First Promotion Exams - Two For the Price of One


Rise, Eremi, Fulgur (as Gouro)

Date: January 20, 2012


Gouro is recovering from a prior battle in one of the cavern spaces when Eremi and Rise come along in transit to elsewhere. Thinking that they might be ripe for the picking, it begins to check them out before going on the defensive against the both of them. The two have to team up to take on the large cave spider if they hope not to become its meal and have their scrolls taken. A battle ensues where two Genin gain two scrolls for the price of one spider.

"First Promotion Exams - Two For the Price of One"

Shiren Caverns

The caverns and tunnels, completely cut off from the outside world, making it nearly impossible to tell what time of day it might be. For some, it can be quite

irritable and agitated. Leaving them unable to simply sit still and wait around for others to come looking for them. Which is where Eremi seems to have found himself,

so he has gone wandering about. Taking tunnels he would normally stray away from in search of something, anything that would help him with this current problem.
Eventually, with each winding tunnel and twisting passage, the young teen ends up at the entrance of a wide open area. Up above in the ceiling, there's a crack

that allows light to seep through showing most of the cave. A few spots were covered in shadows, while others were decently lit up showing the flat areas in some

spots, rocks that jut up in others and several spider webs that have made their homes in the corners and walls around.
Eremi took in a deep breath as he looked around, clenched his fists into his hands, then continued forward. There wasn't anything here, apparently, so he was

going to just keep moving ahead. He was wondering if Naru and Hitoshi were going to end up popping up from behind him, following him the same as he did to them. They

were a team within the caves, so he was sort of expecting it, but was secretly hoping they wouldn't. He needed time to himself, from the others and this was his time.

After a rather interesting encounter with Sabaku before the desert flower left to return to her own place of safety and solitude, Rise washed herself in

private of Kibushis wounds and the first few days grime from slinking around so thoughtlessly without a real plan beyond hunt and destroy. A plan for some ridiculous

reason she was /still/ convinced was solid enough to follow through on even now!
Thus Rise inevitable found herself meandering aimlessly throughout the tunnels with the barest hint of caution just incase of traps were set, especially the

more deadly ones that were her own, the young Shirokiri eventually found herself squeezing out of a narrow tunnel a few meters away from Eremis own exit point; covered

once more in some strange silk and slime and muttering curses as she squeezed the last part of her out of the tunnel before rolling down the side of the tunnel wall

straight for Eremi. A red, white, and black blur of sillyness that won't stop without either assistance… or crashing into some kind of pillar or boulder next to the

Satonezu. e.e;

Gouro had to go recupe and that involved moving to another area entirely. It wasn't going to recover in full from the attacks, but it would recover enough.

Since that battle, genin have been particularly wary about wandering around without being more careful of their surroundings. It's making them more difficult to attack

and eat, but he has managed to snag up a few. Catching them off guard was best as it seemed to enjoy a bit of a struggle before death set in.
Too bad these genin didn't have scrolls, but then again, maybe that's what made them so easy to pick on. The ones with scrolls are the ones that were

stronger, but they also had more to offer. Besides, those scrolls were good for breaking down and using the fibers from them. Sadly, it hasn't quite gotten around to

breaking them down as its made it a mission to find more before that happened.

Eremi kept his eyes ahead, not bothering with the need to worry about his surroundings and whether or not he was going to be attacked over a scroll he didn't

even have. Unfortunately though, it left him needing to find one and then two, just to be able to see this competition through. So from this point when it came to a

fight, from now on he was giving it his all. Not bothering with testing the other to see how they faired and instead letting them making the mistakes of starting out

slow. Lately though, he wasn't able to test that theory out, but he was ready for it when it happened.
At least that's what he had planned when from behind he heard the rumbling of something rolling against the ground heading toward him. Abruptly he turned

around just in time to see something on a collision course with, him or the surrounding objects. Instinctively, Eremi stuck out a foot waiting up until the point where

he could catch the roll blur and cushion the blow. "Are…you ok?" He tilted his head trying to get a better look at whom or what it was he had just stopped.

Rise's head comes crashing straight into Erem's outraised foot followed by the tail of her muffler (the latest re-edition replacing to replace the shredded

remains of her jacket and pants) flying over to cover head. Eremi's question gets only a groan as she instinctively peeled away the piece of cloth to look up at the

source of the headache inducer.
She cants her head to the side thoughtfully, pushing down the pain through pure will alone as her mind tries to make since of the person before her. But

eventually she gives up with a light sigh of defeat, followed by Rise rising to her feet; dusting herself off along the way. "…… Grr.. Gro… *coughs*… Gomen."

She emits, blushing lightly as she turned averted her gaze. The moment of embarassment is short-lived thanks to her eyes being averted at 'just' the right position to

catch sight of the giant spider crawling around the cieling. "…… Leafer-kun… you don't think that thing.. will be upset I smashed a few spider eggs trying to

pull meself out earlia… do ya?", She asks warily with a large sweatdrop form along the side of her face.

Gouro has been trying to deal with that problem for a while now. Spiders being thrashed around and eggs splattered. None that it laid, though it could command

those that were borne of those eggs. As if sensing that it's been recognized, it sent its gaze down below with the two genin before dropping down from the ceiling and

clicking curiously. It's obvious that it was still a bit weak from its last fight, but should things get ugly, it'd have to go ahead and fight…or cough up more

scrolls. Whichever served the situation best.

With the figure finally stopping from impacting with his foot, Eremi took this time to decipher just exactly whom this was. It was a girl, young and possibly a

genin. He forced a smile, awkwardly at the situation, "I guess that means you are ok." Seeing the girl 'rise' to her feet, he shifted backwards making sure to give

enough space. "Umm, no problem I guess. Don't worry about it." He leaned forward some to catch her gaze shifting, only to turn around at the mention of a giant spider.

"I think that roll was pretty bad, you should maybe sit dow…"
The teens jaw dropped seeing the giant spider landing on the ground near the both of them. The first thought that came to his mind was that of the scorpion-

esque genin he fought previously, was this the same thing. There was only one way to find out. Slowly he raised a hand, extending it outward like one would do to a

wild animal to allow them to sniff his scenet. "Are you…a genin or maybe a jounin? Do you understand me?" Trying to speak with the thing might seem crazy to Rise,

but if it had an intelligence it might just work.

Rise has just enough time to glare back at Eremi before the spider drops down before them. Cracking the stone beneath its weight.. perhaps, and earning a

brief glare from Rise as well for interrupting her next words. Of course, seeing the spider up close softens them -pretty- quickly to the apologetic kind.
"Oha—" She starts off nervously as her hands fall to hover over her combat knife warily, only to discover her weapon missing along with the rest of her belt

(after a bit more searching) and Eremi interrupting her with a crazy idea. She pouts and starts to look around all casual like for the lost weapons… just to find the

metal of her blade glinting from the hole. -.-;
WELL! At least Eremi was providing cover for her so that she could sneak away and retrieve them. Just in case.

Gouro didn't seem to understand Eremi all that well, though it heard his voice. The cave spider instead continued to stare, observing him to see what move he

was going to make. When he extended his hand, the spider backed away quickly and seemingly took up a defensive posture. Whatever moves Rise were making would be picked

up in this time. It didn't know what she was going for, but she'd be watched just in case.
These two don't seem as violent as the other ones it faced, so what makes them different? They certainly look the same. It began to click as if Eremi would

understand it. Whether or not it was actually communicating was left to be discovered.

For now, Eremi stayed in his position, motionless and not trying to excite the spider. It was obvious it didn't like the boys hand being raised, but he wasn't

going to lower it with it already being up. A slow breath would be taken and then released, this wasn't a situation he was sure they could win. Not unless they worked

together. He would have to try and speak with the girl, pretending to speak with spider, hoping it didn't understand him the same way he didn't understand it.
"Listen, my name is Satonezu Eremi. I'm not sure what you have planned, but we have to work together if we are going to beat this thing or at least get out of

here." He tilted his head slightly to spot any weakness the spider might have. It was the same as what one would expect from a smaller spider. Eight legs, plenty of

eyes and well armored. "It's weak points are going to be its eyes, legs, maw if you're brave enough to go in there, midsection and spinnerets if you are brave enough

to go in there as well." It was getting time to take action, "I'm a pretty decent taijutsuist, how about yourself?"

Rise shuddered at the feel of someone or /thing/'s eyes upon her back, but she dared not turn back out of fear of losing her nerves. The exchange between the

spider, while heard by the scaling Kumo-nin, goes ignored until she manages to get her hand around the hilt of her weapon. Once more Rise remains at least a wee bit

cautious enough not to draw attention to herself by screaming out for joy like her body wanted to do so badly!
".. Shirokiri Rise." She replied back after a moment of hesitation, drawing her belt down along with her with a silent prayer to the Kami being chanted as she

went. "And I already kinda figured that out enough when I first saw it, Ere-baka!…… But alright." She murmered the last part before risking a short leap away from

her perch to land a few meters behind the Satonezu. Eyes warily on the spider as she stated, "Taijutsu specialist since I like to punch rather than break my fingers

like all those other numb nuts out there……. I High, you low?", She steps up to whisper to him.

Nope. Gouro didn't understand him one bit, but it couldn't quite read him either at this point. Still that other one was crawling around somewhere. Whatever

they wanted, it wasn't certain. The cave spider did know what it wanted, so it began to prepare itself to take scrolls. Whether or not they had any would have to be

found out. So, it began to click once more while weaving something up with its large mandibles.
It didn't have the means to fight right at this moment since it had to gather energy. Coupled with that, it'd simply begin to move around to make sure it had

a grand watch over the area.

"It's nice to meet you Rise." Despite being called a baka, Eremi was still going to keep some composure about him. At least the girl was willing to work with

him, so that was a plus. Still watching the spider, its subtle movements and clicking noises he could only suspect the spider viewed them as food and was done just

watching. He shifted his hand, no longer holding it forward and curled it into himself. There was a brief moment where the teens eyes dilated and constricted, his

muscles ached in response and then his feet shifted some against the ground beneath him. "Sounds good. Just be ready."
Instantly he hunched downed, leaned forward and shot out at the spider. The gap between them was instantly made up, but the momentum from Eremi wasn't slowing

down, making it appear as if he was about to collide with the beasts face. Then at the last second, he dropped to the ground, sliding across it until under the belly

then with all the strength he could muster, he attempted to kick it in to the air. "Your turn!"

Rise didn't need to be told twice before taking off herself. Passively marveling at Eremi's sudden speed increase as she herself strained just to get into

position in time. The moment she managed to catch sight of him again the familiar form he took in preparation has her grinning from ear to ear toothily. But, this was

no time for celebration, but preparation! Thus, she scanned the cieling carefully looking for the perfect angle as she rose to a stand. Three shuriken are launched

seemingly at random while Rise herself lept forward to try and hammer the spider back down with a rage fueled fist straight for the eyes.
Hit or Miss, the shuriken eventually make their rounds to come flying albiet a bit dented from dancing around for so long straight for the rest of Gouro's


Considering how often the others tried to attack it from beneath, it's grown particularly wary of taijutsuists. Its face was already marred by that scorpion

and now it's suffered shuriken to the eyes. It lifted its arms and squealed, blocking the others that came its way. Now it was short a few eyes. This was not going to

go well. In order to compensate, it had to be able to see and call in some reinforcements. In that time it whirled through clicks and squeals of various intensity

until swarms of spiders skittered along the cave walls to descend upon the duo of Rise and Eremi. Varieties of all kinds came into the area, some venomous, others

not… They each shared one goal, though.

Eremi blinked in surprise as the spider easily avoided his swift kick upwards, leaving him lying on the ground looking somewhat like a fool. He started things

off with one of his strongest moves, just like he had planned and it still failed. If things continued on this way, was Rise going to have to carry him? It was nerve

racking to think about. Shaking his head he tried to not let it get to him while he quickly got to his feet. He looked around for the spider until finally catching

sight of it. Once again it was making that familiar clicking noise. Was it still trying to communicate?
Tilting his head in confusion, Eremi tried to make out what it meant. Then he felt something moving on the back of his neck, trickling down his shirt and

sending shivers along his spine. It was enough to cause him to catch a glimpse of movement from up above. When he tilted his head back to see exactly what it was, he

was swarmed by the the mass of spiders that fell onto him and began to bite into his flesh.
His hands began to move in response, swatting away as many as he could and taking off in a sprint to prevent more from reaching him. The main target of course

was still the much larger arachnid and he was keeping a decent distance away from the beast for now. "Do you have any plans? I have one if you can stun him long enough

for me to make my moves." Reaching behind his back he withdrew several kunai and instantly threw them straight ahead at the spider without any tricks.

If Rise had a yen for every time she felt like cursing like a sailor.. well.. she'd be rich be now! But, that is simply no the case, nor does her muttering

explitives about the spider help her focus on keeping an eye on where she landed OR the mini spiders that started to try and bite and nibble at her feet before she got

wise and started to put some room in between them. Eventually a leap puts her onto top of a stalagimite (or.. tite? Which ever one is on the ground! >:( ), eyes more

searching one last time for any more spiderlings before focusing on the mother(?).
"Plan?", She murmered, canting her head to the side thoughtfully with her eyes closed. "….. Yes!.. Well, kinda…. Eremi-san! Just focus on weakening as

many legs while I take out its eyes, Kay!?", She calls down on him while digging out her shuriken again along with her kunai. Noting the number in hindsight after

letting them fly and cursing herself for it. While they continued to bounce around the cave once more, Rise kept her eyes locked firmly on the spider; observing and

planning… Wait, actually planning!? Not the good 'ol uppercut, kick, jab combo?

She's.. growing up. ;.;

"That's its ya overgrown owl pellet!"

Or, maybe not. -.-;

Gouro saw these coming now and it made sure to guard itself properly this time. The web it was spewing out in layers was to try and stop the kunai in their

tracks, but one slipped through and managed to strike its exoskeleton. Of course, there was pain, but it quickly shook its leg so that it could remove it from its leg.

Any additional attacks that came from Rise's weapons bouncing around would cause the spider to shell up in order to block any soft areas and allow them to bounce off

its skeleton with ease. After a few moments, it rose from the ground and shot out two ropes of webbing to take the captured kunai.
From there, it proceeded to whip them around and use them back on Rise and Eremi while also continuing to command the spiders to attack. It had its focus set

on Eremi for now.

Hearing Rise's plan to pretty much just hold the course and remain with attacking low, Eremi could do little more then nod. It was the only plan between the

two so far, so he would have to accept it. The real problem now was finding a way to get closer and actually attack the legs. However, he didn't have to wait long. His

opportunity came when the spider hunkered down to defend itself from the onslaught of kunai being thrown. Sprinting forward, he had hoped to get closer before it

sprung up, but wasn't fast enough and had to quickly go on the defensive.
The first thing that came his way, was the web powered kunai hurled back at him. It was fast, surprisingly so, leaving him unable to avoid it. This was only

followed by more spiders that dropped from above and covered his form once again. The biting was causing him to grow numb from the pain in spots where it had happened

once before. Frustrated, he spun around in several circle, forcing the spiders to be thrown off from the momentum. Finally being cleared, he made his move once again.
As he charged forth, each hand reached for where the bandages were secured tightly against his arms and began to unravel them just enough where they trailed

behind him several feet. Getting closer to the beast, he took off to the right of it, forcing it to either keep its eyes on him or stay focused on Rise. It couldn't do

both, so flanking was necessary. When Eremi reached around the other side, he turned back and started heading to the closest leg with a low flying kick. He didn't wait

and took off toward a different leg, extending the bandages outwards to wrap a few together and followed it up with a succession of kicks.

A plan was slowly begining to hatch in Rise's mind as she watched, and only moments before her own shuriken came flying back at her it came to the surface.

She flew back in a spin, appearantly struck by the blade with great force…

*Flashback No Jutsu!*

As the sound melodious sound of a waterfall danced and mother nature's critters made good use of a bright and sunny day in the Land of Lightning, a blindfold

a year younger Rise (physically not all that different e.e) is struck upside the head for what felt like the fiftith time since her foster father asked her out to

Raiun Falls. Her hands ached to rub the throbing parts of her head, but she knew very well what would happen next if she tried. Thus out of frustration she growled

edgily as she sniffed and strained her earsights in trying to focus in on her enemy.
"… *sigh*… Rise-chan~ How many times do we have to go over this? You've got to get this movements ingrained or else." Ren explained calmly, yet with his

own frustration given an edge to his voice. Rise growl only became more aggressive before she finally spoke up, "What's the point of all this anyways! Not like I'm

stupid enough to let someone blind me anyways!"
"…. *extended sigh*…. The /point/ Rise-chan is not just to hone /your/ reflexes, but to learn how another's reflexes are."
"… Think of it this way. Let's say you managed to gouge out an enemies eye, but there still wailing on you like no tomorrow because they got a good read on

what you can do and their own weakness… what do you do then?"
Silence again with Rise chewing on her lip thoughtfully for a few moments.
"… Hmpf… Think Rise! What are Kumo-ians the best at! What'd give you the edge besides just numbers and teamwork!?"
*Flashback No Jutsu End!*

'That's it!' Is exclaimed as Rise starts to twist around in mid-air to land on her hands before springing away and sliding back further. "… Eremi! Retreat

back here!", She called out, waving him over as soon as he slows down enough to hear her.

Just as soon as Eremi follows unless pinned down to heavily for whatever reason, Rise waves him in closer to whisper the plan; smiling toothily with a

mischevious glint in her eye.
-Don't argue with me just…. *groans*… just trust me okay……. Since your the fastest right now. I need you to try and match your speed with mine just

enough so that we can keep crossing over to mix it up. Once we're in close since he 'already' gonna protect the blind spot from his eyes, as soon, that's when you

criss-cross past me and me and you are gonna attack with are strongest whirlwind attacks along his middle legs. This way, even if he -does- protect his weak side, with

your speed you should /still/ be just fast enough to take out at least one leg…- Rise takes a breather and gives the spider one last look before continuing. -Hit or

miss, he'll be mixed up for a bit. THAT'S when we both charge in low from both sides and at the last moment hit it at the midsection with our Kage boyou for the

finish!- She takes another breath and shakes her head.. The siginal to start… will be when I start to charge in first. Just follow in my shadow before we start…-

"GOT IT!?" She practically yelled in his ears, then rose to start walking towards the Gouro. Not run, nor jog, just walk 'calmly' and fling the last of her kunai's at

its eyes to see if she can blind him a bit more.
After that.. its all evading the spider's counter attack as best as both of them could before she starts charging him down /WITH/ Eremi in tow… Hopefully.

Gouro blocked Eremi's attack by simply drawing its legs in so that it could defend against his kick properly. It didn't expect that he'd be using webbing of

his own, or what it assumed to be webbing. This boy certainly didn't look like a spider so where did this come from? The spider kept track of Eremi, ignoring Rise

entirely while trying to work its way out of the bindings that were being placed around it. In its attempt to follow the boy, it didn't realize it was tripping itself

up in the process and growing further entangled in the web. One of its legs would go down, but the others were enough to support it. Although, with this leg gone, it

would be difficult to defend itself properly and leave a nice gap for its underbelly to be attacked.

Being under the belly of the beast, a place where it seemed the most reasonable to defend against and attack at the same time, Eremi was a bit confused when he

heard the command to retreat being given. Then again, perhaps Rise knew or saw something he didn't and he wasn't about to argue or ignore the girl. In the end, team

work would still be needed to take this creature down.
Not wasting any time, he reached for the points where the bandages dangled from his arms and ripped them off with ease, leaving them to lay on the ground.

After which, he tucked and rolled between the legs of the spider where there was an opening wide enough for him and then rose to his feet once clear. He didn't

hesitate at this point and quickly sprinted off towards Rise. Once he reached the girl, he leaned in close, curious as to why they were whispering if the spider didn't

understand them, but kept that thought to himself.
Upon hearing the plan, the teen nodded in response. It seemed flawless so long as neither of them tripped up and the spider wasn't quicker on its feet then

they were. Sticking a finger into his ear, to plug up the ringing from being yelled at, "Yes, I got it. I'll do my best to not let you down." His eyes followed the

girl as she was already making her way to begin. He stayed close, like directed and waited until she sprinted off before doing so himself. Keeping his pace as even

with Rise as he could.
At this point the kunai should have reached their mark and the spider defended properly, Eremi didn't know, he kept his attention on the girl. When she made

the body movement as if she was about to criss cross, that was when he did the same. The two of them making it look as if this was a move they had rehearsed time after

time just to get it right.
Eremi reached one side of the spider and could only hope Rise did the same as he went in for the middle leg and leaped into the air with a succession of

powerful kicks, one after the other. Hit or miss like the plan discussed, the teen ducked down and dove under the beasts belly to kick upwards and knock the spider

into the air.

Time and Time again Rise's own lone wolf atitude had gotten into trouble, Alienated from those she could've called friend if she tried, and ultimately made it

that much harder for her to focus on one pure goal to train with all heart to reach. And yet, as she took her first few steps towards the creature that had thus far

gave them heck in just about everyway possible.. as she heard Eremi's footsteps follow behind her and in time see him pass her by in nigh perfect sync wit her won…

Rise could feel the self-imposed shackles put in place to keep her from accepting others begin to loosen.
She ran with a proud (and to some /still/ creepy smile just from the shark-like teeth) smile openly displayed as she watched Eremi one dash back one last time

before slipping out of even -her- ability to keep track. She let loose a battle cry alerting and distracting the spider to stay focused on her side for a moment longer

for Eremi's sake until her legs are swung around for the with a succession of powerful kicsk to break him down. Hit or miss, there is no pause as soon as she lands

before she pushes her body to the limit in dashing forward with Eremi and Rise closely in unison to help catapult the spider higher. Straight into the cieling of

spikes… if their lucky.

Gouro was a bit busy trying to get the bandages off its legs, so Eremi's escape was only partially focused on as he was captured by one of the few remaining

eyes the spider had left. When it successfully ripped away the bandages, it extended its mandibles and let out a fierce screech and spin around frantically looking for

him. It knew he was /somewhere/. What it didn't consider was that it was benath it.
So, when it turned its aggression onto Rise it ran forward, sensing only at the last moment the attack coming from Eremi. It was launched into the air, the

underbelly marred with an imprint that would definitely be Gouro's undoing. In a ditch effort to spare itself, it used its senses to evade the last of the attacks,

casting out webs to stop everything dead in its tracks and yet… something always manages to break through. The last attack, though it was mostly suppressed still

carried enough momentum for the spider to seize up in the air, stunned.
It dropped back down to the ground, covered in webbing and with what energy it had left it overwhelmed the stun and shuddered to shake the web off its body

and cast it around the area in a heap. That kick to the underside was enough to make it spew up two more scrolls. There was now one more to go and now, it took its

escape, shakenly walking away beaten beyond reason, eyes darted away and leg broken. It was headed to a resting place soon…

With the spider being launched into the air, Eremi rose to his feet and rushed over toward were Rise was beginning to make her decent to the ground.

Instinctively he leaped into the air ahead to catch her as she fell, cushioning and craddling as he did so. It was a bit forward for him, but hopefully Rise would

forgive the boy. When he reached the ground, he immediately set her to her feet and made sure she was ok. Seeing that she was, his attention quickly went back to the

spider whom was already falling toward the ground. He prepared himself, not knowing what to expect and this only made more apparent by his eyes growing wide when the

creature spewed out not one, but two scrolls. Surely it was enough to share, but he didn't make his approach toward them until the spider made its retreat. Not until

then did he finally make his way over toward the two and picked them both up. They were covered in what ever slime and goo would be found in the belly of a spider. He

shook his one off and tossed the other to Rise, "Seems fair right? One for each of us."

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