First Promotion Exams - Campfire Social


Hitoshi, Keiji, Daisuke

Date: Unknown (log received January 27, 2012)


None given.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"First Promotion Exams - Campfire Social"

Unknown location

What little conservation could be done has been done. Water was a commodity that was probably just as hot as the scrolls; the same could be said for edible food. Set up in his small camp with both of those commodities, in this case, was Hitoshi. Settled in with a impromptu-dug fire pit and having used his own ninjutsu to start the fire, he was busy cooking some kind of meat cutlet… which sizzled quietly, skewered on a kunai. He would turn it over every so often, humming to himself.

Even without the extra sources of light they had, the small fire that the Genin had built was able to illuminate a small portion of this part of the cave. Drinking from a flask with water in it, he sips slowly. Conservation, at this point, was the name of the game. He had to keep what he could at this point… with Eremi down and gone, that helped. That meant he was only cooking for two now; himself, and Naru. But still…

With her gone, the small camp was kind of lonely. And creepy. He keeps his ears open, eyes sharp. Though, it is kind of hard to see beyond the light that the fire provides…

The light of the fire was easy for Keiji to catch. He was drawn towards it though he was unsure exactly what he would find there. Would it be one of the genin he had run into or one the genin he had only heard about. He was able to smell something cooking, though food was not a problem for the boy. He grew up in the desert. He was well aware of how to survive in there.
As the boy approached the fire. He had his pincered finger ready incase someone decided to attack him. "Hello there." Keiji lightly called out. He was hoping to not startle the person at the camp fire. Now he would wait in his spot for a response or an attack.

Si— mm?

Hitoshi pauses with the flask at his lips, slowly beginning to look around behind himself. He had heard footsteps approaching, and then a voice. When his eyes fall on the other Genin, he blinks for a moment, lowering the flask from his lips and tilting his head. "Hello."

A pause, and then he considers something. If he was after a scroll, he probably would've already attacked without announcing himself. He considers that fact, and he sits up a little bit.

"… Hungry?" He then holds up the kunai with the cutlet of some kind of meat, apparently willing to offer the guy some food. "Maybe? Yes?" For someone who should probably legitimately fear for his life, he's taking the encounter… generally a lot better than some people would.

Keiji shook his head at the question. "I already ate this morning. Please conserve your food. The exam is far from over." The boy was only eleven but Hitoshi might notice that the boy's pupils were almost completely black. "I am Shippodoku Keiji. Genin of Sunagakure." He then glances around the fire.
"I had come out this way in search of a new source of water. Most of the water in this land can be found underground in or below caverns below them. I am looking for a higher spring so that it was not contaminated by the lake." Keiji states. He was not after the boy's scroll though he felt it was best not to bring them up.

Water. Mm. That'd figure! Hitoshi sips at his flask again, nodding slightly and moving around. "Taniguchi Hitoshi," he remarks softly, "of Konoha. You can join me by the fire if you'd like." He pauses, then, gesturing lightly and moving to take a bite of the meat. "And… I've got plenty of this," he remarks, waving the kunai slightly. "Killed it before the wildlife started falling dead. It's spider… actually -really- good, kind of like chicken," he remarks idly, shrugging slightly before taking another bite…

"And you're looking for water, you say," he remarks softly, hrming a little bit and considering that. A pause… and he glances toward his bag.

He had three more flasks. Those would last him longer than the exam would go on for, he was sure, if he conserved like he'd been doing. "I may be able to spare another flask like this," he remarks, holding up his own. "Being from Sunaga, you can probably conserve better than I can, too." He then looks toward the boy again..

His sudden low growl echoed through the open cave area, coming from one of the larger tunnels to the east. The growl was guttural, but sounded almost feline in nature. Suddenly a large cat bursts forth from the tunnel, bucking around and shaking itself as if trying to get something off it. And that something happened to be a person. A red-headed young teenager was riding the cat like it was a horse, holding on and laughing as he gets bucked around. Eventually he gets flung off into the air, somersaulting to land on his feet near the camp where two others seemed to be talking. Awkward silence ensues.
Daisuke stands up straight, dusting his clothing off as he breaks the moment of silence by looking back in the direction of the cat, who seems to have been looped off enough to leave the area and saying "Man, what people do to kill time in a place like this." He turns back to the duo with a large toothy smile, looking a little sheepish.

Keiji moved towards the fire when he was invited, though he did not spend much time around fires in general. "Konoha. I took the Hyuga's scroll. Naoki I think his name was. I almost took Naru's scroll. Then I fought another but he did not have a scroll…" He did not know Eremi's name but then something happened to interrupt them.
Keiji turned around at the sound of a growl. His pincered finger drew upwards in response. It was not normal for a mountain lion to attack people unless there was a sickness. Given the recent issues with poison, the boy figured the cat was… sick. That is until he spots the boy riding the cat. His hand moves to cover his eyes. "Please do not ride the animals. Now the cat will go into hiding or kill a small child in retalliation." The last part was an attempt at humor on Keiji's part though he thought it might be lost on the crowd. "Who are you if I might ask?"

If there was ever a more worthy 'sweatdrop' moment, it would be that. As Hitoshi watches the older boy from Konoha make his appearance, riding in a GALLANT STEED, he shuts up, blinking and tilting his head in quiet confusion at the whole thing. He watches the EPIC DISMOUNT, and the SWEET LANDING… and, there it is, folks. A blank, quiet stare from the younger Konoha-nin.

"Always with the very flashy entrances, Daisuke-sempai," he remarks after the other boy's comment on not riding the animals. He just shakes his head a little bit, chuckling after a moment and then sitting up again, he tilts his head to the other side as he looks toward Daisuke…

"Hungry?" Apparently, he's more than happy to share these DELICIOUS CUTLETS OF ARACHNOID.

Daisuke smiles to Keiji as he makes a humorous remark. "Just trying to kill some time before the end of the exams, boredom can be a deadly state of mind for me." he says with a smile. When asked who he was he suddenly holds his left arm up in the air like a superhero pose. "Senju Daisuke, nephew of the Hokage and savior of the world. Soon to be the next Hokage, winner of the Jounin Exams, and greatest ninja in the world." After a pause to let that sink in, he lowers his hand and simply says, "Nice to meet you….?" he lets the last part trail so Keiji can respond with his name.
Hitoshi's offer and comments gets a smile and polite decline as Daisuke pulls out some chips from his bag. "Seems like an Akimichi was robbed or something earlier in the exams because I found a bunch of food laying around unopened and have been eating it like crazy since." he says with a chuckle. "So what are you guys doing?"

"Shippodoku Keiji." the boy answered. Despite the extra Daisuke stated about being the nephew of the Hokage and becoming Hokage, Keiji thought it best not to mention that he was an assassin training to assassinate high profile targets. What target is more high profile than a Kage?
The boy then turns his attention back towards Hitoshi. "Spider you say? Was it gigantic? Like ten foot tall and wounded badly?" It seemed to dawn on Keiji that this might have been the creature he had stabbed in the mouth while it was trying to kill more genin. "It had a few scrolls on it. The thing was targetting genin…" He was still not certain if it was the same creature, but it was something that would eat at him. Keiji had really wanted to kill it.

"Yeah. It was badly injured, so I mercy-killed it… Didn't really -take- much. Another genin from Konoha and I ended up fileting it afterward," Hitoshi remarks softly, taking another bite and chewing on it idly, before shrugging. At the comment on the scrolls, he also nods… "That's right. I found one, as a matter of fact, while we were cutting it up… and a forehead protector…"

A pause, and Hitoshi shudders slightly. At Daisuke's comment, however, he pauses and blinks, glancing over toward him. "So, all this time, you've managed to keep yourself pretty well up and going, despite everything, Daisuke-sempai?" He just kind of -stares.- "You're always kind of lucky in that regard, y'know." Another bite, and he chews. Why did the delicious cutlet suddenly seem so tough? … Daisuke had reminded Hitoshi of the food that he could have potentially had.

"Shippodoku Keiji." Daisuke says as he thinks about it, enjoying the last name enough to nod his head. "Nice to meet you." Regardless, Daisuke's demeanor is light-hearted as always, begging the question if he took anything seriously anymore.
Seeming to get into the conversation about a giant spider, Daisuke finds a seat and plops down on it, trying to imagine a giant spider. "I've seen a few remnants of webbing but nothing too giant lately. Earlier on I say some kind of weird worm or snake, but that and Puss-chan, my transportation, are about it for interesting creatures. Then again after the Ancient Forest mission, nothing in here will ever compare in terms of size."
A look goes to Hitoshi before Daisuke smiles and rubs his neck with embarrassment. "Well, yeah, things have gone good. I made some new friends in the caves and they were happy to give up their scrolls and run away, but I'm sure we will see each other again, especially Sora-chan the clan head of Hayato. She was nice."

"Hayato Sora. I have done a mission with her. She is fast." the young Shippodoku states as Daisuke more or less admits he took her scroll. "I do not know much else about her." He pondered just how the chuunin from Suna were doing. There had been a large influx of Kiri nin for those exams. He had expected them to be an issue, not the nin from Konoha.
Keiji then turns back towards Hitoshi. "The spider was trying to attack a group of your commrades. I held him off for a while and managed to break its defenses. Naru got a scroll from it as it retreated from battle. Unfortunately the thing had managed to wipe the floor with the entire group, even me." It was true, the boy went six or seven rounds with it and for the most part the spider was unable to be harmed.

"That kind of doesn't surprise me," Hitoshi remarks softly toward Keiji and shaking his head a little bit, he sighs and continues to munch on the bit of meat still on the kunai. He then nods toward Daisuke, grinning a little bit and hrming… "Well, Sempai, if you're going to do well, you'll at least make out of here with some new aspects on people to look toward to in the next round, right?" He chuckles a little bit, and then takes another bite, hrming slightly… and glancing around.

"Y'know, Keiji-san, you mentioned a Hyuuga earlier. Naoki." He pauses, considering. "Was he one of the ones the spider was trying to get at?" he asks idly.

"Indeed, she was very fast. I think we bonded during the fight, it was quite a good one. You can see the remnants of my final attack in the northern tunnels, or at least the one that is twice the size it should be. Either way I hope she gets two scrolls so we can have a rematch, that would be awesome." Daisuke exclaims with a smile, seeming to really want to fight Sora again.
After remaining silent for a moment to listen to this large spider that hurt everyone, Daisuke frowns. "You should've called me, I could've helped enough to avoid people getting hurt. But I suppose it worked out for the best." He looks between the both of them. "So has anyone had any interesting fights like I have?"

Keiji nodded to Hitoshi. "Naoki, Naru and there was another. A young medic boy. The spider had approach the two boys when I spotted and attacked it. Naru showed up during the attack." There was a small shrug from Keiji. He was proud he was able to stand toe to toe with the spider.
"There was no real way of contacting you." he states towards Daisuke. "I did hear about someone else. She is a girl with a gourd on her back. I heard she took out three genin from Konoha in one sitting and did not break a sweat. I have not met her myself, but I imagine she would be quite a fight. She used some kind of water tactics. One of my fellow countrymen decided to watch the fight."

"Naru-san, Eremi-san, an' myself ran into this Kaguya girl from Kiriga… She was pretty strong… unnaturally so. It was kind of weird. I lost my first scroll to her," Hitoshi remarks softly, shakng his head. "Then I fought that medic you were talking about, Keiji-san. His name is Nagi Mizuru… He's pretty much that Hyuuga guy's… tagalong. Fanboy. Whatever you wanna call it." He sips at the flask of water again, before he shifts some and begins to dig into the bag he was looking at earlier, pulling it up to himself and taking things out of it…

Until he outs with two flasks just like the one he had. Both are tossed toward Keiji, and Hitoshi holds up his hands before the boy can protest being gifted with them. "I'd like to see you in the next round, Keiji-san," he remarks lightly. "You helped save people from my village. That deserves a little accreditation, if I must say so. So, you dying down here from dehydration would be kind of against the idea there."

Gourd, strange girl, Kirigakure, it all sounded like Tsun but he wasn't sure. "I think I've met her. She still owes me dinner. Water is fairly new, but I suppose when I met her she used ice, which is pretty much water that is frozen." Daisuke says with a chuckle. "There are going to be one or two 'odd' or abnormally strong combatants in an exam like this. Personally I'm worried about the next round of the Jounin exams. If we weed out half the people left, whatever is next is going to have to be pretty heavily fortified or built to withstand the best of us." He munches on his chips after that, retreating to his thoughts for a moment.

Keiji caught the flasks of water. "You know, I have lived my whole life in this desert. Of all the people, even from my country, I have the highest survival chances." He then pauses a moment as he tucks the flasks away. "As for your people, do not worry about it." In truth, the boy also benefitted from some of them surviving. The more that survived the spider, the better his chances were of facing an easier combatant in the long run.
"I hope that I do not have to fight that girl. She seems freakishly strong. Either way, I plan on being a chuunin by the end of this. But for now, I should get going. You two take care. We will meet again." He then turns towards Hitoshi. "I have no intentions of letting anyone take my scrolls from me. I will see you in the

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