just as Mushi does before beginning the string of handseals. Watching curiously, she tilts her covered head when the chakra gathered at Mushi's hands becomes black in color, very much ink-like. Yuuka blinks with stunned surprise when the other woman openly pulls back the fold of the kimono, pushing up the obi and flashing the lacy white undies as Mushi abruptly presses her hand on her stomach, causing her to stagger as she tries to keep her balance. Yuuka makes a face from the unusual sensation, but quickly flushes a bright red as she fumbles to quickly close her kimono around herself. Demon sealing technique, it was unfamiliar to her but the concept did sound possible. "So instead of a different entity like a demon, the seal protects the baby?" Yuuka murmurs, glancing back up at Mushi. "That… is a relief to hear, Mushi-san. Will it be able to grow normally?"

Mushi gives a smile. "Think of you protecting your life as protecting your baby's life, and go all out," she says. "And your baby'll grow normally, yeah. If your baby comes out with three noses I might be wrong though! (Just kidding.) Anyway, this doesn't offer you any protection in battle, just your kid. But no it's not the kind of seal to stunt growth, in fact go along with it. But yeah that seal needs to be taken off when you're close to labor. You can take it off right after the exams, if you want, you have great protection as is. It doesn't stunt growth, in fact it goes along with it, but better safe than sorry when the time comes, right?"

Yuuka smiles lightly as she lowers her chin with a quiet nod. "Usually I go all out without consideration of my life, but this is different. And… thank you for this. I owe you for going to such lengths to protect my child. It is far from a small gesture and this means so much to me…" The gentle smile grows. "I could have done away with the panty flashing, but still…"

Mushi nods. "Hmm well, I could never stand Kaguya," she says matter-of-factly. "The number you guys put in a hospital…anyway. So don't think you owe me anything. But more than that I could see you were just a mom wanting to keep her kid safe. So I thought I oughta give you a hand. Also, don't die in there. It wouldn't be fair on little… er, have a name yet? Maybe one where it can be both a girl's or a boy's like Lee. Or Yuki. Hmm, anyway. I need to get a sand-free breakfast, bye." She'd wave and with that tromp back towards Sunagakure for something more filling.

It isn't surprising that Mushi doesn't like Kaguya, most people don't, but that doesn't change Yuuka's feelings. "Mushi… if there is anything I could do for you in the future, just tell me. I owe you more than you thing. Protection for my child is worth more to me than a pile of treasure." she smiles gently. "You have a boon from me, should you ever need my help." Yuuka watches as Mushi turns with a small wave to return back to the village. She had tried to play it off that it wasn't a big deal, even if it was. Maybe that was just part of Mushi's personality. She couldn't help but smile softly with her gratitude, letting a hand linger just above the new symbol that was placed over her stomach.

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