First Promotion Exams - National Geographic, Ninja Style


Mizuru, Naoki, Naru, Keiji, Fulgur (as Gouro)

Date: January 22, 2012


While undergoing the chuunin exams a not-so-itsy-bitsy-spider wreeks havoc on a few genin. Lucky them though as they spider is hording four chuunin scrolls.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"First Promotion Exams - National Geographic, Ninja Style"

West Shiren Caverns

Naoki would be wonder around the caves after meeting with Sora and having yet another run in with Keiji slightly hurt. As he dashed forward he would be walking with his hands in his pocket and a tune in his head he sighed. "I never thought he would have that strong of defense…but then again he did use some type of weird jutsu." Naoki would be deep in thought but have his Byakugan ready to pick up on anything and everything in the area. As he sighed he would be heading back to the place he stored Mizuru si that he could rest up. As he made it there he would find Mizuru still in the same spot resting. "Good nothing happen to him."

Horribly vivid images of blood filled the young medic's head. At his feet lie Naoki, Kizuken, and Naru. A silhouette stands beyond their corpses and Mizuru can't stop shaking. He screams out and as he does so the figure would strike sealing Mizuru's fate and demise. His own blood soaked the ground and dyed it a deep crimson. The ghostly eyes of his comrades stare back at him as he dies there in his helplessness.
Mizuru jolts awake panting and sweating slightly. The dream was too vivid for the young genin's taste. He was in shock for a moment or two until he noticed where he was. "Horrible dream. Argh my head…." he sits up and rubs his temples. "Ugh what happened?" he tries to recall. Last he checked he was fighting Naru along with Naoki. "Naoki….Naoki?" he looks around for Naoki. "I hope he's alright….I don't think Naru would've killed him." he says quietly to himself. "She's….she's not like that." Mizuru stands up slowly using the wall of the cave to brace himself. He figures he should get searching for Naoki and find out what happened to him.

After the fight with Naoki, Keiji had found a spot to take a nap. He was beneath the ground of the cavern. He had found a soft spot to hide in. There was little chance of anyone finding him while he had rested. Though he was use to sleeping in the sand using the heat it had collected during the day as a warm blanket, he now was surrounded by colder surfaces. Due to the lack of heat the boy only sleeps for a few hours before waking up. He was a bit cranky.
As he sifts through the ground and rises to the cavern floor, the boy glances around. It still seemed to be day above, but later in the day. Now he needed to move and get some food. As the boy quietly walked the cavern tunnels he would come upon a small area. It looked like there were signs some people had been in the area. Though he did not really want a conflict, he figured he better check it out. The boy moved towards where the foot prints lead. His dark pupils glancing around into the shadows of the cavern. He was looking for more signs of life, possibly food or even traps. People often tried to fortify their temporary residences.

Gouro had since been awakened by all the activity of the exams and needless to say, it wasn't happy. It was awakened early from its slumber and now it sought to exact revenge on those that had carelessly shook up its cavern and make a mess of things with these exams. Their scrolls, when broken down properly, had good fibers for nesting purposes and it appeared that they were important objects to the examinees, so it took them.
The abnormally large web on the ceiling was abandoned for now as Gouro took to the ground to meet the ninja on their turf. Its turf. It wasn't long before it happened upon a small gathering of them in the area, mandibles clicking aloud as it stared at them. More scrolls for the taking and possible meals they'd make.

Naoki would look back and smirk as he looked at Mizuru and laughed "about damn time you woke up, we don't have time for idle chat though so gather you things so we can move to a new spot." Naoki would give off the look of not having that much rest and his clothes would be dirty. Naoki would also have a fresh leg wound that was just hastily wrapped and two holds in his ninja shoes as well. Both of his feet would be wrapped and his mind would be slightly scattered for a moment as he scratched his back and sighed "Nice to see you again Mizuru-sama." is stated as he touched his ninja pouch and thought about his ninja tools once more. (Damnit almost out…which mean i have to start getting closer in combat.) Sighing he would draped his head before enhancing his vision once more. Once he did this he would be able to see a huge spider he would be taken at a lost as he spoke " big deal or nothing…but there is a huge spider thing out there and I think he can see us as well so hurry please.

Mizuru would smile seeing Naoki. "Oh good you're ok-" he blinks noticing some of Naoki's injuries. They seemed rather fresh. He figured those were wounds left over from what occurred with Naru. He sighs cursing himself for not holding out longer so the could've saved Naoki the damage. Mizuru stands up off the wall shaking the haze from his head.
He moves towards Naoki intending to look at some of his injuries until he hears Naoki mention something about a giant spider. Mizuru inclines his head "Oh.well how big is giant? We talking three.four feet?" he asks not really seeing a spider as too much of a threat. "Usually they're more afraid of us. Unless its hungry or something of the like" he remarks. Mizuru chuckles and charges some chakra "Here let me fix you up first."

As Keiji moved through the cavern, he would eventually come up on the backside of the giant spider. 'Wow. You're a big teddy. Aren’t you?' he thought to himself as he looked over the easily ten foot tall spider. He knew there were many, many deadly creatures in the caverns but this thing was unexpected. A lizard or maybe even a giant scorpion. They did have those. There was a good possibility one of them could be related to him. After all the knowledge of how the Shippodoku gained the Sasoriendai trait and the black pupils was long lost.
The boy moved slowly to the side to glance towards those that the spider was looking at. It was that Hyuga boy and his medic friend. Now comes a choice. He could sit back and watch the two fight the spider or he could help them. While it was more beneficial to Keiji to have less competition, these guys did not really seem to be a threat. If Keiji brought back their scrolls, assuming the medic boy still has his, he might be able to prove himself more of a leader. Then an interesting idea crosses his path. If he were to help both of them survive to the next round, he might be able to compete against one of them and raise his chances that way. Each way was a gamble, but Keiji had made up his mind.
The young Shippodoku focused his chakra and prepared to attack the giant spider with his pincered finger. He then closed his eyes and transformed into his newest form. Two extra arms grow out of each of his sides and a tail forms from his backside. The boy was turning into a real scorpion.

Gouro watched for a little longer, but something captured his attention. A natural enemy. The rest would go ignored for a few moments as it focused on Keiji. This scorpion came out of nowhere and it infringing upon his lair is worse than a whole bunch of humans. It began to click threateningly and gather itself to do battle. This was an insult to see this thing inside its cave among all these other people.
It decided to crawl up the wall and hang upside down while it watched the scorpion intently, though it did keep the rest of its sight on the others in here.

It was a hideous sight, first a massive spider hanging along the ceiling of the cavern and also a second oversized scorpion appearing out from the clearing, it caused her to squint her eyes at the situation. "What the heck…?" Naru questioned out loud, carefully bringing herself back to be out of sight, she didn't notice the others just yet and simply kept to herself to see this battle between spider and scorpion… Also with tickling her reserves if things went sour.

"Tsk…great now that other guy from before is here…and not to count Naru…regroup over by Naru." Naoki would pick up everything and flashed over to Naru and spoke "we should work as a team on this one alright…as it stands now we don't stand a chance and the huge spider have about four scrolls on him and Keiji the scorpion has about two. That being said you need one, Mizuru, needs one and I need two. Team work will greatly increase our chances of winning any way." Naoki pulled out two kunai and placed them in reverse grip as he stood there he would sigh for moment as he thought about a plan of action. "We should attack the spider since he has more scrolls and seem like he might be more incline to kill us." Naoki would have a faint smile on his face as he glance back at her and yawned "then after this I can take a nice long nap for about a week."

Mizuru blinks at Naoki "Now there’s a giant scorpion? Am I still dreaming?" he asks pinching himself. When Naoki moves Mizuru follows. As the regroup by Naru Mizuru catches a glimpse of the spider and the scorpion. He deadpans and shakes his head. As Naoki speaks Mizuru can't take his eyes off the two arachnids. "This is ridiculous." He then turns around to Naru and Naoki. "Hello Naru-san." He greets smiling softly. He then looks to Naoki "4 scrolls? Hey that's convenient. If we can get those then we won't have to fight each other." MIzuru is still a little beat up after his last fight with Naru. "I can run support. Not in the condition to do much fighting. Naoki-san you're injuries still haven't recovered. Don't push yourself. If you need to retreat don't hesitate."

There was quite a shock for Keiji when the spider turned and faced him. As the creature moved up the wall he glanced back towards the three morons from Konohagakure. He was not in complete scorpion form. He just had six arms, a tail and was a bit more beefy… What makes it worse is now they were deciding which one to attack. Keiji was supposed to be the hero here. He was rescuing the two boys. Now he is more or less just a freak in a big show.
"Heal up your wounds. You two boys were about to become a meal for this spider." He then glances towards Naru. It had been a while since they had seen each other. He was surprised she did not recognize him. "If the spider does not die, then it will continue to eat Genin. This is in the best interest of all of us." The boy then reached into his pocket and pulled out three kunai. He then tossed the three kunai towards the spider. He was attempting to get it to move from the roof of the cavern.

Gouro raised a few of its legs to aid in blocking the kunai that came its way. Two of them bounced off the 'shell' while the last found its way in. The spider clicked its mandibles, a bit more aggressively as it started to retaliate against the scorpion, though the entire group was an enemy against it. Shooting a couple ropes of web toward the ground, it drew up the two kunai that bounced off its shell and, dropping to the ground, it whipped them around to lash back out at the scorpion.

So the battle was raging on, and soon enough things began to click for Naru… sort of, a sweat drop trickled down her cheek as Keiji began to speak, something about his voice seemed very familiar but she wasn't completely there yet. "Hmm… he does have a point," Naru spoke softly while settling her eyes on Mizuru and Naoki. For now she simply smiled, hopefully they didn't carry any bad feelings toward her. "We will work together… This thing is pretty strong if it’s just gobbling up genin," Naru states before turning her attention to the spider up ahead, motioning through a pair of hand seals she would hopefully smoke up those webs with something intense. " Fire Release! Fire Bullet Barrage!" She shouts out, sending a double dose of fire bullets raining in the spider’s direction.

Naoki would be speak to Naru before taking off "oh and we don't have any hard feelings towards you or your soft gentle eyes so cheer up and smile already. Naoki smirked as he ran up and using the two Kunai he would slide across the ground using the fireball attack as coverage until he was able to get under the spider with a smirk he would toss the two kunai at the underside which is the spot of all spiders as he then used another kunai to stop himself from sliding he would pop himself up towards the spider. Once he was close enough he would attack the spider with a Juuken strike again aimed at the underside.

The scorpion was talking!? Oh wait that wasn't a scorpion. Just a boy with extra limbs and a tail. Much less strange. Nevertheless the scorpion was correct. The spider was large and it would require the assistance of everyone here to defeat it. Mizuru observed what happened as Keiji attacked the spider. Its exoskeleton was tough. Mizuru looks to Naru after Naoki spoke. "Hehe that's one way to put it. But he's right. No hard feelings Naru-san. You're our friend after all." His hand moves to his tool pouch "It'll be hard to attack its weak spot like that." He states. Mizuru secures three shuriken between his fingers and whips them all at the spider's thorax.

As the kunai came towards him, Keiji planted his feet and tried to dodge them. He was fifty percent successful. One hit and one missed. It seemed as though the group of genin was now in order and attacking. "Try to distract it or break down its defenses. If I can get a few good shots in, we could do some real damage." He was hoping that one of the genin would be able to stun this spider long enough he could get a good shot in on a soft spot. He knew of the Hyuga's skill but the other two shinobi from Konohagakure were a mystery to him. Maybe the Uchiha had something up her sleeve.
Despite his words, Keiji knew there was something else he needed to accomplish in this fight. With everyone lobbing kunai, the spider could attack anyone. It seemed like the other two boys were still suffering from injuries. He needed to keep the attacks off of them so that they might survive. In an attempt to do so, Keiji runs forward and aims to slashes of his pincer fingers across at the spider's face. He was hoping to use his speed to get in and out before the legs could do any real damage.

This was a feisty bunch of fighters, here, but Gouro could manage. As the balls of fire flew and sharps of all kinds, the spider made sure to evade them all, using its surroundings by crawling out of the way and utilizing the walls to its advantage. As it began to return to place to prep for a strike, the scorpion comes forward and lashes out with its pincer across its face. Gouro recoils a bit from the initial attack, but managed to deflect the secondary attack to leave him wide open.
Since Naoki and Keiji were closest, they'd both be engaged with two legs with barbed tips striking out against them to make them prime for eating later.

So they had two ranged attackers and two melee attackers, Naru would be sure to back them up when need be if possible. With them both in proxmity however it was difficult for naru to use her full range of attacks without causing too much damage, so for now she attempted to keep a link open between herself and the beast, her sharingan quickly flourishing as the strength of this spider seemed to be greater than she actually realized. “Let’s see… if we can actually win this…" Naru thought quietly, utilizing her jutsu from before, the accuracy of the fire bullets more than enough to weave away from her allies.

Naoki would try and enter into a spin however it lacked the power to knock the the spider atttack away thus he would be hit and now down into the ground below. AS he laid there for a moment he would try and catch his breath before pulling himself from the ground. "Damnit…that hurt." is stated as he rolled out of the hole and onto the ground trying to regroup mentally before striking back again.

Pulling out the kunai he would try and scale the big huge spider out for a moment and sigh as he would dart back to the side of Naru and Mizuru he would attack it once again with Kuanis about three of the one attacking the eyes the other two attacking the soft underbody.

Mizuru watches Naoki take a hit and moves to his side. That wouldn't do well for his injuries. Right now it seems the like one who had the best chance of defeating this behemoth spider was Keiji. Naru's sharingan would allow for Mizuru to go off the offensive though. After Naoki attacks Mizuru rest a hand on his shoulder "Wait a second. Let me take a look at that wound." Mizuru inspects Naoki's injury and starts healing it. He detected the corrosive substance and figured Naoki had been poisoned. "You've been poisoned. You need to be careful. Don't put yourself in a position like that again." He advises.

Keiji grimaced as he was hit by the barbed leg. He felt something unusual. While he had figured the Hyuga might have escaped the attack, he also hadn’t. Keiji noticed the medic had begun to heal the Hyuga boy. That was a good sign. Even though the Hyuga was not penetrating the skin of the spider, it did help to keep him in the battle. Naru was now launching her Sharingan. Things were starting to come together.
Despite being hit, Keiji was far from calling the battle. He rushed forward once more aiming two more pincer strikes. This time he was aiming for the eyes of the spider. If the spider was unable to see, it could not dodge.

Gouro thought it might have felt something, but what it didn't know and it ignored it since it was distracting it from what was currently going on. It spat out webbing to try and defend agains the fireballs, but they burned through the webbing and struck it. It screeched in response and lifted its legs to try and bat out the fire on its face.
As it did so, it stumbled backwards and spat out more webbing to keep itself defended from any other attacks so that it could recover from the fire that just struck it. What it came in contact with was that pincer again from that scorpion. It hissed and jumped back out of the way of the second strike. Since he seems to be the one causing the most damage, Gouro needs to deal with him.
It spins up a web coated with oil to fire off at him and rushes forward, snapping out with its mandibles to take a venomous bite.

It was about time to escalate things even more, Naru carefully began to watch the situation unfold before her eyes, even when the attacks went towards Keiji, she wanted to protect him, but she knew for sure she wouldn't be able to help him get out of this situation. "Damn it… Naoki-san… Get and there and finish it with everything you got, I will help you set it up," She states, using a handseal, "Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" She shouts out, expelling a wave of massive fire towards the beast, especially since everyone was out of the way now, after hopeful contact she began to work her jutsu even more, attempting to lock the spider in place and force it to lay on the ground, setting the stage for a multiple combo strike from Naoki.

Naoki would cough as the poisoned would be flowing through his veins he would have a blurred vision for a moment as he was trying to focus on the real spider. He would cough once more as he took off towards the real spider and with swift speed and power of perception he would jump up once more this time using the spider legs to swing his way up onto the spiders back. As he landed softly he would take the juuken stance and started to attack at the spider’s chakra points as he attacked the soft half he would make his way onto the underbody as well making sure to attack there as well.

Mizuru looks to Keiji seeing the attack coming his way. "If that hits." Mizuru starts and dashes for Keiji. He wouldn't make it before the attacks but at the very least he could take advantage of the situation. As he nears the spider and Keiji Mizuru tries to drive a chakra augmented punch into the spider's side. Hit or miss it would give Keiji time to recover from the attacks and possible provide an opening for him. He trusted Naru and Naoki could best the spider with their combined efforts. "Scorpion-san, now's your chance."

Keiji is hit by the webbing and then bitten. The boy obviously cannot move. He's stuck to the wall. He's not really in bad condition, but he's stuck. His dark pupils glance around towards the rest of the combatants. He was hoping that one of them would attempt to get him out of the webbing. So far the spider had been hit several times and still was not even wounded. He was starting to wonder if the thing was immortal.

Gouro was not immortal, but it has lived a long time and had a great deal of vitality, yet it was all slowly slipping away from the cave spider. It was growing weaker, even if its life was not directly threatened, it was in another way. A couple of its eyes were gone from Keiji's constant attacks against its face, but it had more to make up for those that were lost.
Since it took the opportunity to attack him now that he was wrapped up in webbing, it wasn't able to successfully defend against the fireball that was generated. Its exoskeleton smoked and singed, the fire penetrating weak points like its underside, leaving scaring that opened it up and allowed for additional strikes against its weakening form.
At one point in the battle, Gouro felt some kind of force come over its body and cause it to collapse to the ground to sit. Wherever it came from, it doesn't know, but the strikes it sustained from the Hyuuga allowed it the chance to rise back up and defend itself once more, utilizing its shell to protect itself. One of the fighters would be unfortunate enough to receive a kick from the cave spider and send them away and elsewhere. With what strength it had, it was going to utilize to stop around and lash out at anyone. Keiji would take the first of the strikes with a leg lifted into the air and slammed back down with the intent to crush. With its additional legs, it struck out at Naoki and Naru respectively with equal force.

With Keiji out of the way it only made things even more difficult for the group, feeling under the pressure of the spider the incoming attack was swiftly avoided with her own genjutsu, however seeing the Naoki was once again going to get attacked, she didn't want risk it. Stepping in swiftly she unsheathed her katana and attempted to block away the technique, taking in the brunt of the damage causing blood to trickle down her cheek. “This needs to end… now!" Naru shouts out, it seemed like they were starting to dwindle a little bit. Suddenly her genjutsu would work its magic as she stared down the spider, which would look awkward to the other people but those already caught in her genjutsu would know that something was up. First the raging black chakra began to whirlwind around the spider before the spectral blades finally attacked from within, slicing at the spider’s legs from all sides and moving down along its back with swift stabs… She wasn't sure how it would effect a spiders mind, but hopefully these simple creatures were more susceptible to a mind-.

Naoki after being pushed out of the way of the powerful crushing leg would hop back and started to untie his headband from his arm. As he started to tie it around his forehead he would pull out his last shuriken and tossed it towards Keiji this would be used to set him free. "Tsk, don't think anything of it…I just don't want to see you die here is all…not before I have my rematch." Is started as he ran behind of Mizuru and pulled out three kunai as he placed one into his mouth he would take a calming breath before slowly opening his eyes he would use perfect aim thanks to his byakugan to strike at the joints of the spider and would wait at a distance for his next opening.

Mizuru eyes widen as he's countered and knocked back by the spider's legs. The majority of the damage came from colliding with the wall of the cave. Mizuru falls to the ground feeling his old wounds starting to bother him. He grunts as he lifts himself up. "Thing's tough." Mizuru comments looking back to the spider. "It should be getting winded." he looks to Keiji now seeing that he's stuck to the wall with the spider's web. He could see that the spider was about to deliver a good blow to him. Mizuru reaches for his tool pouch. He takes out a kunai and hurled it at the webbing trying to free Keiji.

The webbing is too thick for their kunai to break. Keiji is hit by the spider. He makes no facial expression as the pain hits. His dark pupils glare at the spider. Now the boy is pissed. He tries to escape but is unable to. In his head he envisions the different ways of killing the spider, then the spider's kids and their kids and the kids of their kids. After the words of the Hyuga the young Shippodoku just closes his eyes.

Gouro hasn't realized that it's still under the command of a genjutsu link, so the blade of darkness that surround it and cause immense pain to surge through its body causes it to break down for the two rounds of whirling blades the cave spider would take. It shuddered, hissed and even spat to a degree while withstanding the pain of the attacks. Unable to take them, the only thing it could do was suffer the extra attacks from Naoki, only adding to the pain it's already taken.
When all is shaken off, the spider searches around, a bit dizzied and body quaking from those genjutsu attacks and strikes. It focuses on Naoki and Naru specifically, allowing its mandibles to stretch out wide and gather them both up to bite down on them with venom leaking from its maw. It shows extra attention to Naoki, intending to chew on him and spew the both of them back out.

It was quickly becoming exhausting, the fight becoming quite prolonged had caused Naru to run out of chakra rather quickly. As the next attack came through once again it didn't hit its mark, and isntead naru managed to dodge out of the way while the spider would only witness her body disappear from existence like an after image. Smirking Naru would notice Keiji finally begin to step things up, she would use this time to chill out a bit and focus more chakra, while keeping an eye on everyone else. " Let’s end this guys… It’s getting very worn out… And so am I… "

Another push of poison would pass through him as he shook it off and before he knew it the spider was point blank in his face, as he blinked again so was a pissed off Keiji. Naoki would spin and slider across the ground using the last kunai in his mouth to stab the underbelly of the side and from there he would push himself up and under and started to allow his chakra to burst outward shredding everything they could touch. Naoki was getting losing stamina and chakra fast this battle had to come to an end soon.

Mizuru rises up seeing that Keiji is back on the move. He's panting slightly seeing Naoki rush out to intercept and attack the spider. Mizuru glances to Naru and nods. He summons chakra with a hand seal and let's it flourish throughout his body. As Naoki attacked with the rotation Mizuru would wait to see the spider's defense then attack with sundering heel drop kick. His follow up would be a double fist punch (Kirk Special) to the spider.

Trained as an assassin all of his life, Keiji has always remained in control of his emotions. As his eyes closed a color of red was displayed on the back of his eyelids. His fists clenched and with the rest of his strength he pushed against the webbing. Finally some of it comes loose. The boy then opens his eyes and dashes forward towards the spider. He steps in-between Naoki and the beast. As the spider moves forward to bite, two of Keiji's hands find their way up into the mouth of the beast stabbing it in the jaw with his pincer fingers. He then pulls them back and screams into the face of the spider. It was an arachnid type scream. Keiji then aimed two more slashes towards the face of the spider. He was aiming for the eyes of the creature again.

Gouro couldn't take anymore. It may have had the life to give, but the energy expended has long since been used up. As it took the last of the attacks against its exoskeleton and failing to evade the pincer strike for the final time, the spider, now battered began to grow terribly weary. In trying to control itself, it wobbled and began to stumble around before spewing up a scroll wrapped in webbing before retreating. It began to drag the web along, but clipped it off with its mandibles before scaling the walls and retreating to its nest to recover. To ensure that it wouldn't be followed, it layered its path in a mix of acidic and oil webbing so that they couldn't climb it nor come in contact with it. All that would come from its exit was a constant clicking of aggression before it faded into the tunnels.

It happened at little sooner than she had expected, with the barrage of attacks the spider had succumb to the attacks which had effectively managed to bring the spider to a quick retreat, at least until the spider had spit up something interesting of great importance. “Is that… a scroll?" Naru spoke out loud, her eyes shifted, watching everyone else to see their movements… She moved closely for the moment, carefully moving forward as she looked to see what the others would do…. "Thats… mine right?" She spoke up finally, shifting her eyes… She was seriously thinking about taking the scroll right then and there, she might actually have to this time…

Naoki would notice the scroll being coughed up and smirked as he notice that Naru body was speaking to him more than her mouth. All he could do was laughed as he reverted back to normal and started to walk away "let's go Mizuru…we have another place to be…and besides it appears that Naru eyes are bigger then her stomach…we will obtain our scrolls elsewhere." Naoki would start to leave as he looked over to Keiji and just looked at him "the name is Hyuuga Naoki…don't forget it for you will see it again in the next round." Is stated as he slipped his hands into his pocket as he went back to leaving. "Boy I can sure use a nap Mizuru." Laughing faintly as he walked he would touch his ninja pouch once more "out of ninja tools…this is really bad." Would be said in a low voice to himself as he moved.

Seeing the spider flee Mizuru sighs in relief. Everyone made it through this. He noticed the scroll on the ground but was more concerned with the injuries accumulated in this battle. He can pretty much guess what's on everyone's mind as that scroll sits there. Naru had an odd look about her. When Naoki opts to leave Mizuru is a bit surprised. He blinks softly looking back at Naru "Uh. Well Thanks for your help. If you want I can treat your wounds before we go. You fought valiantly." He waits for her answer before following Naoki. Mizuru didn't really have a desire for the scroll so strong that he'd go through a friend for it. He was also confident that this wasn't the last time they'd see that spider….or another giant creature.

"If thats the case…" Naru couldn't help but to sweat drop, feeling slightly akward about the whole situation; It felt a little awkward taking the scroll away from her fellow shinobi from konoha, but it was survival and she definitely needed to get her last scroll eventually. Taking steps forward she moves forward and kneels down next to the scroll, pulling it up and glad that Keiji wasn't interested. "Thanks guys…" She states simply with a smile, watching them as they moved off… It looked like she was set for now, now it was time for saddling up and protecting her possessions.

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