First World Ninja Competition - A Match Full of Surprise: Hoiishime vs. Takeshi


Hoiishime, Takeshi

Date: Unknown (log received December 7, 2010)


Every match that Hoiishime has fought in at the World Tournament, has seemed to contain a valuable lesson. This is yet another match where Hoiishime learns that not all within the confines of Kirigakure, are prone to only bring death and warfare.

"First World Ninja Competition - A Match Full of Surprise: Hoiishime vs. Takeshi"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 3 Ring [Kusagakure]

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 3 Ring [Kusagakure]


TEMPORARY DESC! This is a fairly standard ninja fighting arena, plenty of space to run around in, a few things to hide behind, you know the drill. The main unique feature is the intricate line of seals drawn around the edges of the arena. When activated by a team of ninja technicians, these seals create a barrier which keeps the combatants (and any attacks they may fire off) contained, and an energy field within which protects them from serious injury. Rock out with your best attacks, you're in the ninja equivalent of a bouncy playpen!



Today was the day the old man came to town. Where had he been for so long? Who the hell knows, he's old enough to go wherever he wants, whenever he wants without causing a stir, not like anyone expects him to be a fairly powerful shinobi who was recently treated as an s-rank criminal and probably still is listed as one in Konohagakure - over the great 'gate' scandal.

Either way, he came hobbling out into Arena 3, enjoying the sights and smells of battle. His body showed the evidence of a recent battle, so perhaps he had left for some kind of important mission, but if he had, it obviously entailed destroying someone or something.

He just stands there in the middle of the ring, eyes closed, wind blowing through it.

Meanwhile, Hoiishime was a might bit misunderstanding of a few things himself, upon his return yet again to this ring. He hadn't been mad any. Not by a long shot. However, he was, quite confused. He was having weird feelings whenever he met the female ninja around him. They seemed a bit, well, coy, acting weirdly when he spoke to them, or was a bit nice. He couldn't figure out just what was the deal, and thus, he would make it to the ring, showing signs of slight agitation, and distracted mental thought.

It would be his luck that today, he would meet an elderly man in this ring today. One from Kiri? It seemed so. Hoiishime would walk into the ring, on such a sunny day, looking to the man from afar, with a wave, and when arriving just a bit closer, bowing to Takeshi. "Odori-ojii-san?", would be asked as he would attempt to see if this man had really been the one appointed for him to face.


Takeshi opened his eyes slowly and then turned to face the younger monk, a crease in his eyebrow appearing as he appraised the young spiritual. "Yes, I am indeed Takeshi Odori, but you can just call me Teshi and drop the honorifics sou-san. May I have your name?" He hmms to himself loudly and then taps his cane, "You know what, how do you know my name? Have we met?…Oh wait, maybe I did meet you, once…Maybe not, Can't remember."

He seems to be in serious thought trying to figure out why his name was known and then he snaps his fingers, "Oh, oh. They did send me that letter. Are you the one I'm having a match with today?"

Looking to the man, and his rather relaxed speaking for one so old, Hoiishime would nod to his confirmation, even bowing slightly to his lesser need for honorifics.. "Oh… No indeed.. I be only earin' of ya name from the match announcer. He be real nice in conversation, mon." Hoiishime would straighten up and say, "Pardon me.. I be Hanma Hoiishime, Monk of da Jinrai Shrine, and a mednin of Kumogakure. It be an honor indeed in me meetin ya. I be indeed da one mentioned in ya letter.. I be ya challenger.."


Takeshi nods, "Pleasure to meet you. I look forward to testing my skills against someone from a different nation as always. May we have a match full of learning and friendship." He nods his head in a bow, as much as he feigns to be able to do, though at this point that ship might have sailed, "I suppose we can just go at it! Though we really need a match supervisor don't we."

And this is why Hoiishime liked older ninja. They had common sense, and weren't charged up with all the issues that most ninja come up with from a young age. Or, at the same token, one might even say that they have the sense to know just how to act in public. Hoiishime would bow deeply, before he would then seem to flicker off, giving himself space between the older man and himself, just to see how this approach would fair. He would summon his chakra, but only in a small increment.. It didn't seem all that proper to simply just attack right off.

Takeshi turns slowly and moves off a little bit to create a large space between the two, probably to create a kind of large area between the two. After all, it was more fun to come at each other from far away and see how you did than to just start slapping each other. He was a fan of a more civilized fight he was. On the other side, he tosses the cane safely out of the way of their fight and nods. "Ready whenever you are."

He too gathers chakra, but by a different method, clapping both hands together in front of him and reciting a Buddhist prayer for tranquility, the chakra easily flowing through his body.

Hoiishime would have been moving forward, just as Takeshi was moving backwards, choosing to keep the distance he had chosen, rather than to stick the way Takeshi had. But this movement would only be halted, when he would hear the prayer. His eyes would widen. A Kiri ninja, who had been a follower of Buddha as well? Hoiishime, was almost giddy. He'd even finish the prayer, aloud and word for word, even sensing the chakra within Takeshi rising, and moving according to the focus for which the older man had chosen. Hoiishime would hold his own hand in a sign of prayer, just as the chant was finished, bowing his head.

"You be recitin' dat quite well.. I be speechless.", would be said moments before Hoiishime, holding a single palm before himself, would send forth a two blast of water from it.

Teshi nods silently, his body moving in accordance to the waves. The first one he sidestepped, a simple movement, nothing more intricate about it than moving a foot a step to a certain direction and having the body follow. The next attack though, he doesn't move. It just racks against him, but instead of pushing him back or knocking him off his feet, it just slams against the older nin and then falls to the ground in a puddle.

"Not all of us in Kirigakure are without refinement. I grew up in an age long past, in a family that still followed the Gods and believed in prayer and what have you. I learned to meditate from my father and using what I learned, I incorporate it into my battle style. As a martial artist, I see no truer form of martial arts than a form based on spirituality, prayer and meditation. It is an art lost to many from my home. I remember however." He smiles at the monk.

For his retaliation, a single kunai, sent out through a simple flick of the sleeve, no hand ever reaching into a pocket or anything, seemingly the kunai appearing out of nowhere, but by now everyone knows that he has tons of weapons stored underneath that robe.

Looking to the man's movements, Hoiishime saw skill.. It was not just what many knew as talent, and good physique.. Nope.. It had been cultivated by hard work, a foundation of movement sets, and the masterful willing of the body to direction. The wave would have cut along the ground at high velocity before hitting Takeshi. However… It seemed that even when the man took the blow of the second wave, he was unshaken by any it.. Hoiishime, saw little movement… Virtually none.. But one thing the genin did was understand. There was going to be technique in everything this man did.

Hoiishime would look to the explanation with a smile, and a deep bow, even while in stance.. "I be seein.. You don' be far from many of those who lead at me monastery. Shall I then call you Elder instead?", a request no doubt that would relay the boy's willingness to be humble about someone who could probably teach him. Hoiishime, would remain ready, as when the kunai would come, its speed, would shock him.. But it would not shake his focus. For what Takeshi could not see, was the invisible mental line that Hoiishime had drawn about himself, forming a intricate sphere like boundary, that extended 360 degrees about him, in almost every directions. This was the Souriyou Seikuken of the Shime Style of Grappling….

Hoiishime, would seem to move none as the Kunai came at him, only at the last second, pushing a spear handed strike at the blade. The hand, would seem to move across the top of the kunai, as if to smooth over it further, before the hand would be cupped, and the kunai would be swatted away. Unfortunately, the monk's movement had been a split second off, enough so where a sharp edge could easily slice the edge of his palm just slightly. It wasn't enough to cause him much bother, but it wasn't an indication of perfection either. "Hmmm.. I be getting sloppy…" would be said with a chuckle, as Hoiishime would then take some bandaging and dab off the excess blood.

Teshi shakes his head, "Don't believe in calling anyone elder. Thing about that is, everyone, even me, can learn something from anyone, no matter how young. I can learn from you and I am, even as we speak. Everything people do can be learned from." He stands still this round, eyeing the monk, looking for something to learn of his skill. There was something else to all this, Takeshi wasn't stupid enough to think that all the monk had were blasts of water.

For now though, he was quiet, awaiting the unveiling of the 'big one.'

Hoiishime would look to the man's comment, and say, "You don' be.. But me do.. Not as to be made so, like rank, but as a sign of respect to the older, and wiser…" He would understand the rest of the man's words, and thus, would not press things more with talking. However, he would nod, as to allow the man to learn from him. Hoiishime would hand seal, and smile, as he would then seem to produce two clones about himself, and then, in his own palms, form hand seals.. Before he would then make more in line, and soon, water, would manifest from behind him, and then disperse into mist, hiding any of his further movements.

Takeshi stares at the monk and then lazily examines the two clones as they are created. The mist spreading across the arena would also be noted, but little else would be done to curb it. The mist was just a normal part of life for Kirigakure, especially in certain places. What was he hoping mist would do? Probably conceal his presence, which it was doing. All that was left was for Hoiishime to be able to strike Takeshi faster than he can notice and dodge the monk's attacks.

For now, Takeshi could only close his eyes and wait.

And just when Takeshi seemed to be surrounded, that is when the monk- ninja would began to work. He would send the clones in one at a time, first having one come in from behind, seeming to want to take a punch at Takeshi! The only problem, was that the clone, would intentionally miss a punch, and explode into plain ol' water! Well, the word plain, was a bit accurate. After all, the water clone had only served its purpose to distract for the real technique. The clone would split in half, into two streams of water that would encircle Takeshi once, before then surrounding him in an orb of the same! And if that wasn't enough.. the other clone would be lying in wait, only attacking once he had saw the technique had worked.

Teshi stares out into the mist, it was fine, well made, left no room even for light to truly get through. It was then that the clone came, rushing in from behind, splitting in two and surrounding the old man before sealing him inside a water orb. Then the second clone launched itself forward, aiming a kick at Takeshi. However, the old man had a few tricks of his own, and a hand shot out from the water prison to grab the clone's foot and absorb the blow, the clone dispersing into droplets of water. There's a lazy return to the water prison and after a chakra burst, the prison collapses around the old man, who then lands easily on the ground beneath before standing up.

He still couldn't see that monk and for now was at his mercy for a little longer.

However, Takeshi would not have to wait for long for the mist to be cleared up. For the most part, it would oddly seem to recede, allot of the light beginning to show. But where was it going? Just what was up with this? Soon, it would be made clear, when the water in the mist would seem to accumulate and gather as it receded, showing just how much water had been being used in its make up. Streams of the stuff, would seem to move into a slowly gathering wave of water. This same water was now gathering under where Hoiishime now stood, and pushing farther and farther into the air. Soon, after the mist had been fully receding, Hoiishime, would be seen standing on top of a large, still, and obedient tsunami, holding a lone seal, and looking down to Takeshi with a smile.

"Water Style.. Titan Wave.." would be said only for the wave to rush from beneath Hoiishime, lowering him to the ground with ease, while still rushing at Takeshi at a rather slow speed. However.. the wave itself, had been massive.. seeming to encompass nearly one entire side of the ring… It seemed Takeshi would have nowhere to escape.

Teshi turned to the point of accumulation and stared up at Hoiishime, riding in on his wave of watery death, but the wave didn't scare this old man, no, that old seal did. Whatever its purpose was to this attack it couldn't be good in anyway. The water streamed forward greedily and the old man raised a single eyebrow before it slammed against the ground, but once cleared, there was no old man beneath the waves.

In fact, Hoiishime need only look up to see the old man, free-falling towards the monk, a single flick of the wrist bringing an ornate sword to bear and a rotation motion creating an opportunity for a devastating slash if the monk didn't dodge in time.

As the waves would bash into themselves, Hoiishime would look about the ring floor, which had now been a literal pond. He hadn't seen any sign of the man who he thought was now swimming. Takeshi's quiet approach from above would only be betrayed the small 'shink' of a blade. Hoiishime would look up at the last second, his eyes widened, and his reaction by pure instinct. The spin of the man's body and the flow of the blade, would be followed, the monk doing his own spin. Hoiishime's hand would be seen flourishing, and moving in a circular, before a single palm would be rang across the dull surface. That much would be seen.

However, the unseen, had been the chakra that flowed out his arm like steam. The circular motion would being the gathering force that would wrap his arm and hand in a protective sleeve of the same, guiding the slash away with an rather pronounced display of raw experience. Hoiishime would pause in shock. "You be havin to understand.. I don' be seein dis level of technique, an' fightin' often.. You be makin me rely on me Taijutsu, just to keep on par with ya surprises.." Hoiishime would seem to spin to a stop, before a foot would drop back. He would then inhale deeply, and slowly, his own muscle seeming to tense and bulge abnormally. Soon, an slow exhale, would cause the boy to began a slow, stationary sway.. It would seem that Hoiishime, was now bring up something more.

Teshi pulls the sword from the ground and nods, "It's no worry. We're only here first and foremost to learn from each other, though I imagine most people just came for the opportunity to beat on shinobi from other nations." A twirl of the sword would be made before he simply let go of it and slid his sleeve over it perfectly, the blade disappearing again. The old Kaguya turns to observe the boy and closes his eyes, the meaning of such a thing not immediately ascertained.

For all intents and purposes, the elder Kaguya was simply resting until the next attack came, but if Hoiishime was a monk, then he perhaps he would hear the quiet mutters of a prayer beneath it all. A meditative pray at that.

Such skill with a blade. Hoiishime had been accustomed to seeing many ninja from Kiri being users well of the sword. This man, however, held a special spiritual peace, that seemed contrary to the symbolism that often accompanied the usage and welding of a blade. Hoiishime would see the man retract such, and smile. "I tink I can go back home now… You be the finest taijutsuist I tink I be ever priviledge to face in me time.. I be only wishin' dat dis don't be our last meetin'. Maybe.. dis match can be prolonged some kind of way." Hoiishime would seem to smile warmly at the man for a good while.

Then however something strange would happen. Another prayer.. One for which would cause Hoiishime surprise again. This mantra by Takeshi, would be heard quite well indeed.. In fact, it was one of those for which Hoiishime had used quite often. But how could Takeshi have known it? Had the secrets of the Jinrai been leaked some how? It was funny that even now, Hoiishime had not seen the effects of such but rather now, was feeling them. As Takeshi would began to meditate, the monk/mednin, would sense the changes within the man's chakra system. It was going to have an huge impact on this match. Hoiishime, even now, could not allow such an action to not be left alone.

"Da' way to Complete Nirvana, for a Monk of da Jinrai, be a journey for which a monk be learnin' to free himself from da constrictions of dis earthly life. Da way, be individual for each who be a follower, and the path taken, be different for every man.." Hoiishime would seem to glow with a gold aura as he would speak. "Dere' be three phases in dis path.." With this, the mantra that was now being hummed by Takeshi, would soon be joined by the Jinrai Monk. They would harmonize in a song that would fill the ring in echos, only this time, Hoiishime would go through his own change. Gold lines would soon move up and down the entirety of his arms, legs, feet, and hands. Before long, the same would run up his chest, neck, and face, as well as his back. Soon Hoiishime eyes would glow gold, and his voice would rang out like that of a god. "Dis be da first form.. Bodiken Kakusei, da Conscious Body's Ephiphany!"


Takeshi doesn't immediately respond and it may be he didn't hear the speech at all, but once the eyes open there is a change, not so much in chakra system, but in his mind. It was clear, his eyes have lost their cloudiness, fear and uncertainty had been banished. This was a man who had receded all to focus on one thing and one thing only, this battle, this moment, this attack. Anything else was useless, a state that some called Clear Mind. He had lost all worries in order to fight.

It was then when he would fade from view, the speed bringing him up to Hoiishime's face. Despite the monk's transformation, there was no hesitation, the moves the older man uses are more precise now, a palm forward to slam against the monk's chest, that soon followed up by a powerful punch to the face. Both executed in exact order and timing, each time the hand simply flowing through the air, neither hurried nor slow, just moving.

Hoiishime would look to the man's behavior.. It seemed did seem almost without thought.. No premeditate action, and just simply the doing of the work. He would see the movement, but for as much as Hoiishime was seeing of it, his speed was only as good as himself staying still. Hoiishime would even fill the palm to his chest.. It wasn't apparent until the force would seem to cause him to jerk off his feet, the reaction apparently, not keeping up with the speed! Soon the punch would nail him, right in the chin, and seen the boy blasting back, with not a thing to stop him. Well.. not exactly nothing.. There was himself!!

Hoiishime would simple stamp a feet behind himself, and skid, standing straight up. He would look forward to Takeshi, giving himself, a few taps on his body before he would then seem to dust himself off. The chakra in the spots at his chin, and chest, would flux gold, before the boy would heal, and smile, saying, "Mmmmmmmmm….", as if he had merely just tasted a good recipe of soup.



The old man simply resets his stance and turns to look at the monk. His hands find their way into the pockets of the robe he wears and stay there. "Right, I suppose that would make sense given your status as a monk. I never would have thought though that I’d see someone model a path of transformations after Amaterasu." There's a smile, "Then again, I guess that's fitting also. Anyways, do you have a particular patron deity? I'm very partial to Hachiman."

The monk would see the reset in stance. He would even hear that his form, had been reminscent of the sun goddess, Amaterasu! It was quite flattering indeed. He would smile at it, and chuckle, his kiddish laugh bellowing out in the ring like that of a higher being. "Dat be da ting.. I be more prayin to Omoikane…. Him be a peace in the counsel of da gods when dey be in disagreement.. I be relyin pon' da example of him wisdom, in hopes dat before conflict, a resolution violent free, be made first. Even me style be bout taken the least of mean's in hurtin even me own enemy."

A side step, would be taken, that would take Hoiishime into a rock. One step more, and the rock would be pushed off of, causing the monk to move along the ground. His position would seem to be so low, that it was is he had been diving across it, when in reality, his stance had been lowered, and his feet now sliding. Once he had gotten within Takeshi's guard, He would step forward, using his foot to stop himself suddenly, push two palms under the man's guard, and into his chest.. The palms would seem to do no damage, though the force of the blow, would be enough to basically knock Takeshi back a few yards.. Once the man had been moved off his posture, Hoiishime, with a dervish of graceful flow, and spinning, would shoulder charge, right into the man's back.

Now mind you, this would not have been no mere shoulder charge. Chakra, would have been gathering right at the point of impact even before Hoiishime had been positioned for his next strike. It would only been when charge into to that spot, would chakra at the point, react with chakra coating Hoiishime body, that the force of the two, would explode, launching Takeshi yards away.

Takeshi nods in understanding. "Yes, that makes sense. I don't meet many people that know who the gods are, let alone worship one that isn't Amaterasu or Izanagi as their patron deity. It's refreshing to say the least." He moved the right foot back slightly bringing body even and as Hoiishime's fists came at him, he pushed against them, causing them to do no harm. A simple movement forward at the right time had rendered their force all but inert against his system, though it's likely if he hadn't been kaguya and been fighting as long as he had that would have still hurt.

Acting as if the hits had bothered him, the elbow came towards his body, but at first he was prepared to simply take the hit again. Except, at the last minute, he felt the chakra attached to it, the power and despite his attempts to move away it would hit him, sliding him forward a couple of feet before skidding to a stop. There was a pause and then a turn as the old man faced the monk once more and offered a nod of his head.

"Splendid use of tactics and illusionary techniques there. Still, Hachiman isn't only about war and violence you know. Hachiman is also leadership, wisdom, understanding the value of life. Then again, Hachiman never bothered the other gods did he, so that's probably why I like him. He was the only deity that simply existed." There's a grin, "In other words, he's a lazy warrior like me." A snicker.

Another swooping of the hand sends out two more kunai towards the monk, but again these kunai appear from his sleeve in apparently no time, so one must wonder just how long the old man had to train to master this technique.

Though it seemed Hoiishime had been thinking his set up had worked, by Takeshi's reaction along, he knew that his palm strikes hadn't connect. The Soft Palm, had not been one to equal pain. It was only one that would restrict the flow of blood, and chakra in that one area, causing other portions of the body to work harder. The only sign that Takeshi would have sensed, was fatigue. Hoiishime would count it only a small victory that Takeshi had not guess that technique. However… to see that an Iron Body Technique, of Mitsuomi's, had been more successful, Hoiishime would gawk a few seconds, and shrug. "Well… I be taught from me youth, of dem all.. Da tales told be from where most me life's lesson come from. Not many be so fortunate."

The small talk would be then interrupted even further, as again, kunai would pierce the air at speeds that could hardly be tracked. Hoiishime, to save his positioning, would seem to glow brighter, especially as chakra would gather in only his arms. He would shout, just before they reached him, "Divine Providence!! Grappling Monk's Partition!!", and clap his hands in that of seemingly prayer. On impact, the hands would emit a large chakra barrier that would seem to divert the first kunai, but only after a moment of concentration that would seem like forever. The force behind the throw was so much, that the forward momentum, would outweigh much of the force that the chakra generated. It would be enough to still graze Hoiishime hand, even when the barrier gave way, the second kunai being out maneuvered, only because Hoiishime had perceived its range within the bounds of his Seikuken.

Spinning to return to his stance, Hoiishime would smile, nodding deeply and saying, "Ya complements, be meaning an awful lot, Lord Takeshi. We don' be through yet though." Hoiishime, would again, seem to try a simpler approach, yet again, charging in, and come at Takeshi at high speed.. However.. this yet again, would be strategy at his best.. Hoiishime would seem to blink out of range.. moving at a speed so fast that his gold would blink bright before the monk would vanish.. Meanwhile, the attack, would be from a different spot all together.. Takeshi, would soon feel feet wrap about his neck, and with Hoiishime whipping his body, the Kaguya would be tossed by the workings of mere centrifugal force.

Takeshi shakes his head, "Lord Takeshi. That's the first time I’ve ever been called Lord. I think we can skip that honorific." He snickers, "If my family ever found out I'd never live that one down." Another shake of his head and he considers the words, "I would hope not! Let's make it interesting. Feel free to go all out, no need to worry about this old man's safety."

He pulls the hands from his pocket and watches the monk approach, analyzing, seeing the moves, the meditative stance slipped back into almost effortlessly, not that he had ever really left it. The swing is dodged, a hop over it and behind the monk before turning around at the end of the monk's rotation and almost floating across the ground in a sidestep that would attempt to place two chakra charge palms into the monk's body.

In an effort quite interestingly similar to the Flow technique, Hiroshima, would seem to travel with the punches, almost moving at the same velocity, with a backward slide. One punch would be slipped back and about from with a whip of his body, that would weave in toward Takeshi, almost touching Hiroshima’s face with his.. However, the second punch, would hit the boy hard in the abdomen, sending a shock wave through the boy's holy form. But for some reason, the monk would remain unmoved, in fact, still seeming to try and keep as close to the Odor as possible. That is when it would happen. In something similar to the speed and flowing technique of a Hyuga’s Juuken , Hoiishime would began striking.

If successful, steam and chakra would emit from every single pore of Takeshi's body at once, leaving him exhausted, and frozen… But that would not be all. Hoiishime, still in front of the man, would then grab him in a bear hug like embrace.. and with a bending back, the Odori, would be slammed on top of his head, and upper back with ground breaking, jackhammer like force.

Takeshi watches the monk with interest up until the pressure point centric attack. At the precise moment the monk thrusts his hand forward to begin the assault, there was a movement, so fast and precise that it left an after image of the old man behind and then, once done, the old man moved back. The grab came and this time, there was another such movement, the grapple meeting pure air, but the side of the monk would feel two palm strikes hitting the ribcage area, two very powerful palm strikes at that. Once down, the old man simply pulled his hands back, resetting his stance and nodding to the monk.

"Sorry about that. Did I overdo it?"

Had Hoiishime really gone to far in attempting such an attack? It didn't seem so, being that the power that this older man had been using, had not been to its full. Of course, maybe Hoiishime would have gotten quite comfortable in the notion that he was fighting a fellow Buddhist, and one knowledgeable in the history of the old gods. But to have these attacks fail in such away that Hoiishime would feel its effects in his body? Well.. That was indeed quite unexpected.

The movement made by the escape of Takeshi was so quick, that Hoiishime would feel his arms blown back, as well as his tam cap blown off, as Takeshi would leave no remnant of himself for Hoiishime to touch. And if that was not enough, the next strategy.. Yes.. Hoiishime would regret being that straight forward. *Crack**Crack*, would sound off with echos as the two palms strikes would smash into the boy's ribs.. Shockwaves of pain.. Yep, that would be quite memorable indeed. Hoiishime would be grabbing his dies, and rolling, as intermittent grunts and wheezes would be heard, the boy's breathing having been a struggle even now.

Hoiishime, would be to much in pain, holding up one finger only as a response for his pardon, as he would summon chakra just to keep himself from passing out.. He needed to get to work on this injury before it would cause internal bleeding.. A slight cough of blood should probably be enough of a 'Yeah, you did' for Takeshi.

Takeshi scratches his chin, "Oh, uh…Sorry, I'd heal you, but as you might have guessed, I don't even use ninjutsu." He steps forward and bends over to look at the monk, "Sorry about that." His hand traces over the ribs slowly, "Well, they're definitely cracked, but the good thing is that I don't think it's anything bad. You'll probably just need to have them wrapped up and rest for awhile. I'll call this match over I guess."

He stands and puts his hands in his pockets, "Hey, you need some help? I'll take you to the hospital."

Waving his hand, Hoiishime would move to a stand, his form glowing a brighter gold. Takeshi, would notice immediately that the boy's bruising in those area's had begun to fade. The bones would even manage to actually reshape, and re-mend before the boy would then manage a deep inhale and exhale. He would seem to be doing allot better, though needless to say the pain was there.. "Naw.. I be fine! Just be a /tad/ unexpected, is all.. Ya be havin to forgive me.. Me level of skill don' be up to turnin' de skeletal structure, inside an' out.." Hoiishime would chuckle, and smile saying, "I don' be tinkin I could take anotha' one of dem.."

He would smile cheerfully, before he would then straighten up his standing, looking to the man and then saying, "I tink I be only good for dat for now.. Me be tiring fast.. I be havin' another form dat could push me more.. But even dat be seemin pointless." He would hold his hand up in a monk's sign of prayer and well wishing, and say, "I be givin you da win, well before you be even showin me dis prowess.. You be a phenomenal man, Odori Takeshi.."

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