First World Ninja Competition - A Bemusing Engagement: Hanzen vs. Rise


Kazuki (as Hanzen), Rise, Kira, Hinotori, Seiteki

Date: November 6, 2010


Hanzen and Rise draw out a first bracket match, while Kira the proctor has his suspicions about the missing ninja disguised as a Kiri-nin.

"First World Ninja Competition - A Bemusing Engagement: Hanzen vs. Rise"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 1 [Kusagakure]

This was the final battle, for Hanzen, hopefully. He found the battles he had were taking more of a mental toll on him than anything else, so he would be glad for this tournament to be over, then he would finally get some peace and quiet to have a good nights sleep. At least, he could have some fun in battle, and test his skills once again against a new opponent. He walks onto the arena floor donned in Kirigakure ninja attire and a re-breather mask. Walking with a long and clumsy stride, no one would suspect he was using henge for the match on this day.

He takes a look around, at the crowd that was fairly large in the stands, the noise they made was annoying to him, but he could block it out. Scanning the area, it was the typical arena floor, of course nothing had changed. He looks at the proctor, lifting his eyebrows in surprise. A Kumo Chuunin, and he smiles politely at him. Come to think of it, he remembered his opponent was from Kumo too. This was getting exciting. He looks around at the team of ninja that could put up the barrier, and returns his attention front and center.

After spending the past few weeks shifting between abject terror and pure bliss as she awaited for her name to be called, Rise had finally settled down to somewhere in the middle on the actual day itself. Sooo, basically pretty darn normal for her person like her. However, some of her off experiences during the wait have begun to make themselves known within her…

Out practicality the scarf, jacket, and weights were left behind in the waiting area before she walked onto the field. Her focus purely on the path ahead until she came with a few feet of her opponet. At first it looks like she is about to say something, maybe a greeting(?), but in the end she gives up without uttering a single syllable and instead gives only a small bow to hide the red tinge to her cheeks.
'I-I…I can do this…', She chants over and over in her head while awaiting Kira's word.

A Kumogakure chuunin stands between the two fighters, and idly, he wonders why the hell he was chosen as the referee. There was nothing more boring than watching two genin fight. But who was this other Kirigakure guy?

Kira tilted his head, did he know him? He looked familiar. Oh well, who cares. Let's get this over with.

His hand lifts up, "There are just a small number of rules. Yadda yadda. Just don't kill each other. Fight."

The barrier was formed and Kira called for the match to begin! A smirk crosses Hanzen's lips. He jumps back and makes a hand seal to focus chakra, a glowing blue outline around his form. "Rise-chan, I am Hanzen." He says, his voice coming out in a deep and static tone through the re-breather. "Are you ready for a little fun?" He asks with a humorous hint at the end of the question. He crouches as he is able to summon all the chakra that is needed in order to perform his jutsu, wondering what this Kumo girl would have in store for him. "He..he…he." He lets out a soft, menacing chuckle, his eyes cold yet amused, watching his opponent.

Rise foot slides back an inch as a sweatdrop forms on the back of her head. "Ya..yeah..sure. L-let's..*clears throat*..let's do this.", She stated nervously before seemingly vanishing without a trace. When she reappears she is already below hanzen with all traces of her fear and doubt gone from her visage as well as packing enough force behind her upper kick to send the Mist ninja into the sky. Connection would mean her following after him in the shadow in his shadow while failure would either mean some kind of counter offensive or rise temporary retreat a few meters to guage his actions.

Kira is once again forced to tilt his head. He was forced? You may ask. Yes, the heavy burden of this boring match is weighing his head down.. Metaphorically.

Oh, and there's some kind of dude at the stands shouting that he should leave the arena. Why? A good referee risks his life in the ring, right?

He glances at the two fighters and nods approvingly. Maybe he should've said that they should try killing each other. Yeah, that'd be more fun. But as a chuunin, he has to.. appear.. official.. and legal.. and not bloodthirsty. You'll understand once you become a Chuunin.

Hanzen watches Rise come at him, and perhaps it was her timid demeanor, but Hanzen was not expecting her to follow through with such force. He hand seals for a body flicker technique but is too slow, and he's launched upwards through the puff of smoke he was using to conceal his movements by Rise's kick. "Damn…" He whispers through his face mask as he flies towards greater heights. What a way to start the match, thinking it might be all fun and games, before he is sailing through the air with Rise's attack. His eyes shift from side to side, trying to tell where exactly she would hit from and what he could do to avoid it, but time was running out as he flows through the air with nothing left to do.

Success. What more could a semi-untameable beauty could ask for!?! Well, probably a good hunting knife, no restrictions, and plenty of bounty to use her kami blessed gifts on, but the chances of that happening are about the same as an akimichi going on a diet…for an entire year….without being threatened by someone, thing, or other wordly force of somekind! However, back to the plot rise and hanzen were temporarily defying gravity itself, but exactly how long that would last was dependant on how "annoyed" that particular force was at being denied. Rise…does not wait to find, and instead speeds up their descent with her signature technique.

"Nini Hanzen~", She whispers only after cupping both hands and slamming them over his ears to daze him just long enough to flip herself up and over, crouch, then slam both heels down against his chin once more to help propel her upwards and grab his ankles before they pass her by. His weight pulls her down along with him just enough to complete another forward flip over his body and bring him around to toss him back first into the ground; opening him wide up for her to force the air out of his body with kangaroo stump to the gut. That same gut becomes just the spring board she needed to gain enough height to come down with an elbow drop to the chest before being forced to roll away from him and get back into a ready stance.
'Whew…glad I didn't hold back, but…i really hope that was enough for him..'

Hanzen got a clap on the ears, which put him in a daze, as his preternatural hearing is assaulted with full force. Serves him right for attacking the ears of his opponents all those times, but this is not how he saw it. Now he could only see the downwards drop, and the ground getting closer, slamming into it in no time. He didn't even have enough time to recover and stand up before he was attacked with a barrage of hits from Rise, the last elbow drop causing him to cough up a relative geyser of blood.

It was not long before he got up, wiping the blood from his mouth with his sleeve. He could win this competition, if he played his cards right in this battle. He could be the champion, which meant he was one step closer to gaining ultimate power! His menacing glare lands on Rise and he smirks as his pulse increases and the pupils of his eyes spiral into the shape of Nejigan. "You are a good fighter…" He lets out a laugh "But beware, my Ninpo!" Raising a hand seal "HAA!!" Letting out a blast of sound waves through the mask. If Rise were to catch on and try to dodge, she would still be in danger of being hit, as Hanzen held the wave of the sonic scream attempting to follow her movements with a turn of the head.

Some odd mixture of dread in the pit of her stomach, realization, and panic sets as Rise gazes upon Hanzen's eyes. Add a bit of memory flickering in to overlay hanzen's form with an older kunoichi of her village before flickering out of view, and Rise stops thinking all together. Instinct and reflexes are the only thing that save her from the first blast of sound by way of her body acting on it's own in forcing her to maneuver out of range before the second blast clips her; turning her world upside down and round & round until finally she's able to taste sweet terra firma…literally.

Dazed in almost every manner possible, Rise is slow to get back to her feet and retake the read postion for the Konoha Strong fist stance. "That….my bones are still….that definetly…..*growls*…Fine then! But as you should know by now--" She crouches down into a sprinter stance, pulls out some kind of pill from her leg warmers, then burst forward with renewed energy; crying out just before she leaps into the air, "TO BEWARE MY TAIJUTSU!!", The first leg aerial sweep of her leg comes up short on purpose to throw him off guard for the real version of leaf whirlwind to knock him away. Hit or miss, as soon as she lands rise steps in and fakes another kick for Hanzen's head, but in actuality tries to pull his leg out after entering a short one handed stand.

Kira offers a slight smirk at the turn of events. Oh, this was interesting. A kumogakure nin with Leaf techniques. And a Kirigakure nin with a Kumogakure bloodline. … wait.. what?

His eyes fix on Hanzen and narrow down. Of course, he doesn't move from his post, just stands there. A referee might stop the fight by now, but not Kira. This was too good.

Feeling very good after his win last night, Hinotori had arrived a little late but still the match looks like it was just getting good. Moving to the front of the rows, he sits down and watches the fight. So far from what he was seeing was good, though like Kira just mentioned a Kumogakure nin using Leaf style taijutsu? Then a Kirigakure nin using Kumogakure bloodline? "What the hell." he says as he his eyes suddenly shifts from their normal almond brown color to that of the sharingan. His eyes catching all the movements that are being done, and seeing the chakra colors of each fighter. "This looks like it's going to be fun." he smiles.

Hanzen was able to knock Rise with a sonic blast, as he watched with joy the Kumo girl tumble across the arena floor. It was not unexpected though when she came at him for some more attacks. He hand seals and creates a few clones surrounding him, only hoping that her balance and vision would still be off from the sound waves enough for it to work. He's almost hit with the feint attack causing him to try and get even more distance, when her Leaf Whirlwind makes one of his clones Poof! He is still hit with a kick from her last attack. Stumbling backwards, he regains his balance and raises an eyebrow at Risu. It was a lot to take in, for instance, what was that pill she took? She was also very agile, pulling out moves he would really have to beware of like she said. This battle was not going to be a walk in the park, more like a run. With a smirk under the face mask he picks up the pace and starts off kicking up a cloud of dust. Digging into his pockets he unleashes a bombardment of exploding tags attached to kunai knives. These three knives land in the ground one after the other, exploding as they do so.

Rise didn't even need to look (The familiar sound awakening memories of a very traumatizing early life involving crazy pyromanics!) before leaping away from the row of kunai alit with explosive tags. Slowly, but surely slowing down with each evasion do to her balancing starting to become harder and harder to maintain. What with her doing mainly nothing, but flips and only making the disorientation from the earlier sound blast worst in her skull.

By the time she came out of the last flip, well more like a backwards tumble the debris cloud caused by the consecutive explosion was still taking it's time to settle. Given the shirokiri just the time she needed to try and clear her head before forcing herself back to her feet. She nearly hurls from getting up way to fast too soon…

"Uuugh…I glad I didn't eat this morning or that might've--*gurgle gurgle*--*sigh*…And now I'm hungry again…..There!" Hanzen's only warning before rising breaks through the last of the fading dust with a fist already cocked back and ready to attack the humanoid shadow she spotted. Even if it turned out not to be the real one the last of the dust would have settled enough for her to lock on to the Yamayuki and attack him with an odd display of flourishes to keep him off balance and forced into a corner…hopefully.

Kira wondered if he should stop the fight. That Hanzen was a interesting guy. Something was off there. That's unmistakably a Kumogakure bloodline technique. He's seen it before. Heard of it. He, however, could not remember the name. What if it was a Kirigakure technique, and they had a spy in Kumogakure?

Kira ain't the brightest bulb in the box, that's for sure.

What was the name… the name.. Oh. Was it Yamayuki? No, Kawasaki. No, no, that's wrong. Yotsuki? No, that was his clan. Hmm. Maybe it is Yamayuki after all?

Kira is so self absorbed in his speculations he forgets to stop the match. Or respond to the cries from the stand to stop the match.

It was unfortunate for him that Rise was able to evade the explosions, but Hanzen was still gunning for the victory. He placed a decoy for Rise, but still was not fast enough to flicker from her next move. He's suddenly knocked down, but making a hand seal he attempts the replacement technique with a loose stone. Han speeds away rapidly, where Rise must have hit the stone. Then there was silence, even the crowd went mute when Han was not anywhere to be seen. It would be difficult to hide in plain sight, but he had to gain time to gather chakra if he wanted to win, as he was not in a good place now, and he had to try and turn the tables. He slips into a space under a bush, using ninjutsu to silence the sound around him there would not be a chance for him to be heard by his opponent. This girl, Rise, reminded him of one of his new rivals in Kiri, but he didn't have time to be nostalgic, he had to think up a strategy.

Hinotori narrows his eyes, it looks like a combination of techniques being used by both fighters was great. The Uchiha chuunin couldn't help but be happy that he won his match, who knows who he will fight next. The Sharingan spins as it takes in everything that sees, Hinotori doesn't look to anyone else, but his senses are alert for any sound or movement that comes near him as he watches the fight.

As he looks over to the proctor, he watches Kira who seems to be studying both fighters as well. Even though the cries of the fans to stop match keeps going out, Hinotori knew that it was either up to the fighters to stop or the proctor to stop the match. But being a fighter himself, he knew how hard it would be for himself to stop a match he was fighting in, but if it was going too badly, he knew when to back down. Shaking his head, Hinotori just watches to see what unfolds.

Around this time Seiteki would make her entrance. She would come within the stands and quickly take note of the match. "Hrmm, I wonder who is fighting today." The girl would walk about, looking for someplace to sit before taking note of Hinotori. She would move towards him unless otherwise stopped and move to see about finding a seat there for the time being.

Under the force of her kick, the rock used in replacement with hanzen was sent soaring until it burst into nothing but pebbles and dust from it's destructive contact with the Arena walls. "…grrrr..this is why I -hate- ninjutsu", She emits lowly before bringing her leg back down in a very childish stomp with her feet. It is only after giving herself a few moments to calm down a very small bit that she goes search in vain for the Yamayuki. Throughout her search she make sure not to let her back stay exposed for too long just in case the ninjutsu slinging fiend happen to be just at good at surprise attacks as she is in underhanded tatics.

Hearing footsteps come near him was something thats common place when people are coming and going but when the person sits down next to him, it causes Hinotori to glance in their direction, and when he does his almond brown eyes greet them. A smile appears on his face when he recognizes the girl sitting next to him, "Hello Seiteki-san." he says, and bows his head. "How are you?" he asks her. Seeing as the match was still going, he could spare a few moments to talk.

Seiteki nods to Hinotori and looks towards the match "I am well Hinotori-Sama, thank you for asking. And yourself?" she asks, offering a light stretch as she looks about, looking over to Hinotori and offering a gentle smile as she does so.

Hanzen was able to hide and sneak so that Rise couldn't seek him out, giving him the thrill of a childhood game. He formed a hand seal so as to gather chakra quickly so that he could continue on the offensive which was his normal strategy, though it seemed it was this kumo girls way as well. They were a fair match, and though Han was a bit behind, he was confident that he could catch up and beat his opponent, though it might be hard on him. The surge of chakra throughout his system might have caught the attention of anyone close enough to feel it, giving away his location, but he was ready to defend now that he had chakra reserves on hand and he was eyeing the girl, just like a hunter waiting to strike his prey.

Soon however someone comes up to Seiteki and she blinks, nodding some "It seems it is time for my match…if you wish to come and watch Hinotori-sama, I shall be in the 3rd arena." And with that she stands up, offering a bow before moving to head out of the stands, and to the other arena.

He did promise Seiteki that he would watch her match, he stands up as she lets him know she has a match up. Giving one final glance to the fighters below, smirking he follows out behind Seiteki.

Unable to see, unable to hear, unable to even sniff out her opponet like she always left Rise with very few options in discovery a way to….

A tingle sensation makes it way ever so slowly down the nape of rise's neck, another instinctual warning of what was to come, but where? All she could hope for was to simple take out as many shuriken as she could and start flinging them at every tree, bush, heck even any stream or lake that happen to be around!? Just to see if she would provoke a reaction or get lucky. A long shot, but it was better than simply waiting around and destroy herself with paranoia and worry.

Hanzen was on the move and he noticed Rise tossing sharp objects all over the place. One of the projectiles seems to hit home, but he's quick to attempt a body flicker technique, causing him to poof as the shuriken flies right through. His breathing heavyer like he'd been pitching for all of the innings, it took a lot out of him to gather all that chakra so quickly but he wasn't going to let it go to waste. Shaking his head with a smirk plastered on his lips, he appears with a line of sight at Rise, and launches a kunai straight at her, with an exploding tag tied on the end. He hand seals and when the paper bomb explodes he manipulates the sound of the blast to a greater range and a higher frequency, the tone and pitch higher and louder than any normal explosion, sound waves making their way into the eardrums.

Wasn't there a Yamayuki nin that was missing or something? On that fateful day, Kira was hit with a tsunami, which would've been known around the village. The circumstances however weren't. He had a terrible phobia of water and a amnesia since than. But it was known that in the same week, or even day, a Yamayuki shinobi went missing.

Was this related? Kira often wondered if he was unable to protect someone that day. And a unnatural tsunami? Yeah, that too was odd. Investigation turned up nothing though.

Could Hanzen and that shinobi be related somehow? Kira thought about this carefully. Kira wasn't smart. But he was instinctive. Of course, he had no proof nor motive to act on this 'hunch'. Wait and see.

A kunai is pulled out to deflect the kuani, but the familiar sound of paper buring has her leaping away…then further away to escape the expected sharpnel. Almost completely unaware to the third sound blast until by the time it the sound catches up to her has lost most of it's lethal edge granted by Hanzen's attack.

She slides to a stop and glances around until she locks onto Hanzen's position again, whispering only, "…Your exposed…" before reaffirming her grip on her kunai and charging forward. Without hesitation she tosses the kunai ahead of her, ready this time to let any clones he might have deal with a decoy before leaping forward the moment hanzen slows down. "LEAF GREAT WHIRLWIND!!!", Tactically an unsound plan to call out the name of her attention except to exhaust Hanzen further with straining himself just to hear what she yelled over defending against the incoming attack.

Hanzen was pretty sure the Kumo girl could spot his location by now, but even after her attempt to negate the clone with the sharp projectile, he was difficult to get a hold of. Forming a hand seal he disappears in cloud of smoke, when the Leaf Whirlwind should have hit. There is a poof overhead, and in the air at a distance, Hanzen re-appears with a hand seal ready in front of his mask, shooting concussive and disorienting sound waves from his vocal chords. The blast was in the shape of a large cone, and he looked on as he could see the sound he was manipulating with the nejigan, aiming directly for his opponent.

It was all become clearer. The attack patterns, his weaknesses, and even….who would win this match. All Rise had to do was not relax even for a moment, and push her body to the very brink as she rolled forward before catapulting herself away from the sonic screeching before they could even touch her. This action is repeated, but with the only variance being to instead circle around Hanzen to avoid putting herself to far out range where her attacks would be predictable. Once the last of his energy seemed to be spent from the blast of sound ripping apart the earth. Rise took one last gulp of air before staggering forward into a full out sprint straight for Hanzen. Any obstacles in her path swiftly avoided either with a effortlessly leap or sidespin around without losing too much of her momenteum. Next thing everyone without a eyes trained to follow is Rise disappearing into thin air…
And reappearing underneath Hanzen for a swift upward kick to the jaw. Unlike the begining she doesn't stop the attack assuming she connects and instead steadily continues to unleash of barrage of kicks that would constantly push them higher and higher into the air before the last pushes them away. If she missed the first kick with hanzen evading in his usual manner, Rise pursues and would attempt one last straight forward kick to the diaghram.

Kazuki lands on the ground bending his knees to break the fall. Shaking his head with a frown he says "You are a pest." With a shrill and static tone, the re-breather causing his heavy breaths to resonate, as his shoulders and chest rise and fall. Not only was his breathing getting harsh but his head was starting to dwindle, the moves of his opponent blurring more than usual, and the sounds noticeably being processed in delayed time. This was bad, he had the competition in his grasp, but now it was all slipping away. For what reason had he endured the pain inflicted by the dark man, if not to be declared champion, and now this. His clone dissipates in a puff of smoke as he decieved Rise with ninjutsu. He speaks in a cool tone, his voice seeming to project louder as if he had raised the volume switch on his re-breather, metaphorically speaking. "You do not know the extent of my power, Rise-chan!" He hand seals gathering even more chakra to use "Surrender, NOW!" He stares on at the young ninja, eyebrows tensed in a frown. His lust for the gold metal was taking over, and he could not bear to loose. Now was his last chance at winning the tournament, he had to take it.

The proctor was standing silently in the background staring at nothing in particular. Heck, the genin charging more chakra wasn't even enough to distract him. Much less refocus.

A name was coming through to him. Something unbearable. Something he just couldn't put his finger on. Yet, it escaped his lips. "I am sorry Kazuki…." He muttered opening his eyes suddenly. Perhaps surprised he said that.

With his amnesia he had no idea what this meant. Who was Kazuki? Shaking his head, and the thoughts off, he returns his attention to the two fighters.
" Oh my, you are still not finished."

Rise gives no reaction to Kazuki's words at first beyond staring at him with uncharacteristic emptiness in her eyes. Every portion of her at this point was matted down with sweat, and her breathing was comming out more ragged from the initial havoc hanzen's sound blast inflicted on her ribcage. After a time as the tension begins to mount, Rise closes her eyes and lets out a soft sigh as she shifts into a neutral stance.

"…….I am not finished.", She answers in place of the other. "…..And you maybe right, I maybe well…well out of my league….but….", She giggles softily underbreath as a single tear buds then falls. "….I can't, stop….even if I wanted to right now….I can't….this body…this body of mines…this heart of mines….won't let me….So….*bows her head*……Gomen—", She dashes forward, bobbing and weaving to make it harder for hanzen to keep up with how she would attack first, and with her eyes shrouded in shadows from her bangs until she was within arms reach of the Yamayuki. Then and only then does she look up to reveal a face contorted in abosutely insane, feral glee then a fake swipe with her nails only to unbalance herself and nearly keel over. Or so it seemed until Hanzen would feel a tug at his legs to yank the ground out from under him. Success in this would not make her pounce on him as to be expected of any normal monster, but instead give only a little time to recover to his feet just to be subjugated to another string of confusing fake outs and kicks aimed at wherever he part of his body he loses focus of for too long. "C'mon! C'MON! C'MON! DANCE WITH ME HANZEN-KUN! DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!!!", She taunted inbetween her attacks whenever allowed. Never once allowing any clones or fancy fake teleportation to throw her off."

Hanzen listened to Rise though it made him even more annoyed than he already was. He should have been able to give her credit for her spirit, but this match had drawn on long enough, and he was almost at his breaking point. His physical condition especially was almost at it's peaks end, and he could not let the girl get a hit with her taijutsu. His clone dances as instructed yet when it comes time and she actually makes contact, it poofs in a cloud of smoke. He was tricky and skilled enough to deceive the girl yet again, causing him through the pain and fatigue to laugh "Ha..ha..ha…HAAA!!!" he lets wave of a sound blast out at Rise, not easing up in the slightest, as he truly was committed to his strategy in all battles. This one was down to the wire, and if his persistance on the offensive could pay off he would be the winner of the competition.

Rise was just to close this time when the sonic screams came a knocking, dazing her with every hit and make it just that much harder to remain standing or even run away just on the off chance that she could get out range. Failure after failure, even when she pushed her body to the limits resulted in her vision become so blurry and distorted that Rise had no idea where or what was going on. The only good thing that came out of her haze of confusion was that she somehow managed to stumble out of range of Hanzen's final sound blast.

At this point the only senses that were still any good to her at all was her since of smell. A load good that does her with most of air riddled with dust from the sound blast's impact. All she could do was wait until her vision stop dancing into view and then—-

Her trail off thoughts are completely caught off by a flood of pain coarsing through from biting down on her bottom lip until she bled. Pain for pain, an even trade in most circumstances, but not enough to bring the her world back into order. Nevertheless, it would have to do for the time being because beyond all odds she rose once again, balled up one of her fist while the other goes to pry loose her father's knife strapped to her side. "Nota….notha..dun ye…NODA DUN!!!", She emitted horsely, and only then begins to realize something during her charge forward. The seals were in place to minimalize the damage, and so in truth all that extra disorientation and pain she was feeling wasn't all from the attacks, but all in her head. That didn't of course stop her from still feeling tired, but it was enough to clear the confusion completely now to where she was able to focus on waylieghing into Hanzen with punches, and slashes with her knife until he was either to exhausted to move or uncouncious with a knife held at his throat.

"Gosh, you are still not done. COME ON!" Kira yells out. And he's supposed to be the /proctor/. Hanzen looks in a bad shape, to say the least. Some fans are shouting to stop the match. But this couldn't be what these two were capable of? Or did they peak? Hanzen definetely said he had more in him.

He waves his hands for the two to get on with it already.

The form of Hanzen disappears in a puff of smoke yet again as he uses ninjutsu clone technique to evade, only it was a very close call, so close that he did in fact get hit, only to mesh his real form with his clone and escape the attacks from the blade. The real Han walks forward from the side of Rise, with a limp step, swaying clumsily from side to side in large arcs. He could barely keep himself afoot, as if he were holding on by a thread. He felt like the world around him could fade into darkness any minute, and he would be left in the middle of the arena to be declared as the loser. This thought kept him upright, well not so much vertical but on his two feet nonetheless. Arms hanging loose by his sides his spiral pupils scanning from side to side as if they had a mind of their own. "GAAAHHH!" A forceful sonic wave shoots from the re-breather mask, a high pitched piercing noise on top of it, anyone in the immediate area, in this case the ring would be subject to the intense blast of the sonic wave.

The moment she spins around to face him after sink her blade into another illusion, Rise's eyes widen before she literally about faces and books it! Her feet being the only thing keeping her outside the sonic scream. However, as big as the arena was there was no way to truly escape the sound attack except for three: A sound proof barrier of some kind, a kami deciding to take pity on her, or simply going up…

Every bit of momenteum she had gained is all she had plus an erratic form of tree walking skills to keep her adhered to the walls long enough to remain narrowly out of reach until she finally was able to leap the higher and well out of range of the scream. At least damaging range at least. The only problem now layed in the fact that eventually she would have to come down, and barrier or no barrier a fall from this hieght would still put her comission for awhile. Most likely even long enough for hanzen to make his come back if the proctor didn't interfer.

That scenario was something she was not having so long as she drew breath in her body. Thus, while there was still time three kunai are drawn, one with wire attached to it, while the others would be thrown at Hanzen; HOPEFULLY pinning him down or distracting him long enough for Rise to toss the last at one of the nearby trees and pull herself in to swing safetly to the ground…almost anyways.

Kira watched the pretty techniques of Hanzen and suddenly, he realized something. He knew that technique. It was used against him. But by who? He wondered idly, unable to remember. Natural disasters like Tsunamis do that to a man.

Seeing the blast of sound coming towards him, Kira screams /back/. Yep, and quite loudly. But, it has no effect. So he is forced to jump above the blast, like a cat jumping over a body of water, afraid to get wet. This of course, results in his family jewels nearly being blasted off. Had he hesitated for just another moment..

Maybe he should stop the match now?… Naaaaw.

After subjecting the ring to an overpowering force of sound waves, Hanzen had used everything in him to try and win the battle. His eyes roll up into the back of his head and he falls backwards. It seemed he was completely knocked out, but something of his conciousness still remained. His eyes slint open, and he pushes himelf up to a crouching position with all his might. Drawing from his side pocket an exploding tag, it seemed he still had one more attack left in him. This was not the true case, as after drawing the paper bomb, he gets knocked out again, the bomb falling to the floor and exploding, just as the kunai from Rise are tossed. It was as if he was caught in the blast, but amidst the confusion he was able to regain conciousness once again and dodge harm using the very last ounces of chakra reserves he had. Laying flat on his belly, unable to move from exhaustion he draws a gun from his pocket. Pulling the trigger, a white flag shoots out of the barrel and drops down idly, as Hanzen admits defeat.

Kira sighs as the fight is apparently over. "I declare myself the winner." He says, and at first the crowd cheers loudly, and than realizing what Kira actually said, they started shouting 'boos' and tossing rotten tomatoes at the fighters.. which bounce off the barrier.

"Fine fine. Rise is the winner! Bravo, bravo. I am gonna go take a nap now. This fight was.. ah who am I kidding. Good job. You did well." He nods his head. "I'll escort the Kirigakure nin to a Medic."

Just when Rise thought she was safe enough to dust off her clothes and collect herself, she hears the click of a gun and turns around just in time to see Hanzen…admit, defeat? "…Heh…hahah…hahahaha….HeahaHAHAHAAH!! After…*pant*…after all, that…that boasting…he…he quit…I can't….*huff*…I won't, accept that…nahuh.." The young shirokiri takes one last calming breath and screws her expression up into the most sinister one she could think of (Which is not very effective at ALL given her natural looks), and saunters smoothily over to Hanzen whistling an off key tune. For awhile, she simply stares down at elder genin before slowing raising her leg as if to stomp the last bit of life out of him…but in one big, sigh of relief she sets her foot back down just as Kira arrives to remove Hanzen from the field. "……..*grins & blushes*…I think…I'm in love…………..Naaaaaah!" And with that, rise makes her way to the nearest ramen bar she could find just to consume half their stock…and pass out in her last bowel from the soldier pills losing their effect finally.

Kira grabs Hanzen's arm and pulls him over his shoulder, glancing at Rise. "Huh, what a wierd chick." Glancing at Hanzen, "Watch your back, her love might be the stabbing kind." Wink wink, and off they go, to see a medic.

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