First Promotion Exams - Sight Beyond Sight


Kibushi, Naoki

Date: January 16, 2012


Having adapted a make shift environmental stronghold, Kibushi learns quickly that his methods and practices are not enough to defeat all who come his way.

"First Promotion Exams - Sight Beyond Sight"

East Shiren Caverns

A perfect area for camoflague of many sorts would be where Kibushi decided to reside. The mists felt at home, though far, far hotter than usual, however, not too different from the Blood Marsh. Even the way the life forms would exist here would be similair, though far fewer. The slickness of the terrain caused a few issues for those nto truly adept with advanced forms of scaling and manuvering on surfaces, and the steam and mist would easily display movements that were not careful and tediusly thought out prior or naturally adept. Kibushi had already taken the time to get certain bacterial growths for healing and detrimental effects, but he had decided not to set booby traps quite yet. Particular kinds of lichen and moss that seemed familair were scrapped up for survival rations and a bit of a snack for the time being to hold on to what he already had. The only thing he'd need to venture out for was fresh water at this point.

Naoki would be wondering around with his cloak on and his fist balled up as he was in search of two things now power and Keiji. If someone was blessed with the eyes of Byakugan then they would be able to see the many bandages holding him togeather as he sighed he would be wondering the desert alone once again. "Damn fog might wanna switch to the high beams." is stated as he flashed his byakugan on to get a scope of the place a chakra reading could be sense, as he moved he would wonder wither or not it was the man he was searching for. As he was coming out of the fog his hands would be tucked away into his pocket as they held on to a kunai in each hand.

Having only faced Byakugan once prior to this occassion, Kibushi's myriad of stealth based precautions truly didn't stand a chance. He was unpreapred for just how powerful those eyes were, and as he slinked silently below just about anyone elses radar, he would be lit up as if he was the only thing in the whole area of the cavern. He would have noted the pocketed hands of the person appraoching, but not much else given his field of vision was now able to see where as before, he'd simply judged the swaying and parting of the mists for locational references. His sense of smell was also blocked by all of the geysers and various strong fumes. So now, he lay in wait to see just whom had arrived.

Naoki would come from the mist and look that man over with as he sighed he would just stand there for a moment "hmm you're not the one I seek…have you seen this man?" is asked as he pulled out a piece of drawing paper and it would be a rough drawing of what the man looked like. His eyes narrowed for as he waited for an answer before shifting his weight around to start on once more. "I can see anything and everything around me I swear I will find you." Naoki would be giving off a darker pressure then ever before.

Kibushi was surprised to be discovered so easily.. and then shown a photograph… and then the admittance of being able to see anything and everything. Kibushi would riase a brow for a moment and ask, "How?" quite simply. He wouldn't give away any information he had until he understood what he was up against in this trial.

RP: Naoki makes a Int roll and got 12.
RP: Kibushi makes a Int roll and got 10.

Naoki eyes narrowed as his eyes washed over Kibushi "no need to act dumb with me its clear you know how I am able to see any and everything. Its all on your face, your heart rate slowly sped up for just a moment." Naoki would shift back around as he sighed once more "so tell me have you seen this man or not?" Naoki would take a more deeper tone then before as he watched him for a moment.

"You are right. I have no need to act dumb. I have seen your eyes before, but i do not know how they work." Kibushi would say, unfortuantely too honestly. "Mere visual acuity would nto have been able to just by pass all of these natural barriers. There must be something else you are capable of." Kibushi stated as he kept his chilling blue eyes on Naoki. "I have not seen the person that you seek." Kibushi would state to Naoki, easily able to see that he had some sort of hatred or vendetta or… something that drove him towards that person. "And you may not see them either, if you ignroe everything else for his sake alone."

Naoki would use this moment to calm down as he spoke once more "I would tell you what it is my eyes can do but then if you where to come after me I have no advantage. However to your other statement you may be right, but at this point in time I don't care really…he took my scroll and I want it back…He didn't have what it take to fight me head on either that is why I'm after him." Naoki would bow slightly to the man as he spoke his first name and nothing else "my name is Naoki stranger." Naoki shifted his weight a whole 180 before he tapped his foot onto the ground and started walking.

RP: Kibushi makes a Int roll and got 16.

It seemed that Kibushi would not "steal" the secrets of the Hyuga so easily as merely asking, but that was fine. He had said it twice… his eyes see everything. So the question became… what exactly couldn't hide from eyes like that? Even if he could see through everything, which would explain that strange poking style of combat that he'd faced during his demolishion of the bridge in the Land of Fire, It would take alot of effort to comb through all matter to find one thing. And even if he could see everything and throguh everything at once, ti seemed like he would have dire consequences to his perceptual mind if he did it for long. So… there was something specific he was looking for, or, he had a high risk technique. Based on the former battle, it seemed the technqiue itself was not high risk at all. In fact, it seemed to be quite a bit less than that. And then there was the way that his people fought. So precise and fast… without worrying about impact and producing damage. Obviously they sought after particular points…but why… Kibushi would blink. When he blocked one of those attacks… he felt damage that should not have occured. Internal damage. Kibushi would nod slightly. "Hm… if you seek your prey… then what you need to do is figure out where the wielder of your scrolls will go to secure his victory. It is likely that he will not wander, but giving him the advantage by simply walking into any fortifications he uses will lead to a second defeat." Kibushi would advice, getting a sense that this was not a target of his by his current actions.

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