First World Ninja Competition - A Challenge Answered: Abbiku vs. Azur


Abiku, Azur, Mikado

Date: November 3, 2010


Abiku challenges anyone out of a group to a match, Azur steps forward. They fight. Azur yields, netting Abiku the victory. They part ways.

"First World Ninja Competition - A Challenge Answered: Abiku vs. Azur"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 2

Abiku stands off to the side of the arena, having made a fairly broad challenge. It was obvious that he didn't care about official brackets but rather just wanted to have a little fun. At his side is a large, mostly brown, athletic looking nin-dog. Her golden hazel eyes taking in the sights as both her and her master sniff the air curiously.

Azur steps forward from the crowd shortly after Abiku makes his announcement. The Shirayuki had come here looking for a match just like this, and the timing couldn't've been better. "I accept your challenge." He takes a brief moment to look at the nin-dog before continuing. "My name is Shirayuki Azur." He removes his jacket and folds it into a square which he leaves just outside the edge of the barrier that will be erected shortly. Clad in nothing but a sleeveless tunic, his jeans, and a pair of surprising flexible boots, he steps into the arena proper and looks his opponent over.

Abiku oooo's a little and nods at Azur, "Inuzuka Abiku." he then motions the the nin-dog beside him, "And this is Tohime-chan. You don't have to worry about her though, she's a sweetheart." he teases, grinning a little bit so that his own slightly extended canines are visible,
He does appear to be a little impatient however, immediately dropping to all fours and locking his gaze on Azur, Tohime does the same as they wait, "Let's not keep everyone waiting." he adds before him and the nin-dog dash off in a semi-circle around Azur from either side, Abiku producing and throwing a Kunai while Tohime jumps in to attempt to land a bite on the shinobi's leg.

Mikado had learned of some fight or another going on and he had made it a point to be present for as many as possible. He enters the fairly empty stands and leans up against the railing, pulling out a thick book, where he begins to write down some information on both combatants.

The proctor walks into the ring. "This is an exhibition match between the Leaf nin Abiku Inuzuka and Rain nin Azur Shirayuki-" the proctor blinks as a shuriken flies past his face. "Well then, fight on, I guess…" He calmly walks out of the ring as the barrier is thrown up.

Tohime gracefully pivots and leaps back away from the elbow strike with a low growl and begins running in a circle around the pair of Azur's while Abiku quickly jumps away from the first kunai and spins, producing a long chains weapon from his pouch, a surujin, and brings up the chain to block the final Kunai, "Oooh. Not bad." he says, still giving the other shinobi a toothy grin before dashing in at Azur spinning both ends of the chained weapon.
As Abiku approaches he launches the weighted end of the chain in a sweeping attack aimed at the ribs of Azur before continuing the motion and throwing the foot long spiked end aiming at his shoulder, aiming to both injure and distract the Shinobi while Tohime comes in with a fast jump and turn in an attempt to strike from behind and off-balance him.

A quick seal is made and wind encircles Azur, buffeting his clothes as Abiku lashes forward. Both attacks are fairly unhindered and connect solidly with the Shirayuki. All the while his clone has been closing the distance, and dives behind Azur, colliding with Tohime again. A light puff of smoke appears and the clone is revealed in its true form, a moving ice sculpture with more than a few cracks and nicks in it. Sneering, Azur leaps back to put some distance between himself and Abiku. "Seems I will have to take this more seriously." Forming the rat handseal he begins to focus his chakra while his icy minion stands vigilantly by his side.

Abiku lets out a slight laugh, "Well I'd hope so." he says, watching Azur carefuly as his motions begin to become slower and more deliberate as he walks in a circular motion as if stalking prey, Tohime doing the same.
With a slight motion of his hand Tohime dashes away and into some of the cover, though not particularly trying to hide herself for now. As she does this Abiku leans forward and dashes in, dropping the surujin to leave his hands with their slightly elongated claws free. As he moves in on Azur he shifts and goes to the side of the Shinobi, "You need to add more movement, just standing around is what gets you hit." says Abiku as he sends in a quick punch at Azur's lower rib, followed immediately by a low-kick towards his knee and finished with a punch from his other hand aimed at the jaw.

Claws drag across Azur's abdomen as he begins to make a new seal and soon thereafter Abiku's foot collides with his knee, causing it to buckle and he drops to a knee. Whether that little stumble was on purpose or not is unclear, but as Abiku's punch comes in, Azur's clone meets his fist before it can extend fully, and the clone shatters into shards of ice. Azur lunges back onto his feet as the shards fall, and 3 sizable shards stop in mid-air. Jabbing a hand to the side, the 3 shards streak toward Abiku as Azur begins to put some distance between the two once more.

Abiku weaves around the first two ice darts with ease, however the third proved sneakier and clipped his shoulder spatting a few drops of blood back behind the Inuzuka. With the bite of pain Abiku winces and growls lowly at Azur, "So you do have some tricks." he says, still forcing himself forward and now with increased speed as he produces a pair of kunai, one in each hand, and hurls them in rapid succession at his opponent, aiming for the side and the upper thigh. Meanwhile, Tohime jumps back from her hiding place and begins to encircle the two combatants, but doesn't strike just yet, but rather acts as a Diversion for Abiku who charges in with a quick punch aimed squarely at Azur's jaw.

Quickly, another trio of seals are made an a clone appears infront of Azur, however it is just a tad bit too far infront of him and a kunai slips past to strike Azur in the shoulder. Growling a bit he wrenches it free as his clone intercepts Abiku. Quickly, he forms two seals and gestures forward. As if coming out of the ground, a pillar of ice would suddenly appear where Abiku is standing with the aim of encasing him entirely. A moment later it would shatter, and should it find its prey, it would leave him immobile within a thin layer of skin-tight ice. Using this moment to strike, Azur's clone would lunge for Abiku and aim an ice-sheathed fist for his face.

Abiku drops back to all fours as Azur starts the Jutsu and leaps, spinning away from where he once stood quick enough to evade being encased in ice. As he lands though, the Ice-clone is ocmming in with what looks like could be a painful punch which Abiku cleanly sidesteps and spins around to bypass the clone and go towards Azur again, fists clenched.
As Abiku approaches Tohime comes back in, attempting to attack from behind with her very sharp teeth and dig into the Shinobi's thigh as her master sends in two quick punches aimed for the ribs where his weighted chain had hit earlier and then the shoulder where his kunai had hit.

Wind whips up around Azur as he makes a handseal and the gust is strong enough to turn Tohime's muzzle aside, causing the nin-dog to miss entirely and land beside Azur. The wind dies down just as Abiku's first strike comes in, landing solidly with Azur's gut. Before the second punch can be made fully, Azur's clone tackles Abiku from behind and keeps him from connecting. Shortly afterwards the clone shatters into tiny shards which melt almost instantly. Huffing now, Azur lifts a palm and says "You can stop, I yield. Obviously I need to brush up on my Taijutsu, but thats unlikely to happen." He smirks faintly and grabs his stomach. "That's what I get for being branded an instructor." He mutters to himself before slowly pushing to his feet. "You are stronger than I anticipated, perhaps you need to find someone more your speed Abiku-san." Azur offers a grin for the Inuzuka before moving to collect his jacket after the barrier fades away.

Abiku oofs a little as the ice clone intercepts his second attack before shattering. Standing up straight he lets out a soft whistle and Tohime trots over to his side panting a little as he pets the top of her head, "You've got some good jutsu, the matchup just worked more in my favor. I'm sure against someone else the outcome could have been completely different." he says with a grin as he moves to collect his kunai and surujin and tuck them away, "If you ever want a rematch, let me know." he adds with a wave of his hand as he moves back into the stands.

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