First World Ninja Competition - Battle of the Bugs: Ketsuki vs. Namu


Ketsuki, Namu

Date: December 2, 2010


Exhibition Match between Ketsuki and Namu

"First World Ninja Competition - Battle of the Bugs: Ketsuki vs. Namu"

Peach Pit Stadium Arena 2 Ring [Kusagakure]

It is well into the afternoon and the sun hangs low on the horizon, ready to soon take its daily nap. Cloud cover is light today, and the arena is fairly warm. A lanky man stands in the center of the ring and takes a swig from a long-necked bottle before calling out, "The exhibition match between Aburame Ketsuki of Konohagakure, and Shippodoku Namu of Sunagakure is slated to begin. Will the fighters come-" "CAW!" A crow flying overhead interrupts the proctor's declaration, rather rudely. It then swoops in low and tries to perch itself on the man's head, and is meet with a flurry of flailing arms that try to shoo it away to no avail.
Meanwhile, Namu steps into the arena and moves to take his position infront of the proctor. By the time he reaches the designated area, the proctor smacks the rather intrusive crow with his bottle, sending it flying off in huff. Once Namu's opponent arrives, the boy would bow to both the procter and Ketsuki. Only after this would he give a roll of his wrists, causing his pincer weapons to lurch forward form their seat on his forearms into a ready position.

Ketsuki would place his foot on the ring floor, shaking his head as he watched the proctor who may possibly have been drunk attempt to swat away a crow. He cracked his neck as he approached the center of the ring and his name was called out. He would bow in sync with his opponent. His hands planted within his pockets all the while. The sun glinted off his eyes as he rose from his bow and looked at his opponent, "May the best Shinobi win." Is all he would say his mind was calming itself preparing to study his opponents moves and develop a strategy as soon as he began his first attack.

Ketsuki slid his right foot back slightly as he turned his left shoulder to his opponent his hands leaving his pockets. He didn't clench his hands into fists but kept them relaxed as they rose to chest level. "Well then let's get this started shall we?" The air began to carry a distinct sense of chakra and a soft buzzing could be heard from beneath Ketsuki's clothing. "Do your worst."

"Good luck." is all Namu would say before the proctor signaled for the barrier to be raised as he shouted "Let the match begin!" The proctor would then vanish from sight, only to appear just outside the edge of the barrier, flat on his face. Apparently he tripped.
As the dome-shaped enclosure surrounded the ring, Namu made a single hand seal. Chakra would start to collect in his feet, but he suddenly changed his mind. Rather abruptly he would launch himself forward at Ketsuki, both arms coming forward and aiming his pincers for the opposing boy's shoulders. For whatever reason, Namu made a silent pact to avoid using that technique today.

Ketsuki's eyes were trained on his opponent his hands rose to his chest and began to weave hand seals. The first pincer attack came at him and he leaned out of the way just barely as he felt Namu's sleeve graze him. The second attack was however dead on with its strike as it collided with Ketsuki's body and he would disappear in a puff of smoke. Ketsuki had prepared the clone the moment the first attack had missed and was already safe on the other side of the ring.

His hands would lift out in front of him and his sleeves began to bulge and stretch awkwardly before a large swarm of kikaichu would lash forward towards Namu their own pincers prepared to gnash and bite at him. Hidden among the swarm was of course a second breed of kikaichu not starving for the flesh of his opponent, but his chakra. "Let me show you how real mandibles work!" He shouted out barely audible over the swarm of insects.

The bulk of the swarm is avoided with a series of hops and rolls, although some of the insects are more persistent than others. Precise twists of Namu's torso and rather awkward yet graceful placement of his feet are all that prevent him from being chewed on by the swarm. Luckily, these were not spiders or else Namu would seriously have his hands full. But, he wasn't going to wait around to see if any would show up. Dancing around with the swarm had allowed him to close the gap between him and Ketsuki some, and now he would go on the offensive once more. Careful to keep Ketsuki at arms length, Namu would offer a quick trio of snaps, attempting to draw blood from Ketsuki's knees and lastly the throat. Not to say that much would blood flow should the boy connect, thanks to the protective seals of the arena.

It seemed Ketsuki's speed was just as bad as Ryoji had pointed out to him. He saw the attack and just couldn't move quickly enough, the pincer collided with his knee and it buckled as he lifted his leg. The second pincer came right after and it was enough to drop him to his knees. The third strike was at his throat and he attempted to lean backwards to avoid the strike and it caught him square in the chin sending him sliding on his back four or five feet before his body came to a rest. Ketsuki slowly rose to his feet wiping the blood that trickled down his chin. 'He can't move this fast forever can he?' Ketsuki thought to himself.

His hands reached to his pockets and he withdrew two kunai and they would disappear again from sight as hundreds of Kikaichu would swarm once again from his leather outfit taking to air and buzzing directly for Namu. The two Kunai he had withdrawn were no longer in his hands as he had sent them flying along with the swarm hidden among their numbers hoping they had a better chance of making contact.

Namu hopped back a step then rolled to the side, seeking to keep his distance from the swarm. However, he did not expect a kunai to come flying out of their midst and strike him in arm. He managed to duck just under the second kunai. Namu grabbed a bit of dirt in his hand and his feet sunk somewhat into the ground before he pushed to his feet, dodging past the swarm and grabbing the kunai lodged in his arm. As he closed the gap, Namu would hurl the kunai at Ketsuki, aiming for the forehead. Once he got close enough he would snap a pincer at Ketsuki's arm, although there was not as much force behind it as his previous strikes. It seemed this was meant more so to back Ketsuki off as he would continue past the boy then pivot on his heel, leaving some room between them.

Ketsuki cringed as the kunai came back at him with such accuracy and speed. It plunged deep into his own arm and he winced before weaving handseals completing them the pincer connected and with the stomach of a clone as it poofed away. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring Ketsuki removed the kunai dropping it to the ground and moving back into a ready stance. He turned his thoughts inward, his taijutsu abilities were surpassed by namu's he was going to have to hope the boy ran himself tired. If that didn't work Ketsuki knew he only stood a chance using his ninjutsu and kikaichu to catch the boy off guard. Kikaichu swarmed from beneath his clothing as they began to crawl all over his body as Ketsuki gathered his chakra preparing to defend against the next flurry of attacks.

Namu's pace would seem drastically different now. Instead of rushing across the arena to assail Ketsuki further, he would simply start to walk toward his opponent with a slow, deliberate gait. There were on signs of his breath becoming labored, but it was impossible to see his facial features with his current attire. Despite the speed he moved at, Namu's guard did not ease up in the slightest. For now, Namu would slip a hand to his lower back and let a finger dip into a small slit in the back of his suit and pull out a single kunai. In no rush to close the gap he would toss the kunai at his opponent while still a fair distance away.

Ketsuki however was breathing fairly heavily, his clothing was beginning to become heavy with blood. The wound on his arm was screaming in pain but he focused his mind. His hands almost on instinct would weave the hand seals required. The kunai would be sent soaring and would cut the clone's cheek only to have it poof from existence again.

Ketsuki now behind Namu rose his hands in the air as all the Kikaichu that were now fluttering aimlessly about his body would rise into a massive swarm above his head. He would swirl his hands opposite to each other in the air and the insects would separate into three separate groups. Ketsuki would throw his hands forward alternating as they moved from vertical to horizontal the insects would lurch forward angrily buzzing in a deafening roar. Ketsuki would drop to one knee as he panted watching as he whispered optimistic words of praise to himself. "I've got him this time. I have to get him this time."

In mid-stride Namu's feet would abruptly point away from one another, giving him a bow-legged that looked rather uncomfortable to be in. The buzzing of Ketsuki's insects gave Namu enough warning as to which direction to move first. Scuttling off to the right and twisting his torso, Namu would avoid the insects 'dive-bombing' him from above, and those that got close enough would only find his forehead protector for a snack. The distinct scrape of metal on metal filled the air as he carefully brushed the insects off himself using one of his pincers, making sure not to accidentally crush one of the bugs. As the remaining parts of the separated swarm closed in on him, Namu's feet scrambled across the ground in a haphazard manner, zig-zagging him across the arena floor as he carefully twisted at the waist. For those insects that managed to get close enough, Namu waved his arms infront of himself so all they would find for their mandibles was the blood-tinged metal of his weapons. Namu would come to a halt and return to a normal stance, once the swarm tired of its assault and returned to their master. Before pressing onward he would look to Ketsuki and ask, "Are you still fit to continue?" His tone was lacking both concern and arrogance. It was not meant in a condescending manner, nor did it seem to be born out of a desire to ensure his opponent's well-being.

Ketsuki was down on one knee his body was buzzing with activity from the kikaichu. His hand would be placed on his knee and he would cringe in pain as he rose to his feet, "I… I concede defeat." He stuttered out between soft grunts of pain. His body was beaten and bloody and he knew that the boy was still in excellent condition and would surely be able to strike him down shortly. He would force himself to bow though his body was in no condition to do it, "Your strange style has bested me." He said and his body urged him to fall to the ground though for his own pride he wouldn't allow it to happen. He turned from the boy looking back for a moment, "Aburame Ketsuki, and I hope for a rematch sometime." A half hearted grin would come on his face as he turned his head back and limped his way to the edge of the ring waving to the Proctor. "Call the match." He shouted over to him in a depressed tone, "I concede."

Namu bowed in turn to Ketsuki and his pincers slid back to rest on his forearms. The proctor was sitting against a wall near one of the exits and shouted, "Lower the barriers, the match has ended! Someone won, i dunno who." A team of medic-nin came to lead Ketsuki out of the arena for proper treatment. Namu rubbed the back of his head lightly and started to leave the ring as well. He was happy to have won the match, but moreso confused. Why? Well that's a story for another day.

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