First World Ninja Competition - A Steadfast Battle: Mikado vs. Kazuki


Mikado, Kazuki (as Hanzen)

Date: November 4, 2010


An exhibition match between the missing Yamayuki and the Legendary Mercenary.

"First World Ninja Competition - A Steadfast Battle: Mikado vs. Kazuki"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 2 [Kusagakure]

The open invitation had been sent out. To fight the legendary mercenary(Whom nobody has heard of, strangely enough) Mikado. The Man himself stood near the center of the arena, and quite a fair bit of people were present in the stands. A normal merc versus a shinobi? Absurd! If Mikado pulled this off, he would likely take some buisness away from the shinobi lands and might even be able to start his own mercenary band, instead of going it solo.

And so the young man stood there silently, sword sheathed on his back, cloak covering most of his form. His foot taps away in an annoyed gesture on the ground, impatiently waiting for an opponent to show themselves. "Well… Looks like this might have been a waste of time."

Hanzen was informed of a match that he could take place in while he was eating sweets, and it was against a mercenary. After giving it some thought he decided it would be worth his while, as ordinary mercinaries weren't as skilled as ninja. Still, he didn't know the extent of their skill, but was always up for a challenge. He had taken a long nap after his offical tournament match which was all he needed to recover, so he made his way to the arena once more.

The young Hanzen walks into the arena with a slow and exaggerated stride, and an outfit with a re-breather mask. With his head resting on his hands behind his head, he notices his opponent waiting. Was he late? He looks at the stands and sees the restless crowd. Probably. "I am Hanzen, I will be your opponent." He says through the mask, breathing slowly.

The mercenary cocks his head as Hanzen walks into the arena. "Typical ninjas. Sending children." He spat onto the ground as her rolled his shoulders. He had an icy glare in his eyes as he studied his opponent. The barrier was thrown up with little fanfare, as it was in most exhibition matches. The man reached up and drew the long sword from it's sheath, hefting it easily in two hands. It was a strange sword, long, straight, and sharp on both ends. Completely unlike the traditional Katana. "Well Hanzen… Let us dance." He begins to run towards Hanzen, and tests the boys defenses with a powerful horizontal sweep of his blade.

Hanzen watched his opponent with a smirk underneath the mask, listens to his words. When Mikado begins, Hanzen nods, and flickers backwards with a hand seal. Landing in place within an instant he focuses chakra for ninjutsu, but Mikado was on his position quickly with a sword. It was a bad cut, but not as bad as it could have been. The sword itself was unexpectedly two sided, and Hanzen could tell this one was a skilled taijutsu user. Perhaps he could use this to give himself an edge, he must try to find out. Hanzen flickers away from the sword user to gain some range, and continues to gather chakra for his technique.

Mikado smirks as his sword slashes into the shinobi at the exact moment he teleports backwards. He continues to run forwards. As he gets close, however, he sticks his sword into the ground and flicks a bunch of dirt into the air. He could be seen rolling quickly behind a small nearby wall and hunkering down, fiddling quietly inside his cloak, staying quite silent.

Hanzen watched as the mercenary started speeding towards him, ready to try and dodge with ninjutsu, but he was in for a surprise. When Mikado used skilled maneuvering for stealth, Han knew that his opponent's attempt was in vain at best. His sense of hearing made it difficult for opponents to hide in such a way. From a crouching position, Hanzen forms a signature hand seal and focuses on the sound of the arena. He was able to pinpoint the location of his opponent, and does not hesitate to try and blow him out of his hole. He comes to a stand and makes another hand seal. There's a piercing sound that compresses and he uses the sound of his voice to shoot through the mask as he projects a wave of sound at Mikado.

As Mikado peeks out from behind cover just briefly he sees that the shinobi is facing his direction. When the piercing screech fills the air, the man kicks off the wall into a shoulder roll, leaving an exploding waist-high wall in his wake. "Whoa!" The man rolls to his feet and tosses a throwing knife mid-roll. He comes up running, however and dashes in once more. Whatever the ninja used to find him, it was beyond his ability to hide. The man runs in behind his knife and leaps into the air, attempting to come down with a brutal overhand stroke.

It seemed that the mercenary was too fast, putting Hanzen in a difficult situation. He was trying to surprise Mikado with the Sonic wave, but the fact that he was able to dodge wasn't his biggest problem. When the mercenary came out of hiding, he started speeding towards Hanzen. The young ninjutsu user wasn't even able to execute the clone technique. He was caught off guard by the flying weapon in the leg, leaving him open to a sword attack from above, which slices him from the shoulder down the side of his torso. Rolling away in pain he almost stayed down, normally he couldn't keep getting cut by swords, knives, or any other kind of blades such as a shadow blade by the likes of his last opponent. He was able to beat the shadow user, which gave him the confidence to continue.

Rolling over and standing up slowly, heart beating loudly, Hanzen glares at Mikado from under the shadow of his forehead protector and his eyes change into the form of Nejigan. A hand seal is made as he retaliates with another sonic wave and this time increases the tone causing the sound waves to attack the ears as well.

Mikado rolls from one side to the next, doing his best to get past the sound waves. He winces slightly as he out maneuvers the sonic scream, his ears ringing. The attack didn't even hit him, and he was happy it didn't. "This has gone on long enough. Prepare yourself." He one-hands his sword for a moment as he pulls a long length of chain out from the pouch on his hip. He twirls it once and lets one end of the chain fly in an attempt to wrap the boy's legs and yank the boy off his feet and onto his back. He leaps into the air, taking his sword and holding it point down. He comes down hard and fast, attempting to skewer the boy solidly in the chest with the large blade and pin him to the arena floor. The seals surrounding the arena would obviously nto let that heppen, even if the attack landed. Likely no more then bruising and a small cut would emerge from such an attack, however painfull.

It was more than impressive how the mercenary could move so fast even with the armor. Hanzen could not understand how this opponent could beat his sound nijutsu, but it was not like he hadn't come across this before. It was donning on him that the best strategy would be to forfeit the match, and when Mikado comes at him with a chain, he knew there was going to be a lot of danger involved if her were caught in that grapple. With lightning fast movements he body flickers out of the way, his use of ninjutsu and chakra at its peak, he couldn't settle for anything less. This time it was his turn at a stealth attempt, to gain the time he needed to devise a successful strategy, for if it was not possible he would have to surrender. After the body flicker away from the chain and sword he would seemingly not re-appear as he took refuge in a hiding spot. His movements however were completely silent as he used sound manipulation to negate all of the noise he made. If Mikado could find him he would be in a tight situation again, but if not he would be able to get the jump on the enemy.

Mikado watches as the boy seemingly dissapears from sight with relatively no noise. However, noise is not the only way to track an opponent. His gaze immediatly turns to the earth around him. It takes a moment but… There! He could see some dust settleing from the Ninja's passing, and it is heading in the direction of another waist-high wall. Grinning, the man charges the wall, using the other shinobi's silencing veil to mask his movement. He slams his blade into the wall, piercing it with surprising strength.

Hanzen's attempt at stealth seemed to go unsuccessfully. He watched Mikado's movements through the wall with his sonic sense of vision, but the mercenary's movements were still too fast, and he lost track of his position. This made it worse, he couldn't tell when or where he was going to hit, and then suddenly the wall crumbles on impact of the sword and the force of the attack sends the young ninja flying across the floor. This was the worst case scenario in his view, and he could not go any longer. His chest rising and falling with heavy breaths through the re-breather, Hanzen looks up at the sky through the forcefield. Finally he gets up covered in dirt and blood, a few bruises swelled up on his body and head. Drawing a kunai from his pocket he spins it from the handle on his finger, then attaches a white flag, throwing it between him and Mikado. Forfeiting the match, so as to not sustain any more injuries from the mercenaries swift and powerful sword. He says in a voice altered from the mask "I surrender, you are a skilled opponent…" Letting out a soft chuckle "Give it some time, but this is not the last you have seen from me, Mercenary-san."

The sword pulls itself back into the wall and the mercenary jumps up onto the wall, ready to ocntinue the fight. When he sees the white flag attached to the kunai hit the ground he calmly sheaths his sword. He stood tall, unmarred by the fight. The crowd was in awe. This normal man, with no ninja training, or chakra used, was able to take down a chuunin from one of the most ruthless of shinobi villages.

The man simply stares down at Hanzen. "Hm. Yes, gain in strength and face me again. Just remember, there will be no special arena keeping my sword out of your lungs. Keep training, child, and maybe one day you will have the strength to face a true warrior." The man turns and simply walks to the center of the arena, folding his arms over his chest. It seems he simply awaits another challenger.

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